San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women
August to October 2013
AAUW advances
equity for women and
girls through advocacy,
education, philanthropy
and research.
In principle and practice
AAUW values and seeks
a diverse membership.
There shall be no
barriers to full participation in this organization
on the basis of gender,
race, creed, age, sexual
orientation, national
origin, disability or class.
A Quarterly Publication
San Diego Branch, Founded 1911
AAUWSD Branch Invites You To
Enjoy AAUWSD Contribution Results for Important STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Career Choices for Girls.
AAUW provides funds
to advance education,
research, and selfdevelopment for
women and to foster
equity and positive
societal change.
By joining AAUW we
belong to a community
that breaks through
educational and
economic barriers
so all women have
a fair chance .
American Association of
University Women
San Diego Branch
P.O. Box 262012
San Diego, CA 92196
AAUW San Diego Branch
AAUW San Diego is a
tax-exempt not-for-profit
501(c)3 organization.
Your contributions
are tax-deductible.
Tech Trek camper dissects a squid
during field trip to Sea Camp.
Campers interview a SCUBA diver at La Jolla Cove as
part of the documentary film core class. The girls
made short films on the issue of the guano smell at
the cove and the city’s response to the smell.
AAUW San Diego Branch Members, Invited Guests
and years 2012/2013 Tech Trek Camp Girls.
What: Tech Trek Camper Presentation and Reunion.
When: Saturday, September 14, 2013, 9:30am-11:30am.
Where: Mission Valley Library,2123 Fenton Parkway, San Diego, CA 92108
Cost: Free.
RSVP: Please RSVP to: [email protected] by
September 12, 2013, or Call Eileen at 858-405-8744
Refreshments will be served. The September Meeting is an AAUWSD
General Meeting. We will vote to approve the 2013-2014 Branch Budget.
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THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
Calendar Dates of Interest
On Hiatus Until October
Wesley Palms, 5th Floor Solarium
2404 Loring, Pacific Beach
Contact: Judy Seerey
Ph: 858-270-9140
[email protected]
Meets at noon monthly for fun,
food & conversation
in Coronado or Imperial Beach.
RSVP: Gladys Beit-Ishoo
at [email protected]
Ph: 619-424-5958
Lunch Dates alternate monthly
on Tuesday/Wednesday to
accommodate guest schedules.
Mystery Readers
Book Club
3rd Tuesday , 1:30 p.m.
New Selections Beginning
In September
Contact: Beth Colman, (619) 397-1400
or [email protected]
Daytime Book Club
Meets 2nd Wednesday of month,
10:00 am.
Sept. 11: Redgrave
Oct. 9: Swerve
Nov. 13: Into the
Beautiful North
Location: Various
member homes.
Contact Julie McKane:
San Diego Events
E-Reader Training
Tuesday, August 20,
6-8 p.m. Serra Mesa Lib.
RSVP: [email protected]
See Page 3
September 14 AAUWSD
General Meeting and
Presentation of Tech Trek
Campers and Faculty.
Inspiring for all! See Cover Page.
Other AFFILIATE Events
Women’s Suffrage Rally
August 29th, 5:00 p.m.
Balboa Park,
6th & Laurel.
Let us NEVER forget
to Celebrate a
Woman’s Right
to Vote. See Page 4.
Lawyers Club San Diego
7th Annual Balance
Symposium Luncheon Balancing Across the Legal Profession:
From Having It All to Leaning In.
Work-Life Balance and the Realities of
Being a Lawyer in the 21st Century
Community Outreach &
Education Event - Oct. 12
Thursday, September 19, 2013,
Unwanted & Unlawful: Crossing
the Sexual Harassment Line.
Mission Valley Library.
Invite friends and students/working women
and men you know!
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Bristol Hotel, 1055 First Avenue,
Downtown San Diego
3rd Annual Moonlight Chic
Rooftop Cocktails,
Cuisine and Couture
for a Cause.
See Page 5
November: Date TBD. Possible
No-Host Appreciation Dinner for
AAUWSD Members & Guests.
AAUWSD Board meetings
August to November, 2013
Tuesday, August 27, 6-7:45 p.m.
Tuesday, September 24, 6-7:45 p.m.
Tuesday, October 29, 6-7:45 p.m.
Mission Valley Library
2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92108
Wed. October 16th, 6 to 9 p.m.
Hotel Palomar
1047 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
Ph: 602-315-3201.
AAUW CA Southern California
AAUW Funds Luncheon
Featuring AAUW Fellowship &
Grant Recipients for Meaningful
Research & Gender Equity Work.
Oct. 19, Buena Park, CA
Info: [email protected]
The quarterly Sphere Newsletter is published by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of
University Women, PO Box 262012, San Diego, CA 92196. Member Business Advertising Rate $50
per fiscal year. Editor: Madeleine Falco, [email protected], 619-708-6984.
THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
AAUW San Diego
Board Members
Eunis Christensen
Jean Ordoñez
Membership VP
Kris Downey
Finance VP/Treasurer
Kelly Nilsson
Public Policy VP
Stormy Miller
Dues Treasurer
Kelly Nilsson
Recording Secretary
Sherry Eberling
Corresponding Secretary
Dawna Bratten
Donna Lilly
International Interests
Anne Hoiberg
Technology Outreach
Lillian Payn
Tech Trek
Eileen Wibbeke
Local Scholarships
Dali Collins
Cathy Burciaga
Kelly Nilsson
College/University Liaison
Lori Saldaña
Branch Historian
Rosemarie Mallory
Women’s Health & Wellness
Linda Dial
Ramona Miranda
The Sphere Newsletter Editor
Madeleine Falco
From the President’s Desk…
Can you feel it? The wind on your cheek.
A buzz in the air?
Page 3
of our talent, time
and resources.
Locally AAUWSD
members develop
Momentum for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
lifelong friendships
returns as AAUW San Diego Branch venas we carry forward
tures on to the San Diego outreach trail.
the mission, includYour AAUWSD Board wholeheartedly
ing sharing intellecadopted the July 13, 2013, Strategic Plan- tual and social purning Meeting directive for AAUWSD Branch suits through Special
to become Visible, Verbal and Topical.
Interest Groups.
Eunis Christensen,
Yes, slight variations to terminology were
presented for our three word “marching
AAUorders”- but Branch focus to speak our
passion for gender equity in an articulate, WSD President included a commitment to
attend other San Diego women’s empowinviting environment is unequivocal.
erment organizations’ events twice a
AAUW San Diego proclaims the empow- month. Members from these organizations
ering message of gender equity through
will come to know us, and we, them.
assisting women and girls, as well as men
I invite you to participate in these
who value female worth, in attainment
with me. Our 2013-2014 proposed
of quality, technology infused education,
Budget (see Page 6) includes funds under
competitive, fair-pay work in the field of
“Special Events” which provide half the
one’s choice and a healthful, financially
cost to attend such activities for at least
solvent, robust Medicare benefits retireone member. We will inform you when
these events present themselves during the
Our AAUWSD Mission inspires that for
year. I look forward to our spending time
which we advocate, not which we deny.
together, sharing the reward of belonging to
Familiarize yourself with AAUW national’s AAUWSD with others dedicated to the wellrenewed website being of San Diego’s women and girls..
In so doing you will re-affirm for yourself
Warmest Regards,
that AAUW is the premier women’s issues
organization in the United States - worthy Eunis C, [email protected]
THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
Page 4
AAUWSD Joins Fight to
End Breast Cancer
tation of cancer control programs to help patients seeking
care and to improve the health of the unborn fetus and the
By Linda K. Dial, Health & Wellness Chair child once born.
“Where we have always Partnered and still do
At the July 30, 2013, AAUWSD Board Meeting we with Planned Parenthood is in educating women about
voted for San Diego Branch to become part of a unified
their bodies … “
force to end breast cancer by promoting the American
With that response from Director Kay Clark,
Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer®
walk. This year’s walk will take place on Sunday, October Healthcare Corporate Initiatives, California Division, Ameri20, 2013 in Balboa Park.
can Cancer Society, Inc., AAUW San Diego was satisfied with
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the larg- the American Cancer Society’s unbiased commitment to
est network of breast cancer awareness events in the na- women’s health. Today, 1 in every 2 women newly diagtion, uniting more than 300 communities to honor those nosed with breast cancer reaches out to the American Cancer Society for help and support. AAUWSD is proud to prowho have battled breast cancer, increase awareness
about how to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and mote the Making Strides Against Cancer walk in San Diego
on Sunday, October 20. 2013. We’re determined to help the
raise money to fund cures and support programs for
American Cancer Society achieve its vision of a world withthose facing the disease.
out breast cancer.
AAUWSD President Eunis Christensen inquired
Sign up today at
about the American Cancer Society’s relationship to
SanDiego. For more information about American Cancer
Planned Parenthood, seeking assurance that funds never
Society programs or activities, call 1-800-227-2345 or visit
had been discontinued due to political influence., or- for local information- call 619-682-7445.
Response from the American Cancer Society was
that the organization “historically has funded a limited number of Cancer Control grants to local Planned Parenthood
affiliates to implement smoking cessation programs that
trained clinic staff to provide smoking cessation assistance
to patients and pregnant women, teaching breast cancer
self-exams, education about HPV and promoting pap
smears . The grants were used exclusively for the implemen-
The annual Suffrage Rally and March is scheduled for Thursday, August 29, 5:00
P.M., Balboa Park at 6th and Laurel. Please don your suffrage costume (primarily a large
hat!), carry a banner or sign, and meet at the statue of Kate Sessions for a few comments from AAUWSD President Eunis Christensen, other community leaders--and
suffragist impersonators.
Following these brief speeches, the march begins at 5:45 and ends at the Organ
Pavilion in time for the final free concert of the summer at 6:15. Light refreshments will
be served in the lawn area across from the Organ Pavilion. Join the group at the statue
and/or the picnic area. Questions: Anne at 858.245.1677 or [email protected].
AAUW is partnering with the Los Angeles Sparks Women’s
Basketball Team. Let’s show support for these amazing athletes!
Sunday, September 15—12:00 p.m.
