Youth Talent Contest Entry Form 2015

“Youth Stars of Manitoba”
Youth Talent Competition
The Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition would like to invite young Manitobans to be apart of our
Youth Talent Competition. Contestants will compete for cash prizes.
To qualify for this event you must meet the following criteria:
- Be non-professional.
- For competition July 19, 2015, must be no younger than 10 years of age as of June 1,
2015 and be no older than 25 years of age as of November 1, 2015.
- Have no more than 5 participants in your performance.
- Length of performance must be no more than 4.5 minutes.
Contestants will be judged on both Artistic and Technical abilities.
The Manitoba Youth Talent Competition will take place SUNDAY JULY 19, 2015.
The event will take place at the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition July 19, 2015. Prizes will
be awarded as follows:
1st - $400.00*
2nd - $250.00
3rd - $100.00
*The first place winner will also receive a 45 minute time slot on the free stage Sunday July 24,
2016 at the 2016 Stampede & Exhibition, an encore performance at the 2016 Youth Talent award
ceremony, and the opportunity to preform O’Canada at the 2016 Sunday Rodeo.
To enter the Manitoba Stampede’s Youth Talent Competition you must:
- Meet the above criteria
- Fill out the registration form.
- Have the form signed by your parents (if under the age of 18).
- Have your form endorsed by someone who has had an influence on your talent (Music
Teacher, School Principal, Dance Instructor or equivalent)
All Contestants must be prepared to perform 2 numbers. The second number will only be needed
if there is a tie-breaker or if requested by the judges.
The winners and honorable mentions will be asked to do an encore after the awards have been
presented. The song/performance used in the competition must be performed for the encore
performance, contestants may not perform their second piece as their encore performance.
Deadline for entries – July 6, 2015
Entries are accepted in the order they are received, and only the first 20 entries will be
Entries can be sent to:
Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition
“Youth Stars of Manitoba”
P.O. Box 849
Morris MB
Fax: 204-746-2900 or e-mail: [email protected]
For more information please contact: Candace Jorgenson at 746-6221.
“Youth Stars of Manitoba” Entry Form
Entry deadline – July 6, 2015
Name in which entry will go by:_______________________________
Contact Person - Name:___________________________________________
Mailing Address:_____________________________________________
Town/City_____________________ Postal Code_____________________
Phone #:_____________________
Name of contestants (not to exceed 5):
1:_________________________________________________ Date of Birth:________
2:_________________________________________________ Date of Birth:________
3:_________________________________________________ Date of Birth:________
4:_________________________________________________ Date of Birth:________
5:_________________________________________________ Date of Birth:________
Which talent will you be showcasing (eg: Singing, Dancing, instrumental)?
Name (song or dance; artist) _____________________________________________
Is it an original composition? ________________
Which of the following is required for your performance and how many of each?
___ Microphones
___ CD Player
___ Tape Player
___ Chairs
___ Music Stands
___ Floor without carpet
___ Other: please specify __________________________
Endorsement (Required for all applicants) :
I __________________________________________ support the participation of
__________________________________________ in the “Youth Stars of Manitoba”
talent competition I believe that he/she/they portray an exceptional talent for their age,
both technically and artistically.
Position Held (Teacher/Instructor, Principal etc.):_______________________________
Endorser Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________
Endorser Email _______________________________ Phone#____________________
If under 18:
Parent Name ______________________________________
Parent Signature: ______________________________________ Date:____________
If 18+; Signature of Contestant _____________________________ Date: _________