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Southern California Mountains Foundation
Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire (UCCIE)
Job Notice: Warehouse and Vehicle Supervisor
Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Warehouse and Vehicle Supervisor is responsible for ensuring
that the UCCIE Facility, Warehouse, Tools, Vehicle and other Operational supplies and equipment meets
all OSHA (Occupational Safety) standards at all times and is the key person that develops a management
system to ensure an orderly and safety culture is carried out at the UCCIE San Bernardino Center.
 Keep the vehicles maintained and be the key contact with outside mechanics
 Ensure that vehicles are scheduled for maintenance, service, additional repairs are reviewed and
discussed with the Operations Manager
 Maintain small vehicle maintenance
 Ensure that vehicles meet OSHA standards
 Maintain the physical upkeep of all areas inside and outside their assigned facility
 Ensure tools are maintained and repaired for the programs site
 Maintaining accurate inventory accounts and ordering supplies for the program
 Maintain the facility’s appearance and functionality. This includes structural, electrical, plumbing,
storages, offices, etc.
 Implement facility improvement projects in a timely and efficient manner, overseeing all aspects
including scheduling, equipment and safety.
 Manage and perform preventative maintenance tasks.
 Schedule purchases for needed equipment; together with the managerial staff.
 Perform minor equipment repairs, as needed.
 Qualify vendors on price, delivery and quality.
 Follow up on open purchase orders that may require rescheduling, or are late and require
 Rectify receipt discrepancies with vendors.
 Ensure that documentation, driver timesheets, vehicle logs and vehicle checks are submitted to the
Operations Manager
 Train the operations staff on how to maintain the fleet vehicles, facilities, tools, vehicles and
 Ensure adequate inventory of materials, vehicles, and supplies.
 Conduct weekly meetings with operations staff to ensure that program goals are being met.
 Coordinate activities with other staff to reduce scheduling conflicts and promote cooperation and
assistance from all programs.
Provides supervision, training, development, safeguards and serves as a mentor and good role
Organizing and Planning– Ability to structure tasks, establish priorities and set goals
Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and work ethics
Interpersonal - Demonstrate sensitivity, understanding and the ability to effectively interact with
individuals (internal and external) from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, disability and ethnic
Demonstrate excellent communication skills (oral and written). Characterized by actively listening
and ensuring respectful two-communication interactions
Demonstrate a high level of accountability, responsibility and dependability
Demonstrate a positive attitude, self-discipline, and self-awareness
Demonstrate excellent analytical skills – characterized by identifying, assimilating and
comprehending the critical elements of various situations; extract and interpret implications of
courses of action
Demonstrate teamwork through cooperation and collaboration with others
 Supervisory, project management and logistics skills necessary to fulfill position responsibilities.
 Ability to work with diverse populations and motivate young adults to meet program goals.
 Competent level of computer skills (Microsoft Office Environment) and the ability to complete the
 necessary reports.
 Demonstrate the oral and written communication skills necessary to prepare concise, logical,
 grammatically correct documents and presentations.
 Organizing and Planning – Ability to structure tasks, establish priorities and set goals.
 Interpersonal – Demonstrate, sensitivity, understanding, and the ability to effectively interact with
 individuals (internal and external) from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, disability, and ethnic
 Demonstrate the ability to perform the physical requirements of the job, as well as train others.
 Ability to perform community outreach and education in schools and to community groups; as well
as provide presentations and instruction to others to promote environmental awareness.
 Current Class B, Drivers License and clean driving record.
High School Diploma or equivalency from an accredited institution required. A Bachelor’s degree is
Minimum of 2 years- experience working with and/or training young adults (ages 18-23) of various
ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
Proficiency in using tools appropriate for various work projects
Competent level of computer skills (Microsoft Office Environment) and the ability to complete the
necessary reports, desired
This is a full-time position; 40 hours/week position. Benefits included.
Must be flexible in work hours (Schedule is Monday – Friday; some weekend work required)
Able to respond to emergency situations regarding the vehicles such as stranded crews during the
weekend and need assistance
Hourly: $13.00 to $18.00 per hour, based on experience
Reporting Location: UCCIE office 378 E. Orange Show Rd., San Bernardino, CA
How to Apply: Submit resume, cover letter and three references to Irene Lopez, UCCIE Site Director, by
May 8, 2015 by email to [email protected] or drop off above paperwork to the office, located
378 E. Orange Show Rd.
San Bernardino, CA 92408
The Southern California Mountains Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer