seminar details - Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West and the Queensland Government invite you
to the Growing Central Queensland “Farming’s Next Frontier; The Quest to Invest” seminar at Beef
Thursday 7 May 2015
1.00pm to 1.55pm $10/ticket
Growing Central Queensland Launch 1.55pm-2.10pm
James Lawrence Pavilion - Gallagher Energizer Room
The Seminar will be followed by the official launch of the Growing Central Queensland agricultural
prospectus and beef industry investment opportunities portfolio
The Investment Opportunity
Central Queensland is an agricultural powerhouse and the second largest contributor by value of
agricultural commodities in Queensland. The region is dominated by beef cattle production and also
supports dry land and irrigated cropping, horticulture and forestry. Meat processing facilities located
in Central Queensland are substantial in scale and contribute significantly to the regional economy
and State exports.
New investment is being sought to extend the capacity and productivity of Central Queensland’s
agricultural sector in response to increased global demand for its commodities. Central Queensland
has strong capability in food production with highly productive livestock and cropping and efficient
processing infrastructure, underpinning opportunities for expansion, particularly in intensive
agriculture, horticulture and also for growth and diversification of water resources. For details on
specific beef investment opportunities available now, please contact Regional Development Australia
Fitzroy and Central West on (07) 4923 6217.
Seminar Synopsis
Does your business need capital to expand? Do you want to retire your debt, enable succession
planning and continue farming? Finding investment capital for family farms to enable these outcomes
is possible.
This seminar hears from a farmer who faced the issues of debt and succession planning, and has been
successful with external investment in his business in addressing these issues. This discussion is
supported by the perspective of what an investor is looking for in your business and which legal
structures provide the most positive outcomes for farming families.
Funding Our Business Expansion through Capital Investment: Frontier Finance
Presented by Hamish Millar - Managing Director, Cowal Agriculture
There is plentiful capital looking for a home in Australian agriculture; and finding an investment fund
that is prepared to invest directly in family farms requires a bit of homework and persistence. The key
to making a joint venture deal work is having an understanding and commitment of the expectation
and needs of both parties.
What is Investment Ready?
Presented by David Krause, Partner, BDO Advisory Corporate Finance and National Leader for Food &
The presentation will look at what an investor looks for as an investable product in a business. It will
go through some common issues faced by investors and how businesses can prepare themselves
A legal framework for getting yourself investment ready
Presented by Brad Beasley & Gordon Stunzner South Geldard Lawyers
Once your enterprise grows beyond that of a sole trader or family partnership, there is a multitude of
structures and legal relationships to consider. This presentation considers a number of structures that
are appropriate for commercial endeavours involving multiple parties and how these fit within
different legal relationships. Brad will look at the different sorts of legal entities that are regularly
used for agricultural ventures.
Tickets are available through the Beef Australia Website on and can be
purchased on-line. Tickets are selling fast so we encourage you to book and take advantage of some
of the best minds in agriculture today. Be a part of the growing Central Queensland lunch and
understand the investment opportunities in Central Queensland.