Companies in Stealth Mode

Encore Alert (USA) The right opportunities at
just the right time to help marketers focus on
what matters most.
Lumii (USA) Glasses-free 3D that works. Lumii
light field displays: intuitive depth in the native
format of your brain.
Tuten (Chile) Tuten is the leading on-demand
web and mobile platform for household services
in LATAM. Guaranteed best-in-class service and
Goodwall (Switzerland) Goodwall, the new social network for high-school students. The one
place where you stand out, network, and present
yourself to Universities.
Building Conversation (USA) View multiple architectural design options perfectly registered
on site with complete AR mobility and freedom;
walk around or in and out!
Launchpad Technologies Inc. (USA) Launchpad
is a platform that enables people to live in a flexible month-to-month sublet room they can leave
at any time.
Onnuri DMC (South Korea) We provide a marketing tool for advertisers to retarget mobile
users who leave a website without purchasing.
ToneTree, Inc. (USA) Music is our passion. We
want to inspire creativity in our customers with
a fresh new take on what an instrument can be.
Cintell (USA) We want to create a customer-centric world. Cintell helps companies better
understand their buyers and make more relevant
My Exit Strategy (USA) My Exit Strategy is an
online tool that makes it easy to record and
share all your end-of-life wishes.
Agora (USA) Agora is an online town hall for
the people. Our mission is to make democracies
more democratic.
Navitome LLC (USA) Navitome lets your organization create interactive walk-through guides
that make policies and procedures actionable no
matter how complex th
Increment (USA) At Increment, we develop
playthings that encourage independence and
exploration among all kids, regardless of age,
ability, or gender.
OpenLab (USA) OpenLab is building social tools
and machine intelligence to accelerate scientific
discovery within research groups.
Clear Breath (USA) Clear Breath is developing a
low-cost respirator for the 2 billion people living
in polluted environments worldwide.
Water Hero (USA) Plumbing catastrophe avoidance for everyone. Stops pipe bursts & small
costly plumbing leaks. SmartPhone controlled &
easy to install.
Estrenon (Mexico) Estrenon enhances families’
lives with a reuse clothing movement that breaks
down barriers among social classes through
used clothing stores.
Prattle Analytics (USA) Prattle Analytics - Provider of the first unbiased, comprehensive,
quantitative data of central bank sentiment.
Free Time Academy (Israel) Free Time Academy
has developed a platform that enables the fast
development of scalable DIY courses.
SidelineSwap (USA) SidelineSwap is a marketplace where people connect to buy, sell, and
trade sporting goods.
Healthy Roots (USA) Healthy Roots is a toy
company that creates dolls and storybooks that
combat internalized racism and colorism among
young black girls.
feelter (Israel) Social content search, analysis &
monetization widget for eCommerce websites,
beta proven impact on conversion rates, user
engagement & UX.
Splitzee (USA) Splitzee is painless team money management. Teammates chip in with credit
cards, we track & remind so you get paid back
SybilSecurity (USA) SybilSecurity. Share more.
More widely. More privately. With algorithmic
Hydroswarms (USA) Teams of small, autonomous, underwater robots + cheap sensors +
modern mesh networks = a revolution in maritime commerce and security.
wecourses (Mexico) Innovative learning environment with multimedia content and activities in
an online platform, created to improve the quality of education.
iRecover App (USA) iRecoverApp is a mobile
App for smartphone’s that connects people in
recovery from drugs & alcohol and their familes
and friends.
LearnLux (USA) LearnLux helps Millennials learn
personal finance skills through online learning
tools while connecting them with financial institutions.
Meetcaregivers (USA) Meetcaregivers enables
more seniors to age at home by using online and
video technology to connect them to qualified
Revision Ventures (USA) Revision Ventures harnesses the digital talents of low-income youth
to drive small business growth online. Creating
resilient communities.
Six Foods (USA) Six Foods is normalizing insects as a sustainable food. Try Chirps, a cricket
chip that has more protein per serving than an
Spoiler Alert (USA) Spoiler Alert is a B2B foodtech solution to help businesses manage surplus
food & organic waste, improve margins, and
fight food insecurity.
SuperHealos (USA) SuperHealos is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering kids facing
life’s toughest challenges.
TeachersConnect (USA) TeachersConnect is a
support network that creates an enduring relationship between teacher prep programs and
their new-teacher alumni.
Union Capital Boston (USA) Union Capital Boston is a rewards program that incentivizes involvement in low-income communities. Participants get a leg-up by giving back!
