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March, 2014
Volume 4, Issue III
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Left to right: Manila, Nidhi, Karan, , Darpan, Rakesh, Manasvi, Yugank, Mohit and Nitesh
reaming is flying, they say: at the Manav
Rachna Institutions, a group of youngsters have seen dreams of a different kind
being fulfilled. They have been employed
by their very own Institutions as an endeavor by the
Management to make the youngsters the pride and
heart of the Institution. The youth who were once
students now find themselves interacting, involving and
connecting with their junior colleagues to help them
cross over steps which they once found difficult to tread.
Pass-outs have been employed as research assistants,
co-ordinators and each has a joyful story to tell. Read
on to share the experiences of the youngistaan which
forms the dream team. A team which is all praises for
the facilities provided by the Management which has
made working a true pleasure at the University centres
Nidhi Kukreja ‘the dream girl’ for many
when she acted as ‘Rachna’ in the short film
Meri College Life. The Management saw the
spark in this level-headed, hard working young
lady and she reaped the results of her sincere
work when they offered her an employment as
Co-ordinator for students’ welfare. This graduate
who had communications as one of her subjects
is thoroughly enjoying her job. She says, “It is an
absolutely different feeling being on the other
side of the table. I was a student a few months
ago and now I am trying to rope in my junior
colleagues to activities which interest them. It’s
challenging and yet satisfying,” says the smiling
youngster. Taking the smiles further is Manila
Gambhir who is a pass-out from EC Electronics
from the 2013 batch and is now Co-ordinator
Corporate Relations (MRCE). “I am grateful to
the Management to give me this opportunity to
be in the University in the capacity of a co-ordinator. It’s a great feeling to be able to give back
to the University which has shaped us into better
human beings besides giving us knowledge and
now giving us an opportunity to be employed,
”says this newly appointed young lady.
For Karan Narula, Nitesh Karnwal, Amit Kumar and Darpan Vats, all students from FET 2013
batch have a different portfolio which they have
been assigned by the Management. They are all
serving as Research Assistants at the Dr O.P.Bhalla
Innovation and Incubation Centre. “We have been
given this great opportunity by the Management
to look for new ideas and encourage students into
thinking creatively,” says Karan Narula. Nitesh
Karanwal adds, “I am thoroughly enjoying putting
my creative and innovative talent to its best. The
Management has given us a huge platform where
there is freedom to think beyond the ordinary.”
The youth who were once
students now find themselves interacting, involving
and connecting with their
junior colleagues to help them
cross over steps which they
once found difficult to tread
Devoting a huge amount of time in looking for new ideas and doing research on different
existing projects is the need of the hour, say these
young Research Assistants. “Start imagining and
step out of the world around you,” says Professor
B.S.Gill who has been the mentor for these youngsters as students or now when they are employed
as research assistants. ‘’It is a blessing to have the
support of the Management and the guidance of
our mentor. Now when we shoulder a different
responsibility we feel accountable,” say Yugank
Rastogi and Rakesh Sethi who are also Research
Assistants. “Our responsibility now is to get more
and more students into our team and teach them to
think big and learn big,” says Amit Kumar,Yugank
Rastogi and Rakesh Sethi who are now enjoying
being Research Assistants.
Mohit Bahl and Manaswi have a younger lot
of students to deal with. They are guiding Manav
Rachna school students in Robotics. Their tasks
involve conducting school aspirants to nurture their
creative minds and capture the world of innovation
and new findings.
The youngsters are all praises for the working
environment which the Management has provided so that young minds can work 24x7. Work
in an atmosphere which is relaxed. Whether it is
music round the clock you may need to concentrate on or a quick bite to feed the hunger of
imagination – it’s all there at the Dr.O.P.Bhalla
Innovation and Incubation Centre. “The young
minds have just to grab the opportunities which
they can capture through their creative instinct, “
say Dr Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor and Dr Amit
Bhalla,Vice President Vidyantariksha, who have
given these youngsters a free hand to put their
creative thoughts into action.
These young Research Assistants believe that
there is need for vision and there is information all
around but how one tackles this knowledge is what
makes the difference. These creative minds have the
following vision in mind:
a) Motivate more and more students to join the
Innovation and Incubation centre. Encourage them
to look beyond the ordinary and come up with
new ideas for creating new projects
b) File 3 patents in a month. At present they are
working on more than 15 projects
c) Inspire students to take advantage of the
grants which the Management is ready to fund for
deserving projects.
d) Arouse the curiosity in students to participate
in national and international competitions through
their creative projects.
unwanted member of the family but
an asset who has the right to education and equal opportunities.
How can we build a better
world for the girl child where
she has the right to education
among other basic needs?
On the occasion of
Women’s Day on
March 8, 2014
Mrs Satya Bhalla,
Chief Patron,
Manav Rachna
Institutions, sends
out a message to
the strong women
fraternity. She
urges them to
pledge to educate
the girl child, to
empower women
to assert for their
rights and create a
world of strength
and safety to make
a difference to
society. Campus
Buzz talked to Mrs
As the World celebrates International Women’s day
on 8 March, do you think
we need to focus our energies on the education of
the girl child?
As it has been rightly said that the
women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to
any one organization but to the
collective efforts of all who care
about human rights. Hence, women’s rights and women’s empowerment is not just a feminist issue, it
is everybody’s issue, be they the father of a girl child, an educationist,
activist or individuals in positions
of authority and influence.
Having said that, the education of the girl child begins at
home. It is time to wake up to the
reality that the girl child is not an
When we look at the education of
the girl child, we have to consider the
fact that ours is a developing nation
where there are many who are too
poor to send their children to school.
Many students drop out since their
parents cannot afford to provide uniforms, textbooks, school bags and
school fees. In such a scenario, the
girl child is right at the bottom of the
priority list. If parents are counselled
to send their children to school, a
special emphasis has to be given on
the importance of educating the girl
in the family. She is neither a decorative object nor a helping hand who
has no role beyond tending the home
and the hearth. A girl’s inequality and
illiteracy is linked to several other social issues: how else does one explain
instances of dowry where the girl is
more of a burden and the helpless
victim, forever at the receiving end?
Education gives women a voice and
the confidence to make informed
decisions and choices.
If we want to create a better
world for the girl child, we should
also work for the eradication of poverty and ignorance. Our men should
be counseled and taught a thing or
two about life—the fact that they
should not take women for granted
and she deserves respect wherever she
goes. I think we need to educate our
men more even as we go about the
been subjected to varying degrees
of violation does not speak of a progressive but a regressive society. But
then, on a more optimistic note, our
country is noted for some remarkable women who have made a huge
difference to the way we think and
believe.When I think of Kiran Bedi,
Indra Nooyi, Chhanda Kochhar, my
heart fills with joy and immeasurable pride. If we have them as our
role models, we know that the day is
not far when our girl children will
be aspiring to follow in their footsteps. Education would be their tool
to a better tomorrow. Let us not
rob them of that right. In a country
which deifies Goddesses and worships shakti, true empowerment of
the women lies in giving education
to the girl child. If we educate a
man, we educate an individual, but
when we educate the girl child, we
educate a family. Let us pledge to
protect her rights and give her the
gift of education: it is after all a lifelong asset that would teach her to
hold her head high.
Do you think that International Women’s Day can actually create awareness about
women’s rights or is it just a
lot of marketing hype to sell
products and services?
If we can have a Father’s Day, a
Mother’s Day, a Friendship Day,
then why not a Women’s Day? At
least it puts the spotlight on women
for a change. At a more practical level, it serves to act as a kind of wake
up call for all of us. In this age of
eroding values, we are becoming increasingly skeptical about our famil-
The education of the girl child begins at
home. It is time to wake up to the reality
that the girl child is not an unwanted
member of the family but an asset who has
the right to education and equal
task of educating our girl child. The
initiatives and efforts should come
from all quarters. Like I said before,
we cannot look at the issue in isolation, it is after all quite deep rooted.
In this age of consumerism
and globalization, do you
notice a change in attitudes
towards women? After all, we
have come a long way from
the time when women were
in purdah?
Yes, we do have women forging ahead
in their careers, but their percentage
is miniscule. That besides, the recent
spate of incidents where women have
ial bonds and relationships.We need
a Women’s Day to create awareness
about women and her role and significance in society. Everyone is so
caught up with the stresses of day to
day living, we need to take time out
to think about women in particular.
If it also means pampering her in
the process, then I am all for it. In
my eyes, Women’s Day is Sensitisation Day where we can all do our
bit to change the destiny of women’s lives. Her shame is our shame,
her neglect is our neglect. Let us
learn to take responsibility for the
way we treat our women in this
March, 2014
A new kind of money is an innovative payment network
• Bitcoin is still experimental
Bitcoin is an experimental new
currency that is in active development. Although it becomes less
experimental as usage grows, you
should keep in mind that Bitcoin
is a new invention that is exploring
ideas that have never been attempted
before. As such, its future cannot be
predicted by anyone.
• How to use Bitcoin
Inform yourself
Bitcoin is different than what you
know and use every day. Before you
start using Bitcoin, there are a few
things that you need to know in
order to use it securely and avoid
common pitfalls.
Choose your wallet
You can bring a Bitcoin wallet in
your everyday life with your mobile
or you can have a wallet only for
online payments on your computer.
In any case, choosing your wallet can
be done in a minute.
Get bitcoins
You can get bitcoins by accepting
them as a payment for goods and
services or by buying them from a
friend or someone near you.You
can also buy them directly from an
exchange with your bank account.
Spend bitcoins
There is a growing number of services and merchants accepting Bitcoin all over the world.You can use
Bitcoin to pay them and rate your
experience to help honest businesses
to gain more visibility.
How to accept Bitcoin
Inform yourself
Bitcoin does not require merchants
to change their habits. However,
Bitcoin is different than what you
know and use every day. Before you
start using Bitcoin, there are a few
things that you need to know in
order to use it securely and avoid
common pitfalls.
Processing payments
You can process payments and
invoices by yourself or you can use
merchant services and deposit money in your local currency or bitcoins.
Most point of sales businesses use
a tablet or a mobile phone to let
customers pay with their mobile
Gaining visibility
There is a growing number of users
searching for ways to spend their bitcoins.You can submit your business
in online directories to help them
easily find you.You can also display
the Bitcoin logo on your website or
your brick and mortar business.
How does Bitcoin work?
This is a question that often causes
confusion. Here’s a quick explanation!’
The basics for a new user
As a new user, you can get started
with Bitcoin without understanding
the technical details. Once you have
installed a Bitcoin wallet on your
computer or mobile phone, it will
generate your first Bitcoin address
and you can create more whenever
you need one.You can disclose your
addresses to your friends so that they
can pay you or vice versa. In fact,
this is pretty similar to how email
works, except that Bitcoin addresses
should only be used once.
Control against fraud
An unprecedented level of security
is possible with Bitcoin. The network provides users with protection
against most prevalent frauds like
chargebacks or unwanted charges,
and bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit. Users can backup or encrypt
their wallet and hardware wallets
could make it very difficult to steal
or lose money in the future. Bitcoin
is designed to allow its users to have
complete control over their money.
Global accessibility
All payments in the world can be
fully interoperable. Bitcoin allows
any bank, business or individual to
securely send and receive payments
anywhere at any time, with or
without a bank account. Bitcoin is
available in a large number of countries that still remain out of reach for
most payment systems due to their
own limitations. Bitcoin increases
global access to commerce and it can
help international trades to flourish.
Multi-signature accounts
Multiple signatures allow a transaction to be accepted by the network
only if a certain number of a defined
group of persons agree to sign the
If you want to work on International Engineer Federation Virtual Currency Project do contact on [email protected] || +91-11-654-2-4321
Compiled By:
General Secretary
International Engineer Federation
New Delhi, India.
The information is from Wikipedia
and other bit-coin related websites,
and also from my blog http://iengf.
com/ as well as personnel thoughts
as I am working on a new concept
of virtual money, says Aakash .
Dr Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor Manav Rachna
International University, was selected for the
prestigious Trailblazer Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of education.
elebrating the success of
distinguished achievers in
the Delhi-NCR region,
The Times of India on the occasion of its completion of 175 years
of operation, launched its second
edition of Trailblazers 2014 at The
Lalit Hotel, New Delhi. Dr Prashant
Bhalla, Manav Rachna International University, was selected for the
prestigious Trailblazer Award for his
outstanding contribution in the field
of education. The Award was jointly
received by Professor Suresh Bedi
(Director, Quality Assurance and
Centre for Continuing and Distance
Education) and Mr Sandeep Cornelius (AGM, Marketing) on behalf of
Dr Prashant Bhalla.
Under the dynamic and spirited
leadership of Dr Prashant Bhalla,
Manav Rachna Educational Institutions has taken long strides and
made stupendous progress in diverse
fields of school and higher education. Whether it is technical, professional or general fields the Manav
Rachna Educational Institutions has
left a notch on the education map
Today, the Manav Rachna group
symbolizes high quality of education and is the preferred choice of
students. Earlier, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions was honoured
as “Asia’s Most Promising Brand for
Innovation and Leadership in Education” 2012 – 2013 in Dubai. Dr
Prashant Bhalla received the award
for Excellence in Leadership for
Education at the said event. At the
recently organized Trailblazers 2014
Award ceremony, Mr Annu Kapoor,
noted film and TV personality and
Dr A. Didar Singh, General Secretary, FICCI, were the chief guests
who gave away the awards.
