hhw class 4 - Saraswati Early Learning Centre

Means of Transport
Go, Go, Go
We can fly in a plane
We can ride on a train
In a boat, we will row.
We can Go, Go , Go
We go near, we go far
In a bus or a car.
We go high, we go low
So where should we go?
Transportation is the act of moving people or goods from one place to another. Without
transportation, life would be so difficult. In earlier times, transportation was extremely slow
and difficult. People transported goods on their backs or heads or by dragging them along
the ground. But with the changing times there have been different modes of transportation
which have been responsible in making life easy.
Social Skills:
Attempt any of the two activities:
1. Collect pictures of different types of road transport. Paste them and
highlight the following: Name of the transport, Number of wheels (two wheeler,
three wheeler etc. ……..), Runs on which fuel, Purpose used for.
2. Look at the map of India. Choose a route for a train journey. Write the
following: Different clothes you will see people wearing in every state you pass,
the languages you will hear, the kind of food you will find at a station. Also,
write how the landscape outside the window changes as you travel.
Stick as many pictures as you can.
3. On a map of world, make your own sea routes or air routes to a few places
of your choice. (Use an A3 size sheet, stick as many pictures as you can).
Language Skill:
1. Make a travel log of the places visited in holidays. In case you don’t visit
any place, write about your previous holiday. The travel log should consist of
the following: Name of the place, History of the place, Duration of visit,
Climate, Location on the map, Food, Religion, Clothing, Means of transport,
Other places of adventure and leisure, Things which you shopped for special
attractions. Make it in the form of a brochure with lots of colourful
pictures and meaningful information.
Scientific Skills:
1. Prepare a poster on Global Warming. Add points about the cause and effects
of global warming.
2. Make a scrap book and write at least.
a.) Different kinds of pollution caused due to transportation.
b.) Effects of pollution
c.) Remedial measures taken by the Government of Delhi to reduce pollution
(refer to the Science book, Block – 18).
d.) Different ways which can be adopted by the youth to reduce pollution (refer to
the Science book, Block – 18).
e.) diseases caused to due to pollution.
Mathematical Skills:
1. a. Collect data from three families about the number of people travelling by
different modes of transport like Delhi metro, personal cars, bus, scooter, auto
etc. Present the data in the form of a bar graph.
b. Write an analysis about the data presented.
2. Fill up the table given below with appropriate facts:
Day / Date
Time taken Expenses
to travel
a.) Write about minimum 4 means of transport.
b.) Write about the day and date of travel.
c.) The name of the starting point and the final destination.
d.) Distance travelled (in Km.) as per the speedometer.
e.) Time taken to travel.
f.) The amount of money incurred during travelling. Stick as many bills as
possible. (optional).
g.) In the end, total up the distance travelled and expenses incurred .
Hindi Skill:
धरती बचाओ पर
'यातायात के
पर लेख
Suggested Reading
 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
 Beauty and the Beast
Practice work
English and Hindi – Revise all the grammar concepts
done till now.
Maths- Revise tables 2 to 20.
Happy Holidays