Special Visitors Program 21

Special Visitors Program
21-28 March, 2015
Special Visitors Program
21-28 March, 2015
Simón Levy, Director General, PROCDMX
(Mexico City Agency for the Promotion of
Investment and Development)
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
Visit Coordinator
Lisa Davidson
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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Monday 23 March, Sydney
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
Brendan Lyon, Chief Executive
Kate Townsend, General Manager, Membership and Events
Discuss infrastructure best practice and infrastructure plans in Australia and Mexico to explore
possible synergies.
Site Visit: Barangaroo urban development
Urban Growth NSW
Mr David Pitchford, CEO, UrbanGrowth
Compare urban transformation and infrastructure plans in NSW and Mexico to explore possible
Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living
Discuss urban development issues including sustainable urban design, solar energy, energy
efficiency, built environment, decision support software tools and community engagement.
Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO, CEO.
Site Visit to UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Professor Ian Burnett, Dean
Professor Joe Zhu, Head of the School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems
Guided tour explaining features of the building, in light of similarities with Mexico City´s Future
Cities project.
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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Tuesday 24 March, Brisbane
Jim Pruss, General Manager, Strategy and Policy
Seqwater, a statutory authority of the Queensland government, is one of Australia’s largest
water businesses with the most geographically spread and diverse asset base of any capital
city water authority. It manages more than $10 billion of water supply assets and the natural
catchments of the region’s major water supply sources, as well as recreation facilities that
provide more than 50% of the green space in Southeast Queensland outside of national parks.
Projects Queensland
David Quinn, Executive Director
Projects Queensland manages high risk-high value infrastructure projects in Queensland such
as main roads and hospitals
Site visit to Herston Quarter
The Queensland government has designated a 4.8 hectare site in the inner-city suburb of
Herston to become a vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial precinct, following the
relocation of the Royal Children’s Hospital in late 2014.
Site visit to Inner City Busway Network
Andrew Jackson, Director
During the G20, the traffic control centre and busway network were vital to the secure and ontime operation of VIP motorcades. On an average day, it augments the city’s public transport
network and eases traffic congestion. Briefing will include overview of Brisbane’s traffic signal
systems and managed motorways.
City Parklands Transition Services
Sean Walsh, Manager for Parklands
Graham Jones, General Manager, Parklands, Brisbane City Council
City Parklands Transition Services manages Brisbane’s South Bank
Site visit: South Bank Parklands
South Bank is Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and cultural destination. Located on the southern
banks of the Brisbane River.
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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Wednesday 25 March, Brisbane
Meeting with Queensland Trade Commissioner
David Camerlengo, Queensland Trade Commissioner for North America
David Camerlengo is based in Houston and represents the Queensland Government in the
USA, Canada and Mexico.
Roundtable meeting with Trade and Investment Queensland
Briefing on market priorities from Queensland Government representatives responsible for
trade and investment.
Queensland University of Technology – Institute for Future Environments
Prof Ian Mackinnon, Executive Director
Prof Laurie Buys, Social Change
Discuss urban development including sustainable urban design.
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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Thursday 26 March, Melbourne
City of Melbourne
Geoff Lawler, Director City Planning and Infrastructure
Melbourne has been named the world´s most liveable city for three years running.
UN Global Compact Cities Programme
Professor Ralph Horne, Director
Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy Director
Patricia Galan, Urban Research Officer
The cities Programme, based at RMIT, focuses on collaboration between all levels of
government, business and civil society in order to enhance sustainability, resilience, diversity
and adaptation within cities and in the face of complex urban challenges.
University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Adrian Hearn
Adrian Hearn is an authority on Chinese-Australian and Chinese-Latin American relations. His
research examines social challenges and opportunities arising from Asia-Pacific economic
Arrive at venue for presentation
Council Chambers
Presentation on PROCDMX by Simón Levy
Co-hosted by RMIT, UN Global Compact Cities Program ANZMEX (Australia, New Zealand,
Mexico Chamber of Commerce & Industry).
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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Friday 27 March, Melbourne
CRC for Sensitive Water Cities
Monash University, Clayton
Discuss urban development issues focusing on water management.
Committee for Melbourne
Kate Roffey, CEO
The Committee for Melbourne is an association of business, academia and non-profit
organisations, which aims to keep Melbourne as one of the world’s most liveable cities.
Plenary Group
Phil Dreaver, Group Director
Plenary Group is a leading international infrastructure business, responsible for the
development and delivery of public-private partnerships in Australia and North America.
Site Visit to ANZ Building
The ANZ Building is Australia’s largest commercial building to achieve a six star sustainability
Special Visitors Program // 21-28 March, 2015
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