March, 2014
Manav Rachna International University won the Best Private University Promoting Research award in education at the ASSOCHAM Education
Excellence Awards ceremony. Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU
received the award from Padma Vibhushan Dr Karan Singh
ith categories in Science & Technology,
Higher Education,
Best University Campus, Best
Innovative University and Best
Private University, the ASSOCHAM Awards attracted no
less than 465 entries from across
different schools and universities of
the country.
on the occasion,
Padma Vibhushan
Dr Karan Singh,
a member of
the Rajya Sabha
and ex-governor
of Jammu & Kashmir, who was
the chief guest at the event said,
“Education is by far the most
significant and noblest of all the
human undertakings. This involves
transmission of values.” He stated
further that education should not
be just technical but value-based.
Dr Karan Singh also called for the
need for “clean and green universities” and the fact that we should
develop the inner capacities of the
students since we are engaged in
the building of a new India where
the emphasis, he said, should be on
“We have always believed in
investing our time, energy and
resources at developing new products and inventions. Innovation
has been the keyword at all our
Institutions and we leave no stone
Our students have
done the University
proud with inventions like the Smart
Skull, Pick and Place
Robot, Driver Fitness
Tester, Smart Bin,
Pills Box and many
unturned to provide the best of facilities for research and development,”
said Dr Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor
MRIU while expressing his happiness
at receiving the prestigious award.
He also expressed that our Founder
Visionary, Dr O.P.Bhalla would have
been delighted to acknowledge this
award since Research and Development was his vision to a modern era.
He believed that the youth of the
country is our backbone and when
given the opportunity and the facilities they can go a long way in contribution to new ideas and innovations.
It is these innovations which will take
our country to greater heights he
always emphasized. Manav Rachna
International University’s win is a
reaffirmation of its undertakings in
the field of research, particularly in
the departments of Engineering and
Technology, Biotechnology and Applied Sciences.The state-of-the-art
Innovation and Incubation Centre is
a platform for students and Faculty
members to horn their talent for
innovations. Our students have done
the University proud with inventions
like the Smart Skull (nominated for
the Wearable Technologies Conference at Munich, Germany), Pick and
Place Robot, Driver Fitness Tester,
Smart Bin, Pills Box and many more.
At the India International Trade Fair
held in Pragati Maidan a few months
back, His Excellency, Governor of
Haryana, Shri Jagannath Pahadiya
and Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda,
Chief Minister of Haryana, were
greatly impressed with the robotic
and electronics creations of the
MRIU students.
auding luminaries in the
field of Education and
Sport, the Nav Bharat Times
(NBT) chose Dr Prashant Bhalla,
Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University, as the Brand
Ambassador in Education as part of
its ‘Faridabad Rising’ initiative. The
recognition, which is a hallmark
of his commitment to the quality
education movement in Faridabad,
further reaffirms his exemplary contribution in making Manav Rachna
Educational Institutions a world
class and vibrant educational entity.
At a Round Table Meet organized on February 16, 2014, in Park
Plaza Hotel, Faridabad, NBT invited eminent personalities from the
world of Education and Sports to
express their views and opinions in
the said fields. Police Commissioner
Mr A.S. Chawla was present on
the occasion as chief guest. While
Dr Prashant Bhalla was nominated as
the Brand Ambassador in Education,
Anisa Sayyed, double gold medalist in
shooting at the 2010 Commonwealth
Games, was selected as the Brand
Amabassador in Sports.
Speaking on the occasion,
Chancellor Dr Prashant Bhalla, paid
rich tributes to the enduring legacy of
Late Dr O.P. Bhalla, founder visionary of Manav Rachna Educational
Institutions. He expressed admiration
for his father’s visionary mission
and zeal, his tremendous foresight
that has made Manav Rachna what
it is today. He stated further that
educational institutions should
not just fulfill academic goals and
aspirations but help in eradication of
social evils. Dr Prashant Bhalla also
felt that books alone cannot foster
holistic development among students
and emphasized upon the need for
extracurricular activities for giving
Educational institutions
should not just fulfill
academic goals and
aspirations but help in
eradication of social
Dr Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor, MRIU
vent to their creativity and skills.
He believed that if in some ways
we have not come up to the desired
level of expectations in the field of
education, it is essentially because of
a lack of a distinct and original line
of thinking-- a thinking that was
envisioned by late Dr O.P. Bhalla
many years ago. Dr Prashant Bhalla
also said that it was important for institutions to come together and work
towards a common goal and direction, thus securing Faridabad’s place
in the annals of the nation. In the IT
sector too, there is ample scope for
improvement and growth in Faridabad, Dr Bhalla added. His ideas were
echoed by Dr C.B. Rawal, Chairman
of the Rawal Group of Institutions,
who called for the need to set up IT
colleges at the district level equipped
with the latest facilities and technology. Mr A.S. Chawla expressed that
Faridabad should establish itself not
just as an educational hub but as a
centre of excellence. Schools should
impart not just bookish knowledge
but good ethics, morals and values.
March, 2014
This column is dedicated to our Founder Visionary
Dr O.P. Bhalla
Dr. M. M.Kathuria
Whether one is an advocate, a
doctor or a porter, The inner
personality factors are the same.
The education obtained; the apprentership undergone and the
profession perused are the only
differences. They are all over
community of man but in their
outer description and address
each differ from all others. Similarly life is the same everywhere
but the expression of life manifested through each one of them
differs from the other. Whatever
be the physical scope and form,
name or caste, whatever be the
emotional beauty or intellectual
grasp exhibited, the Atman is the
same everywhere in all creatures.
The life giving truth in the varied existence of things is the one
reality which equally thrills the
entire panorama of things persons and personalities. It remains
inaffected by and attached to all
outward marks always a dispassionate observer of the endless
Creative minds at work
It’s all about ideas at the Manav Rachna International
University. ‘Ideacracy-II’-2014, was an expression
of new ideas by the students and Faculty under a
unlimited horizon. This event not only allowed ingenious ideas to take a brand new angle but was
enjoyed by participants, dignitaries and visitors to
the colourful and creative show ---
he Faculty of International
Programmes held ‘Ideacracy-II’-2014 at the Central Lawn
of Manav Rachna International
University on January 23, 2014. The
event invited ideas from students
from all departments and the Faculty
members to showcase their creative
talent through different ideas. They
were given an infinite scope to
showcase any idea they wanted to.
There was no particular theme for
any of the categories. An opportunity to truly go as you wanted to.
The events therefore varied in type
and style . Each participant got an
opportunity to showcase what he/
she desired to. Whether it was music, dance, theatre or exhibiting one’s
hobby like stamp collection, there
was participation from all walks of
The event began on a patriotic
note with Priyanka Verma, a Faculty
member singing vande mataram
in her melodious voice. Students
performed folk dances and nukkad
natak preaching against corruption
and the spectators watched with lot
of interest since these nukkad nataks
focused on day-to-day issues.
A poster making competition
saw students make posters on just
any subject : there was no theme or
topic given to them. There was also
an essay competition once again
without a stipulated theme which
meant writers could just pen their
thoughts on whatever interested or
concerned them.
Those who had planned ahead
for the great event, had put their
handicrafts into shape. Whether it
was colourful vases or decorative
candles, the items on sale were both
attractive and reasonably priced. This
also gave an insight into the art and
craft which so many are good at. The
garden stall therefore had articles
made by the students and Faculty.
There was an IT centre where
students showed off their animation
skills. And something which was totally different was the stamp collection by Vipul Agarwal , a student of
FIP who shared his hobby collection of stamps and coins with those
who visited his stall. The games
stalls were yet another attraction
The eating joints put up by the
Performances at the event
Hotel Management
Department sold delicious items
like doughnuts, kathi rolls and chaat.
Visitors enjoyed the delicacies and
the colourful cakes were enjoyed by
one and all.
‘Ideacracy-II’-2014 was in
continuation of the event which was
inaugurated by our Founder Visionary , Dr O.P.Bhalla last year . While
speaking on the occasion , Vice
Chancellor Dr N.C.Wadhwa congratulated Dr Anil Sarin, Director
FIP and his team for continuing the
event which focused on creativity
of not only the students but their
Faculty members. He reiterated that
students of Manav Rachna were
given an overall development which
covered not only academics but innovative ideas to ready them for job
opportunities. Dr M.M. Kathuria
, General Secretary, MRIU wished
the students luck and was sure they
would go all out to show their
creative talent. The event was blessed
with the presence of HoDs and
senior Faculty members
The following students won prizes in various competitions:
Slogan Writing
Padmini Rahi,
Debajit Guha FET
Chakresdh Kumar,
Meghna Raheja
Shivang (FIP)
Abha Bedi
Armaan (FIP)
Aman Bajaj (FET)
Poster Making
Essay Writing
1 minute game
Pankaj & Pushpak
Himangni (FIP)
Jatin Bajpai MRCE
drama of life.
The same electric current alone
causes the fan to revolve, refrigerator to cool its content, the light to
burn differently in the green, blue or
red bulbs. Because of the differences
of manifestations of the energy, as it
passes through different equipments,
ignorant people call them all by different names. Yet the “ElectricityWise Man” understands them all as
that depending upon the one energy.
Water itself is colourless although given sample of it may be
white, another yellow & yet another
sample red, each depending on the
nature of the extraneous matter it
contains. In the same way according
to the vasnas in each individual there
seems to be difference between man
and man.
If we remove the contamination
caused by the limitations and understand and experience the one inner
spirit which runs through all the individuals we would realize that the
differences we have been perceiving
is merely superimpositions on that
one glorious reality without whose
illumination life would be dark and
impossible, a non existents, non entity. It should therefore be realized
that all beings are related to each
other through one force of energy
and each one should be taken care
of accordingly.
By Dr. M. M.Kathuria
1/2 KG
Chocolate cake
walnut cake
Butter scotch
Dry nut cake
Fresh fruit cake
Fruit cake with
tuti fruity
Cho. Walnut
Salted cookies
Almond cookies
Vanila short
bread cookies
Naan Khatai
Plum cake
Per Piece
Baba au rum
Per Piece
Garlic bread
Per Piece
Veg. Quiche
Per Piece
Veg. Quiche
Per Piece
Non veg quiche
Per Piece
Non veg quiche
Per Piece
Veg Patty
Per Piece
Veg Patty
Per Piece
Non veg patty
Per Piece
Non veg patty
Per Piece
Hotel Management is all geared
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March, 2014
A hum, a single drum stick (2 required to play the drums) and the passion of three young boys was all that was
required to form the band, Diverging Dreams
rinal Bhardwaj’s humm
was heard by Karan Kumar while on the guitar
when he was preparing himself to
participate in one of the University
talent search events. This 19 year
old who has played as a guitarist
at his school band approached his
friend Mrinal (whose vocal chords
were mesmerizing) with definite
plans to form a college band. They
were bringing down their drum
set which caught the attention of
Siddharth Raj Singh Solanki whose
drumming instincts jumped at the
thought of playing the drums. But
there was only one drumstick? But
so what, thought Siddharth as he
broke a ‘pipe’ to the shape of another drumstick. That gave rise to the
band which the trio lovingly named
as “Broken sticks”
Karan Kumar of EC first year
met Mrinal Bharadwaj his classmate
and Siddharth Raj Singh, BTech
(Mechanical), also in the first year of
college, they had just music on their
minds. It was their passion for metal
which brought them together and
it was music which cemented their
ties. As time went by, they started
jamming together, and enjoyed
the chords they struck. Soon the
band of boys changed the name of
their band and called it Diverging
Dreams, for they had stars in their
eyes. It has been seven months since
but it all seems like they have been
playing for a lifetime.
The trio has made waves in
college, rocking the audience, taking
them by surprise! They like catching
up with the latest hits topping the
Grammy charts, and are inveterate
music channel fans. Karan, once a
student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, R.K.
Puram is the lead guitarist. He has
been formally training in music for
two years now. All along, he was a
regular at his school band where
they played music of all kinds. But
he has been a fan of Metal ever since
he can remember. At 19 though, he
is open to all kinds of sounds and
likes experimenting with the guitar
in his hands. “I try to weave in a
note here, and a melody there, the
idea is to keep trying till you get the
music just right.”
It didn’t take Mrinal much of
an effort, like as though he had it all
on a platter. Or so it seemed, as he
impressed audiences with the depth
of his voice. Oh what a voice! To
think he had no formal training in
music and was ‘caught’ humming
away to glory. That was when he was
‘trapped’ and asked to sing for the
band. He takes pride in the music
they make. At 18, he has heard them
all, old Hindi music, rock and metal
but he finds today’s music quite
“illogical” at times. A former student
of Ramjas School, it’s his dream to
compete at the IIT Delhi Music
Fest which is held once a year. But
then the road to fame and success
doesn’t come easy and Mrinal knows
that too well . “There’s cut throat
competition out there, and only the
nternational students Mulenda Garanle, Samson Vibidila and
Amin Bannabas students of Manav Rachna International
University played at the Ideacracy and entertained everyone at the
event. “We have thoroughly enjoyed our experiences in the last 3
years at our University and India. Our Faculty members and our
friends have made us comfortable and we have become a part of a
big family. We would like to thank the Management for their support all the time,” say the students from African countries studying at
our University in the B.Sc course.
The band playing at Ideacracy
best bands survive,” he says as if to
remind himself, ready to take on the
For Siddharth Raj, it was never
a case of beating his own drums. He
had a flair for rhythm and beat, and
just hit it off with his band. As luck
would have it, they all believed in
the same kind of music. His tryst at
the DT NIE Fresh Face was a test of
his wit and talent. Needless to say,
he put in a breathtaking performance. The crowd just loved him
and cheered him on and on… To his
band, he is something of a godsend, they didn’t have a drummer
in the group and there he was, just
raring to go. They welcomed him
with open arms and were happy
with what they heard. Since then,
there was no looking back for this
drummer with a difference…..he
can whip up a storm! Like his friend
Mrinal, Siddharth believes in the
best and feels they still have miles
to go: a fourth position at the ITM
Gurgaon Fest isn’t just enough. He is
determined to do better each time.
