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Patience is
not passive;
on the contrary,
it is active, it is
drug info@your library provides up to date information about
alcohol and drugs on this website and through local public
libraries in New South Wales.
drug info@your library is a joint initiative of NSW Health and
the State Library of NSW.
How does drug info@your library work?
Edward G.
Bulwer- Lytton
Lesbian Style & Culture magazine LOTL or Lesbians
on the Loose Started in 1989, LOTL is Australia's only
magazine for lesbians, bisexuals and queer women.
Over its 20-plus year history, LOTL has united the
lesbian community and documented the change in
attitudes and acceptance for gay women in Australia.
Web resources and public library collections are selected and
regularly updated by specialist staff at the State Library of
New South Wales in consultation with experts in the field.
“There are 102 central libraries in NSW and 272 branch
libraries, 230 of these in regional areas”
Through this network of public libraries drug info@your library
extends across NSW to make resources available to those in
remote areas.
By working with public libraries and assisting with community
promotion drug info@your library increases local awareness
of drug and alcohol issues.
The collections and website are provided for the community
of NSW with a specific focus on parents and carers of young
people and secondary and TAFE students.
For more info visit:
HEARTS in HEALTHCARE is a new community, established
to champion compassionate care. We believe bringing
like-minded people together is the first step to re-humanising
healthcare around the world.
Our aims are simple.
To allow compassionate caring to rise above institutional
rules and practices.
Encourage health workers to reconnect to the heart of
their practice.
Increase the happiness, well-being and resilience of
healthcare workers.
We welcome all health professionals, students, consumer
and patient activists, academics, administrators, researchers,
leaders - anyone passionate about building a compassionate
healthcare system.
Hearts in healthcare invite you to view an inspirational short
film in which nurses, doctors, therapists and patients talk
about the importance of compassionate, whole-person care,
and about an international movement to re-humanize
healthcare: HEARTS in HEALTHCARE.
You can view the film on
YouTube: or
For more news about developments with HEARTS in
HEALTHCARE please visit:
In recent months youth workers from different services in the
Shoalhaven and Illawarra area participated in the ‘Goin Viral’
project. This project is a three part initiative for youth
workers aimed at preventing new Hep C infections among
young people.
During Hepatitis C awareness week in July 2012 Access
Community Group (ACG) in Corrimal put on a great event for
young people between 12 and 24 years of age. The youth
were invited to participate in different educational workshops
during the day for which they received a stamp in their ‘goin
viral’ passport designed by ACG.
The educational workshops included information and games
on Hepatitis C, education on Sexually Transmissible Infections
as well as information about the danger of alcohol and other
drugs. Beer goggles made the young people aware of
coordination difficulties experienced by people under the
influence of alcohol.
The youth were also made aware of the danger of Hepatitis
C in relation to backyard tattooing and piercing. Most young
people who access the service either have tattoos and/or
piercings or know someone that has had a backyard tattoo.
Now more than ever, tattooing is becoming more prevalent.
During the event young people were able to get spray on
tattoos and at the end of the day they were also able to
exchange their passport for a spray-tattoo baseball cap.
All up it was a fantastic, fun and fabulous day!
Special thanks to Michelle Enchilidis from ACG and
Connie Graf from First Step Needle Syringe Program.
Who are they and What do they do?
Green Connect Illawarra (GCI) Is a social enterprise initiative of
SCARF Inc, in partnership with the refugee community in the
Illawarra of NSW. GCI commenced as a pilot initiative in 2009 to
provide recycling services for the Illawarra Folk Festival.
The enterprise has since developed a comprehensive scope of
works to provide effective management of waste generated at
events and festivals across the region. GCI provides a cost
effective solution to waste issues in the Illawarra. In addition, our
clients are able to establish good environmental credentials and
showcase best practice in the region.
In return, as a social enterprise, those contracting GCI assist vital
training, work experience and employment for new and emerging
refugee communities and the long term unemployed. Our results
speak for themselves!
The Community Street Soccer Program, also known as Street
Soccer, is an initiative of The Big Issue. The program uses soccer
to help homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people positively
change their lives and reconnect with the community.
The weekly training sessions give participants an opportunity to
get active and make new friends in a fun and non-threatening
environment. They provide play equipment and dedicated coaches
and support staff at 24 sites across Australia. During the two-hour
sessions, players take part in skill work and a friendly match.
Support staff also work closely with participants, linking them with
services that address their individual issues and needs.
Street Soccer is aimed at men and women aged 16 years and above.
It engages people who in many cases have given up on counselling
and traditional support systems and services. They come from many
walks of life, but all have been marginalised in some way including
through long-term unemployment, mental illness, homelessness,
refugee status, drug and alcohol dependency or physical disability.
In March this year HARP in partnership with Healthy Cities Illawarra
delivered health education sessions for Street Soccer participants in
Wollongong. HARP s health promotions officer Naomi Cox supported
the project goal of promoting social inclusion and personal change by
providing information on sexual health issues including healthy
relationships, sexual consent, STIs and access to services.
Via consultation with players, soccer tee shirts were designed and
produced by Hi Tech Graphics in Auburn Street Wollongong with a
the ‘Share Affection Not Infection’ retro logo on the front of the
shirts and players nominated names on the back and the Healthy
Cities logo.
To find out more about the program please visit
(L-R) Nathan, Chloe and Allan
Or contact Eszter Vasenszky, The Big Issue Media and
Communications Coordinator 0415 319 421
[email protected]
Female condoms are worn during sexual intercourse as a method of contraception and also to prevent sexually
transmitted infections (STIs).
The female condom is made from polyurethane and is inserted into the vagina before sex. It is about 15cm long and has two
flexible rings, one at each end, to keep it in place in the vagina. One of the rings is closed and this end rests inside the
woman’s vagina. The other ring, which is open, rests outside.
The advantages of the female condom
• It is a safe, effective and reversible method Of contraception
• It can be obtained without a prescription
• It provides protection against STIs for men and women
• Unlike the diaphragm, women do not need a fitting or a medical Examination before use
• It can be used with any type of lubricant e.g. oil based lubricants
• The polyurethane condom allows for heat transmission, which may make sex more enjoyable
• The external ring may stimulate the clitoris, making sex more pleasurable
If you would like to order the female condom the HARP Unit now have these in stock. Maximum of ten per order.
1 October International Day of Older Persons
1-7 October RSPCA Awareness Week
1-31 October Foot Health Month
1-31 October Mental Health Month
1- 31 October Girls Night In
2 October International Day of Non-Violence
6-13 October R U OK? Day
7-13 October Haemophilia Awareness Week
Ride2 Work Day
10 October
World Sight Day
11 October
International Arthritis Day
12 October
14-20 October Anti Poverty Week
14-20 October Carers Week
15 October
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remeberance Day
15-19 October Sock it to Suicide Week
16 October
World Food Day
16 October
World Spine Day
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
17 October
Loud Shirt Day
19 October
20 October
World Osteoporosis Day
20-26 October National Week of Deaf People
21-27 October Occupational Therapy Week
21-27 October Children’s Week
Pink Ribbon Day
22 October
Disarmament Week
24 October
National Bandanna Day
26 October
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