Hawks Soar Welcome to our First Edition

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Hawks Soar
By Kids for Kids
Welcome to our First
We are very excited to
share with you our first online
edition of Hawks Soar.
When fourth graders
Erin Loftus-Reid and Vidushi
Hendrix about starting a
school magazine, she told
them about a group of third
graders from Ms. Martin’s
class who were also interested
in getting involved in a school
publication. Working together
they have made Hawks Soar a
The magazine is for all
grade levels and we want it to
be a place where everyone
from kindergarten to 5th grade
can contribute and share their
thoughts and ideas. If you’ve
been somewhere exciting on
vacation, written a poem or
want to tell us how awesome
your friends are, we would
love to hear from you. We
will be collecting stories and
pictures for the next edition
after the Spring break. Happy
~The editorial team.
Hawk Sightings in Lexington
By Margo Buchanan & Erin Loftus-Reid
Everybody knows Harry is our school mascot, so Hawks
Soar would like you to participate in a contest. The point of the
contest is to take the best picture of a Hawk. The winner will be
announced in the next magazine.
Here are some facts about Hawks. The female hawk is
typically larger than the male. Hawks have really good eyesight
and can see 8 times better than humans. They can fly really fast
at speeds over 150 miles per hour. Hawks feed on a diet of
insects, toads, frogs, mice and rats. They make their nests from
twigs and sticks, high up in the trees. Our mascot, Harry, is a
red tail hawk and is not very aggressive compared with other
types of hawks. Why not look up at the treetops and see if you
can spot your very own “Harry” hawk near your home?
So many topics to choose from!
Rainbow Loom
Field Day Comic
On page 4
Read our exclusive
interview with Mrs.
On Page 3
Find out what the
latest fashion craze
is all about!
On Page 6 and 7
Page 1
Check out the fun
comic strips about
the Field Day
PE at Harrington
By Helen Cui, Ella Lucente, Gianna La Fond and Max
Have you ever wondered what goes into
organizing Physical Education? Every day, Ms. Willey
plans out a schedule that helps students learn different
qualities such as teamwork, fitness, and general health.
Kids also experience creative and fun games so there is
always something new! For example, the third, fourth,
and fifth graders currently have a dance instructor who
teaches dance.
Ms.Willey even has a program before
school, for kids of all ages. This program is
called Morning Sports, which gives children
a chance to play more games such as KickThe-Can, Crack-About, and Big Ball. During
the interview Ms. Willey explained that she
“really enjoys watching [the] children learn
and grow and be successful.” She recalled that
her gymnastic coach, also a PE teacher,
inspired her to become a teacher in Physical
We wanted to find out what sports Ms.
Willey played when she was younger. She
liked to ski and loved gymnastics, tennis, and
soccer. It’s always fun to find out that our PE
teacher liked to do a lot of the same sports we
like to do.
Field Day Competition
A much anticipated event in the school
calendar is Field Day. We love the games Ms.
Willey organizes, like the sack race, toss the
beanbag, the obstacle course, penalty kicks to
name a few. It is really exciting walking out in
our class colors ready to compete. However
one of best things we look forward to is finding
out the theme of the Field Day.
We decided it would be a lot of fun to have a
competition to see if the students could guess
what the Theme of the Field Day for 2014
would be.
Entry Form:
Name: ______________________
Teacher: ______________________
Possible Themes: (Circle One)
Nicholas & Max get the inside
scoop from Ms. Willey on possible
Page 2
Red Sox
Latest Fashion Updates: Rainbow Loom Bracelets are in Demand
By Ella Lucente, Margo Buchanan, and Vidushi Meel
Hey all you rainbow looms fans! In this article you will learn
about some of the many things you can make using the Rainbow
Loom! We hope you fall in love with the Rainbow Loom just
like we did. These eight Rainbow Loom bracelets are for
beginners, The Single, Squared Single, Fishtail, Double Band
Fishtail, Triple Single, Railroad, Diamond and Bon Bon. The
Single Bracelet is fun and easy to make and is usually the first
bracelet you should try.
After practicing the Single Bracelet you can try making more
complex bracelets such as the Zippy Chain, Liberty Twist
Bracelet, Rose Garden Bracelet and Raindrop Bracelet. For these
bracelets, don’t get mad if you don’t do it right the first time
because they take practice. We would like to tell you about some
of our favorite bracelets you could try, like the Starburst Bracelet,
the Carnation Bracelet or the Hibiscus Bracelet? These are fun,
but are the trickiest ones. Buttons are a great way to dress up your
favorite Rainbow Loom Bracelets. You can buy them at most
craft stores like Michaels or Jo Ann Fabrics.
There are also a variety of charms like the Panda Charm, a Pencil
Charm, a Water Bottle Charm, different Holiday Charms and
even action figures like Batman that you can make with the
Rainbow Loom. You can also make some amazing rings, like
different kinds of flowers, starbursts, bows and a fishtail that
wraps around your finger. We hope you enjoy making your
Rainbow Loom Bracelets.
www.rainbowloom.com or www.loomlove.com There are also
a lot of videos on You Tube. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
Page 3
The Fishtail Bracelet
The Starburst Bracelet
The Zippy Chain Bracelet
The Raindrop Bracelet
Our music teacher Mrs. Stumpf
By Michelle Wu, Vidushi Meel, Erin Loftus-Reid
One of the many outstanding teachers here in
Harrington Elementary School is Mrs. Stumpf, who
teaches music. She has not only taught here at
Harrington, but in the past has taught at Fiske,
Estabrook, Bridge, Hastings, and Bowman. In our
interview, we learned that Mrs. Stumpf was inspired
while participating in childhood camps and performing
live in front of an audience. This led her to become a
teacher in performing arts. One of Mrs. Stumpf’s main
reasons to become a music teacher was her love of
music, and seeing her students learn and express
themselves with music. Also, Mrs. Stumpf believes that
music lets students be themselves because no one has to
be perfect to play an instrument. This is seen as a “fun
experience” because kids are able to experiment with a
variety of sounds. This allows Mrs. Stumpf to teach
kids from a young age so that they are able to
appreciate different sounds and types of music.