Siddharth’s eclectic taste in music
gives him a sense of freedom. Give
him a good song any day and he can
strike magic with the drums.
What with the music scene in
college hotting up, the band of boys
seems ecstatic. It means they will
be playing to a huge crowd and
jamming for hours on end. Meeting
them, one can’t help but recall the
old Abba song: “I have a dream, a
song to sing. To help me call, reality.
If you see the wonder of a fairytale,
you can see the future even if you
fail. I believe in angels when I know
the time is right for me. I cross the
stream, I have a dream…..” Let’s
hope their Diverging Dreams fulfills
all their desires.
International sports science conference in Malayasia
Manav Rachna International University, University Pendidikan Sultan
Idris of Malaysia and the University of
Tsukuba, Japan jointly held TRILOG
2013 International Sports Science Conference 2013 in Malaysia
The International Conference
was based on the theme-- “Sports:
From Science to Life”. The occasion
was graced by dignitaries like Mohd
Sani Madon (Chairman, TRILOG
2013), Dato’ Professor Zakaria Kasa
(Vice Chancellor), Professor G.L.
Khanna (Dean, Faculty of Applied
Science, Manav Rachna International University), Dr Soya Hideaki
(Professor of Exercise Biochemistry,
University of Tsukuba), Dr Chen
Chee Keong (Senior Lecturer, Sports
Science Unit, School of Medical
Sciences, Univerisiti Sains Malaysia),
among others. What made TRILOG
2013 a significant international event
was the fact that it featured a range
of international experts from India,
Malaysia and Japan to address the
latest developments and challenges
in the Sports Science field with an
emphasis on exercise physiology
and sports rehabilitation. Aimed at
developing networking, research and
academic activities within Sports
Science and Coaching, TRILOG
2013 gave delegates an opportunity to learn from renowned Sports
Science researchers, academicians and
practitioners from Malaysia, India and
Japan on many important scientific
issues. While Professor G.L. Khanna,
Dr D.L.Khanna from MRIU
speaking at Trilog
Aimed at developing networking, research and
academic activities
within Sports Science and Coaching,
TRILOG 2013 gave
delegates an opportunity to learn from
renowned Sports
Science researchers,
academicians and
practitioners from
Malaysia, India
and Japan
who delivered the keynote speech,
spoke at length on ‘Spirullina as an
antioxidant for athletes’, Prof Hideki
Soya from Tsukuba University gave
a talk on ‘How exercise improves
brain fitness, based on brain-brawn
theory’. All in all, TRILOG 2013
was a huge success paving the way
for delegates to meet and establish
network with others working in
academia, sports industry and sports
governing bodies.
March, 2014
A group of young students shared the common goal of making the
world a better place, and sure enough, it infused their lives with
meaning and they took upon themselves to be a part of the Manav
Rachna Social Responsibility
The Manav Rachna Social Responsibility group
all it a collective desire to
make a huge difference but
when a group of students
of Manav Rachna International
University got together, they had
just one purpose in life: it was to
help people. Imbued with a sense
of wanting to change the world,
the students started Manav Rachna
Social Responsibility Society nearly
two months back.
The students in question-FET’s Gaurav Singh, Pravesh Chillar,
Arshad Ali, Anvesh Parvathini,
Rachit Kakkar and Dilip Singh
Rajput discovered that it made them
happy to touch people’s lives. Eager
to give their time, energy and ideas,
they began their very first project
of collecting old clothes for the
underprivileged. It took a while to
convince people, but soon enough,
the project got off to a successful
Deeply energized, the students
have made a blueprint for the future.
They are planning to form a NGO
that goes by the name of HOPE.
It aims to bring hope to the lives
of the impoverished and deprived.
With definite plans of teaching
slum dwellers around our campus
and facilitating their admissions at
the High School level, the students
are dedicated towards the cause
of building a happier society at
large. As part of a novel initiative,
they have struck upon the idea of
collecting the database of birthdays
and anniversaries of Faculty and staff
at MREI. Their objective is to get
them to sponsor a meal/clothes for
the downtrodden.
If helping others is a way of life
for some people, then these students
at Manav Rachna have made it their
life’s mission. Giving also connects
them to people, and that is what
gives them the utmost pleasure. For
they know if they want to FEEL
good, they need to DO good.
Having come thus far, the students feel that the road ahead may
not be easy, but it would definitely
teach them a thing or two about life.
By making a difference to families
who are less fortunate than us, they
would have earned their blessings
and gratitude in no small measure.
And by doing good to others, they
would have done good to themselves.
Those who are keen to make
contributions to the students’ projects
and initiatives, can give Gaurav
Singh a buzz at: 9999020281
Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM in association with the Department of
Science & Technology (Government of India) celebrated World Radio Day
adio Manav Rachna 107.8
FM in association with
the Department of Science and Technology (Government
of India) ushered in World Radio
Day (13 February) through celebrations aimed at Gender Equality
and Women’s Health. World Radio
Day is a day to celebrate radio as a
medium; to improve cooperation
between broadcasters and to encourage major networks and community
radio to promote access to information, freedom of expression and
gender equality over the airwaves.
The occasion witnessed a
vibrant gathering of eminent people
from academia, social activism and
the radio community. Dr Brahamadutt (Social Activist and Padma Shree
awardee whose work for the cause
of leprosy is well known), Sandhya Bajaj (renowned social activist
who has extensively worked for the
welfare of women and the downtrodden), Naseer Abdullah (model
turned actor), Dr N.C. Wadhwa
(Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University), Mr.
Mukesh Gambhir (Director, Radio
Naseer Abdullah mesmerises the audience
and RJ
Manav Rachna), Dr M.M. Kathuria
(General Secretary, Manav Rachna
Educational Society), Dr R. Sridhar
and Dr Vimal Basu (Community
members, Radio Manav Rachna),
amongst others, were there to show
their faith in the power of radio as a
The idea of harnessing the power of radio as a vital
medium first gained
ground when
Dr O.P. Bhalla
expressed a desire to
give Faridabad its first
ever community
radio station
Dr. N.C. Wadhwa felt radio is
the oldest and the most important
medium of communication. It is
still present in the rural areas and in
cities it has taken the form of commercialized radio stations like FMs.
The idea of harnessing the power of
radio as a vital medium in Faridabad
first gained ground when visionary and founding father of Manav
Rachna Educational Institutions, Dr
O.P. Bhalla, expressed a desire to give
Faridabad its first ever community
radio station.”Radio Manav Rachna
107. 8 FM is his dream come true,
and remains till date the first and
only Community Radio Station of
Faridabad which runs 24/7.
At the celebratory event, there
was music, poetry and songs when
students of Manav Rachna International University presented a
live guitar performance and Radio
Jockey (RJ) Fahim Masco recited a
beautiful poem. But it was Naseer
Abdullah who was clearly the star of
the evening. His lilting rendition of
‘Piya to se naina lage re’ on the flute
and his mellifluous voice in a K.L.
Saigal song was nostalgic to the core.
Petroleum Conservation Research Association
(Northern Region) in collaboration with Radio
Manav Rachna 107.8 FM organized a Technical Meet on Energy Efficiency in MSME Units
in Faridabad
s part of its commitment towards industrial
energy conservation and
environment protection, Petroleum
Conservation Research Association
(PCRA)--Northern Region--in
collaboration with Radio Manav Rachna (RMR) 107.8 FM
organized a Technical Meet on
Energy Efficiency in Micro Small
and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Units in Faridabad. Attended by
several senior dignitaries such as
Col. (Retd) V.K. Gaur (Director,
Manav Rachna College of Education), Professor B.S. Gill (Associate
Director, Faculty of Engineering
& Technology, MRIU), Dr M.M.
Kathuria (General Secretary,MRIU), Professor Suresh Bedi
(Director, Centre for Continuing
& Distance Education, and Quality
Assurance, MRIU), Professor Anil
Sarin (Dean, Faculty of International Programmes, MRIU), Professor Umesh Kalra (Dean, Faculty
of Commerce and Humanities and
Faculty of Media Studies, MRIU),
Dr Chavi Bhargava (Professor and
Director, Faculty of Management
Studies, MRIU), among others,
the Meet tried to create awareness about the need to increase
the energy-saving potential in the
industrial sector. Senior dignitaries
from PCRA--S.N. Singh (Additional Director, Northern Region),
Satish Sudhir (Deputy Director)
and Ashish Vashist (Lead Trainer, PCRA)--along with Naresh
Verma (President, Manufacturers’
Association of Faridabad) and
Navdeep Chawla (Vice president,
Faridabad Industries Association)
were there to focus on conservation issues pertaining to MSME
Units in Faridabad. The Technical
session also witnessed the presence of speakers R.P. Deshpandey
(industrial consultant) and Malvika
Sinha (Vice President, Neelkanth
Group) besides professionals from
the MSME Units, Faculty and
staff from Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. Mr Mukesh
Gambhir, Director, Manav Rachna Community Radio Station,
welcomed the guests.
Addressing the large congregation, Col. (Retd) V.K. Gaur
looked to the ancient ages when
a caveat was issued to mankind
some thousand years ago on
the need to co-exist peacefully.
He firmly believes that “it is the
affluent class which creates the
effluents” and lauded PCRA’s
role in energy conservation.
While defining PCRA’s
manifold initiatives, Mr S.N.
Singh talked about PCRA’s
intention of covering 12,000
MSME Units in Faridabad to
ensure energy efficiency in the
region for environment protection leading to improvement in
the quality of life. He also seemed
optimistic about the future,
stating, “We are heading towards
a time when we can prevent
diseases not cure it.”
In the context of PCRA’s
role as an integrated energy solution provider, Mr Satish Sudhir
presented a documentary on
global warming. Speaking on the
occasion, Mr Navdeep Chawla
extended all out support on
behalf of the Faridabad Industrial
Association for energy efficiency
in the region. Mr Naresh Verma
echoed similar sentiments, when
he stated that the industrial sector
in Faridabad would do its best for
energy conservation and organize
more such seminars in future. The
event wrapped up with presentations from Mr R.P. Deshpandey
(who has authored books on
capacitors) and Ms Malvika Sinha
who talked on waste management for energy efficiency.
March, 2014
Dr.Naveen Prakash Director MRCE, & the Deans of MRCE received the award from Dr. Yudhbir Singh Khyalia, IAS, Commissioner, Hisar
Division, Hisar, Dr. ML Ranga, Vice Chancellor, GJU Science & Technology, Prof. Dr. NK Goyal, Dr. KL Johar, Founder Vice Chancellor, GJU
Science and Technology, Er. Har Sarup Chahal Vice Chancellor MDU. Prof. RS Jaglan Registrar, GJU Science & Technology
he GPU or Graphical Processing Unit
is responsible for the
all visual computing, textures
objects materials lighting,
it is what adds reality to
virtual and helps make all
those stunning visuals on
the screen possible. For your
average movie watching
internet browsing bob a discrete GPU might not be of much worth but when it comes
to hard-core mainstream computing GPU’s are absolutely
necessary, they also matter a lot to gamers as for running the
newest games with decent details you need the latest and
greatest hardware especially a strong GPU.
If you’re out looking for buying a new GPU for your
rig, this might just make things easier as with the amount of
choice available today in the market anyone can be very easily
First things first choose your colour green or redThere are two main manufactures when it comes to the
processing chips Nvidia and AMD. Both of these have a fairly
wide range to choose from and offer a variety of solutions,
talking about their consumer level products Nvidia has their
GEForce branding and AMD has the Radeon line-up of
Both companies offer a wide choice fitting to every
budget and computing requirement. Nvidias current 7 series
has cards ranging from GTX 760 to GTX 780Ti and their
flagship card GTX Titan which is based upon architecture
taken from a supercomputer and will crush any other single
MAI in association
with Guru Jambheshwar University
of Science & Technology, Hissar, &
supported by AICTE, AIU, NIELIT (DOEACC), Govt of India
MNRE/MSME, DeIT invited
nominations for National Haryana Education Summit & Awards
2014. The awards are an important
achievement for any Institute and
enable to clearly differentiate one
Institute in comparison to other
Institutes. Out of 121 nominations
received by CMAI, the Award for
“Excellent Engineering Institute in
Haryana” was awarded to Manav
Rachna College of Engineering.
The Award is given to institutions
which contribute significantly in
the field of improving the quality in
education delivery with emphasis on
world-class research and innovations
and enhancing the development of
quality education. MRCE, affiliated
to MDU Rohtak, was founded in
2004 and has grown to become a
hub of knowledge generation and
knowledge dissemination.
The institution is NAAC ‘A’
accredited. It is the only private
engineering college in Haryana
to enjoy NAAC ‘A’ accreditation.
The programs of B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics
and Communication Engineering
and Computer Sciences have been
provisionally accredited by National
Board of Accreditation (NBA) for a
duration of 2 years (valid till 2015).
The programs offered, aim to create
The award is testimony to the niche
position of MRCE in
the northern
region’s technical
education scene
a knowledgeable youth having global competence. The institute aims at
developing human resources which
have potential of adapting to fast
changing needs of work place and
can work in global teams. MRCE
graduates boast of representing the
country at Microsoft Imagine Cup
in the year 2011 and 2013. Clearly,
MRCE is not just a leading name
in higher education in the northern
region but an emerging name on the
national scene, as well.
What is Graphical Processing Unit? Read on to know
GPU solution in the market.
AMD has recently changed their naming scheme their
current R7 and R9 GPU line-up with cards like the R7 250
which is a very budget oriented card to their flagship the R9
290X which is one huge powerhouse of graphical horsepower, their previous generation was called the Radeon HD 7000
series and still can be found in the market.
