Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Pregnancy & Parenting Classes
Congratulations as you prepare for the birth of your baby.
We are happy you have chosen Women & Infants
Hospital as your resource during this special time.
As experts in the care of pregnant women and
newborns, we deliver the majority of babies in
Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and
eastern Connecticut each year.
The months leading up to your baby’s birth are
full of joy, but there are also many questions
and some anxiety. We share your joy, and hope
to ease your fears. Discover answers to your
questions through a unique assortment of
classes for you, your partner, your other children
and the grandparents.
Just as every woman’s birth experience is unique,
we recognize that everyone’s class needs differ
as well. We’ve designed our classes so you can
choose the ones that best meet your needs and
those of your family.
Register as early as possible so we can schedule
your classes when they are most
useful to you.
There is so much to learn
when you’re pregnant.
We’ve designed an assortment of
classes that can be taken throughout
pregnancy and after your baby is born.
We recommend you register as early as
possible so we can schedule the classes
when they are most useful to you.
For more information about our
classes, please call our Health Education
Department at 401-276-7800, ext.100.
Childbirth Preparation Series
During this three-week evening series, firsttime parents will learn about the stages of the
childbirth experience. Topics will include:
• Signs and stages of labor
• Birthing films
• Physical and emotional preparation for birth
• Medical interventions
• Basic labor breathing and relaxation techniques
Fee: $100 per couple
All-Day Childbirth Preparation
Women & Infants Hospital has several
convenient Medical Office Buildings and
Centers for Health Education in Rhode
Island and southeastern Massachusetts.
These facilities allow patients to have
their Ob/Gyn appointments closer to
home. Mammography and ultrasound
services, as well as a blood drawing
station, are available at most of these
satellite offices.
101 Dudley Street
Health Education: 401-276-7800, ext. 100
East Greenwich
1050 Main Street
Medical Office: 401-886-4200
Health Education: 401-886-4222
2168 Diamond Hill Road
Medical Office: 401-767-2122
Health Education: 401-276-7800, ext. 100
South Kingstown
Route 1 – South County Commons Way
Medical Office: 401-782-6866
Health Education: 401-276-7800, ext. 100
Swansea, MA
2200 G.A.R. Highway
Medical Office: 508-730-1011
Health Education: 401-276-7800, ext. 100
North Attleboro, MA
6 Whipple Street
Medical Office: 508-695-9977
Health Education: 401-276-7800, ext. 100
This class offers all the benefits and information
as the three-week Childbirth Preparation Series
in a convenient, one-day class on the weekend.
Fee: $100 per couple
Planned Cesarean Birth
If you know you are having a Cesarean delivery,
this two-hour class can help relieve any fears
and answer your questions. We will discuss
medications, relaxation techniques, the surgical
procedure, recovery and breastfeeding issues.
Fee: $35 per couple
Marvelous Multiples
This is a specialized childbirth program for
expectant parents of twins, triplets and other
multiples. It includes five two-hour classes that
cover healthy lifestyles as well as the physical and
emotional challenges of a multiple pregnancy. The
class will also address the signs and stages of labor,
relaxation and breathing techniques, medication
and anesthesia, the role of a coach, and the
hospital experience. A hospital tour is included.
Fee: $100 per couple
Intro to Breastfeeding
This 2½-hour discussion gives all the
information you need to breastfeed your baby.
Topics include preparing for nursing, avoiding
common problems, and pumping and storing
milk. Partners are encouraged to attend.
Fee: $35 per couple
Caring for You and Your Infant
Highly recommended for new parents-to-be
and their partners, this class will answer many
questions and concerns regarding the care
of mom and baby. Topics will include mom’s
postpartum adjustments, newborn feeding,
diapering, swaddling, comforting, bathing,
burping, and everything in between.