Vendedy (USA) Vendedy is the “Etsy meets
Ebay” for street vendors.Consumers can now
bid on items uploaded onto mobile networks
from remote street markets.
SolarRoute (Nicaragua) Why is energy poverty
still a problem that plagues 2.5bn? The distribution gap. SolarRoute provides affordable tech to
households in need.
Honeycomb Homes (USA) Young adults aging-out of foster care are high-risk. Honeycomb
Homes provides them agricultural apprenticeships leading to sustainable lives.
Companies in Stealth Mode
Alike • AntiDark •
Artaic Health • AutismSees •
Barakat Bundle. • Biorasis, Inc. •
Canary • CityTaps • Clothbound •
danger!Awesome • Dock Technologies Inc
• Dramatize • eRated • Fuzzy Compass •
GradTrain. • HIVE Biosystems • Humanure Power
• Kwiksulate • LaunchPad Medical • Legatus
• Makers Empire • Obz Design • OrderLynk
• Quickhelp• Quitbit• Recon Therapeutics •
Resilient Coders • ReThink Pharmaceuticals •
Scheduling AD • The Red Button • Virtudent •
World Tech Makers
2015 Finalists
Gesto (Portugal) Gesto a startup company that
sells world’s first open-source kits for gesture
recognition, motion patterns and muscle analysis.
Key: Industry Icons
High Tech
Healthcare + Life Sciences
Energy + Clean Tech
Social Impact
General + Retail + Consumer Goods
AquaFresco (USA) AquaFresco is developing
the next generation close-loop laundry technology that regenerates 95% of wastewater.
Blackburn Energy, LLC (USA) Blackburn Energy makes a power unit for long haul trucks that
eliminates idle time saving $10K & 21 tons of CO2
per truck annually.
Energy Harvesters LLC (USA) Charge your mobile device batteries anytime anywhere from
your own walking.
Power generation from walking!
Collectable (USA) Collectable is a social marketplace connecting collectors and online auction
houses and retailers.
Dash Electric (USA) Dash is an affordable and
lightweight electric longboard kit that can easily
be mounted to any longboard.
Real Food Solutions (USA) Feeling queasy? Anchor yourself w/Anchor Bar - the safe non-drug
nutrition bar to prevent & ease nausea from motion sickness & other causes.
Unshrinkit (USA) Finally, the emergency sweater saver is here. Unshrinkit helps unshrink wool
clothing that accidentally shrunk in the washer
or dryer.
Flying SpArk (Israel) Flying spark’ is a FoodTech company based in Israel, focused on finding new ways of utilizing insect protein in food
Freight Frog (USA) Freight Frog is tipping the
moving industry on it’s head, and moving it’s clients to the 21st Century!
Hyliion (USA) Hyliion is creating an add-on hybrid module for tractor trailers that will reduce
fuel consumption upwards of 30%.
StreetScan (USA) Inspect all your urban roads
more frequently with StreetScan’s fast and affordable multi-sensor scanning technology.
Iron Goat (USA) Iron Goat - A better way to
make hay.
Irhal (United Arab Emirates) Irhal Arabic/English
mobile app for Muslim travelers. Includes Halal
restaurants, mosque locations, prayer timings
for 90+ cities.
PSM Energy (USA) PSM Energy: The full service
online investment platform. Now you can invest
in #solar energy projects that are both simple
and profitable.
Sourcewater (USA) is the water exchange for the energy ecosystem.
PMS Bites (USA) A boston-based, woman-led
food startup conquered kickstarter: PMS Bites
vegan glutenfree paleo #hocolate desserts for
Ajiri Tea Company (USA) Ajiri aims to create a
sustainable cycle of employment and education.
And, of course, a delicious cup of Kenyan Coffee
and Tea!
TVision Insights (USA) At TVision Insights, we
leverage state of art computer vision technology
to redefine TV rating for new generation TV.
Reactive Studios (USA) Audio games you play
with your voice. Eyes free. Hands free. EarPlay.
BIOWATCH SA (Switzerland) BIOWATCH is offering a new authentication solution based on
wrist vein recognition and provides an aternative solution to current methods.
Camp Casco (USA) Camp Casco provides a free
weeklong summer camp for childhood cancer
patients and survivors in MA!
Ivory (USA) Ivory is a music education app
which listens to you play, providing real-time analytics, targeted lessons, and gamified elements.
Think Board (USA) Like to think differently?
Keep your thoughts organized here! @thethinkboard is a clear film that turns any surface into a
dry erase board!