I will try to lay down some ground rules but one has to
do plenty research before buying to get the most bang for
their buck.
More ram does not mean a better GPU. I’ve seen people
on numerous occasions describing a GPU just by the size of
its on-board memory and I cannot stress enough how much it
bugs me. The RAM or VRAM as it is called for GPU’s is the
Video memory that the card has, the GPU uses this as a buffer
to render and store frames beforehand. Size of the VRAM
has no effect on GPU performance whatsoever unless you’re
running some crazy resolution multi monitor setup.
Editor-in-Chief: Dr Amit Bhalla
Editor: Roma Ghosh
Asst. Editor: Ms Rajlakshmi Ghosh
Core members: Nidhi Kukreja, Karan Narula, Manila Gambhir
Other members: Gaurav Singh, Arshad Ali, Aakash Mandal,
Piyush Verma, Prashant Gupta
Photographer: Ravinder Sharma
What actually matters is the product number for that particular card a GTX 780 is better than a 770 the same goes for
AMD, a higher product number means more shader cores and
higher clock speeds which make a GPU faster. So remember
to ask for the product number and don’t just settle for ‘2GB
Although size of the memory doesn’t matter as much
what matters is the bit size and the clock speed for the memory. The bit size ranges anywhere from 64-bits to 384-bits
higher is better and clock speeds can be judged by either the
memory is DDR3 DDR5 GDDR5 same goes for this higher
is better and the ‘G’ parts are superior. If you’re on a budget
one thing to look out for are the previous series cards by both
companies as the line-ups are very frequently updated you
can find these slightly old cards for much less and they still
provide a strong kick.
AMD have slightly less prices for their cards compared to
Nvidia who charge a premium for the latest and greatest but
they also provide with frequent driver updates and optimizations which give them an edge over the competition.
AMD and Nvidia manufacture the processor chips but
there are a lot of sellers such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, XFX,
HIS to choose from which have different memory configurations, PCB designs and cooler implementations to choose
from these minor tweaks help the GPU perform better and
even have prolonged life cycle.
One last advice, look around before making your decision.
By PiyushVerma
MRCE ECE 3rd Year
March, 2014
Driving is a life-long asset. MRIU calls students to take advantage of the driving school which has been
initiated at the Campus – come join the driving lessons
The MRIU Driving Club where basic driving is taught to
beginners, is a huge hit in the campus. The Driving Club serves
a two fold purpose: first, it helps budding automobile engineers
understand their subject better, since a good engineer must
know how to drive an automobile properly along with basic
facts of vehicle safety and maintenance. Secondly, those interested in learning driving, can be imparted a full fledged training.
What began as an initiative to give engineering students
a feel and hands-on experience of driving by the Automobile
Engineering Department of Manav Rachna International
University (MRIU), has today metamorphosed into a full
fledged driving club meant to benefit students and Faculty of
Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. Inaugurated on 29
August, 2013 by Dr M.K. Soni, Executive Director and Dean,
Faculty of Engineering (FET), MRIU, the club, which is the
brainchild of Dr Devendra Vashist, Professor & Head, Automobile Engineering Department, MRIU, imparts practical training
to the learners and provides awareness about safe driving and
pollution-free environment. It also imparts training on what a
person should do if a vehicle breaks down in an isolated place
and gives handy tips on to how change a tyre, clean the spark
plugs and check the coolant and oil level. “I am greatly grateful
MRIU Driving Club
to the Management for giving me the full support of starting
such a facility for the students and Faculty at Manav Rachna.”
Every interested student of MREI above 18 years can
become a member of this club. The fee charged for driving
lessons is specially subsidized at Rs 2000. The lessons involve 1
hour of theory and five hours of practical driving lessons spread
over a 15 day period (this means 20 minutes a day or 7 km per
day whichever is least). The training is imparted on a Chevrolet Spark car and includes lessons in steering control and gear
shifts, reverse gears, making various cuts and training on slope.
The last four days focus on driving in mild traffic and heavy
traffic outside the campus. Thereafter, first time learners can
apply for a Learner’s License followed by a Driving Test (after a
span of three months) conducted by the Licensing Authority of
According to Dr Devendra Vashist, 30 learners (comprising of both students and Faculty) have undergone training at
the MRIU Driving Club. While majority of the learners are
women/girls, there are some boys/men who want to brush up
on their driving skills. Their driving instructor, Rajesh, who
works in the Mechanical Engineering department of MRIU,
is a seasoned driver, who teachers 3-4 learners per day. He feels
that “decision making and confidence” are crucial factors in the
learning process. Lessons are conducted mostly on weekdays
and even on working Saturdays/vacations with flexible timings.
Those keen to sign up for driving lessons can contact
Dr Devendra Vashist, mobile no: 8800495701/9891280855
for more details.
IIT Kharagpur was a platform for recognition, rewards and
resolution for students of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. Three cheers students and mentors for your astonishing success at Kshitij Techno Management Festival. As many
as 13 Manav Rachna students accompanied by their mentors
Darpan Vats (Research Assistant in the field of Electronics)
and Karan Narula (Research Assistant in the Mechanical field)
from the Dr O.P. Bhalla Innovation and Incubation Centre, participated in the various competitions conducted by Technology Robotix Society Of IIT, Kharagpur. They bagged not just
certificates of appreciation and achievements for the events
but also two trophies and cash prizes for the First and Second Runner Up positions in the Transporter Competition and a
cash prize and the Best Algorithm Award in the Tremors Event.
Manav Rachna Students’ Societies
Want to know what’s happening at your University Campus
or away from it? Be a part of this page and avail the following
• Know about all events which are going to be held at your
• All post event coverage are available on this page
• Post your comments on the events
• All invitations received by Students’ welfare are posted on
this page so that you get and opportunity to participate in
events hosted by other Universities
This is a community page for all students and this page is managed by students of Manav Rachna.
Contact person at the University: Nidhi Kukreja, Extn number: 8464
(Left)Winners being congratulated by Dr Amit Bhalla, Dr N.C.Wadhwa, Prof Gill, Dr Soni and Mr Ashok Arora; and,
(Right) Team that visited IIT Kharagpur and brought back laurels
nstitutions from across the country participated at the festival
at IIT Khargpur and Manav
Rachna was able to leave its mark in
the various categories in which they
participated. “It was an experience
of a life time as we interacted with
creative minds from all over the
country,” said Karan Narula, one of
the mentors who accompanied the
13 students who participated in the
prestigious event.
Manav Rachna students have
shown what it takes to compete at
the highest levels and come out with
flying colours! At the Kshitij Techno
Management Festival organized by
the Indian Institute of Technology
(IIT), Kharagpur, Teams of Manav
Rachna from the Dr O.P. Bhalla
Innovation and Incubation Centre,
have won top honours by participating in the 5-day festival (from
31 January – 3 February, 2014) and
brought laurels for the institution.
The team which had been
travelling with six robots (three of
which were reconstructed at the
venue overnight due to a change
in the setup) is grateful to Dr B.S.
Gill, Director of the Dr O.P. Bhalla
Innovation and Incubation Centre,
and their mentors for giving them
the opportunity to showcase their
skills and guiding them with their
proceedings at every moment.
Teams of Manav Rachna took
part in the Canyon Rush, Inspiralon, Transporter and Kshitij 2014
competitions where they qualified in
Round 1 and Round 2 at the Inspiralon event, secured second and third
position at the Transporter event and
won the Best Algorithm Award in
the Tremors Event of Kshitij 2014.
Greatly enthused by their unprecedented success, the Team now
looks forward to getting associated
with more and more such events and
even bigger projects.
March, 2014
Dr O.P. Bhalla Memorial Cup—The Legacy Lives On…
The 7th Manav Rachna Corporate Cricket Challenge 2014 was dedicated as the first Dr O.P. Bhalla Memorial Cup and was a
soulful and fitting tribute to the Founder Visionary whose passion for sports continues to inspire us even today ...
Dr Prasant Bhalla, Mr Sarkar Talwar and Dr Amit Bhalla welcoming the players at the first match
“The Legacy of Sports shall continue”: Dr Prashant Bhalla
“Playing is your time, relax and enjoy it”: Dr Amit Bhalla
Left to right Dr M.M.Kathuria, Dr N.C.Wadhwa, Mr Yaspal Sharma, Dr Prashant Bhalla, Dr Amit Bhalla, Mr Sarkar Talwar and the Adidas
winning team
o honour the zealous commitment of the Founder
Visionary, Dr O.P.Bhalla towards sports, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions paid a
“Soulful Homage & Tribute to the
Legendary by dedicating the 7th
Manav Rachna Corporate Cricket
Challenge 2014 as the first Dr O.P.
Bhalla Memorial Cup in his memory. The final match was played on
29 March, 2014. where Sh. Yashpal
Sharma , former test cricketer and
member of the 1983 World Cup
Winning Team, was the chief guest
on the momentous occasion. The finalists Adidas and TCS put in their
best cricketing talent and skills before Adidas won the coveted trophy
in the lush green sports arena of Manav Rachna International University campus in Faridabad.
Appreciating the true spirit
of sportsmanship at the event, Dr
Prashant Bhalla Chancellor, Manav
Rachna International University
said, “MREI has always prided itself
in upholding a sports-centric philos-
ophy, promoting a synergy between
sports and academia. By hosting a
tournament of this magnitude and
stature, we at MREI, would be carrying on the legacy of our Founding
Father who first initiated the Corporate cricket matches.” He thanked
the corporate, staff and students of
Manav Rachna for their unstinting support and said that the T-20
Corporate Cricket tournament was
an ideal platform for our country’s
sportsmen to test their sporting acumen.
Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice president,
Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha, expressed that the Corporate Cricket
Tournament had succeeded in its
mission of engendering a sporting
spirit among its players. “Let the
legacy of our Founding Father continue through our thoughts, vision,
action and deeds.” He felt that the
Corporate Cricket matches are a
great means to cultivate a passion
for cricket, giving players and enthusiasts of the game a reason to destress, enjoy, network and make new
friends. Sh. Yashpal Sharma, who
gave away the prizes to the winning
team, expressed deep admiration
for the mission and vision behind
the Corporate Cricket Tournament,
complimenting the dynamic leadership of Dr Prashant Bhalla and Dr
Amit Bhalla for carrying forward
the legacy of their Father with great
dignity and strength.
Earlier in the day, he addressed
an enthusiastic crowd of eager students and Faculty with words that
left everyone spellbound. Speaking with great inner conviction,
he encouraged budding cricketers
and students saying, “If you put in
your best efforts, it does not matter
whether you are from a big city or
a small town. We broke the myth
that playing cricket from big cities
translates into big time cricket.” He
advised students not to get upset
with challenges but face them headon. “The honesty of your efforts
will count in the long run and a
positive approach towards people—
even your opponents—will swing
things in your favour.” Sh. Yashpal
said that he has enjoyed his life to
the full and thanked everyone who
made him what he is today. At the
interactive session with the students,
he told them to be “fearless—“Darna mana hai”—converting pressure
into responsibility. Director Sports,
MREI, Mr Sarkar Talwar thanked
the dignitaries, HODs, Faculty and
staff for gracing this memorable
occasion and said that Manav Rachna would continue to nurture and
encourage cricketing talent to keep
alive the dreams and vision of our
Founder Visionary. The Tournament
had its nostalgic moments too, like
when the commentator Padamjeet
Sherawat recounted our Founder
Visionary’s prophetic words: “Whatever you do, do it with fire in your
belly.” As the Corporate Cricket
tournament drew to a close, the
crowds were left with one predominant sentiment: “Dr O.P. Bhalla, we
love you Sir,” they seemed to say in
their hearts. May his legacy live on
and his dreams come true.
Match Details
At the 7th Manav Rachna Corporate Cricket Challenge 2014, Adidas won the trophy after beating Tata
Consultancy Services by 8 wickets in the finals of the T-20 Tournament.
Man of the match: Sourav Malik of Team Adidas who was also named the Best Batsman of the
Man of the tournament: Yogesh Rana also of Team Adidas
Best Bowler of the tournament: Sumit from Team TCS
Best Fielder of the tournament: Manoj Kumar from Team TCS
Manav Rachna wins at flower shows in Delhi and Noida
The Manav Rachna Educational Institutions won prizes in various categories at the 27th Garden Tourism Festival at the Garden
of Five Senses in Delhi and at the Noida Flower Show
Trophies won at
t the 27th Garden Tourism
Festival in the Garden of Five
Senses, Said-Ul-Ajaib, New Delhi,
Manav Rachna participated in six of
the 30 odd categories only to win
top prizes along with cash rewards
of around Rs 22,000! The festival,
organised by Delhi Tourism in association with the Delhi Government
was held between 14-16 February,
2014 of the different competitions
organised in categories that included
hanging baskets, seasonal flowers,
floral animals, foliage plants, aromatic
plants, tray gardens, cut flowers and
27th Garden Tourism
Festival at Garden of
Five Senses and at the
Flower Show at Noida
group flower arrangements, Manav
Rachna bagged 29 first prizes and
6 second prizes in the Class I category while in the Class II category,
Manav Rachna brought back 17 first
prizes and 14 second prizes. As part
of the flower arrangement (group
flowers) series, Manav Rachna was
honoured with the first prize in
three categories and the second
prize in another category. At the
Noida flower show organized by the
Floriculture society, Noida MREI
won 70 odd prizes making it achieve
the 2ndoverall position in the event.
Out of the 33 categories in the
class III section MREI won 30 first
prizes and 3 second prizes. In the
roses category MREI won laurels
in three categories bagging the first
prize and secured 2nd position in 4
other categories . In the Class XIII
category MREI bagged the first
position overall.
