Analyzing Sample Customer Service Letters

Analyzing Sample Customer Service Letters
To prepare for our class discussion, please read the following three letter examples, written by
students from a previous class.
Complete the grid, below, with your analysis of each letter. You might consider the following
Approach and Audience Perspective
Content and Development
Writing Style
Editing and Format
1) ALK
and Pub
2) The Delta
3) Royal Park
What grade
would you
Suggestions for improvement
give this
Customer Service Letter: Example 1
Jill Student
Cornell University
555 Donlon
Ithaca, NY 14853
September 1, 20xx
General Manager
ALK Restaurant and Pub
19 Walters Avenue
Newark, NJ 08661
Dear Ms. Kaufman:
This past August I dined at the ALK Restaurant and Pub for the first time. While the food was excellent, I
was disappointed with my overall dining experience, specifically the service. I would like to point out
why I found it to be unsatisfactory.
I felt the service was inadequate for the following reasons:
Upon being seated, my guest and I were not served water, even though other patrons who
arrived after we did received water in a timely fashion.
My guest asked the waitress for water with lemon, and we were served water with no lemon.
My guest had to ask the waitress twice more and the hostess once, before we received the
Our meals took an unnecessarily long time to be brought out, considering they were relatively
simple: a hamburger cooked medium-rare and a salad with chicken. We did however receive an
apology from the waitress for the excessive delay.
I am a native of Newark, and I dined at the ALK because of its stellar reputation. Hopefully my
experience was uncommon because I would like to return to the restaurant sometime in the future. I
appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, and would be grateful if you could reply. Thank you for
your consideration.
Jill Student
Cornell University
School of Hotel Administration
Customer Service Letter: Example 2
Cornell University
555 Donlon Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
September 1, 20xx
Chef Mac Torres
The Delta Room Restaurant
524 First Street
Huntington, NY 11753
Dear Chef Torres:
I am writing to compliment your establishment for its impeccable service and genuinely friendly
staff. Currently, I am a freshman at Cornell University’s Hotel School where, as a class
assignment, we were asked to identify an instance of outstanding service we had personally
received in the hospitality industry and to compose a letter of thanks to that establishment.
And, in my opinion, a recent dinner I had at the Delta Room could not be a more perfect
I live on eastern Long Island, and my family and I have dined at the Delta Room on several
occasions. The recent instance of outstanding service I well remember took place not too long
ago, in June, where special attention was given by your staff to making the dining experience a
very memorable event.
As I stated earlier, I have dined at the Delta Room on several occasions – but always with my
family. This time, I decided to take my girlfriend to my favorite Long Island restaurant, the
Delta Room, to celebrate our high school graduation. What impressed me the most that
evening was simply the overall quality of service that we received during our dinner. To make
an already incredible dinner even more outstanding, the wait staff went to special effort to take
our evening to the “next level”. For example, the wait staff took the time to learn our names,
even though the room was full of crowded tables. By the end of the evening it seemed that
every wait staff member was addressing us by name.
Such little extras that the wait staff did to make it special were both unexpected, and
completely unnecessary, but made the event that much more significant for my date and me.
Not only did the special touches impress my girlfriend, but they made the dinner experience an
evening that I am sure we will both remember for years to come. I’ll bet that this is not always
the level of service that a high school kid receives, even from some of New York’s finest
restaurants. It is a reflection of the quality of your wait staff that they treat everyone with
equal respect
I have worked in restaurants before and am currently going to school for hospitality
management. As a result, perhaps I more carefully note the quality of service than a typical
customer would. I realize that restaurant wait staffs often times get annoyed when they have
to serve “kids” – after all, “kids” can not order an expensive bottle of wine with dinner, and
they do not have limitless wallets. As a result of these limitations, service can suffer noticeably
– especially when the restaurant is crowded with many other high-paying guests, as was the
Delta Room the evening my girlfriend and I were dining there. Yet, the service we received was
absolutely impeccable.
Again, I would like to commend your staff for their wonderful service, and to thank the Delta
Room for an overall incredible dining experience. You have certainly gained a life-long
customer and a friend.
Joe Student
Customer Service Letter: Example 3
September 1, 20xx
Cornell University
555 Donlon Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Melanie Lim
General Manager
Royal Park Cafe
157 Rondado Street
Los Angeles, CA 20799
Dear Ms. Lim:
I am writing to thank you for a delightful dining experience at your restaurant. As a student in the
Cornell School of Hotel Administration, I understand how helpful feedback can be, and I’d like to express
my gratitude for a wonderful meal. I began the evening feeling slightly apprehensive, as I’d chosen to
bring friends to Royal Park Café even though I’d never dined there myself; I was not disappointed. The
service offered by the wait staff was both composed and personable, and it allowed the evening to flow
flawlessly. The food itself was outstanding, and the décor and ambiance provided the perfect balance to
the cuisine.
The wait staff was both attentive and friendly. The table was unobtrusively cleared between courses and
we did not need to ask once for our water glasses to be refilled. I dined at your restaurant with friends
from overseas who were not particularly proficient in English. Yet our waiter explained all that they
needed to know comprehensibly and answered each of their questions in a kind and courteous manner.
He took a genuine interest in our satisfaction and made sure that we were enjoying our meal.
The food was absolutely delicious and the presentation was impeccable. The thought of the grilled miso
marinated duck breast still makes my mouth water. Though we were all satisfied after the main course,
we could not resist the enticing dessert menu (nor did we want the meal to end!), and I found the
chocolate, pecan, and caramel tartlet to be a delectable end to my meal. The food was a perfect
demonstration of the New American cuisine that I was looking to offer my international friends.
I thought the décor and ambiance provided the perfect setting for the meal. The room carried an air of
casual elegance, which mirrored the mood of the entire evening. The soft lighting and striking floral
arrangements made the room inviting and graceful without being overbearing. My friends and I felt at
home while still aware that we were treating ourselves to a nice meal. The atmosphere was effortlessly
matched by the understated grace of the food and the service.
I most certainly plan on returning to your restaurant, and have already recommended it to numerous
friends. I hope my feedback has been helpful, and I’d love to know how your staff responds to it. Thank
you again for a marvelous evening.
Yours truly,
Jonathan Student