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“How To Be Proud & Profit From Your Happy and Satisfied Restaurant Customers” You’ve spent an enormous amount of money, time, resources and serious effort to acquire customers in the first place so when they leave customer feedback good or bad it’s really time to recoup your investment. After all the need for customer loyalty is not going to go away? Here’s your 7 essential tips to improve your profits, frequency of visits & overall customer lifetime value from your customer satisfaction feedback. 1. When your customers are leading such busy hectic lives & they send you a valuable reply to your automated survey it’s essential to respond and be fast. So many customers are actually counting & assessing how long it takes you to respond – if you don’t respond fast then some customers will start to think you aren’t really interested now you’ve got my money from eating in your restaurant. (especially if its after a birthday party celebration) This is the sort of thing customers will tell their friends, family & colleagues by saying – they took 2 days to respond or WOW they were so fast in responding I’m definitely going back to eat these again. 2. When you respond (fast) and it’s in an appreciative way that shows you value their business (todays customers want this) and you value them as a customer – when they treated as “VIP” and made to feel special they will keep coming back again & again. 3. The real truth is customers are so often to polite to complain or even praise about something in your restaurant & on a face to face yet a small percentage of customers will reply on their email (this is real gold) and ultimately is a big opportunity to develop a relationship with your customers – the reply button is to help with an instant response, after all in this competitive world it’s the fast that are winning and taking over against the slow. 4. Instant responding to your customers will improve your customer referrals as they pass the word about your great follow-­‐up, customer care, service experience and ignore any local rival offers & promotions – not only that but they will encourage everyone they know to come back to your restaurant. Inside tip – include a special offer with your reply. 5. Replying to your customers quickly will help keep them glued to your restaurant – after all taking an age to get back to a customer spells out the message – we don’t really care & this encourages customers to wander off & eat in your competitors restaurants. 6. Happy customer feedback so often can be used in your marketing, advertising & even put on your website in the form of testimonials – these are worth their weight in gold It’s one thing for you or I to promote our business but when somebody else endorses, recommends and praises your business it becomes much more believable 7. It’s no secret that when your customers are taking the time & effort to reply to you & some are making genuine suggestions that spell out how they want you to succeed & that they support you, your team & your restaurant. So in a nutshell……always read & consider your VIP customer suggestions (they are your big fans) as it’s free advice & so often where the best ideas come from – after all we are not our own customers. Tip: Just find out what they want & provide it to them!!