E-STIM ULTRASOUND Healing Benefits opractic

CopperWell Chiropractic
Healing Benefits
Used to treat pain conditions & to promote
tissue healing. We will select a small surface
area to work on then gel is applied to your skin,
which helps the sound waves evenly penetrate
the skin.
Some people feel a mild pulsing during
ultrasound therapy, while others may feel slight
warmth in the skin. Don’t be surprised,
however, if you feel nothing at all, apart from the
cold gel on yoyur skin.
1An ultrasound treatment lasts about 5 to 10
Electric muscle stimulation - E stim or
electrostim for short -- can be used to stimulate
muscle contraction in an effort to control pain,
strengthen muscles and manage inflammation.
When you have E stim treatment, electrodes are
hooked up to an electric stimulation machine
and placed around the affected area.
We will adjust the controls of the electrostim
machine until you feel a prickly sensation that
you notice but is not too intense.
An E stim treatment lasts about 10 to 15