March, 2014
Online digital marketing is making great
sweeps across the world. Faculty of International Programmes, Manav Rachna International University, held a special workshop
where specialists in the field spoke to the
students about the facility which is making
shopping a brand new experience
r. Bevan Erickson (Vice
President, Marketing,
Eli Research India
Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Jason Vanden Akker
(President AAPC, a business unit of
Eli Research Indian Pvt. Ltd) and
Mr. Ajay Gupta (Country Head,
Eli Research India Pvt. Ltd) held
the audience spell bound with their
incisive and analytical lectures on
the importance of the digital world
while speaking to the audience on
January 29.2014. If B. Sc. IT students
of FIP were given valuable pointers
on the latest in software technology,
the BBA (Global) IB Management
students of FIP also made a whole
new discovery: the fact that digital
marketing is here to stay, and in a big
way too.
For those who didn’t know,
digital marketing is marketing in
a whole new avatar. It makes use
of electronic devices (computers)
such as personal computers, smart
phones, cell phones, tablets and game
consoles to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing applies
technologies or platforms such as
websites, e-mail, apps (classic and
mobile) and social networks to market the products. Though the term
‘digital marketing’ was first used in
the 1990s, it was only from 2000
onwards, digital marketing became
more sophisticated and a functional
tool to create a relationship with the
customer. By about 2013, statistics
showed digital marketing remained a
growing field.
Welcoming the speakers on the
occasion, Dr Anil Sarin, Professor
and Dean, FIP, MRIU, said the digital world is making quick inroads
in our day to day life. He addressed
the students of FIP, saying, “Everyday you market yourselves. Do it
through ethical and honest means.”
Mr Bevan Erickson took to
discussing about the tools in Information Technology i.e., Email, Social
Media, Mobile applications, cloud
storage and their use in marketing
and research. He also stated that
without research no one can achieve
his/her goal. Mr. Jason Vanden Akker
delivered a lecture on the difference
between traditional marketing and
online marketing and sparked off
great interest about its pros and cons.
A technical talk show organized by Manav Rachna Technical Society in association with International Engineer Federation
on January 28, 2013 gave students of Manav Rachna International University and
Manav Rachna College of Engineering an
ideal platform to air their views on topics
like Entrepreneurship, Green Technology,
Innovation and Concept Technology.
Shibam Sarbswa speaking at the technical talk show
he speakers shared their
views on a host of interesting technologies and
innovations that included Bio-Chip
technology, Ecovacs, 5-Pen PC
Tech, Open-source Hardware, 3-D
Food Printers, Kaizen Principle, Bio
Computers and a lot more. It was a
welcome break from students’ course
curriculum and gave the audience--comprising of Manav Rachna
Educational Institutions students-new insights into the world of
The session started with a
lecture on Bio-Chip technology (a
Small-scale device, analogous to an
integrated circuit and constructed of
or used to analyze organic molecules
associated with living organisms).
Speaking on the subject, student Sujit
Roy highlighted its ever increasing
role in day to day life. Next on the
cards was a lecture on Ecovacs, a
modern robotic technology, where
Deep Swaroop Garg talked about its
use in household chores like cleaning windows, dust and pollution. His
presentation took off with Cleaning
Bot which cleans windows and later
moved to Fami-bots which can take
Their views on the corporate and
marketing sector enhanced students’ perception. By talking about
their own organizational goals and
initiatives where they thrive on an
entrepreneurial culture (in which
employees are owners of their own
careers), they motivated students to
become responsible for their future.
In an interactive session, the
team of speakers from Eli Research
fielded an array of questions from
both the Faculty and the students.
Issues pertaining to career opportunities, training programmes and tools
for FIP graduates were also discussed
at the meet. Students also expressed
an interest in entrepreneurship in
Online Digital Marketing.
Dr Anil Sarin and Ms. Meenaakshi N. Munjal (HOD-IT, FIP,
MRIU) thanked the dignitaries for
shedding light on what is relatively a
new field and giving glimpses of the
corporate sector where the students
will tread once they leave the confines of college life.
The workshop on “Techniques of Documentary Presentation” was conducted by the
Documentary Club of MRCE.
Bhavesh Choudhary (CSE)
and Reeshti (CSE) organized
the event. The workshop was
conducted for two days, 31st
Jan, 2014 and 1st Feb, 2014 in
I -Block Seminar Hall. On the
first day, students were taught the
technical aspect of documentary
presentation and on the second
day, they had hands –on-training
of the same around the campus.
The students were awarded
with certificates for the same.
The resource persons of the
workshop were Mr. Taranveer
Singh and Mr. ParasGoel from
Delhi University. More than
180 students registered for the
workshop from MRCE and
MRIU and more than 110
enthusiastically turned up for the
same. Some students showcased their talent by presenting
their self made documentaries.
The college photographer, Mr.
Ravinder Sharma, present on
the event also enthusiastically
supported the event and showed
a documentary based on widows
of Vrindavan, which was a
combined effort of Ms. Diksha
Bhaskar Bhatia, RMR and him.
This kind of workshop helps the
students to uncover their hidden
talents which they can further
pursue as a career.
visual inputs.
Moving to Innovation, speaker Shibam Sarbswa, illustrated the
power of innovation by ARM-Band
Technology. He also discussed about
core processes of product innovation
to develop new products which
meet customer satisfaction. “ students were exposed to new technologies especially away from the usual
curriculum, they gained confidence
while presenting their views and also
met like-minded participants,” said
a happy Shibam. Thereafter, Ayushi
Singhal took to explaining 5-Pen
PC Tech where she explained that
P-ISM is a gadget package including
five functions: a pen-style cellular
phone with a handwriting data
input function, virtual keyboard, a
very small projector, camera scanner,
and personal ID key with cashless
pass function.
To grab student interest, speaker
Akash Mandal spoke about Entrepreneurship. He explained ways
to bring ideas on paper and then
to market it to various companies.
Akash also discussed tools necessary
for startups.
On the topic of Open-source
Hardware, presenter Mohd. Saif
spoke about its uniqueness--the fact
that it is a concept technology by
Motorola in association with Google
where the user can configure his/her
cell phone as per the requirement. It
is likely to reduce electronic waste
and provide a new opportunity to
every user to choose his/her own
cell phone as per their profession
and requirements.
Speaking to students, Aman Kapoor focused on 3-D Food Printers,
a printer technology by which you
can make your own foods designs.
This technology has helped the food
industry to flourish on the globe.
On a different note,Vinay
Kumar Tolambia, spoke about the
Kaizen Principle. He explained the
uses of Kaizen to increase the rate of
productivity. MREI student Rahul
Raina’s talk centred round Bio
Computers where he showed how
bio-computers have replaced human
beings in the medical and non
medical field. An audience interaction session ensured free exchange of
ideas and thoughts where both the
speakers and participants gained immensely through the brainstorming.
The audience captivated at the talk on on-line marketing
Speaking on the subject, Mr Ajay
Gupta said that Indians have a tendency to touch and feel before they
buy a product. But then, customer
mindsets have changed considerably
over the last few years and more and
more people are choosing goods
and services online. Mr Gupta also
discussed about research opportunities in India and abroad in the field
of online digital marketing. His
presentation on change management looked at the changes in the
corporate sector and the need to be
conversant with the latest technical
tools. Drawing from their own professional experiences at Eli Research,
the speakers guided FIP students on
ways to become an ideal employee.
They spoke about self discipline, a
relentless passion for goals and objectives, creating clear expectations
and focusing on execution, results
and getting work done. The team
of specialists advised the students
on asking tough questions in public
that people are afraid to talk about.
March, 2014
Delegates from more then 15 Universities from West Bengal, Orissa, Haryana,
Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh attended the workshop ‘Physiological Basis of
Training & Exercise Prescription’ . Conducted by Dr Oleksandr Krasilshchikov,
Associate Professor and Director, University Sains Malyasia at Manav Rachna International University Campus the
workshop stressed on the importance of
exercise to a healthy lifestyle
xercise should be enjoyable, practical and fit
into a person’s lifestyle,
said Dr Krasilshchikov, adding,
“The best type of exercise is one
which uses the muscles in the legs,
arms together with the heart and
lungs.”About designing cardio respiratory programmes, Dr Krasilshchikov pointed out about select
endurance type physical activities,
including aerobic exercise training,
house and yard work and physically
active, recreational pursuits. He
advised that intensity, duration and
frequency of exercise should always
be increased independently one at
a time and not altogether. Dr G.L.
Khanna, Dean, Faculty of Applied
Sciences, MRIU, laid stress upon
the need for exercise as medicine.
“Once you begin to exercise regularly, you will discover many more
reasons why exercise is so important
to improving the quality of your
life. Exercise reduces stress, lifts
moods, and helps you sleep better.
It can keep you looking and feeling
younger throughout your entire
life,” he said.
Dr Gurdeep Singh, Director,
Association of Indian University,
said that India could be a good
sporting nation if sports are conducted under the guidance of sports
scientists. He also advocated for a
comprehensive and good sports
policy in India and added there is a
need for scientific input in the field
of sports. Dr D. K. Kansal, HoD,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical
Sciences said that educationists have
been unaware of the role of physical
exercise and science in a balanced
education system. “There is a need
to develop the core contents of
the course by taking on a scientific
approach,” he opined.
Delivering a lecture on the
role of Exercise for Cardiovascular Fitness, Dr Mithesh Sharma,
Cardiologist, Metro Hospital said:
“Our bodies were meant to move
-- they actually crave exercise.
Regular exercise is necessary for
physical fitness and good health.
It reduces the risk of heart disease,
cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes
and other diseases. It can improve
your appearance and delay the
aging process.” Dr Neeta Dabai,
Gynaecologist, Metro Hospital,
gave a presentation on Exercise
Prescription in Pregnancy where
she addressed physiotherapists at the
seminar and advised them on the
dos and don’ts involved in handling
pregnant women. She said that they
should correct the posture of pregnant women and take cognizance
of the fact that such patients are
more likely to fall because of the
growing foetus. “Although one may
not feel like running a marathon,
most women benefit greatly from
exercising throughout their pregnancies. But during that time, they
need to discuss their exercise plans
with the doctors or other health
care providers early on and make
a few adjustments to your normal
exercise routine. The level of exercise recommended will depend, in
part, on their level of pre-pregnancy
fitness. Pregnant women also gain
weight and are more susceptible
to sprains and injuries,” she said,
adding, “When someone carries an
extra 15 pounds (or more!) in front
of her eyes, finding a comfortable
sleeping position can be a real
challenge. But exercise will help her
work off any excess energy and tire
enough to lull into a more restful
sleep.” She also advised physiotherapists to be good communicators
(“pleasant and empathetic”) and
conduct the exercise in a well
ventilated and comfortable labour
The Workshop also threw the
spotlight on Yoga for Health and
Exercise Prescription with the lecture on it by Dr Manu Saha and an
Exercise Prescription for Diabetes
patients through a special talk by Dr
Ejaz Hussain, Jamia Milia Islamia.
With his talk on Anthropometry
and Physiological basis of Yoga, Dr
N.B. Shukla of Benaras Hindu University concluded the seminar. Dr
Pooja Anand, HOD, Department
of Physiotherapy, MRIU gave
the vote of thanks. Hundreds of
delegates from at least 15 universities of West Bengal, Orissa, Haryana,
Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
also attended the workshop.
A packed audience enjoying the celebrations
Colourful Republic Day celebrations
he concept of our country,
its culture, freedom and
history, was on everyone’s
mind at the 65th Republic Day
celebrations. Organized by Manav
Rachna Educational Institutions
(MREI), the cultural extravaganza
was a delightful mix of music, dance,
nukkad natak, quiz, essay writing
and face painting sessions that saw
students of MREI braving the chill
of a cold winter’s morning to turn
up in large numbers.
Going back in time, the programme did a recapitulation of the
pre-Independence era when the
Indian constitution was framed
and finally brought into effect. To
many of the youngsters seated in the
audience, it was more of a learning
experience. Songs like ‘Ai watan’
sung by Sruti of Manav Rachna
Dental College (MRDC) and Vinay
Kumar of Faculty of Engineering &
Technology (FET), Manav Rachna
International University (MRIU),
ensured that the event ran high on
patriotic fervor. Students were quick
to clap and cheer to the beats of the
songs, their interest never dipping.
A fusion dance performance by
students of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET), Faculty of
Applied Science (FAS) and Faculty
of International Programme (FIP),
Manav Rachna International Uni-
Nukkad Natak
versity, set feet tapping. The dancers,
who were members of the Manav
Rachna Dance Society, jived to the
rhythmic sounds of ‘Ganpati bappa
moriya’. With chants of ‘Bharat
Mata ki jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’
rising through the air, the Republic
day celebrations was never lacking
in patriotic spirit. The event took
on a contemporary flavour when a
nukkad natak highlighting socially
relevant issues grabbed students’ interest. The dramatic group, involving
students of FET and Manav Rachna
Organized by MREI,
the cultural extravaganza was a delightful mix of music,
dance, nukkad natak,
quiz, essay writing
and face painting
College of Engineering (MRCE),
depicted police and public apathy
towards accident victims and urged
the youth to vote. There was music
too, put together by the Manav
Rachna Music Society where
members like Darshana, Tejasri and
Siddharth sang ‘We shall overcome’
Let India be safe for women
to the strumming of a guitar. Amidst
the distribution of sweets at the venue, students Sudip, Anurag and Ankit
did a Bollywood take on ‘Chak de
India’ and ‘Rang de Basanti’ while
the Indi Rock band did a medley
of patriotic numbers and enlivened
the mood. Dancers resplendent in
pink, green, yellow and red costumes
broke into a bhangra jig to give the
event an ethnic touch.
