LAMNET PhD research grant call 2015_en - CCAFS

Latin America Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Network Call for Proposals, 2015
Grants to support scientific training of PhD students from Latin America countries
Call for proposals
The new Latin America Greenhouse gas Mitigation
Network (LAMNET) Research Network invites
students from Latin American countries, currently
enrolled in PhD programs, to apply for grants to
attend a short course on greenhouse gas
mitigation and also to conduct greenhouse gas
measurements in livestock and rice production
systems. Applicants should have a background in
agriculture and climate change research and an
interest in mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
from agriculture.
The motivation letter, which must be no more
than two A4 pages, must include the following:
During the course, students will learn approaches
used in the Standard Assessment of Mitigation
Potential and Livelihoods in Smallholder Systems
(SAMPLES) research program to evaluate options
for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rice
and livestock systems.
Eligibility and conditions
Applicants must be currently enrolled PhD
Applicants must be students from and
conducting their research in a Latin American
The grant money should be used to finance
research on greenhouse gas measurements
NOT tuition or other fees related to the
Greenhouse gas measurements must be
conducted in 2015.
Successful applicants will receive grants of up to
5,000 USD. The grant will be used to supplement
costs for mitigation work being conducted in
livestock and rice systems.
Application requirements
The application must include the following
documents merged into one pdf file:
1-2 page motivation letter (described below).
1-page curriculum vitae that includes your
contact details.
Letter of support from your university
Applications could be in either Spanish or
Your name, citizenship and the country where
you are conducting your graduate study
The objectives of your graduate study.
Any other relevant research experience.
Justification for your participation in the short
course and how the grant from the LAMNET
will advance your graduate research?
Expected outputs from the work conducted
using the LAMNET grant
Applications must be submitted on or before the
31st May 2015. To submit your application and for
any questions please contact the assistant
coordinator of LAMNET, Sandra Patricia Loaiza
Mera, from The international centre for tropical
Agriculture (CIAT).
Email: [email protected]
Successful applicants will be notified by email in
June of 2015 and will be invited to attend a
LAMNET-funded short course in July 2015.