5 Steps to a Profitable Mobile Catering Trailer Business

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5 Steps to a Profitable
Mobile Catering
Trailer Business
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The Secrets To Making It Big In Mobile Catering
What you hold in your hands is just a snapshot of the world’s most
comprehensive course on how to start and grow a successful mobile
catering business.
Up till now, this information has been closely held and only available
to a select few entrepreneurs who were starting out in business and were
accepted as clients to the worlds most successful mobile catering
coaching program.
I strongly suggest that you print this report out right now, and read it
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mobile caterers a great deal of income in their own businesses which you
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The reason why most new mobile caterers struggle…
I am struck by how almost every new mobile caterer is approaching
their business or starting their business the wrong way.
Lack of fundamental business building knowledge is really the
primary cause for so much struggling and time wasting, it’s sad. It’s the
reason why the overwhelming majority of people new to mobile catering
will fail in achieving their dreams even if they have great cooking skills
and work extremely hard.
I’m going to address the issues for you here right now, because I know
from past experience that my unique perspective can really make a
tremendous difference in your business, as it has for many new mobile
catering businesses around the world.
I cannot sit on the sidelines anymore and allow so many dreams fall by
the wayside due to a misunderstanding of how successful mobile
catering businesses are built.
This report exposes these issues, one by one, and you will gain clarity
about your relationship to your business (and how to grow it) that you’ve
never had before.
I’m going to show you how just a few of the Mobile Catering Mastery
clients started their businesses, and I’m going to show you the some of
the exact concepts that are responsible for their growth.
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
But first, let’s take a look at where the industry is today and put it in
perspective with traditional business…
Putting the mobile catering industry into perspective
Starting your own mobile food business could be the best business
decision you have ever made. Heres why…
Statistics show that due to a cultural shift in eating habits food and
drink purchased and eaten away from the home has now OVERTAKEN
eating in!
Figures show that the average adult spends the equivalent of $1400
per year on food and drink away from the home…
Figures from 1990-2008 go on to show a 150% increase in food and
drink purchased away from the home at catering trailers and food outlets
and the figures continue to rise…
Mobile catering sales now exceed $10BILLION WORLDWIDE and
with the weather continually getting hotter these figures are set to
increase exponentially...
Starting your own mobile food business is undoubtedly one of the
fastest, most flexible, least time consuming ways of making money from
food with the ability to earn real cash with some of the highest profit
margins around in business.
But Here Are The Alarming Facts You Need To Know…
The food industry is the largest employer on the planet. More
people work in the food industry as a whole than any other industry in
the world. What does this mean? Well, when it comes to starting a
business most of the people employed by the food industry naturally
want to start a food related business.
Do you think it’s by chance that restaurants have one of the highest
failure rates out of all business start-ups? No, its because starting a
restaurant business is one of the most desired businesses to own because
of the amount of people employed in the food industry.
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
But starting a restaurant is often way too expensive for people starting
out, most people prefer a low risk, high return, shoestring style business
to begin with, so what do people naturally turn to…
Mobile Catering!!!
I can’t begin to tell you the amount of calls I used to get before
creating the Mobile Catering Mastery course from new caterers asking
for guidance in starting up their mobile catering business. That’s why I
rarely do phone consultations any more. There are simply too many food
entrepreneurs wanting to start out in this business.
What does all this mean?
Simply put, competition is growing, and growing fast. Go to any
mobile food joint and ask for guidance on starting up your own similar
mobile food joint and you’ll soon find out the competitive reception you
get from the business owners that want to hold you back!
But rest assured, there IS hope and there IS opportunity for you
if you are willing to learn the strategies that successful concessionaires
use to achieve mobile catering success.
Most new mobile catering businesses simply don’t know the
successful start-up methods or insider’s real life methods and systems
and will often fall flat on their face because they didn’t take the time to
learn the core details to success in the mobile catering business
I’d like to prove to you that starting your own mobile food business
doesn’t have to be a struggle if you’re willing to learn the fast-track
methods from people who have already succeeded with their own mobile
catering businesses.
