Spring Term Syllabus - Mrs. Wolfrey`s class website

Grade 7 – Spring Term
Let’s Dig In!
How can one contribute to the rich Charleston culinary
traditions in a modern and meaningful way?
The purpose of this year’s Grade 7 Spring Term is to research the rich cultural influence on Lowcountry Cuisine. Design a
food truck that shows an understanding of business and marketing, culinary trends, and engineering. Study and
participate in agricultural techniques. Research and discuss food trends including global shortages, production, and
Students will work in groups to create and design a food truck business plan. This plan must incorporate the use of
space within the truck, the menu and growth of the food, a marketing plan with thoughtful advertising, and a Lowcountry
culinary influence.
Students will design a fully functional food truck business, including: design sketches, model, business plan, nutrition
plan, historically contextual research, and a marketing plan. At the end of Spring Term, with all components completed,
each group will present their food truck business in CCSMS’s own Food Truck Rodeo. From 8-11am on June 4, each
group’s business will be open to customers to review their business and marketing plans, take a look at your cookbook,
and sample a food offering from the truck.
What Classes Will I Take during Spring Term?
Mrs. Joy – South Carolina Food and Culture
You will have the chance to research the food and culture of South Carolina. Once you have completed the
research, you will prepare one of the recipes for the class and present your information about that dish/culture.
Mrs. Bishop – Food Blog and Critique
You will have the chance to research the food critic industry. Once you have completed the research, you will write
a food review, post it on a blog, and share your blog with the seventh grade class.
Ms. Smith – Logos, Marketing, and Advertising
Students will research and carry out effective ways of advertising and marketing for their food trucks (social media
Mrs. Wolfrey – Design and Modeling
Design the most efficient, eye catching; menu-themed Food Truck that Charleston has ever seen using the design
process. You will create a design, technical drawings, Autodesk Model & 3-D prototype of your Food Truck which
will reflect your whole business and be presented at our very own CCSMS Food Truck Rodeo on June 4th.
Mr. Foley – Develop a Cookbook
Your group will design an e-cookbook using the “Book Creator” app that incorporates images, cooking videos,
visual & taste descriptions, and recipes for your food truck’s menu items.
Ms. Brown – Social Media Marketing
You will need to investigate how to effectively market your food truck to attract customers. Once you have
completed this research, you will need to develop your own promotional plan to make your food truck business a
What Field Trips Will We Go on during Spring Term & what do I need to bring?
Thursday, May 21 - Morning Assembly in Auditorium & Classes
Friday, May 22 - Classes
Monday, May 25 - No School
Tuesday, May 26 - Food Truck Owners Assembly & Food Truck Rodeo (Food trucks selling food on
campus) - a selection of food trucks will be on campus for you to sample cuisine from local, mobile
eateries. Meet and talk to business owners and operators to get some great ideas for your own food truck
· Bring money for food truck lunch 0r pack a lunch OR eat in the cafeteria like normal
Wednesday, May 27 - Grow Carolina Warehouse Walking trip
· Comfortable Athletic clothes
· Walking shoes
· Hat
· Water
· Sunscreen
· Snack
Thursday, May 28 - Classes
Friday, May 29 - Folly Beach & Food Truck Field Trip
· Money for food trucks/ packed lunch
· Snacks
· Water,water,water
· Bathing Suit
· Towel
· Dry, comfortable clothes
· Sunscreen
· Hat
Monday, June 1 - MUSC Urban Farm/ Restaurant Trip/ Park
· Comfortable Athletic clothes
· Walking Shoes
· Hat
· Water
· Sunscreen
· Snacks
· Bug Spray
Tuesday, June 2 - Classes
Wednesday, June 3 - Classes
Thursday, June 4 - CCSMS Food Truck Rodeo- Project Presentations
How Will We Be Assessed/How Will We Be Graded?
Major Assessments Include:
 Business Proposal
 Architectural Design of Food Truck
 Constructed Model of the Truck
 Menu/Prepared Meal
 Cookbook
 Food Blog
 Promotional Plan
 Marketing Materials and Advertisements
 Participation and Behavior
Spring Term Behavior Expectations
As a member of the 7th Grade Spring Term Team, you are required to behave in a manner which reflects
our Charleston Charter School for Math and Science Code of Conduct. You must be respectful to your
peers, your teachers, all materials, your campus, and your community. We will be traveling, and you are
expected to represent our school at all times. This is shown by speaking to all adults in a respectful
manner. Your actions reflect our school and therefore will be monitored closely by your Spring Term
teachers. Your teachers can and will disqualify you from any activities if your behaviors are not in
accordance with our expectations.