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November 20,1997
Representatlves from the
Union County Advisory Board
on the Disabled (front, left to
right) Tom Klem, Susan Spurr,
Charles Newman, Ed Heaten
(at right In back row), were
joined by Freeholder Edwin
Force (at left In back row) and
Robert CollcChio of the Union
County Office for the Disabled
(second right In back row) In
presenting Scherlng-Plcoigh
representatives Frank Truppo,
Eugene Tucker and Pamela
Fisher with the award.
Schering-Plough Corporation "'
Honored By Freeholder
Adyfeory Board OnThe Disabled
ELIZABETH - ScheringPlough Corporation was honored
•by the Union County Board of
Chosen Freeholders' Advisory
Board on the Disabled with an
award for the extra measures the
company has implemented to
provide access to employees with
ScheringrPlough received the
award in the Private Sector for
Profit category of the' second
Annual Access/Union County
Awards Program; The presentation was .made; at a recent .freeholders'meeting in Elizabeth. .
. •,
I /o 9?ememoer 0
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Corner l'nrk mid Mountain Avr
Scotch Plnlnt, NJ just off 1U. 22
Op|>oslle Blue Stnr Shopping C
CRANFORD — For efforts to
refurbish the Ark in the sanctuary, Temple Beth-El has been
named a recipient of the Solomon
Schechter Award from the United
Synagogue of America.
A press release jrpm the
explained that the "Gold Level"
award for fundraising and development is "based on a variety of
criteria, including imaginative
and creative utilization of
resources, as well as (the) impact
on the congregation's membership."
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*',. " • • ' « •
The refurbished Ark incorpoto the Community for help
rates stones inscribed with the
Imagine being less than one had to be removed. But withi
names of persons and families, a
year and left to fend for your- special medication and lots of
measure conducted as a fundraisself with injuries so severe that TLC, her other eye has been1
ing project by Temple Beth-El.
are not able to see.
The award was presented
This is just what happened
Although a little shy at first/
t h e United
to two-year-old Maggie when Maggie loves nothing. better
Synagogue of America biennial
Nov. 9-13
inshe was barely.older than a kit- than to sit on a warm lap and,
ten. Sealed in a box with purr.
Kiamesha Lake, N.Y. The organiwounds inflicted by her former
zation presents the awards to
An added bonus is that she1"
owners, they didn't care if she loves other caEfand dogs --• inaffiliated congregations that
lived or died.
have distinguished themselves
fact, a home with other cats is.&,
during the preceding two years in
Luckily, Maggie was rescued must.
one of 25 areas of congregation
by Noah's Ark, a humane resDue to the tremendous costs'
cue organization based in of her surgery and medications;;""
Clark. When rescue workers Noah's Ark is turning to the'
saw the condition that she was communityforhelp. Donation'^'
Brookside School to host national
in, Maggie was immediately are tax-deductible and can be
rushed to a veterinarian. sent to Noah's Ark c/o Maggie1,','
bastketball free-throw shooting contest
Unfortunately, her injuries P.O. Box 5734, Clark NJ 07066.'
CRANFORD —The area com- the hoop. The boy a n d girl in each
were so severe, that one eye Call 232-9109.
petition for the 26th Annual Elks age group with t h e best scores
Hoops Shoot, "the national free- advances through four tiers oL t .i > «n<
i * * •»•>
1 # J
throwing shooting contest" for
youngsters ages 8-13, will be held competition to qualify foi*-i!Ee^jranford architecture student lends,
at Brookside School 10 a.m.-l national finals. ; ,,.•:.
Cranford" vicinity winners will a helping hand to Rahway Library
p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22.
More than 3 million. young- compete against other contes1
CRANFORD - Cranford stu- Library for redesign of the build-"
sters from throughout the coun- tants in the district event to be
try entered last year's competi- held a t Cranford High School dent Brian Penschpw recently
Though the works will only Be'..'
joined his fellow students
tion for boys and girls in age cat- Jan. 17.
as a guideline for the board"
egories 8-9, .10-11, and 12-13.
renovation plans, their proCollege's
Each contestant has 25 shots at
National "Hoop Shoot" plaque, on to demonstrate their knowledge duction enabled students to gain
and talent when they presented practical experience working on<a<"
permanent display in t h e
Naismith Memorial Basketball five proposals to the Board of real-life project in an applied .seta,
Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. Trustees of Rahway Public ting.
The designs presented were"DRIES UP WET
rendered to provide handicapped
access and to be easily incorpo-i
rated into the original building"
layout. According to architecture"
coordinator Prof. Dori Vicente! '
the students also had drawn r e n " :.