So I’d like to give you 5 crucial steps to success for your new
mobile food business.
The 5 Keys to Success in Mobile Catering…
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
Step 1: Plan for Success.
From my own research and inside
view on the industry, the mobile
catering entrepreneurs who succeed are
the ones who prepare and plan their
Listen, without a plan and strategy in
place you can’t do anything. You can’t
set clear objectives, you can’t work out
the financial requirement, heck you
can’t even get funding to start in the
first place!
A huge mistake I see many new mobile caterers make is jumping into
the mobile food business often spending thousands of their hard earned
money without a even knowing where they will trade from, how they will
attract custom or even what they will sell.
Many mobile catering businesses fail not knowing where or even how
to effectively start trading and have no idea on how to make money in
the catering trailer and mobile catering business.
Some go in to huge debt and do things wrong because they did not
know how to successfully start up and get through the red tape and into
the trading pitches and events that count.
This can often be the case in business and without learning the
strategies that will lead to a successful and profitable food operation you
could end up loosing money fast!
Educate yourself as much as humanly possible and try to immerse
yourself in the industry. Learn as much as possible about the road ahead
and prepare for business professionally by reading up on the best
methods to use in this industry.
Remember, almost everything can be set out and planned for before
even purchasing any catering equipment and having a written plan will
most likely determine the fete of your financial success.
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
Step 2: Get a Good Catering Unit for Your Business
Without this you’re dead in your tracks. In
this business the concession stand, catering
trailer, food cart or other catering equipment
you will use in your day-to-day business is the
single most important investment you will
make and is the core foundation of the
business itself and will ultimately determine
your future in the industry.
The buying decision MUST be made with some degree of sensible
thought as this one decision will affect a number of outcomes in the
future. For instance:
It is the core of all of your marketing and will be attracting the eye
of potential customers from every which way
Your catering trailer represents how customers identify your
business name, products and brand
Your catering trailer also determines what foods you can sell with
the equipment included and will often determine the menu options
of your business
It also determines how fast you can operate and effectively sell
items through its structure and inner equipment layout which if
positioned right can exponentially increase productivity and will
ultimately determine your profits
It will be one of, if not THE biggest asset of your business proving
you with a sustainable income and giving your business value both
on and off paper
It will be the biggest single investment of your business and
depending on your operation and budget can be a huge outlay
ranging from just $500 up to $250,000+
The catering equipment you use is an essential part of running a
successful mobile catering business and therefore it is important to know
what to look for, the legal implications involved with owning and using
this equipment, how to get the best deals and how to use your equipment
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
There are a range of factors in mobile catering which will influence
your sales. Such factors include the weather, season, time of year, types
of people and their tastes etc. Ideally the catering equipment you choose
to buy or rent should be as flexible as possible to deal with such factors.
In summer for example you may wish to sell summer foods such as
smoothies, while in winter they would not sell as well so switching that
particular product line to a product like hot soup would be a smart move.
Having this flexible equipment arrangement means you can adopt a
more flexible menu so that ultimately you can cater a wider range of
Step 3: Manage Your Business for Maximum Profit
It’s a fact that event organizers, councils, health
inspectors and the authorities LOVE IT when
mobile caterers show organization in their
When it comes to health and food safety,
managing your mobile food operation effectively
is an absolute must and can determine whether
your business stays open or not.
Show them you mean business and get your catering operation to be
seen as a professional mobile food outlet by using forms and organised
schedules for your food and management operations.
When you use rotas, forms and schedulers to effectively manage the
day-today operations, the job just gets so much easier. With systems in
place to manage each task such as setting up your catering van,
preparing food, organizing staff, serving customers etc your business can
literally double its productivity and produce food and products faster
and fundamentally sets up your business to run more effectively.