Just off the campus amphitheatre
(where the event was held), around
58 teams and 116 students put on
their thinking caps to participate at
the India quiz based on the country’s
history and constitution. Students
Tejasri and Sidddhrath of FET
won top honours and were gifted
mementos for their win.Yet another
40 students took part in an essay
competition which had ‘Indian Economy and Naxalism’ as the theme.
Elsewhere, MREI students gave a
free rein to their creative talent at the
Face painting competition where
Dr Akriti Dogra and Dr Shilpi (of
Manav Rachna Dental College) won
the first prize for painting the Indian
tri colour with the ‘Wake up India’
slogan. Topics like ‘Universal brotherhood’, ‘Save the tiger’ and ‘Different
colours of India’ also caught the students’ imagination. The programme
concluded with the singing of the
national anthem. The wide spectrum
of events attended by Professor I.K.
Kilam (Dean, Students Welfare, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions)
and Dr Gurjeet Kaur Chawla ( HOD,
Associate-Dean Student Welfare, FAS,
MRIU) gave students the perfect
platform to give off their best.
March, 2014
Students of MRDC have brought
back laurels in various intercollegiate
competitions ranging from Academics to Extracurricular activities.
The unabated victorious trend of
Manav Rachna Dental College is not
limited to academic achievements.
The overall personality development
of its students is visible as much on
extracurricular front as much it is on
the curricular side.
MRDC students bagged eight
first prizes in various academic, sports
and extracurricular events in the past
It started with Indian Dental
Students Conference at ITS Dental
College in November 2013
• Shruthi Akhilanandan Intern
bagged first prize in Original Research paper presentation on “Views
of Indian Dental students on tobacco
cessation counseling and their skills as
counselors.” (Guided by Dr. Meena
• Jugpriyana Kohli, Intern bagged
first prize in review paper presentation on “Steriolithography”.(Guided
by Dr. Malathi Buddhi)
• Manav Rachna Dental College
team bagged third prize in Fashion
Show event.
• MRDC team bagged third position in group singing competition.
Shruthi and Abha Bedi, Interns won
first prize in All India Dental Quiz
(North zone) organized by Pepsodent
Neuron . The same team stood fifth
in national level completion. The quiz
was held on 25th November 2013
for North Zone level and on 22nd
December 2013 for National level
at Mumbai. Manav Rachna Dental
College students also shone in both
cultural as well as sports events at
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences, New Delhi, held on 16th,
19th and 20th December 2013
• Second position in Carrom
Men’s doubles by Ankush Bhardwaj
and Vaibhav Gambhir
• First position in chess by Dr.
• First position in mixed doubles
badminton by Gaurav Loona and
• First and second position in
women’s singles badminton by Jaisleen and Akriti respectively.
• Second prize in Rangoli com-
Ankush Bhardwaj and Vaibhav Gambhir
winning the Carromm men’s doubles
Shruthi Akhilanandan (right) proud with
her achievements
petition by team of Diksha, Ira and
Shilpa of MRDC.
• First prize in Mehndi competition by team of Bhagyashree and
• First and second prize was bagged
by Padmini and Akriti in Soap Carving competition.
• First prize in Salad dressing competition by team of Jugpriyana and
Harkamal .
• Second prize in Fashion show
• Second prize in comedy act by
the team of Karishma, Shruthi, Akriti
and Abha
• Second prize in Mimicry competition by Manish Panwar.
• First and Second prize in Solo
Dance by Jasmine and Jyothi Bilwal
Third prize was bagged by Akriti
Dogra, Intern on Caries Prevention
(Guided by- Dr. Meena Jain) in poster
making competition at 25th IDA
Faridabad conference held on 15th
December 2013 at Hotel Atrium.
Nithi and Akriti, Interns from
MRDC bagged second and third
prize in “HIV/AIDS and its prevention” – poster making competition
held at MRIU on 20th January 2014.
Padmini R.S. was judged first
in slogan writing competition and
Abha Bedi bagged first prize in Essay
writing competition at Ideacracy, held
at C block MRIU on 23rd January
2014 (Pic E). Sixty fifth republic day
celebrations were held at amphitheatre with various competitions. Akriti
and Shilpi from MRDC won first
prize in face painting competition
while Padmini and Tenzin Passang
bagged the second prize.
n International Conference for The Scientific
Basis of Training And
Exercise was conducted by the
Culture & Sports Committee of
the PHD Chamber of Commerce
and Industry on 16th January,
Professor Dr G. L. Khanna,
Vice President, Asian Council
of Exercise and Sports Science
(ACESS) and Dean, Faculty of
Applied Science, and Associate
Professor Dr Oleksandr Krasilshchikov, Director, Asian Chapter,
International Physical Activity
Projects Exercise & Sports Science Program, School of Health
Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
(USM), were the eminent professionals invited to deliver expert
lectures on Sports and Exercise. The
conference was attended by various
professionals from the field of Health
and Sports. Faculty Members and
Students from the Faculty of Applied
Science, Manav Rachna International
University formed the majority of
the participants in the conference.
Dr. Saurabh Sanyal, Executive
Director- PHD Chamber, at the
beginning of the Conference discussed the importance of training and
exercise and the fact that it needs to
be developed from early childhood.
He emphasized on the need to focus
on stress development of anatomical parts of the body. Professor G.L.
Khanna further presented his expert
views on the Physiological Basis of
Training Indian Athletes. He shared
his rich thoughts which reflected
that exercise is the best medicine in
today’s world which helps anybody
and everybody. Professor G.L. Khanna
also elaborated that Gene Medicine and Gene Therapy are the new
research areas which need consider-
ation for improving the overall health
of Sports persons. Dr Oleksandr explained through his presentation how
periodization and psychology along
with motor learning, biomechanics
and nutrition, benefits an athlete
in achieving top performance
results on the grounds. Shri
Onkarmal Kedia, Joint Secretary,
Ministry of Youth Affairs and
Sports discussed various plans
and policy that the Government
of India is planning to bring
forth to encourage and support
the Sports Education and Training for upcoming sportspersons
in India. The Conference not
only offered a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about exercise prescription and training but
also benefited sports professionals
and physiotherapists, trainers,
coaches, sports biomechanics
and fitness personnel in knowing
how the Government can help
them in building their career as
Sports personnel.
Parveen Yadav, a final semester student of FET’s B.Tech (IT) department of Manav Rachna International University (MRIU), has an unusual passion.
He is an ethical hacker who has assisted top MNCs like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Paypal for cyber security issues and earned a name for himself in
the Google and Yahoo Hall of Fame.
“Ethical hacking and a ethical hacker
are terms that describe hacking
performed to help a company or
individual identify potential threats on
the computer or network. An ethical
hacker attempts to hack their way past
the system security, finding any weak
points in the security that could be exploited by other hackers. The organization uses what the eth-
ical hacker finds to improve the system security, in an effort to
minimize, if not eliminate, any potential hacker attacks,” as per
a definition on the internet At MRIU Parveen, has conducted
workshops on Information security and cyber crimes. By the
time he was 20, Parveen began detecting several loopholes in
many of the big web portals of companies both in India and
Further, he also helped them to secure the loopholes in
consultation with CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Dept
of India), IT Ministry. He was enlisted in the Google Hall of
Fame while Yahoo made him a part of the Yahoo Top-10 Security Researcher list. His ethical reporting at Yahoo got him
a reward of $ 2564 and the offer to join its paranoid team (as
Information Security Expert). Parveen has been appreciated
by IBM where his efforts were recognized for helping them
secure their web application. At Amazon, Deutsche Telekom,
Rediff and Nokia, he was equally helpful in detecting possible
vulnerabilities in their security systems.
March, 2014
Dr Suresh Bedi, Director CCDE
he basic purpose of continuing
education is to make education
a life long process and relevant to real-life situations. To give extension
dimension to the university system
in the country, continuing education
was introduced by the Government
of India in 1978. It was actively supported and promoted by the University Grants Commission as a result of
which a large number of universities
in the country established departments of adult, continuing and extension education within their systems.
Continuing education seeks to
prepare students to adopt change, acquire new knowledge and learn new
skills in the light of the emerging
technologies and to meet the new
demands in the world of work. Continuing Education at Manav Rachna
specifically focuses on building skills
that are currently needed in the field
of business, industry and social life.
Continuing education seeks to prepare students to adopt change, acquire new
knowledge and learn new skills in the light of the emerging technologies and to meet
the new demands in the world of work. Continuing Education at Manav Rachna specifically focuses on building skills that are currently needed in the field of business,
industry and social life.
The target groups include the groups
that have passes out of formal education and need to return for up gradation or acquisition of new skills.These
groups are those who are currently
seeking productive employment or
are from industry and business, across
all age groups. Continuing education
is delivered thorough various programs and activities which include:
o Foundation, certificate and degree
o Courses integrated with different
degrees at graduate and post-graduate levels in the different streams of
science, commerce, arts, engineering,
architecture and others;
o Special skill enhancement courses
for school and college pass outs;
o Special-focus professional courses
relating to ICT, multi-media, computer applications, mass communication,
design, advertising, public relations
and the like;
o Courses specially focused on the
current demands of the industry and
public services;
o Para-professional courses for enhancement of knowledge and skills;
o Leadership and human development programs;
o Quality-of-life improvement programs;
o Personal development programs;
o Social and community development programs; and
o Equivalency programs running parallel to those offered by the Non-Formal Education Sector of the Ministry
of Human Resource Development of
the states and the Centre.
Students are encouraged to participate in the projects, activities and
programs of continuing education.
The programs and activities under
continuing education may take the
shape of teaching, training, surveys,
consultancy, projects, research and
Prof. Dr. Nasrudin Abd Rahim, Director UMPEDAC and Dr. Jeyraj Selvaraj with MRCE faculty, discussing the PV-Thermal system designed
and installed at MRCE
Manav Rachna College of Engineering (MRCE) founded in 2004, has
grown to become a hub of knowledge
generation and knowledge dissemination.The institution is NAAC ‘A’
accredited and its programs of B Tech
in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering
and Computer Sciences have been
provisionally accredited by National
Board of Accreditation (NBA) for a
duration of 2 years (valid till 2015).The
Institution has developed linkages with
national and international institutions
of repute to promote research and developmental activities. Many of the re-
Many of the research
and developmental
projects undertaken
by MRCE are in the
area of Green Technology and sustainable development
search and developmental projects undertaken by the Institute are in the area
of Green Technology and sustainable
development. Moving forward in the
direction of developing expertise in the
area of renewable energy the Institute
signed an MoU with Power Energy
Dedicated Advance Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia (QS ranking 167)
in the month of April, 2013 . On November 25, 2013, Prof. Dr. Nasrudin
Abd Rahim, Director UMPEDAC and
training in various areas. To deliver
these programs, the university may
enter into collaboration with international organisations (like UNESCO,
UNICEF, International Council for
Adult Education, Asia-South Pacific
Bureau for Adult Education and the
like), universities, institutes, government departments, consultancy organisations, NGOs or professional and
social groups as per need.
The programs can also be delivered online. Continuing Education
centre also facilitates academic units
and departments in their extension
work through field projects, and other
As the activities of a continuing education centre cuts
across various disciplines, cooperation of various academic departments and units is of critical importance for the furtherance of its
Dr. Jeyraj a/l Selvaraj visited MRCE.
The team met Vice President MREI,
Dr. Amit Bhalla and Prof. Naveen
Prakash, Director MRCE and a policy
level meeting was held to discuss the
unlimited scope of research collaborations among both the Institutions.The
team members held a brainstorming
session with the senior faculty members of MRCE to chalk out the future
area of thrust. UMPEDAC President
Prof. Dr. Nasrudin Abd Rahim made
a presentation of the research activities
and facilities at the centre. Dr.Vineet
Veer Tyagi, Associate Professor, Department of Physics presented the thrust
area of MRCE research activity in the
field of Photo Voltaic and discussed the
merits of Photo Voltaic Thermal system
efficiency testing at both the locations
i.e. Faridabad and Kulalumpur. Dr.
Charu Pathak, Professor, Department
of Electronics and Communication
Engineering suggested including study
of impact of Digital Signal Processor
based control systems in enhancing the
power output and making the system
more economical. Both the Institutions agreed to focus on joint research
activities, publications and applying for
international grants in the area of renewable energy specially the solar energy. Prof. B M Bahal, Dean Academics
MRCE discussed the possibility of
exchange of Postgraduate students and
research scholars and formalizing it in
the near future.
ollicular Unit extraction
or FUE is a highly popular and evolving hair transplant technique in which a
small round punch is used to
extract follicular units from a
patient’s bald resistant donor
areas on the sides and back of
the scalp. Once the underlying follicular unit is separated
from the surrounding tissues
it can then be extracted, often
by a forceps gripping the
hair above the surface. These
grafts are then preserved in
special solution. These 1, 2, 3
and 4 hair groupings (called
follicular unit grafts) are then
transplanted into a patient’s
balding areas using special
implantation forceps.
A young adult male was
treated for baldness using this
technique in the department
of oral and maxillofacial
surgery, MRDC on 18th
December 2013. More than
200 follicular unit grafts were
harvested from the occipital region using motorized
extraction punch device. The
extracted grafts were carefully
preserved in normal saline
solution to avoid desiccation.
The implantation sites were
prepared using special blade.
All the grafts were then successfully implanted into the
prepared sites using implantation forceps.