This Message
derings for sitting areas, a .reatk !
Have you paid too much income tax? Without proper planning, you may pay a ing room and a more "pkasirjg", •
great deal more In Estate Taxes. Uncle Sam could become your largest benefimain entrance. All the works' >
ciary since Estate Taxes can erode OVER 60% of. your wealth. Attend this semiincluded colored drawings, ele,yat j
nar to find out how to:
tions and plans.
' •» » <
• Avoid fire-sales of family assets.
"The proposals were ideas for ]
• Avoid Probate & maintain privacy of your personal affairs.
the library board to improve the ]
• Protect your estate if you become incapacitated and
rear facade make it more inviting' i
• learn about other elder-law & elder-care issues.
and accessible to the public," sa1}^ |
• Assure that loved ones are financially secure. .
Prof. Vicente. Students developed' '
Over 90% of the wet basements in this area are
• Determine which legal documents every person should have.
their designs based on several' !
caused by water leaks in the walls and water
• Learn about the new 1997 tax law CHANGES.
on-site visits.
•-" " '
seeping in where (he floor & walls join. Whafs
• Increase your after-tax Income & reduce your estate tax liability.
a simple and inexpensive remedy to this type of
wel basement problem?
Fanwood, i
Have the BEAVER? system
Christopher Heinl of Summit, -j
This FREE 8emlnor will be most beneficial to people who have a minimum net
professionally installed!
MicEael Moritz of Roselle Park i
worth of $1 million. Attend this seminar and you will be offered a FREE 1-hour
and Frank Simone of Clark. ' ' !
consultation ($250. Value) to determine how proper planning may benefit you.
Dr. Sondra Fishinger, a setiiqU1 ]
of English at the college i
L iD.ncmtnl Water Conlrol Syilcm
and Rahway residents, is pre'si- |
(224 Walnut Ave.)
dent of the library's board of i
trustees. She initiated the idea' of |
Tues., November 25th from 10 AM -12:00
haviiig the Architecture Program [
participate in the renovation pro- j
Estate Planning & Elder Lnw
ject on the strength of previqtis; |
successes it had with municipal !
Seating is limited. Call to reserve your place
renovation projects in Rahway, |
Cranford, Springfield, Roselle, i
(24-hour Seminar Reservation Line) .
Scotch Plains and Summit. '
' / . ' :
Noah's Ark Animal Placement turns
V j l lHa
- . ••'••:'
176 Htissa Street, Linden, New Jersey 07036
Treat yourself in a fjounnel buffet of epic proportions
lIiisTluiiiksjjiviiif,'. Dine-on fresh shrimp, oysters, clams
on the Iwlf-shcll for starters. Enjoy homemade soups
and salads, chef-carved turkey, prime rib, leg of Iamb and
baked ham, roast duck, loin of pork, fried chicken,
sausage, and combination seafood - complemented with
uarden-fresh vegetables, baked zili, Greek-style potatoes,
turnips, and-sweet potatoes. If you can, save room
Cor the Viennese pastry table featuring fresh fruit and
Snuffy's famous cheesecakes.
So this Thanksgiving, bring
your family and friends to a
feast they will always
I'hu lax Snuffy's.
& gratuity
. .
preparing, for its holiday concerts scheduled April 25,- 1998 a ther educatiQn in music.
under new director Tom Booth 8 Roosevelt Intermediate School. •: To be considered for the schol- i
p.m. Saturday, Dec. 13 at the..The Glee Club meets socially: arship, music students from.,2.?,^
First'Gongregational Church and. .during--/the' 1 luinrn'er"- before., schools•'••are Jhyited. -for comjaeti- i.
. . . ,vsVi
Men's Glee Club .is now in its 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec,". lX'at St.' rehearsals, for the following- tive auditions. • " '
,73rd season of providing men's Paul's Episcopal Church. ..; • year'a; •, programs ..begin in
The scholarship winner also
choral sound to the surrounding : As in past years, the concerts. September. "
receives a n opportunity to petV
' • ' .•;
'•',..•'••• •'.••- j • . . .-w:ilL.include'"sacred,i:traditional,
Members! 'also,, perform--for- f ^ i i M l i O
. .The not-for-profit group has spiritual and Hanukkah.pieces other. organizations: and take inManhattan. v . : / ; . ,
more than. 30 active singersfrom — music for all faiths," according part in area music festivals.