Set up an effective trading system with a step-by-step process for each
important task within your mobile catering operation. Tasks can include
preparing certain menu items, attracting customers to your outlet,
positioning the food and equipment in a layout that is optimized for
cooking and serving food items and so on.
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
This will not only save you time but also increase your serving times,
your productivity and result in greater profits almost instantly. The
faster your can serve a queue, the more customers you can get through,
the more customers you can serve, the more money you can make.
In the Mobile Catering Mastery course I include a HUGE
selection of action planners, temperature recording documents, cleaning
schedules, stock management tools, money management and many more
MUST HAVE templates in a Mobile Catering Business Toolkit so you can
manage your mobile food business and keep it stress free, organized
and legal. You can check it out at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
Step 4: Get a Good Catering Pitch
Getting your mobile food business into profitable catering pitches and
events IS the make or brake of your business.
It’s just that simple. Look, it doesn’t matter
what experience you have in concession
trailers and mobile catering, it doesn’t matter
how good a cook you are or what experience
with food you have, it doesn’t even matter
what type of food you are selling...
Think about it. Being able to get into high earning pitches and events
and attract customers to your mobile catering stand is the most powerful
skill you could ever learn in this business. Without getting a good
catering pitch and attracting some money spending customers you’re
going to be dead in your tracks.
Simply put, when starting your own catering trailer
business, knowing how to do this is vital for your success
There are a number of savvy techniques which can greatly increase
your chances of getting into profitable catering pitches by 10x which we
don’t have time to go into here but will go into greater detail in ‘Get the
Pitch You Want’, a valuable bonus guide from the Mobile Catering
Mastery course.
But just remember, focus on getting a good catering pitch with lots of
people traffic to sell to, it can make or brake your business.
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
Step 5: Attract Steams of Paying Customers
Learning to market your catering trailer business and attracting
customers has by far the highest leverage in your mobile catering food
Listen, Consider gravity. We can’t see it
but it’s a force that surrounds us and keeps
us from floating into space. As a result of
gravity, if you hold something in your hands
and then let go, it will fall to the ground. It’s
a natural law of the universe.
Gravity doesn’t care if you don’t like it or don’t know that it exists. It
just works. It’s just like the proven marketing principles in the mobile
food business, they work whether you know about them and use them, or
One simple but highly effective marketing principle is creating an
ongoing relationship with paying customers. Again there are a number of
techniques to effectively do this to ensure your customers come back
again and again which we will go into later in the Mobile Catering
Mastery Course but the principle itself is important.
Many mobile catering entrepreneurs underestimate the value of the
relationships they have with their existing customers and the value in
being able to market to them. You will always make more money from a
continuing relationship than you will with a one off customer, so who’s
better to market than the customer who just ate at your outlet.
The ability to create and nurture a continuing and profitable
relationship with your customers is a huge competitive advantage an
independent food outlet has over any national food chain or franchise
and is one that must be capitalized on. Here are just a few examples of
the immense value of repeat custom and what it can do to your business.
No. of items purchased
based on a 5 day permanent
1 coffee or drink purchase
1 repeat customer
buying 3-4 items per day
A family or group of
5 workers buying lunch
3 years
Discover the Secret to Mobile Catering Success at www.CateringTrailerSite.com
Obviously, these numbers tend to vary depending on the situation, but
even if we reduce them by as much as 20% to allow for the slower
periods and other variables the income from your potential repeat
business can be astronomical. So I ask you, how much is a repeat
customer worth to your business? The price of a 10 cent flyer? An
introductory first time discount? A free drink or taster?
Repeat custom can and will bring huge revenues to your business if
you foster and keep the relationships strong so they keep on coming back
to spend money at your outlet.
There was a time where you could start a mobile food business and
concentrate on serving good food with a fairly friendly service and find
that the world would beat a path to your door however...
The huge growth of the restaurant and mobile catering industry over
the years with national chains, franchises and mobile catering companies
popping up everywhere topped with the fact that many people want to
start a business in the food industry means that starting up a mobile food
business is no longer a guarantee of economic success or independence.
