Why should you consider hosting a student from another country?

Why should you consider hosting a student from another
Here are a few reasons to consider:
You can enrich your life through first-hand knowledge of another culture and
You can start a life-long friendship with someone from another country.
You can broaden your cultural horizons and gain an international
You can share your life with a deserving student from another country of the
You can engage in an activity that will enhance your education and career
You can have an unforgettable experience!
At Niskayuna, we have two types of exchange students:
Cultural exchange students. These students come to the U.S. on a J-1 visa
through a sponsoring organization. They are here to experience American
culture and improve their English. We have had J-1 students at Niskayuna
for over fifty years. Hosting a cultural exchange student is a voluntary
International students. These students apply to attend Niskayuna High
School for a year as part of their formal education, and our district accepts
them based on their academic record. International students pay tuition and
come to the U.S. on an F-1 visa given to qualified students. These students
pay a fee of $6000.00 to their Niskayuna family to cover the expenses of
International students arrive in late August for orientation and remain in our school
until the end of the school year.
If your family is interested in learning more about hosting an
international student, please contact:
Mr. Edward Alston Sr.
Coordinator of International Scholars Program
Niskayuna High School
518-382-2511 ext. 21706 (w.)
518-925-8870 (c.)
[email protected]