Hair Transplant by FUE
Technique Dr. Amit Mohan
Department of oral &
Maxillofacial Surgery, MRDC,
ndia is tipped as being one of
the top 10 economic powers
of the world by 2025. It is also
being said that this success will be
backed by a young population. By
2015, more than half of the Indian
population will be below 35 years
of age. India is thus a young nationwith immense human and intellectual capital, but also a huge potential
of getting impressed upon. In such
a scenario, the education industry
must take the lead in shaping young
Manav Rachna International
University has taken upon itself this
daunting task of crafting not only
better minds, but better individuals. Working towards the vision of
founder Chancellor, Late Dr. O P
Bhalla, MRIU works towards building a better society. In particular, the
Faculty of Management Studies at
MRIU has been dedicated to the
cause of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Training future
managers and entrepreneurs through
its MBA, MA (Applied Psychology)
and Hotel Management programs,
FMS has regularly been conducting
CSR initiatives since 2010.
FMS made a humble beginning by adopting a village each in
the Faridabad and Gurgaon areas.
Surveys were conducted by students
on environmental sustainability and
health awareness issues.
Every year, FMS carries out
‘Shram Daan’ on the occasion of
Labour Day or May Day on May 1.
Students from FMS perform 2 hours
of duty in place of various support
staff across the university campus.
Students are seen as guards, peons,
lab. attendants, pantry attendants etc.
Dignity of labour and equality are
the messages we seek to communicate through this effort. In our
efforts to sensitize citizens for an environmentally- responsile festive season, FMS organizes the Anti- cracker
rally before Diwali. This is achieved
through nukkad naatak (street
plays), banners, slogans and marching through the main markets of
Faridabad. The curriculum at FMS
includes a compulsory course on
Ethics and Values, under which students undergo 100 ours of training
with none other than the Haryana
Police. This CSR initiative, called ‘Ek
Pehal’ has been conducted by FMS
students since 2011. Students get
real- life exposure to case resolu-
tion at police stations,
traffics management,
documentation etc. The
Police Commisionerate
of Faridabad has been
providing opportunities
for FMS students to
learn through various activities. FMS
partnered the Faridabad city police for the
launch of the ‘Building
a Safe City for Women’ campaign in
Sep. 2013. Students were involved
in organizing the program which
was attended by eminent people. On
this occasion, FMS students staged
a play on women safety. As a part of
the women safety campaign, FMS
students conducted a survey, administering questionnaires to over 6000
women in Faridabad. With their
expertise in the areas of counseling,
social psychology and research, FMS
students were able to establish a rapport with the respondents, eliciting
responses on issues such as: feeling
secure in public places, having
been prone to any gender- based
anti-social act, having witnessed any
such act, having offered/ provided
help, having discussed such an issue
with friends/ family, having sought
help from the police etc. Subsequent to data collection, analysis and
presentation of the report was done
by FMS. The findings will come in
handy for the city police to understand and work upon women safety
FMS joined hands with Haryana
Tourism for organizing the day to
day operations at the Surajkund
Crafts Mela. This association has
been working since 2013. Students
from MBA and Hotel management
disciplines are provided a training
capsule before the Mela. The young
ladies and gentlemen are put on to
various areas of duty. It may be said
that FMS students are available at
the Mela venue for each and every
concern of the visitors.Visitors are
guided at the entry by the students,
who are also available for assistance
at various important locations all
through the grounds. Students are
also working with media personnel
to ensure proper media coverage for
the event through various communication channels (print, radio,
television, internet).
Director of Faculty of Management Studies, MRIU, Dr. Chavi
Bhargava Sharma strongly believes
that it is in the making of better human beings that education
best manifests itself. It is with this
ideology that CSR has been woven
into the curricula of the various
programs at FMS. With the guidance
of senior FMS faculty member Mr.
Mukesh Malik, the CSR projects
with the Faridabad Police have
been a source of practical learning
for students and route to develop
responsible global citizens.
March, 2014
he Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Applied
Sciences, organized an
International workshop on “Physiological Basis of Training and
Exercise Prescription” at Manav
Rachna International University on
15 January, 2014. The international
workshop brought together eminent
professionals of physiotherapy, sports
sciences, physical education and
allied sciences at a common platform
to impart knowledge, share new
ideas and concepts.
The workshop was chaired by
Dr D. K. Kansal, Principal, IGIPESS,
New Delhi. The other guests of
honour were Dr Gurdeep Singh and
Dr Shayamal Koley. The resource
faculties included Assoc. Prof. Dr
Oleksandr Krasilshchikov, Director,
Asian Chapter, International Physical
Activity Projects Exercise & Sports
Science Program, School of Health
Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia
In the modern world of sport,
performing at your best requires
commitment at many levels,
hard-training, superior equipments
or a will to win – in fact, among
the top competitors in any sport
these factors are often equalized.
Under these conditions, sound
nutritional practices can make the
difference between winning and
losing, or between doing a personal
best and just finishing the event.
Whether the stakes are fame and
millions of dollars, or the satisfaction of achieving a sporting goal or
gaining national prestige, there are
clear rewards for eating well. Within
sports, of any sort, there is always a
prevailing notion that the athletes
strive to get better or be “bigger,
faster and stronger.”
The awareness of nutrition
playing an important role in exercise and sports can be considered as
old as the start of civilization itself.
The scientific area of sports nutrition has experienced a phenomenal
expansion of knowledge in recent
years. During the past three decades
of laboratory and field research, a
broad foundation of science has
been laid in scientific literature.
An area of science called sports
nutrition has now been established and it has served as the basis
for enhancing athlete’s physical
and mental performance, such as
strength, power, endurance and focus. Therefore, every sport requires
a different diet to suit the athlete’s
needs, and sports nutrition is the
key to an athlete’s success.
The current awareness about
health and fitness has created a
need for experts, i.e., sports
(USM), Prof. Dr G. L. Khanna,Vice
President Asian Council of Exercise
and Sports Science (ACESS), and
Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences
and Dr Mantu Saha, Scientist ‘E’,
Defence Institute of Physiology and
Allied Sciences (DIPAS), DRDO,
Ministry of Defence, Dr.Mithesh
Sharma (Chief Cardiac Surgeon,
Metro Hospital), Dr Neeta Dhabai
(Gynaecologist, Metro Hospital),
Dr.Ejaz Husain (Jamia Milia Islamia),
Dr N. B. Shukla (BHU) and Poonam
Verma (Brahma Kumaris World
Spiritual University).
The plenary sessions featured
international and national speakers
as 200 delegates participated in the
workshop. During the conference,
Dr G. L. Khanna shared his knowledge and rich experience in the field
of physiology of exercise training.
He emphasized that to implement
exercise prescription for individuals
and to evaluate exercise and fitness
The students and faculty
members of Department of
Nutrition and Dietetics made a
one day visit on 7th January 2014
to the Yakult Danone Plant at
Sonipat, Haryana.Yakult Danone
India (P) Ltd is a 50:50 Joint
Venture between Yakult Honsha,
Japan and Group Danone of
France, both of which are global
probiotic leaders. The students
were invited by the Yakult Danone India group to understand
the importance and role of a probiotic drink in today’s nutrition
need. The students observed how
Yakult is made and packed under
stringent conditions. The stateof-the-art factory was a unique
experience for Nutrition and
Dietetics learners to understand
the processing and the important
control points of the probiotic
drink prepared at the Factory.
nutritionist or sports dietitian who
can advise individuals about their
health requirements and suggest
a personalized fitness programme
taking into account lifestyle, time
constraints and other relevant
Role of sports nutritionists/
 Evaluating, analyzing and
assessing a sports person’s diet, performance ability and physiological
makeup in order to prescribe a diet
that will achieve optimal human
athletic function.
 Responsible for educating
athletes about nutrition and making
assessment, physiological basis is very
important. Dr Oleksandr gave an
excellent coverage to exercise prescription for the young, adolescent
and elderly. To boost physical and
medical well being,Yoga has been
found to be one of the most important disciplines of exercise sciences
and this was widely elaborated at the
Meet. Dr Mithesh Sharma and Dr
Neeta Dabai from Metro hospital,
Faridabad, explained the importance
of physiotherapy in cardiac conditions and pregnancy respectively.
They discussed the influence of type,
intensity, frequency and duration of
exercises in these conditions. The
significance of exercise therapy in
diabetes was discussed by Dr Ejaz
Hussain. He focused on the role of
exercise in reducing associated cardiovascular and lifestyle risk factors.
Dr N. B. Shukla emphasized upon
the importance of anthropometry
and physiological basis of yoga.
healthy food choices.
 A sports nutritionist has a full
understanding of other health care
and sports professionals and works
in a team environment to accomplish both individual and team
 They have core competencies
in nutrient metabolism, exercise
physiology and psychology.
Careers in sports nutrition lead
to work with individual and groups
who are healthy, active and highly
competitive or are seeking to develop or rebuild an active, healthy
lifestyle. Abundant professional
career opportunities are there in
this growing field:
 Professional and national sports
 Hospitals and rehabilitation
 Sports and fitness clubs
 Corporate fitness and health
 Nutritional and sports drink
 Teaching opportunities
 Academic or medical research
 Sports training camps
 Private practice
Compared to an average person, athletes and sports stars require
a tailor made, strength building
nutrition plan to help boost their
stamina and endurance. This is
where the role of sports nutrition
comes into play.
By : Manisha Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition and
Inaugurating the ICROIT event
epartment of Computer Science and
Engineering (CSE),
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Manav Rachna
International University, organized a
three-day International Conference
on Reliability, Optimization and
Information Technology (ICROIT
2014), technically co-sponsored by
IEEE, Delhi Section. The Conference was held from 06th to 08th,
February 2014, at the MRIU
campus, Faridabad. The conference
proved to be highly inspiring and a
huge success, with a total number of
about 200 delegates in attendance
from India as well as abroad. It saw
numerous experts delivering lectures
and introducing the delegates to the
emergent topics of the computing
world. The conference commenced
with the Inauguration Ceremony,
Saraswati Vandana, and lighting of
the lamp by Chief Guest Dr Pranab
Sen, Chairman, National Statistical
Commission and Former Principal, Economic Adviser, Planning
Commission; Guest of Honor Dr G.
Prahlada,Vice Chancellor, Defence
Institute of Advanced Technology,
Deemed University, Girinagar, Pune;
Lt. Gen. Baldev Singh (Retd.),
President, R Systems International
Ltd; Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr.
N. C. Wadhwa, MRIU; Dr. M. K.
Soni, Executive Director and Dean,
FET; Prof. Naresh Grover, Director,
FET; Dr. S. S. Tyagi, Professor and
Head, Dept. of CSE, FET.
A total of 230 research papers
were submitted from various parts
of India and throughout the world
including countries like Egypt,
Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.
These papers were reviewed by the
highly experienced and qualified
academicians from the esteemed
Educational Institutes/Universities in India, namely, IIT Roorkee,
Indian Institute of Technology,
BHU,Varanasi, University of Delhi,
Delhi Technological University,
Assam University, Punjab Technical
University, Guru Gobind Singh
Indraprastha University, Kurukshetra
University, Banasthali University,VIT
University, Tamil Nadu, etc. After the
rigorous activity of examining and
reviewing, a total of 135 research papers were selected to be presented at
the conference and published in the
proceedings. The inauguration ceremony ended with the unveiling of
the souvenirs which were presented
The conference’s
Guest of Honor
was Dr G. Prahlada, Vice Chancellor,
Defence Institute of
Advanced Technology,
Deemed University,
Girinagar, Pune. Other
guests were: Lt. Gen.
Baldev Singh (Retd.),
President, R Systems
International Ltd;
MRIU Vice Chancellor
Dr. N. C. Wadhwa; Dr.
M. K. Soni, Executive
Director and Dean, FE
T; Prof. Naresh Grover,
Director, FE T; and, Dr.
S. S. Tyagi, Professor
and Head, Dept. of
to the delegates as
mementos. The Keynote addresses
were delivered by Dr. Kusum Deep,
Professor, Dept. of Mathematics,
IIT, Roorkee, on the topic “Can
Advancements in Nature Inspired
Optimization Techniques solve
complex real life problems?”, Mr.
Pradyumn Lavaniya, Director-Cloud
Business, EMC India and SAARC,
delivered an interactive speech on
“Cloud Computing:Trends,Technology, Opportunities and Impact”,
Prof. B. Chandra, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi, discussed the topic
on “Data Mining and its Applications”, Mr. Kulvaibhav Kaushik,
Junior Research Associate, Infosys,
talked on “Network Security:Trends
and Analysis”, Dr. K. Subramaniam,
SM-IEEE, delivered his speech on
“Evolutionary Optimization,
Reliability Techniques, Cloud Com-
puting and Big Data”.
Scholars and researchers presented their research work and shared
their experiences in fifteen technical
sessions throughout the conference,
each emphasizing a different area of
research ranging from Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Data
Mining, Semantic Web, Software
Engineering, Compression,
Reliability, to the emergent topics of
Electronics and Telecommunication
Engineering. Each of the technical
session was judged by a Session
Chair, which constituted thought
provoking presentations by academicians and scientists.
On the second day, after the
technical sessions were over, all the
participants relaxed while enjoying
an evening of fun-filled cultural
events. The conference concluded
with the valedictory function. Dr. K.
Subramaniam, SM-IEEE, Dr. M. K.
Soni, Executive Director and Dean,
FET, Prof. Naresh Grover, Director,
FET, Dr. S. S. Tyagi, Professor and
Head, Dept. of CSE, FET, graced
the occasion. Prof. Naresh Grover
congratulated the Department of
Computer Science and Engineering
for organizing a successful conference and highlighted its key points.
He also announced the winner of
the Best Paper Award and Best
Paper Presentation Award, namely
“Performance Evaluation of the
Dependable Properties of a Body
Area Wireless Sensor Network”,
presented by Venki Balasubramanian, Andrew Stranieri, Centre for
Informatics and Applied Optimization School of Science, Information
Technology and Engineering
University of Ballarat, Australia.
Dr. M. K Soni appreciated the
organizing team for successfully executing all events. Dr. S. S.
