Rules and Regulations
Contestants may appear as individuals, in
pairs or as a group of up 6.
Contestants and each member in a participating group must be
a resident of the Ottawa area
Youth contestants must nine (9) years of age by August 8, 2015 and no older
than 17 years of age by August 8, 2015. Contestants must bring one valid
piece of identification containing proof of age and a photo (such as a
government issued health card, a passport, or a valid photo Student I.D.
together with a birth certificate) to the Live Auditions.
Adult Contestants must be 18 years and older verifiable by
ID presented at the audition.
Each contestant may only
audition once in one (1) category.
Professional performers (paid to
perform) are not eligible.
Jamday Idol Winners cannot re-enter in the competition in the same
category previously won, unless a special winners edition.
Registrations will be considered on a
first come, first-served basis
Registration fees must be paid and forms completed prior to
competing must be under age w
The number of registrations may be capped or extended at
the discretion of the committee.
The Jamday Idol Committee reserves the right to restrict, remove
or cancel any act at any time.
For groups, the age of the oldest participant
determines the age category.
Talent Categories:
There are two talent categories for youth (Vocal OR General Talent) and one
talent category for adults. All contestants can only compete in one (1) category.
 Vocal Category (Soloist, Duets, Group with up to 6 participants)
 General Talent Category (Dance, Instruments, poetry, comedy)
 Theme to represent or tribute to the Jamaican culture
 Each performance is limited to a maximum of 2 minutes
 Talent Showcase/Jamday: Each performance limited to a maximum of 4
Entry Fee:
 Individuals: $20
 Group: $15.00 maximum 6 per group
 The entry fee must be submitted with the application
Content, Props, Special Effects and Supporting Equipment:
 All content must be appropriate for all ages. Offensive content will not be
permitted and will lead to immediate disqualification
 Recorded music is permitted, but must not have explicit lyrics – i.e., including
curse words or dealing with sexual, violent or discriminatory content and will
lead to immediate disqualification
 Lip-syncing is not permitted and does not qualify as a talent.
 Pyrotechnics or acts in which the performer risks injury are not permitted.
 General lighting and sound are provided; all acts must provide their own
 Judges may not be family, relatives or in an employee relationship with any of
the contestants.
 Judges will allocate points to each performers based on the criteria below and
use this determine the outcome of the competition.
o Originality: Jamaican Content;
o Technical Difficulty;
o Audience appeal;
o Appearance: Quality of Performance