Los Angeles Sparks vs. Phoenix Mercury
Staples Center at LA Live!
Title IX Success Results.
We’re planning a fun AMTRAK day to LA..
RSVP: 619.299.0778
August - October, 2013
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Unwelcome and Unlawful:
Crossing the Sexual Harassment Line
What will you learn???
Join AAUW San Diego and our dynamic panel of
speakers on the issue of sexual harassment.
If you think you, or a friend, are being sexually harassed,
Women and Men, you MUST attend this workshop!
How to identify, stop, and
prevent sexual
What to do if you believe
you are being sexually
Resources available to you
outside of the workplace
or campus.
When you should call the
Why should you care?
Saturday, October 12, 2013
9:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. Mission Valley Library,
2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego 92108 - Next to IKEA
This issue impacts EVERYONE !
Whether on campus, in the workplace,
civic events or at home!
RSVP by Oct. 9: [email protected]
or Call 619.299.0778
Primary Sponsor: The American Association of University Women ,
AAUW San Diego Branch, a 501(c)3 organization
FREE Event. Light Refreshments Served. Invite Your Friends.
Could this be You?
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THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
AAUW San Diego Branch Business Update
AAUWSD 2013-2014 Revenues and
Expenditures Proposed Budget
Our AAUWSD proposed 2013-2014 Budget
is shown on the right. Most notable for this
year is a stated goal of raising $10,000 in
order to send 10 girls to Tech Trek Science ,
Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Camp at UCSD. The Branch actually will commit $5000, as shown on line item #5103. Our
expectation is to raise double that amount as
the Fundraising Committee makes its first foray into soliciting San Diego’s biotech companies for contributions to Tech Trek Camp.
Research demonstrates that girls need to
be attracted to STEM fields at least by middle
school age in order for them to be drawn to
the intellectual challenge and inquiry needed
for academic excellence in STEM curricula.
Historically, the Branch has not sought
contributions from members for Tech Trek coming to you only for AAUW National Funds
for doctoral fellowships and Community/
Campus Action Grants and our own highly
valued Local College Scholarship UnTea Party
fund drive, chaired by Dali Collins.
This year and going forward, however,
feel free to open your wallets and send in
whatever prompts your heart to help create
the next generation of female scientists and
technology savvy STEM professionals. Simply
designate Tech Trek on your check’s memorandum line. E-mail Kelly Nilsson with your
questions at [email protected]. Or
call Eunis Christensen at 619-299-0778.
AAUWSD Nominates Lynne Batchelor
as New Intra-Branch Liaison Chair
On July 30, 2013, the AAUWSD Board
created a new Appointed Chair position, nominating Lynne Batchelor as first AAUWSD IntraBranch Liaison Chair, for purpose of visiting
other AAUW Branches to report on best practices utilized those organizations.
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THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
Business Directory
Consult these members for professional services.
To Our Wonderful
AAUW San Diego
Branch Members!
Lynne Batchelor
Cathy Burciaga
Sherry Eberling
Ruth Ensworth
Mary Isbell
Rosemarie Mallory
Melinda Mariano
Celia Marshak
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Latin-inspired Dance Fitness
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CASHFit Livi ng Gazette!
Business Advertising Space
Available to
AAUW Members - $50/year
Call: 619-299-0778
e-mail: [email protected]
Lillian Payn
Pamela Pommerenke
Wanda Walker
Susan Weekes
Eleanor Bevege
Welcome New Members
Megan Bailiff - Oceanographer
Raquel Bennett - Economist (Ret.)
Kassidy Cervantes - Nursing Student, National University
Nikki Udkovich - Ad. Law Judge (Ret.)
Rebecca Booth
Dawna Bratten
Sandy Cajigas
Dimaris Michalek
Jean Ordoñez
Marina Pearl Grant
Gillian Simcox
Elizabeth Skelding
Eunis Christensen
Heather Forward
Susan Marrinan
Yana Mohanty
(If you were not listed
during your birthday month,
please contact the editor at
Myth: The federal minimum wage is higher today than it was when President
Reagan took office. Not true: While the federal minimum wage was only $3.35 per
hour in 1981 and is currently $7.25 per hour in real dollars, when adjusted for inflation, the current federal minimum wage would need to be more than $8 per hour to
equal its buying power of the early 1980s and more than $10 per hour to equal its
buying power of the late 1960s. U.S. Department of Labor News Brief, 8/15/13.
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THE SPHERE - August to October, 2013
Upon joining AAUW San Diego Branch we entered
a community that breaks through educational and
economic barriers so all women have a fair chance.
A very few have not sent in your 2013 Membership Renewal Dues.
Please do so immediately in order to benefit from our
AAUWSD life enhancing information and activities .
AAUW San Diego Branch Leads the Way on Women’s Issues.
Attend these two Inspiring Empowering Events.
AAUWSD Branch Budget Approval
October 12, 2013 - Sexual Harassment Education Event.
Invite career women you know.
AAUW San Diego Branch
P.O. Box 262012
San Diego, CA 92196
American Association
of University Women
San Diego Branch
September 14, 2013 -Tech Trek Camper STEM Event and