/'•The men who a r e part o i ;
Plains, to Dale Juntilla, a Glee Club
Donations received as part of glee club"enjoy it for the pure fun;-Fanwood
and Cranford. member for 20 years and chair- Glee Club performances are put of singing," Mr. Juntilla said. ,-^ t ,
Rehearsals are 8-10 p.m. every man of its music and scholarship toward a $1,500 scholarship
Anyone who is interested i n , ; '
Monday at the Presbyterian committee.
awarded to a student graduating becoming a member may call i A
Church on Mountain Avenue,
In addition, members will from an area high school, who is (908) 232-0673 for more informa-;;
he Glee Club" is "currently rehearse until the spring concert interested'in continuing his or tion.
| Remember HOPE... it is the heart of Hospice
Bbr information about The Center For Hope Hospice
Call (908) 486-0700
Margaret J. Cploncy, R.N., President,
C.E.O. and co-founder
t i e s . '
Cranford temple work wins award
The Annual Access/Union"^
County Awards were created last' .
year by the freeholders' advisory"1
board on the disabled, in conjunction with the Union CoiiHftJjf",''
Office for the Disabled and t h e Eastern Paralyzed VeteraW"
Association, to reward complhV'|
ance with the Federal Americans''
with Disabilities Act (ADA). ':,'
The Federal ADA, passed i n 1990, requires places of public"'
accommodation to make theiryfacilities, goods and services'"
accessible to people with disabili-.
Westfield Men's Glee Club prepares fi>r its 73rd holiday season
Call Mike
8AM - 6PM .'
307 S. Michigan Ava,,
Kenilworlh, NJ 07033
Te|; (908) 245-PETS|l
November 20,199?-
Cranford Chronicle
Center For Hope Hospice is about the value
of life and how you choose to Spend it once
a life-limiting illness is present
Cranford Chronicle
Wedding Rwepllons
Engagement • Shower* • Rehearsal Dinners
Wedding Coonlinaior Available
Call for n free cnnsiilnulnn mil brochure
647 Bound Brook Rd, Punnellen 7 5 1 - 7 5 2 7
I FROM $645.00
Garwood's Unami Park re-opens with new
playground equipment and 'tot lot'
school graduate for special condisabilities are invited to attend
tributions made to his/her family,
an informational meeting to disschool, community or to societycus^ Family CO-OPtions, a new
GARWOOD - Unami Park
federally funded family support
had its playground renovated
program. The meeting has been
The second award, ; t h e with new equipment.
[scheduled for Nov. 13 at 7 p.m.
Women's Opportunity Award, is
T h i s playground is actually
andiWill be held at Family Link of
open to mature women entering twej separate entities with play
JJiiign and Essex located at 2333
scholarships to be awarded at its or returning to the work force. activities that are age appropriMorris Ave. Suite A-20, Union.
Applicants may be CO-OPtions seeks to May 1998 Awards Dinner. The. ed or their names can be submit- ate," Daniel Sullivan, vice chairman of the Union County Board
connect families who,have chilted by third parties.\
of Chosen Freeholders, said in a
dren, with disabilities, and help Soroptimist Foundations.
Applications and-4nfofmation press release. •
them form cooperatives to
are available at Brand Travel,
"The tot lot1 is for ages 2-5 and
exchange child care. Participants Citizenship Award that recog- Westfield, or by calling P a t
the other (playground) is for ages
tate turns watching the children nizes a 1998 college-bound high Smith, chairperson a t 232-0165.
of other members in exchange for
credit hours toward the care of
their own children. Non-disabled
siblings also will be included in
th&child care exchange.
5-12," he said.
around $75,000.
Unami Park's- playground
The playground is part of
meets or exceeds Consumer recent renovations that include
Product Safety Commission resurfaced tennis courts, new
guidelines and American Society stripes for the tennis courts and
for Testing and Materials stan- a new fence at Unami Park.
dards, according to the press
Plans are being drawn up to
release. The playground also include public restrooms in the
meets requirements of thepark, which was designed by, the
Americans with Disabilities Act. same Olmsted brothers who
Cost for the renovations was designed Central Park in
estimated in the press release at Manhattan.
. ',
Dr. Erica Fried, Union
County patient advocate, speaker at Jewish
Community Center
.Erica Friea, Union County
Patient Advocate addressed the
senior adults of'the Jewish
Cottttnutfity Center of Central
•New. Jersey O.ct. 29..•'•• • . : -,
. 'She spoke about the recently
formed Union County Patient
AdVb^ate"Program, the first.such
|-progr,din--ini-New -Jersey. The Patient • Advocate' Program : provided a 24-hour phohe-line to
assist withproblems of access to
health care, For people age 60 or
older; the CHIME (Counseling on
Health Insurance for Medicare
Enrollees) program assists with
health insurance problems.
