Product Detail:

Product Detail:
Please see picture below for further
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For best result, this power ring works perfect
with sex enhancement pill (No side effect,
100% safe)
External use only
Stay harder - longer, increase sexual lasting power
1. Stay harder
2. Increase sexual lasting power
3. Stop premature ejaculation
4. Heighten the intensity and volume of orgasm
5. Maintain fuller erections
6. Use as a constriction device (tourniquet) for penis enlargement exercises.
Control premature ejaculation and intensify your orgasms!
*Cock rings have been used for decades by men of all ages
who desire greater orgasm control and increased sexual
*Today, we are proud to offer what we believe to be the
worlds most comfortable and effective cock ring.
*Experience the lasting joys and pleasures of sexual intercourse while satisfying your partner with longer-lasting,
harder and fuller erections.
Make sex last longer and enjoy intense orgasms!
*Cock Rings go on the base of the penis and help to maintain
an erection by retaining the amount of blood leaving the
*This provides a more firm erection and also helps support
its overall length and girth. Not only does a Cock Ring
maintain firmness, it also prevents premature ejaculation
- a condition that 25-40% of men face today.
*The solid grow in the dark of the cock ring makes it discreet and unassuming, while the light-weight, durable
design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere - even
in your wallet!
Some of the benefits the Cock Ring can offer include:
*Harder, longer-lasting erections.
*Every man desires hard, long-lasting erections during sexual encounters; however, this is difficult for many men
to obtain and/or maintain. The Cock Ring helps to solve
this problem by safely keeping much of the blood in the
penis itself to prolong erection strength.
*Control premature ejaculation.
*Premature ejaculation is a common problem for men, as it
affects virtually every man at some point during his life.
Cumming too quickly leads to disappointment and frustration on both the man and his partner, and it significantly diminishes the pleasurable experiences of sex.
*The Cock Ring helps men to overcome premature ejaculation, resulting in a lasting, fulfilling sexual experience
for both participants.
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Disclaimer: “Our
products provide you with the goodness of the ePower Ring and conform to supportive therapy only. Our products are neither a medicine nor an alternative to
medicine and we do not claim preventive and/or curative properties and benefits
by usage of our products.”
Designed & Packaged in USA
Made in China