(NOTE: The Executive Summary is the section of the business plan in which you give an overview of the business and
highlight the key points and the purpose of your business plan.)
[NAME OF COMPANY] (the “Company”) is a [describe, e.g. “a corporation incorporated under the laws of the
State/Province of ___________”] which has been engaged in the business of restaurant management and
operation for the past ____ years. The Company currently operates ____ restaurant(s) in the
___________________ area.
The Company plans to (open a new restaurant / acquire an existing restaurant) [to be] located at
________________________ [insert street address]. The restaurant will seat approximately _____ and will
serve ____________________ [description of type of foods to be served]. The restaurant [will / will not] be
licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.
(NOTE: This section sets out the corporate objectives, mission statement, current phase of your business, and the
company’s goals and objectives for future growth.)
Goals & Objectives
The Company’s goals with respect to the restaurant are two-fold: to provide high quality
_______________ food and service to our customers, at a competitive price which will encourage return
and repeat business and help us achieve profitability. At the same time we will consider the effect of our
menu offerings on the health and well being of our customers and staff, the impact that our business
practices will have on the environment, and the importance of fairness, understanding, proper attitude
and generosity among management, staff, customers and vendors. Consideration of these factors and
implementation of responsible courses of action will result in a sense of purpose and a corporate culture
which goes beyond the basic financial goals of the Company.
The Company feels that the restaurant represents a unique concept that targets a new and growing
market. We expect that market to respond and anticipate significant growth over the next ____ years. Our
goals are to create a reputation for quality, consistency and security (food safety) which will make us a
leader in the market.
If the restaurant’s sales and profits are on target at the end of the first year of operations, the Company
will look to expand to a second unit.
Past Achievements
[describe the company’s past successes in the restaurant industry]. The Company has established a qualified
management team with a combined total of ______ years of experience in the restaurant industry.
The Market
[briefly outline the market and available customer base in the area, the number of restaurants already servicing that
market, and the reason(s) why customers will choose your business over the competitors]
Exit Strategy
Ideally, the Company will expand to ____ independent restaurants over the next ____ years. At that time,
we will consider the possibility of selling out to a larger restaurant concern, or actively seek to sell to a
new owner.
(NOTE: Use this section to describe the history, structure, purpose, operations, management, personnel and strategic
alliances of the business. If you are starting up a new company, describe the proposed structure and management
team, and set out the reasons for starting up the business.)
History & Background
The Company was incorporated on _____________ [date] in the [State/Province] of __________. The head
office of the Company is located at [address].
To date, the Company has issued ___________ shares of common stock [provide details on all shares of stock
issued and outstanding]. The following table sets out the current shareholders and the number of shares
owned by each:
Name of Shareholder
No. & Class of Shares
The remainder of the issued and outstanding common shares are retained by the Company for [future
distribution / allocation under the Company’s employee stock option plan / etc].
The Company currently has outstanding shareholder loans in the aggregate
$___________________. The following table sets out the details of the shareholder loans:
Name of Shareholder
Amount of Loan
Date of Loan
Balance Outstanding
Directors and Officers
An impressive board of directors and management team has been assembled which will be a valuable
asset to the Company and instrumental to its development. The following persons are the current
directors and management team of the Company:
Name of Person
background, past industry experience, other companies in which the person played a key role
Name of Person
background, past industry experience, other companies in which the person played a key role
Name of Person
background, past industry experience, other companies in which the person played a key role
Consultants & Professional Support
At present, no outside consultants have been retained. [if outside consultants have been retained, list them and
their credentials]
(NOTE: In this section, describe your current products and services, what features or offerings set your products and
services apart from your competitors, R&D plans, future enhancements, production and distribution strategies.
Include data on proprietary processes, patents, copyrights, etc, which make your products unique.)
Facilities & Operations
[modify this section as it applies to your situation: Lease negotiations are [underway / completed] for the new
restaurant site, which is comprised of _______ square feet and is located at ________________________.
The population of the target market area is approximately _____________. Upon signing the lease, the
landlord will provide the restaurant with _____ months free rent for construction. The balance of the
start-up funds must be raised during the construction phase. Upon completion of the construction, the
Company will open the restaurant and proceed with the operations phase of the project.
The [building / space] was formerly a ___________ and requires [minor/major] structural modifications.
The licenses and codes’ issues are all in order. New equipment and dining room furnishings will be
purchased and installed by the general contractor.
The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner ___ days a week. Hours of operation will be from ____
AM to ____ PM. The restaurant will be closed on [list holiday closures, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc].
Products & Services
The restaurant will be offering a menu of food and beverages with a distinctive image. There will be
several ways to purchase these products: [revise as required: table service inside the restaurant, take-out,
and delivery.
Our menu will offer a collection of ___________________ [describe type of food offered] items, competitively
priced, with a common theme of ________________________. As the market changes, new products may
be added to maintain sales.
Food Production
Food production and assembly will take place in the restaurant’s kitchen. Fresh vegetables, meat and
dairy products will be used to create most of the menu items from scratch. Our chefs will exercise strict
standards of sanitation, quality food production, and presentation or packaging. Food will be made
mostly to order and stored in large coolers located in _______________.
A great deal of emphasis has been placed on researching the quality and integrity of our products. They
will constantly be tested to ensure that they meet our own high standards of freshness and purity. Food
costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management.
[revise as required] There will be _______ ways a customer can purchase food. They may choose to sit
down at one of ___ seats in our dining room and get full service from a waitperson. A separate take-out
counter will service those customers who wish to pick up their food. Most take-out food will be prepared
to order, with orders coming via either telephone or fax. Delivery will be available at certain times of day
and within a limited area (within ______ miles/kilometers of the restaurant). Delivery orders may be
prepared to order, or may be prepared earlier and stocked. Catering orders will be treated as deliveries.
Future Plans & Opportunities
If the business is meeting its projections by the end of Year 1 of operations, we will begin scouting for
another location and developing plans for the next unit. Our ____-year goal is to have ____ restaurants in
the _______________ area with a combined annual profit of $_______________ or better.
There is a market segment which prefers to eat at home, even though they do not have time to prepare
the food themselves. There are already a number of caterers and mail-order or online companies which
provide customers with up to a month’s supply of pre-prepared meals. This opportunity will be
researched and developed on a trial basis. If successful, it could become a major new source of income
without creating the need for additional staff or production and preparation space.
(NOTE: Use this section to identify your current market (if an existing business) and/or your target market (for new
or expanding businesses), the growth potential of the market, market share, competitors and their products and
services, factors which impact your business (such as seasonal sales, niche markets, etc). This section will also be
where you outline your marketing plan (sales, advertising, PR).)
Industry Analysis
Although the restaurant industry is highly competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living
continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people increasingly find themselves with a lack of
time, resources, desire and/or the ability to cook for themselves. The Company is well positioned to take
advantage of the current interest in _____________________ foods at reasonable prices.