National Conference - Faculty of Commerce and Humanities

National Conference
Language, Literature and Culture
May 30, 2015
About MRIU
MRIU - Manav Rachna International University
is an embodiment of Manav Rachna
Vidyanatariksha which signifies the creation of
human beings or individuals with attention to
all components of holistic growth. The concept
of 'Manav' is accorded the fundamental status.
"Vidyanatariksha" is a conjugation of the words
'vidya' and 'antariksha'. Vidya is knowledge,
information, the basis of creativity and
innovation. It is the foundation of technology
and envisages the future. Antrikhsha means 'the
sky', the space in which we belong or exist. It
can be broken into 'Antar'and 'Iksha' which
means inner desire. Hence in combination the
core promise of Manav Rachna is to create such
human beings as have inner desire to gain
About Department of English
Department of English
Faculty of Commerce and Humanities
Manav Rachna International University
Sector- 43, Surajkund Road
Faridabad- 121004
The Department of English within The Faculty
of Commerce and Humanities was founded in
the year 2013. It offers B.A (Honors) English, a
specialized three-year degree course.The
Department also endeavors to develop all round
personality of the students by enhancing their
communication skills and by instilling in them
soft skills. The English section of the college
library has significant number of standard books
that can be helpful not only for the students of
Honours and P.G Courses but also useful for
standard research at Ph.D. level. Highly
qualified faculty adorned with Ph.D. degrees is
the strength of the Department. The Department
has set up a culture of organizing seminars and
conferences from time to time. In the year 2014,
the Department organized its first ever National
seminar on “Life and Literature”; also a
workshop on “English Language and
Communication Skills” was organized for the
students. A large number of research scholars
pursuing Ph.D. on various topics are already
being guided by the faculty. We also have the
facility of a studio for recording, evaluating and
improving the public speaking skills of the
Manav Rachna International University, Sector-43, Surajkund-Delhi Road, Faridabad-121004
Conference Advisors
1. Prof. Umesh Kalra, EX-IES
Faculty of Commerce and Humanities
Manav Rachna International University
2. Dr. M.K Soni
Executive Director & Dean
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Manav Rachna International University
Dr. Upkar Sagar Bhardwaj
Retd. Prof. and Head, Dept. of English
Govt. P.G College
Research papers are invited on the theme/ subthemes mentioned below. Papers not covered
under the sub- themes, but relevant to the main
theme may also be sent.
Abstracts of about 300 words may be submitted
electronically (as attachment in MS-word) by 15th
April, 2015, to [email protected]
After the acceptance of the abstract is
communicated, full paper in soft copy is to be
[email protected]
1. Selected papers will be published in the form
of a compendium after the conference.
2. If there is more than one author of a paper,
individual registration will have to be done for all
members of the team.
3. Name, institutional affiliation, e-mail, standard
mailing address and phone/cell number should
be mentioned while sending these papers
Registration Fee Outstation Faculty: Rs.1500/Students: Rs.750/-
About the theme of the Conference
There are various ways of understanding
language, literature and culture, since they are
interrelated and interdependent, and various
new ideas and approaches emerge from various
disciplines. The conference aims at exploring
this dynamics with a focus on the
complementary nature of language, literature
and culture and their centrality in human life
The proposed conference is expected to go a
long way in making us aware of the issues
related to the theme. It will also provide a
platform for healthy discussion among
Language studies or linguistics is a science that
tackles language from the perspective of
structure, form, meaning and context, while
literature is the art of the written composition,
divided in poetry, prose and theatre. The
complex discipline of Language, Literature and
Cultural Studies aims at enabling to build a deep
understanding of a culture based on the
language and literature. Language and literature
are both a very powerful expressive tools and
they offer insight into the building elements of a
culture, the particular characteristics of a society
or social group in terms of intellect, emotion
physical environment and spirituality. These
two forms of expression are some of the
strongest transmission channels of the cultural
heritage of a society and researching those helps
understand the drivers and mechanisms of the
culture in question.
This conference aims at helping to understand
and value the cultural diversity of the human
society that is becoming today more and more
globalized and detached.
Mode of Payment
Registration fee can be paid through Demand
Draft issued on any recognized bank, and drawn
in favour of “Manav Rachna International
University” payable at Faridabad. On site
Manav Rachna International University, Sector-43, Surajkund-Delhi Road, Faridabad-121004
registration may also be done by depositing
cash at the registration counter.
The outstation participants will have to make
their own staying arrangements. However, all
help will be accorded in this regard, if notified
well in time.
All the details regarding the conference can be
had from the official website of MRIU:
Conference Convener
Dr. Vidushi Sharma
Associate Professor
Mobile: 09810671429
Email: [email protected]
Conference Coordinators
The Conference aims at fostering healthy and
productive interdisciplinary interactions among
participants. The scholarly discourses will
definitely help in explaining various issues
confronted by man in the modern age. The
conference sets out to provide a unique platform
which will constructively bind all diverse
thought processes. We invite submissions for an
abstract of a research-based paper in any of the
relevant fields, including but not limited to:
Cultural Reflections and identity crisis in
Culture, Communication and Identity
Contemporary cultural milieu
Language in multicultural contexts
Feminist and Gender Studies.
Postcolonial Literature and Theory.
Diasporic issues and concerns
Digital Humanities
Media and Literature
Subaltern and power politics
Idea, Idealism and Literature
Globalization and Multiculturalism
Search for Identity in Indo-English
Dr. Shivani Vashisht
Associate Professor
Mobile: 09560605789
Email: [email protected]
Format for Submission
Dr. Sujata
A) Abstract
Asst. Professor
Mobile: 09582042296
Email: sujata. [email protected]
Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Asst. Professor
Mobile: 09810106429
Email: [email protected]
The 300 words abstract should be typed in 10
point, Times New Roman, normal font, single
space. Use A4 size paper with margins-top: 1
inch; bottom: 1inch; left: 1.25 inches; and right:
1.25 inches.
B) Full Paper
The Paper should not be of more than 2500
words typed in 10 point, Times New Roman,
normal font, double space with margins-top: 1
inch; bottom: 1inch; left: 1.25 inches; and right:
1.25 inches.
Title: The title should be centered across the top
of the first page and should have a distinctive
font of 18 points Century. It should be in a bold
font and in lower case with initial capitals.
Manav Rachna International University, Sector-43, Surajkund-Delhi Road, Faridabad-121004
Authors’ Names and Addresses: The authors’
names and addresses should be centered below
the title. These lines should be 9 points Times
New Roman.
All paragraphs must be indented. All paragraphs must
be justified, i.e. both left-justified and right-justified.
Last Name, and First Name, Book Title,
Place: Press, Year.
Last Name, and First Name "Journal
Paper Title", Journal Name, Vol. X, No. X,
Manav Rachna International University, Sector-43, Surajkund-Delhi Road, Faridabad-121004