Most caterers I meet are doing a great job of operating their mobile
food stand, cooking up good food and so forth, but they lack the
knowledge, skills and experience to attract a steady flow of customers
and the ability to keep them coming back.
In today’s highly competitive food industry, every known food chain
can be within one or two blocks from your food stand and with the
number of mobile caterers on the increase, getting pitches and attracting
money-spending customers anywhere will be close to impossible without
some solid marketing systems in place.
“Here’s How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls,
Beat Your Competition & Start Your Own Profitable
Mobile Catering Business on Any Shoestring Budget”
It will most likely take you months, if not years and can cost you a
small fortune to figure out the most efficient way of starting, managing
and marketing your catering trailer business, while others will risk it all
and fall flat on their face.
Let me ask you, how would you like to make a huge success of your
very own mobile catering business from the very start?
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Suppose you had the tools and resources you needed to effortlessly
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Suppose you could have a ‘mobile catering success blueprint’
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How useful would that be to you..?
Well instead of knocking yourself out searching high and low trying
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The Mobile Catering Mastery course
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profitable cash generating mobile
catering business from the ground
It breaks down each piece of the
process containing all the essential
information you need in an easily
digestible course with follow-along action
steps, multiple action tracking tools and
templates to guide you through the
start-up phase and into the BIG
Inside My Action-Packed Step-By-Step Course
You’ll Discover…
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The laws, legalities and insurances that you MUST HAVE and the
methods of how to effortlessly cut through the red tape and get your
business licensed and trading
Will you be shut down by the authorities? Discover the low down
on how to pass the food inspection every time!
Uncover the secret money magnet hotspots of the high earning
concessionaires and discover how to locate the highest earning pitch for
your business
You’ll learn the event getting system and discover the unknown
secret techniques of how to get into events
Your own ‘Done For You’ Complete Mobile Catering Business
Plan to Get The Funding You Need Fast
Your very own all-in-one mobile catering toolkit to achieve your
maximum profits and potential to get your business up and running
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How to find the pitch owners and event organisers that can
literally explode your income-Inside you’ll find the MUST HAVE upto-date resources to all of the major event-getting websites including,
festivals, events, markets, local councils, directories & more...
2 ‘done-for-you’ successful application blueprints which you can
use right away to apply for pitches and events
The sure-fire advertising techniques that will make your business the
dominant food establishment at any location whilst blowing your
competition away and make you BIG MONEY in the process
How to optimize sales for maximum profit with your concession trailer
and how to even duplicate your operation to be earning major streams
of income in several places at once
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Free marketing and advertising methods that brings in paying customers
every time with minimum time and effort
An up-to-date complete marketing powerhouse with the most effective
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And much, much more…
Here’s what just a few customers had to say about the course…
"Making real money in a job I enjoy"
“Hey Mike, This course is great. I’ve been a chef for a number of years and have
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a great source of knowledge for me and I often refer to them for a recap. I’m now
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Neil, Manchester, UK
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I glad I didn’t before reading through your course. Starting a catering van had
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the step-by-step methods and the confidence to finally start in my own business
THE RIGHT WAY. This package is great and I'll happily recommend it to anyone
with doubts about buying or starting out in a new mobile catering business.
Thanks again."
Sarah, London, UK
"I’m making money at 3 different locations"
“Hey Mike, Your eBooks came highly recommended from a friend of mine who
already does his own food stand. So I bought a copy for myself and did what you
said in the books. I am now up and running in my own catering stand business
and trade at local markets on the weekends. I have secured 3 other catering
pitches so far at some fairly big outdoor events and just wanted say thanks for all
the info in the course, I had no idea how to start and this was just a fantastic
starter kit.”
Paul, San Diego, USA
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So here’s the deal. I’d like to give you the opportunity to try the
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Mobile Catering Mastery
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So there you have it. Truthfully, not everyone will be able to take
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Wishing you all the success with your mobile food ventures
Mike Carter