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14 May 2014
RE: Pregnancy Diagnosis @ ‘Warroo’ Inglewood – Bim Goodrich
I am a registered veterinarian in the state of Queensland (Registration Number 1294). I am an
AACV (Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians) Accredited Pregnancy Tester
(Accreditation Number 1032).
This is to certify that on this day (12 May 2014) I performed manual pregnancy diagnosis on
40 Angus cows (primarily Red Angus). Of these 33 were red tag O4 pregnant (F04977 to F
05009 inclusive) and 2 were blue tags U4 pregnant (29451 to 29452 inclusive) at the time of
examination. The remaining 5 were NDP and bangtailed at the time of examination.
If you have any further queries please ring on the telephone number above.
Dr. Noel O’ Dempsey BVSc(Hons) Cdec