Contact CHIME at 709-2150.
' The Patient Advocate Program
isjoperated by trained volunteers,
mjany of whom are nurses. It is
supported by the Union County
B{>ard of Chosen Freeholders and
Catholic Community- Services.
There is no fee for services. Call
ChildBirth Center
More than 150,000 babies have been born at Muhlenberg
North Jersey
dissociation Of Female
Executives (NJAFE)
plan meeting Nov. 20
. ] UNION - North Jersey
Association of Female Executives
INJAFE) has scheduled its
monthly dinner meeting Nov. 20
atj C^fe Repetti, 572 Kenilworth
Blvd., Kenilworth. Networking
w|ll'jegin at 6 p.m.; dinner at.
6:Q0 p.m.; and. the program
biigins at 7:30 p.m. Speakers will
be .Josephine Gill and Eileen
The cost for a NJAFE member
pre-paid: is $30; non-member prepaid costs $35; walk-ins will be
charged an additional $5. The
membership fee is $50. For further information, call 548-5959
|Soroptimists Club seeking scholarship applicants
'WESTFIELD — Soroptimist
fntewiational of the Greater
_stfield Area (SIGWA) seeks
qualified applicants prior to Dec.
l^jfor two annual monetary
Astronomy Web
Site boosts UCC's
.'CRANFORD - with soo
pfipple visiting its World Wide
Web site in four months,
Ai&teur Astronomers, Inc.,
based, .at Union County
College's Sperry Observatory,
has,, achieved a prominent
place in the Information Age
as,(jyell as the Space Age.
^Designed to eventually
replace AAI's electronic bulletin board, the organization's
Wab site offers a pictorial disftlav outlining the observatory
and-its high technology facilities, Among other facts, it proa brief history of AAI, an
speaker schedule,
r\ames of officers and observatory, location. The. Web site has
ftftjjs to othec astronomy clubs
and. even weather reports-all
site visitors.
"We had quite a bit of interested generated as a result of
otnrWeb • site," says Anthony
AAI president,
'.information is so much more
controllable, manageable."
* *.(Q|n6 of the largest astronomy ylubaTin the U.S., the orgaSujpion developed its Web site
through the expertise of memtiers George Lewycky, who
fleceived an award for his creativity and ingenuity. Aside
f£om an increased number of
contacts to AAI,. Mr. Patti
Oted that many visitors
ecome so impressed with
&ATs offerings, that they join
and become share their interest in celestial phenomena.
J| -Visit AAI's Web site a t
}hl, For more information, call
M I at either 709-7520 or 276-
; •'•
"During the birth
of our son, th^
nurses put me at
ease. Afterwards,
they spent a great
Regional Medical Center, where we believe each and every
birth is a special miracle.
Muhlenberg has one of the most modern maternity and nursery
facilities in Central New Jersey. Our highly skilled medical and nursing
professionals do everything possible to make having a baby a happy
and safe experience.
deal of-time with
me,~tiffering warm,
friendly advice on
how to care for my
newborn: XMdve
5} '
Special Features of
the ChildBirth Center
Childbirth Classes
• C o m b i n e d Labor/Delivery/
Recovery Rooms
• Preparation4bp-Childbirth (Lamaze)
• Early Pregnancy
• Lamaze "Getaway Weekends"
• Preparation for Cesarean Birth
• Private Rooms Usually Available
at N o Extra Charge
• Refresher Lamaze
• Special Care Nursery
• Infant Care
• Special Visiting H o u r s
for Grandparents
• Infant/Child Emergency Care
• Breastfeeding
• Certified Breastfeeding
Consultant o n Staff
• Sibling Orientation
• Parents Night Out
For more information or to schedule a tour, call the ChildBirth Center at:
for Muhlenpqrg
and its staffs They
made my stay and
our "Muhlenberg
Miracfy" the
happiest time of
my life."
Or complete and send the coupon below to Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center,
Department of Public Relations & Marketing, P.O. Box 1272, Plainfield, NJ 07061.
Y C S ! Please send me more information about Muhlenberg's ChildBirth Center, u
Stacey Merkler
Colonk, NJ
Park'Aveaae^Randolph Road, Plainfield, NJ 07061
Visit us at
Affillaled with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New lersey/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School