New Update in Facebook - Post Job in Facebook

Facebook is wide and broad network and platform for getting entertainment and information. It is a successful
social network where you can share your knowledge and information with others and also get some enjoyment and
fun. And you will be happy to know that Facebook having a new update – Near Job Update. It means now you can
not only share images, videos on that platforms also you can post jobs on Facebook and get employment. This job
tab feature is getting so much popular nowadays. If you have a business page so you can use this featured tab very
easily and invite well trained employees to work.
Well now it is good news to you that you can post jobs in your business page to attract employees and hire well
trained candidates with very less time. SO we FACEBOOK SUPPORT here is available to help you in your glitches.
Here we are giving you some tips for making your post most reachable and attractive and responsible.
1. Accurate Word Length: Well there is no accurate or ideal length for any post on Facebook. You should keep
this thing in mind that mostly Facebook is used by users on smart-phone. So always post jobs having the
average length.
2. Related Images: If you are posting your post with an image, so the chances of getting same post popularity
will be increased by double. So you have to use the exact related image for your post.
3. Paid Facebook Advertisement: Well, if you are having a business page and having lots of amount for
spending on advertisement, so you should opt paid advertisement method for promoting your jobs.
With the above mentioned tips, you can easily increase your traffic on your Facebook page where you have posted
jobs. And you know the Job tab feature is Latest in India has been launched now and it was launched in US and
CANADA from the very beginning. You are having two methods for promoting your job post on your page.
Organic Promotion
In Organic Promotion, you will do all things by yourself as you have to send friend request to all people. You have to
post image and share your job post in many groups for acquiring the target job seekers.
Paid Promotion
In paid Promotion, you have to do nothing except paying for advertising on Facebook. With this advertising
package, your post will be posted on page and also getting popular by themselves. Generally we use this method to
acquire more candidates for our job.
So now it’s a time to get popular on Facebook by doing any above mentioned way or method. If you are getting
stuck in anything, you can contact us at Our Facebook technical support number USA 1-844-5520-555 and we will
always there to help you in your problem. Our support service is available to you at all time.