Fee: $75 per couple
Parenting From Two to Six Months
Congratulations! Now what? The questions
and changes in your life don’t end with
your baby’s birth. Join us for this two-part
class that will answer common questions
about immunizations, sleep and feeding
issues, growth and development, teething,
seasonal concerns, and so much more. It is
recommended that you take Caring for You
and Your Infant before this class.
Fee: $75 per couple
Grand Tour and So Much More
Along with the tour, we will discuss the
details of your upcoming hospital experience,
from hospital policies and visiting hours to
baby beepers and special dinners. We’ll even
provide you with a list of things to bring to
make your hospital stay more comfortable.
Fee: $30 per couple
Just for Siblings
Your child is about to become a big brother
or sister! Join us for a tour and program to
help prepare for the new arrival. We offer
classes for toddlers (age 3), preschoolers
(ages 4 to 5), and school-age children (ages
6 to 10), with age-appropriate information
and activities.
Fee: $20 per child
(includes free sibling t-shirt)
Grandparent Class
This special class enhances the bond
between expectant grandparents and the
new family. The entire family is invited to
find out what’s new and not so new in
childbirth and infant care. A tour of the
hospital is included.
Fee: $30 per family
Accident Prevention and CPR
Everyone should know what to do if a child
starts choking or has difficulty breathing.
We offer this program several times a
month and recommend it for all new
parents, grandparents and babysitters.
The class covers CPR for infants, children
and adults.
Fee: $30 per person
First Aid for Infants and Children
American Heart Association-certified
instructors spend three hours helping
prepare parents, babysitters and
grandparents to provide basic first aid to an
injured infant or child. Topics include high
fevers, bleeding, vomiting/diarrhea, burns,
nosebleeds and when to call 911.
Fee: $30 per person
Managing Family Finances
During Life’s Changes
Women & Infants’ understands that your
life is full of changes. Whether graduating
from high school or college, starting out in
a new job, getting married, buying a house
or expecting a new baby, your financial
situation is changing. This class will help
you make wise financial decisions during the
milestones in your life. You will learn how to:
• Manage your income and expenses
• Establish goals and build savings
• Shop for loans and credit
• Understand how to get out of debt
• Know what important papers you
should have
Alternative Birthing Center Classes
If you have been approved by your health care provider to deliver in our Alternative Birthing
Center (ABC) you may register for any of the classes below.
ABC All-Day Childbirth Preparation
This class prepares expectant parents for their
birthing experience in the ABC with the support
of a certified nurse midwife. Topics include:
• Physical and emotional preparation for the birth
• Signs and stages of labor
• Relaxation and breathing techniques
• Important role of the coach
Fee: $100 per couple
ABC Sibling Preparation
Siblings who take this class will be prepared
to be present at the birth of their sibling. We
recommend that a support person for each
child also attend this class.
ABC Tour and Information
This 1-hour class will provide a tour of the
ABC and answer any questions you may
have about an ABC delivery.
ABC Early Discharge
Preparation Class
This one-time, 1-hour class is required
for those parents choosing to go home
directly from the ABC, 6 to 12 hours after
the birth. Topics include parents’ responsibilities in the care of the mother, care
and feeding of the newborn, and things
to watch for in the first three days of the
baby’s life and mom’s recovery.
Resources for today and after your baby is born
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after you and your baby return home. Call
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Breastfeeding Support Services
Women & Infants is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers and infants.
The following services are available:
• Prenatal breastfeeding classes
• Breast pump rental and supplies
• Lactation consultations
• Nursing Moms, Etc.
• Outpatient lactation visits by appointment
(Call the Warm Line at 1-800-711-7011)
Physician Referral Health Line 1-800-921-9299 is available to answer your questions about
your own health and that of your family. Staffed by registered nurses, the Physician Referral
Health Line is available: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 9 pm and Saturday - Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm
A New Mother’s Support Group is held every Wednesday morning, 10:30 am - 12 noon, in Women & Infants’ Health Education Department, 134 Thurbers Avenue, Suite 201, Providence. For more information, please call 401-276-7800, ext. 100.