However, being a music teacher can be bittersweet, as
the kids must grow up and move on to Middle School.
Even though kids move on from elementary school,
there are always new incoming students every year.
This cycle has taught Mrs. Stumpf, that you learn as
you go along, but you need to take that first step and
just start playing.
Mrs. Stumpf teaching a first
grade class
Page 4
Johann Sebastian Bach
Did you know?
Mrs.Stumpf’s mom was a music teacher
and her dad liked to sing and play the
piano.Her older brother played the
piano, which influenced her to learn to
play as well. You must have known that
Mrs. Stumpf has traveled all across the
world! Well, her favorite place she has
ever visited is Africa. “I loved their
dance and culture and I look forward to
visiting Africa again,” she recalled
during the interview. We were keen to
find out what music she listened to at
our age,and we were surprised to learn
that she “used to listen to pop on the
radio and classical music.” However,
Mrs. Stumpf’s favorite artist was Bach,
who was a famous composer.
We are so lucky to have such a
wonderful music teacher!
The Olympics
The First Olympics
The Holy Crail
By Nick Chipashvili
By Max Myers
The first Olympics were held during
the year 776 B.C. in Athens, Greece. This city
is named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom
and daughter of Zeus. The Olympic games
were made to honor the Greek gods and
The first Olympics Games were a one day event. Only male Greeks were allowed to
participate. The first game was the 200 meters
run. This was a race when people would run
around the Olympic track. Another sport event
was the discus throw. This is when the athletes
would throw discus made of stone (The discus
is similar to a Frisbee). There was also long
jump and javelin. Javelin is a sport where you
have to throw a spear shaped stick. Other sport
events include wrestling and shot put. In shot
put you have to throw a stone ball the furthest.
The last game was horse and chariot racing
which took place in the Hippodrome. The
Hippodrome was a big stadium made especially
for this sport.
At the end of the games the herald
announces the winners, their father’s name and
their homeland and places the olive tree wreath
on the their heads. The olive tree was sacred to
The first Olympic games were filled with
action and drama.
Page 5
Sage Kotsenburg of Park City Utah
won the first gold medal in the Sochi
Olympics. Sage’s event was slope style snow
boarding. This is the first time slope style
snowboarding has been in the Olympics. He
won by using a move called the “holy crail”.
He had just thought of the move 2 weeks
before the start of the games.
Staale Sandbech from Norway won
second place. Mark McMorris from Canada
won third place.
Sage Kotsenburg pulls out a new trick called the
“Holy Crail” to win the gold medal
Russia won the most medals in
figure skating at the Sochi Olympics
Four man bobsledding: Russia won
gold, Latvia won silver, and the
U.S.A won bronze.
Field Day Comic Strip
Helen Cui, Ella Lucente, and Maxwell Myers
See page 8 for instructions on how to submit your guess for the theme of this years Field Day. A
winner will be drawn from the correct entries and will get to choose the competition in the next
edition of Hawks Soar
Page 6
A Thing, a Tree, and a Theme
By Nicholas Chipashvili and Margo Buchanan
Page 7
Hawks Soar
What would you like
to see in the magazine?
HAWKS Soars Magazine wants to keep our magazine fun,
interesting and fresh so this is your opportunity to tell us about all
your amazing ideas and stories. If you know of any cool events or
activities that you think other kids would enjoy, feel free to let us
know. Follow the instructions below to submit your ideas.
There are three ways you can send in submissions for
HAWKS Soars:
Thanks for
1) Email them to Mrs. Loftus-Reid at
[email protected]
2) Email them to Ms. Hendrix at
[email protected]
3) Print out a hard copy and deliver it to the
box for HAWKS Soars in the lobby.
The Editorial Team
Entering the Field Day Theme
Cut out the entry form from HAWKS
Soars (on page 2).
Write your first and last name and your
Drop your entry in the HAWKS Soars
Contest box in the lobby.
Entering the Hawks Sighting Contest:
Submit your photograph or drawing of
the hawk and where you seen it.
Include your first and last name and your
Drop your entry in the Hawks Soars
Contest box in the Lobby
Back Row: Margo Buchanan, Vidushi Meel, Erin
Loftus-Reid, Gianna La Fond, Nicholas Chipashvili
Front Row: Michelle Wu,
Ella Lucente, Helen Cui,
and Maxwell Myers
A big shout out to… Ms. Martin, Mrs. Sanroma, Mrs. Loftus-Reid, Saoirse Loftus-Reid, Mrs. Minasian
Mrs. Stumpf, Ms Willey, Mrs Mead, Ms Hendrix and all our parents for picking us up late on Fridays,
we could not have put this Magazine together without your help and encouragement.
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