the Social Media Content Creation Ideas

Content Creation Ideas from Move Digital
Looking to fill your editorial calendar? Here's a list of ideas for your social media platforms:
● Thought/quote of the week
○ Find fun quotes:
● Product/service of the week (can even be specific re lines- toy, kitchen, bath, local, etc)
● Volunteer of the week/ month
● Neighbor of the week/ month
● Monthly theme content
● Seasonal - tie in to holidays
○ Find bizarre holidays: or
● Tip of the week
● Newsletter sign up
● Fun facts about your business / industry
● Daily, weekly, monthly events
● FAQ answer
● Spotlights: Staff, sponsor, partner, board of director, etc
● Thank you to …
● About us (“bio”-ish)
● About us- service you provide, etc.
● Pictures: around the office
Prepared by Move Digital • • Twitter: @MoveHSV • Facebook: @MoveHSV
● Find us at…
● Pictures from…
● We’re planning
● On sale now…
● Coming up…
● Green initiatives
● X of the week - insightful product, definition, etc.
○ Use this to establish yourself as the expert
● Evergreen content
● Ask a question
● What would you like to see?
● X number of reasons why you should…
● Meme’s (when appropriate)
Prepared by Move Digital • • Twitter: @MoveHSV • Facebook: @MoveHSV