Implementation of online fault location

Master Thesis - Implementation of online fault location
Overall project description
It is becoming more common to place large offshore wind farms further and further away from
the grid connection point. This is partly due to longer distances offshore, but also often due to
longer distances onshore.
When wind farms are placed further away from the grid connection point, the cables become
much longer and more vulnerable for faults. Also, when long single phase onshore cables are
used, it becomes more difficult to locate faults, occurring some years after the cables have
been put into operation.
A recent PhD study has shown a new improved online method for locating faults on cables.
This study, "Online Location of Faults on AC Cables in Underground Transmission Systems”,
Christian Flytkjær Jensen, 2013, has also made a verification of the method by
measurements on an underground cable for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.
Although this method has been analysed and tested, a comprehensive review of the method is
needed, as well as a simulation test on a DONG Energy export cable wind farm connection. To
ensure implementation, a thorough analysis of theoretical and practical issues related to
implementation, such as GPS accuracy testing and testing on equipment availability for
placement both offshore and onshore is required.
Detailed project description
The main goal of the project is to develop a practical implementation for an on­line fault
location on export cables for offshore wind farms.
The project is expected to:
review constrains and available information
review the online fault location method
test the method on a full export cable system combining onshore and offshore cables
with only a transition joint
analyse the sensitivity and accuracy of commercially available equipment
set up a recommendation for a full practical implementation of a fault location system
on a long export cable system for an offshore wind farm.
Cable systems
Project type:
Master of science thesis project
Number of students:
One or two
HV Cables
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