Nix (USA) Nix is pioneering consumer diagnostics through its disposable biosensor platform.
First solution: a real-time wearable hydration
PianoArc (USA) PianoArc is reshaping the musical keyboard for a new era of performance tools
- starting with a circular piano.
PopUp Childcare (USA) PopUp Childcare provides professional drop-in child care onsite at
movie theaters, restaurants, sporting events and
Response Technologies, LLC (USA) Response
Technologies Breakthrough Proprietary Technololgy for $50B Flexible Vessel Market.
RubyRide (USA) RubyRide Subscription car service. Save time, save money, reduce stress, save
the planet. Pay per month, not per trip. Simple
Savanna (USA) Savanna connects customers to
barbers for in-home & in-office haircuts saving
customers time and hassle, while freeing barbers from shops.
Quiro (Venezuela) Quiro is a minimally-invasive
surgery simulation mobile game that replaces
prohibitively expensive hardware in med schools
SpotLight Parking (USA) SpotLight Parking is
the consumer-facing mobile application for valet parking across the nation. Simply #FindReserveRelax.
uSound (Argentina) uSound enables low-cost
social integration for the hearing impaired by
turning a smartphone into an advanced, augmented, digital hearing aid.
Orange Photonics (USA) The Orange Photonics
LightLab: An affordable marijuana potency analyzer. An essential tool for the $10 billion legal
marijuana industry.
Traumedex (USA) We create wearable hemorrhage control systems that save lives.
Fuel Drop (USA) Tired of wasting your time filling up your gas tank? Let Fuel Drop deliver gas
straight to your car.
Ecoflora Cares (Colombia) We developed the
most stable natural blue color in the world, creating a new family of healthy natural colors for
food industry.
XactSense (USA) XactSense builds LIDAR scanning UAVs for the $270B geospatial industry our
scanning robots make the next generation of 3D
maps in minutes.
Blue Therapeutics (USA) Blue Therapeutics is
advancing a novel painkiller that is 50x more
potent than morphine and completely non-addictive.
Cogentis Therapeutics (USA) Cogentis Therapeutics is working on a novel and potential disease-modifying peptide therapeutic for Alzheimer’s, FTD, and Parkinson’s. (USA) exploits finger interactions with personal electronics to generate
a novel biometric signal to identify subtle motor
Sevamob (USA) Fundamentally transforming
primary healthcare via mobile clinics and a telehealth marketplace.
Lodestone Biomedical (USA) Lodestone Biomedical is developing the safest, easiest, most
effective way to protect your child from the
harmful effects of iron deficiency.
LuminOva Inc. (USA) LuminOva is developing
an optical fertility device to assess egg and embryo quality to improve success rates of in vitro
MIFCOR Inc (USA) MIFCOR is saving your heart
when you have a heart attack.
Poly6 Biotechnologies (USA) Poly6 Biotechnologies develops synthetic, bioresorbable polymers for drug delivery, anti-adhesions and tissue
PB&B (Switzerland) We make your own cells
cover wrinkles and signs of aging.
(USA) A mobile peer-to-peer
learning marketplace that allows anyone to
reach his full potential by connecting him with
awesome practice sessions.
Ader (USA) Ader helps gaming companies by
getting gamers to turn off AdBlock.
Apitite (USA) Apitite: Create APIs for your data
in minutes without writing a line of code. Apitite
is like TurboTax for APIs.
BookaLokal Inc. (USA) BookaLokal is a marketplace for food & beverage experiences hosted
by locals. With listings in 46 countries, we’re like
Airbnb for food.
Cabbige (USA) Cabbige is a business intelligence web application that helps small farms
make more money.
Pavlok - Wear Your Willpower (USA) Current fitness bands track the steps you take---but they
don’t change your behavior. Pavlok CHANGES
behavior-and measurably forms habits.
DealerScience (USA) DealerScience improves
the dealership business process through intuitive, automated software that drives sales and
increases productivity.
MagnebotiX (Switzerland) DELICATE OBJECTS
- GENTLE METHODS: MagnebotiX microrobotic systems for next generation crystallography
with automated crystal harvesting.
Easy Pairings (USA) Easy Pairings is changing
the way restaurants find staff by making it faster
and cheaper.
BovControl (Brazil) Empowering livestock
ranchers with reliable herd information that improves efficiency and boost profitability.
Genesis Technologies (USA) Genesis Technologies is developing a next-generation device for
gene synthesis, the process of turning digital
text into physical DNA.