Tyagi gave the vote of thanks to the
honorable guests, keynote speakers
and delegates. The program was a
success and achieved its objective of
sharing the importance of Reliability, Optimization and Information
March, 2014
anav Rachna Dental
College participated
in an inter-collegiate cultural event organised by
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences (MAIDS), New Delhi,
and came out with flying colours
The MAIDS inter-college
commenced on December 16,
2013 and carried on for five days
which were full of culture, festivity and sports provided students
the perfect platform to showcase
their talents. At the Dental Health
Utsav & Youth Festival at MAIDS,
the students and interns of
MRDC accompanied by Dr. Naresh Sharma (Reader, Department
of Paedodontics and Preventive
Dentistry, MRDC) earned several
laurels and accolades for their
Celebrating the spirit of colours at the Rangoli competition,
the team comprising of Diksha
Saini, Ira Garg and Shilpa Aggarwal won the Second position. At
the Soap Carving Competition,
MRDC’s interns showcased their
carving skills with Padmini Rahi
Saungna and Akriti Dogra securing the First and Second positions
Two of MRDC’s orators
– Abha Bedi and Jugpriyana
Kohli—impressed audiences with
their debate on the topic– “Dress
code should be mandatory in
professional colleges”.
The Indian tradition of applying Mehendi was woven into
a competition where MRDC
student Bhagyashree Ahuja walked
away with the First Prize. Students
Jasmine Pattanayak and Jyoti
Bilwal stole the show with their
scintillating dance performances.
They won the First and Second
positions respectively in the solo
dance category.
Jugpriyana Kohli and Harkamal Maan engaged in Salad Dressing with a “Mystical Christmas”
theme. They presented a platter
of beautifully carved fruits and
vegetables which won them a
cash prize of Rs 1500.
Mimicry artist from MRDC
Manish Pawar, and students
Shruthi Akilandan, Abha Bedi,
Karishma Seth and Akriti Dogra
made people laugh and giggle
with their skits and comic acts.
They bagged the Second position in their respective categories.
On the second day of the
fun fare, girls of MRDC put
up a Fashion Fiesta where they
won a cash prize. Principal
Dr. Arundeep Singh who was
present at the prize distribution
ceremony greatly appreciated the
students’ skills and fashion sense.
Under the guidance of Mr.
Amit Kumar, Sports officer,
Jaisleen Kaur and Gaurav Loona
bagged the first prize in the
mixed doubles badminton event
while Jaisleen Kaur and Aakriti
Bhardawaj were placed First and
Second in the Badminton singles
category. Ankush Bhardwaj
and Vaibhav Ghambir won the
second position in the carrom
doubles category while in Chess,
Dr. Swastik (MDS IInd Yr
student- Dept of Orthodontics)
bagged the first position.
The entire participation was
managed by Student Coordinators Dr. Gaurav Loona and Dr
Jugpriyana Kohli. Overall, the
fest was an enriching experience
with MRDC students outshining
many of the participants from as
many as 10 Dental colleges of
Delhi-NCR. This was possible
largely due to the encouragement of Maj. Gen. (Dr). P.N.
Awasthi (Advisor-Dental/Allied
Sciences), Dr. Arundeep Singh
(Principal MRDC) and Dr.
Naresh Sharma who were the
students’ guiding light and pillars
of support.
but memories
out students of
batch celebrated Scribble Yen
on the eve of their last day of their
college life
“Time and tide waits for none,
nor did it for us.Yes guys!! It’s true
that ,there will be no more lectures,
no more exchanging of notes ,suddenly one more phase of our life
has finished there will be replacement of a new routine over the
regular college routine
which was
every morning thought
to be an obstacle from
getting up
from bed. And now we are gearing
up for the next and why not that’s
universal. But there will surely be a
void of the life which will be cherished lifelong ,” says Nikhil Dalmia
-A Memo by 2K10-MRCECSE-A
he Vedic Spiritual Heritage,
India’s most exported soft
power, has surely impacted
and arrived Centre stage. The West
has begun to accept and ape ‘Yog’,
and now has several European and
American variants. Kareena Kapoor
engages an ‘Ayurvedic’Dietician. The
Argentine Band ‘So What Project’ has
been performing ‘Yoga Rave Music’
with tub-thumping numbers with
growing international support. In
fact, the western method of monetizing an idea and concept has ensured
it’s fast-paced rise amongst the masses
and classes. The ‘Yog’ industry, with all
its variants in the West, is envisaged to
be at par with its InfoTech Industry.
‘Yog’ is understood in bits and
pieces to mean ‘Yogaasans’ or obtaining a few body postures which
requires the flexibility of an Olympic
Gymnast. However, ‘Yog’ (literally
is the addition of breath to the
movements of the body, closure
of eyes (in order to introspect and
observe the patterns of mind) as the
basic steps. The aspects of diet, ‘Din
Chaarya’ (observance of daily routine
in tune with nature, beginning
with harmonizing ones sleep with
Sunset and SunRise), ‘RituCharya’ observing a dietary regimen in
tune with the prevailing weather
patterns to obviate diseases to body),
‘Yam’(observing established personal
norms), ‘Niyam’(observing of norms
of society)‘Swaadhyay’(Self Introspection) and ‘Tap’(Penance, in order to
sharpen the sense organs and achieve
a command over one’s thoughts,
feelings and thus the behavioral
patterns). The individual, thus, moves
on to be in perfect harmony with
one’s surroundings, aspirations and
requirements of modern life in tune
with present times.
The spiritual scientists indicate
towards the fact that in Sanskrit, the
world for health is ‘SWASATH’,
obtained by congregation (‘Sandhee’) of two words ‘ SWA’ ( self ) and
‘STH’ (Sthapit), one who is established in the self is ‘Swasth’ (Healthy),
thus mental health is an inseparable
component and integral to health in
the very nomenclature and definition
as per Vedic Spiritual Sciences. This
has been recently accepted by the
World Health Organization (WHO).
Health as enshrined in ‘Yog’, is :• A disease-free Body.
• A quiver-free Breath.
• A stress-free Mind.
• An inhibition-free Intellect.
• An obsession-free Memory.
• An Ego that includes all.
• A Happy Soul.
Mother Nature intends for ‘everything and everyone’ to belight,
nourished, cherished and happy.
March, 2014
When a jeev (living being) is at ‘Dis’ ‘Ease’ with its physical and metaphysical surroundings, it is heading towards ‘DISEASE’
All the management philosophies,
ranging from Time Management to
Financial Management and Systems
Management to Business Management, emanates from Self-Management. If we manage our emotions
and reactions to people and situations,the rest of our life-journey starts
to reflectone’s own positive disposition to the environment very soon.
This ‘Yogyata’ is derived from ‘Yog’.
The different situations which
arise due to interaction of the
‘Jeev’(Living Being especially
Humans) with the ‘Sansaar’(Office
Colleagues, Softwares, Surroundings,
Machines and other Beings) cause
loss of equanimity which is a regular
feature of human life. This may cause
Anger, Lust, feeling of Loss, Jealousy,
and other ‘Commotion of Emotion’
which tends to make one gravitate
away from the ‘Centered-Ness’.
This loss of ‘Centered-Ness’ leads to
vitiation ofthoughts and results into
heavy breathing. This cycle can be
corrected and reversed through ‘Controlled Breathing’ which regulates the
quantity, speed and the direction of
Air Element in the body. Once this
‘Controlled Breathing’ is practiced
and infused in the body at least once
(in the prescribed manner) in a cycle
of 24 hrs, it effectuates a regulation
on the breath and it finishing off any
‘dis-ease’ in the ecosystem of the
body. This ‘ecosystem’ of the body
includes the entire Mind-Body
This ‘Controlled Breathing’ is
called ‘PraanaYaam’ (‘Prana’ means
the ‘Life Force’ and ‘Ayaam’ is the
‘Facet’). The ‘Pranaayaams’ oxygenates
the blood cells, restores the biorhythms in the body and centers the
mind.These ‘Pranayaams’,in the modern age, available through YouTube
videos, DVDs, Guided CDs and other
media. However, the best and recommended method is to present oneself
for various workshops and courses offering these life-skills. Usually it takes
anything between three to six days
to learn these ‘Pranaayaams’ under
an experienced and qualified trainer.
The Happiness Program , ‘Achieving Personal Exellence’ (APEX) and
‘Youth Empowerment Seminar’(
YES+) are few such programs which
alongside the ‘Praanayams’, integrate
life-skills,playwaygupshup, energy
building processes and meditations.
Another feature of these workshops is
the ‘SudarshanKriya’, (Recommend
a Google Search), a unique breathing
pattern which has calming, harmonizing and cooling effects on the
entire body-mind complex. These
workshops are conducted across 164
countries in local languages.
Researchers at AIIMS, NIM-
Admission Season into Universities is just round the corner and students would soon take that their steps into the
world of higher education. Manav Rachna University is all ready to meet the counseling session for new admissions.
ealizing the importance of
Career counseling in helping students assess their
interests, abilities and values, Manav
Rachna Educational Instructions organized a three-day Intensive Training for Admission Duties. Conducted
every year for Faculty and Staff
Members on Admission Duty, the
objective behind this training is to
ensure that the people in the said area
are fully aware of the Admission Procedures, Courses offered, Highlights
of Different Programmes, Transport
and Hostel facilities available, Education loans on offer and so on.
Senior dignitaries such as Dr
N.C. Wadhwa (Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International
University), Col. (Retd) V.K. Gaur
((Director, Manav Rachna College
of Education), Professor Suresh Bedi
(Director, Quality Assurance and
Centre for Continuing and Distance
Education) , Dr Ashok Kumar Arora
(Executive Director, Administration, Manav Rachna International
University—MRIU), Ms Hitankshi
Thukral, (Deputy Director, Corporate Communications, MRIU),
Dr H.S. Sai, General Manager, IS,
among others were there to share
their views and expertise during the
training exercise. The Programme was
attended by a wide mix of Faculty
and Staff from different departments
and institutes of MREI. Addressing
the gathering, Col. (Retd) V.K. Gaur
emphasized upon the importance of
admissions to sustain every department, operation and member of
the organization. He said that it was
Realising the
importance of
Career Counseling in
helping students
assess their
interests, MREI organised a three-day
Intensive Training
for Admission Duties
important to be humble (‘vinamra’)
and look to our conscience (‘vivek’)
while counseling students and parents. While speaking to the audience
at large, Dr N.C. Wadhwa said, “For
a self financed campus like us, we
have to prepare ourselves well for the
admission process. Ours is a transparent system where it is essential for us
to be truthful at all times.” His parting
words were, “Act as a proactive member of the team; be receptive, kind
and considerate to one and all.”
Session 2014-2015
Admission is on in full swing at the Faculty of Management Studies,
Manav Rachna International University. We are proud to add another
feather to Manav Rachna’s already distinguished cap with the launch
of the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme for which Admissions are
Open for a Limited Batch Size.
Executive MBA Highlights
This unique 15 month programme conducted by the Faculty of
Management Studies, is meant specially for working professionals keeping in view their needs for upgradation of domain knowledge, application skills and career progression.
What makes the EMBA programme a worthy experience is the
fact that it is characterized by contemporary curriculum, application
orientation, innovative pedagogy, global immersion and senior faculty
drawn both from academia and industry. Its specializations in Marketing,
International Business, Finance, Human Resource Management and
Information Technology is expected to give participants exposure to
current management and business practices prevalent both within and
outside the country.
The participants can expect to fast-track their careers through this
course by receiving fresh insights into business practices and move on
to the higher echelons of management. The programme is based on
actual re-skilling requirements of professionals which is an area of major
concern for executives in today’s competitive era. This cutting-edge
programme will take care of time constraints of working professionals
and has convenient schedules with weekend classes. The programme has
an ongoing partnership with KPMG to deliver specialized modules.
Online applications for admissions to be submitted at the university website
HANS and other top institutes are
already testifying to the positive
results. Established corporates and
institutions like Boston College,
Google, Humboldt University,
Cornell,Virginia Tech, IIT Bombay
and even the NASA and US Army
are putting their resources through
these transformational programmers.
The student life is about experimentation, widening the horizons and
deepening the roots. It is incumbent
upon the youth to seek deeper engagements with oneself and thence
bring forth the change we all want
to see.
Deputy Registrar FET, MRIU
Dr. Shobha is a qualified Yoga
and Meditation Instructor. She has
conducted workshops across India .
You can send her tweets
at @DrShobha.
Manav Rachna Dental
College received a special prize
in ‘Allopathic’ category for its
Community Services provided at
‘Health Mela 2014’ organized by
BTPS Hospital at NTPC, Badarpur on 20th February 2014. This is
the third time that the institute has
bagged a prize in the event since
2011 when it first participated.
The award was based on the
services provided, number of patients and other community health
education activities conducted
in the mela. The competitors
included all the major hospitals in
Delhi/ NCR region. There were
more than 40 participants in the
mela. Manav Rachna Dental College provided diagnostic services
including Oral Cancer Screening,
preventive services like topical fluoride application and curative services like cleaning of teeth, removal of teeth and filling of carious
teeth. The theme of the Health
Mela 2014 was ‘Obesity Epidemic’. Interns of Manav Rachna
Dental College performed a street
play educating the people about
obesity and its effect on general
and oral health. On the occasion,
a team of 18 interns, 12 students
and 4 paramedic and support staff
was lead by Dr. Meena Jain from
the Department of Public Health
Dentistry and coordinated by Dr.
Ankur Sharma and Dr. Upender
Singh Sohlot from Department of
Public Health Dentistry, Manav
Rachna Dental College. Two
portable dental chairs and one ultrasonic scaler were installed in the
camp for quality treatment. The
team diagnosed 411 patients and
treated more than 100 patients.