Alcohol Makes You Last Longer In Bed

Alcohol Makes You Last Longer In Bed
Matt Gorden's secret for lasting longer in bed.. "I was able to go from 34 minutes to just under an hour on my first attempt"
Drinking alcohol will make you last longer.
But, if you drink too much, you won’t be able have an erection.
How much is enough, but not too much, is very individual. It depends on
your weight, how often and how much you drink, and what you drink.
The general guide is 3 to 4 units of alcohol.
If you drink beer… try having 3 beers before sex. If whiskey is your choice,
have 4 shots of whiskeys.
Now, you don’t need to become an alcoholic. Having a few drinks before sex
will do the job.
I have no business in telling you whether you should consume alcohol or
not. I’m not your mom, and it’s your life. But I want to give you a friendly
If you drink, keep it under control. If you never drink, than make drinking,
as a technique for lasting longer, your last resort. There are many other
techniques, methods and treatments you can try.
Here’s what other guys say about having a drink and lasting longer…
“… I have had a few different partners for the past couple years. I don’t
condone drinking but having 3 beers before sex definitely makes me last
longer… too many and I can’t get an erection (same with Rx pain killers). I
have only had two occasions with PE but don’t want any more
“… About four shots of whiskey does it for me…”
“… Whiskey… consume a few drinks with whiskey and you can go for a long
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