March 26, 2015 TRESTLEBOARD - Santa Clara Valley Daylight

Santa Clara Valley Daylight Lodge No. 844 F. & A. M.
Chartered on October 16, 1996
Thursday – March 26, 2015
Stated February Sessions
Brunch at 10:30 a.m.
Stated Meeting: 11:30 a.m.
San Jose Masonic Center
2500 Masonic Drive
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 267-7121
Important Lodge Dates
March 26, 2015
Grand Master Russ Charvonia
visits Lodge 844 at 11: 30 a.m.
2015 Installed Officers
Worshipful Master
Mike Salazar
Senior Warden
Terry Peters
Junior Warden
Durward Ayre PM
Bill Mattson
George Allen PM
Senior Deacon
Donald Holmes PM
Junior Deacon
Officers Coach
Senior Steward
To be Announced
Junior Steward
To be Announced
Eldred Le Heup PM
Candidate Coach
Eldred Le Heup PM
Important LodgeDates
Brunch 10:30 a.m.
Lodge Meeting at 11:30 a.m.
April 11– Child ID
Santa Clara County
OAM on 04/12/2015
Dinner at 6:30 p.m. @
Los Altos
Treasurers Report:
231st Masonic District Inspector:
Walter (Joe) Campbell
Phone: 408-234-5447
My Fellow Members,
Here we are in March and there are one or two
members who have not sent in their 2015 Dues to
the Lodge Secretary. Please check your dues
card to make sure it is for 2015. Some of the
Officers have been informed that the San Jose
Masonic Hall Association has increased our
monthly rent by 10%. This causes a strain on our
already poor budget. If you would like to help
out add a donation to the Lodge. We would
greatly appreciate it.
In March we look Forward
to on the 26th at 10:00 a.m.
a Social Hour
10:30 a.m. Stated Brunch prepared
by the revolving Chefs of Lodge 844
At the March Stated Meeting the Grand Master
of California is coming to visit us and see how
we are doing. So please come out and join your
Lodge Brothers and welcome our Grand Master.
Save money with an the
Secretary’s Office 48-hours previous
(408) 771-1872 or (408) 289-9891 or
[email protected]
You may also Call the San Jose Masonic
Center Office: (408) 267-7121
Sincerely & Fraternally
Durward Ayre
Lodge 844 Treasurer
(Revised March26, 2015 Secretary’s Report)
From the Desk of the Lodge 844 Secretary:
Following this past December’s failed attempt to elect a new Secretary a certain
Brother has been passing the word around that I am no longer capable of performing
the duties of any lodge officer and that I must be replaced as secretary. My sole
reason for letting Brother Salazar return as Master in December was to maintain an
active Officers Line. Adding fuel to this scuttlebutt going around may have been my
blurted out remarks at the February Stated Meeting, upon realizing I had absentmindedly left page two of the January Minutes at home, “We just may need a new
secretary, because I have no clue as to where page two is.”
The reality was that while preparing to place the minutes into the Minutes binder
I received a call from home that my sister-in-law had passed away. I was at the time
printing the minutes and without thinking things through I had stapled all the page
one’s together
I now turn to how I became involved with this Lodge in the first place, former San
Jose Scottish Right Presiding Officer, Bob Johnson, encouraged me to join Daylight
Lodge to help reorganize it, he having just read several position papers I had written
for the VA. My course of action was what my Father had always stressed, he being
a community organizer and city fireman, youth programs and Child I.D. by working
with community leaders.
Toward that end Brothers Peters and Salazar helped explain to San Jose District
4, Councilman Kansen Chu, what Masonry is about, how our youth programs can
help and what Child I.D. is. The letter from the current District 4 Councilwoman
Margie Matthews (p.7) explains quite clearly that goal was met.
Additionally, quite recently we have found success with three new members and
one additional application for Affiliated membership, yet more needs to occur prior
to being able to show the community in which we live, the true spirit of California
Free Masonry.
Bill Mattson
Lodge 844 Secretary
p. 3
A Partnership to Keep Our Kids Fire Safe
Through the Firefighters in Safety Education program, Masons will bring active
firefighters into public schools to teach age-appropriate fire safety lessons, such as
"Stop Drop and Roll," how to call 9-1-1, and how to escape from a fire in their
$ Other
$14 per month equals Anniversary Level
Dear Brother Durward:
As Public Schools Month approaches, I’m writing to share the story of a young man with a bright
future – thanks to your gifts to the Annual Fund. Give now to change another young person’s
Ramon Ortiz is many things: A big brother. The son of immigrants. A committed student.
Perhaps most of all, he is a hard worker. When he leaves class at San Francisco State University,
he heads to one of two part-time jobs. Then he hits the books again. He goes to college full time,
and is set to graduate in 2017 with a major in economics and a minor in political science.
Someday, he sees himself as an economic advisor to the president. This year, his goal is to win a
grant to travel to the White House with other exceptional students to discuss economic policy.
Make a gift to empower other students like Ramon.
Ramon is the first in his family to go to college. He didn’t know how to apply for financial aid.
He needed academic guidance. And he had no one to ask. Despite his potential, he says he would
not be in college today if it weren’t for Investment in Success – a unique college success program
created by the Masons of California.
Thanks to the Masons of California, and people like you, this program helps make a remarkable
impact on kids who need a little more than just financial aid to succeed in college. The program
awarded him scholarship dollars, but more importantly, it helps him with everything from
securing state financial aid to selecting college courses. Your Annual Fund gift of $45.00 makes
it possible. Give now.
You are part of the reason why, someday, Ramon may be seated among bright students at the
White House, discussing economics with the president’s advisors. A few years from that, he may
be back – this time, in the role of advisor.
Your generosity helps young people reach their potential.
Whether supporting public education or relief to our brethren through the Masonic Homes and
Masonic Assistance, your tax-deductible Annual Fund gift makes a profound difference.
Join me in supporting these programs. Please give today.
Russell E. Charvonia
Grand Master
Repairing the World By Improving Ourselves
We all recognize that our youth are our future. In order to make this future bright, we must make
an investment in the next generation, by devoting our time, guidance, and financial resources to
our young people.
This year, the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of California reflects on the theme
Repairing the World by Improving Ourselves. As we examine our commitment to improving the
communities we serve by consistently demonstrating Masonic values, we must remember to
include support for our Masonic youth orders as a central focus.
DeMolay International, Job s Daughters International, and the International Order of Rainbow
for Girls are built on the same fraternal values that frame our own lives. Just as Freemasonry
inspires each of us to share knowledge and improve society, the three Masonic youth orders
guide our young men and women building leadership skills and confidence; instilling respect,
integrity, and compassion.
It is imperative that we continue to support each young man and woman who finds a place within
the family of Freemasonry. Strengthening Masonic youth orders is one of our 2010-15 strategic
priorities because our youth are the future of society as well as our fraternity, and the ones who
will continue to repair our world long after we are gone.
I therefore PROCLAIM the month of MARCH 2015 to be YOUTH ORDERS MONTH
and I hereby request that this Proclamation be read by the master at the March stated meeting
and included in the lodge Trestleboard. During the month of March, I urge every lodge to plan a
special program in support of our Masonic youth. Consider organizing a joint service project,
offering mentorship opportunities, or organizing an essay contest. More information about
supporting Masonic youth is available at
Dated this 27th day of January, 2015.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Russell E. Charvonia
Grand Master
Allan L. Casalou
Grand Secretary