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Tradition lives on at MHS for Madrigals
For many years now, the
Martinsville High School
Madrigals have been dressing in their attire of Renaissance style clothing and
entertaining during the
holiday season. They sing a
capella music that comes in
the genres of spiritual,
Christmas carols, and
Madrigal songs. Part of the
Christmas program is
usually this group on the
stage singing Christmas
carols for the entire school. .
Every year the Madrigals
begin to practice in August
and continue throughout the
rest of the year and into
February of the next year
when their season is officially over. After the holidays comes the competition
Martinsville first started
Madrigals in 1947; it only
consisted of eight members.
Photo courtesy of Artesian 2007
Madrigals has enjoyed a rich tradition at MHS. The 2007-08
troupe entertained throughout the community during the holidays
and performed in numerous contests.
Current choral director Tim
annual performance dinner;
James was once in
it will be held in December.
Madrigals himself in the
The first dinner was in 1965
seventies. Since then, the
and was held at the high
team has grown and evolved school.
into a singing entity with 16
This year will be the first
year that the dinner will be
This year will be the 42nd
held at an alternative locayear for the Madrigals’
tion. This year the
Madrigal’s annual performance dinner will be held at
the Masonic Hall on Washington Street.
Overall, the group consists
of four different groups.
Females can either be an alto
or a soprano, and males can
be either a tenor or bass.
Each year students
interestedin the lead roles,
Lord or Lady of the manner,
tryout for the positions. Even
though it is a lot of work, one
will never hear a member
complain about the amount
of time and energy they put
into being a Madrigal. In the
end, every one of them
knows that the time and
effort was well worth it.
Over the years the Madrigals have received nineteen
first and second place
awards in competitions and
three perfect scores.
The Big Bang Theory becomes a new hit
The first comedy of 2007
Sheldon. Sheldon likes to show off his intelligence to everyone he
appeared to be The Big Bang
talks to. He has a huge ego, especially since he started going to
Theory. It premiered on Sept 24
college at age 11. He also suffers from obsessive compulsive
on CBS and is planned to air
disorder, which makes him do some pretty entertaining things
every Monday night at 8:30 p.m.
throughout the show.
The show has become a hit. It is
A girl named Penny that Leonard is very fond of lives just down
a good way to end those manic Monday nights. I personally think
the hall. After a recent break up with her ex-boyfriend, she was
The Big Bang Theory has become so popular because it is such a
forced to move out. Leonard claims that it was love at first sight
unique show starring two nerdy, yet hilarious characters, that you
between him and Penny, but Sheldon just thinks he is going after
just cannot get enough of.
something that will never
The Big Bang Theory was
happen. It is very entertaining
created and executively
trying to watch Leonard pursue
produced by Chuck Lorre and
his love interest.
Bill Prady, both of which used
The show was first planned
to work on the American
to air for a total of 13 episodes.
comedy Married with ChilAbout a month after the
dren. The Big Bang Theory
premiere, the producers decided
stars Johnny Galecki, Jim
to air a full season of 22
Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco.
Galecki used to play in the
The Big Bang Theory is
sitcom Roseanne, Parsons
laugh out loud funny. You will
played a role in the film Garden
not find another show on TV
State, and Cuoco used to play a
like it. It seems to become more
character in the sitcom 8 Simple
and more popular after every
episode; however, there is some
The Big Bang Theory is
question as to where the show
Photo Courtesy of Google
about two prodigies in their
is going to lead. What will
p Big Bang Thoery. They are
These are the three main characters of
twenties named Leonard and
happen after Leonard finally
(from left to right) Sheldon, Penny, andLeonard. Sheldon and
Sheldon who live together in an Leonard are roommates. Penny lives across the hall.
starts dating Penny? People are
apartment building. They have
also curious to see if the show
no problem with scientific equations, but when it comes to things
will be able to keep the viewer’s interest and keep creating new
like the opposite sex, they tend to have some trouble. Leonard is
conflicts. I think the show might not last many seasons, because I
just concerned with trying to fit in and be accepted. He does not
do not see where it could go. The writers aso far have been able to
like to show off his smarts to other people, unlike his best friend
keep the show going and keep it funny and entertaining.
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