Spike Bracelet – Memory Wire

Spike Bracelet – Memory Wire
Class Description: This crystal spike kumihimo bracelet is braided around memory
wire on a marudai (Japanese braiding table). The class will cover braid theory, problem
solving and creative engineering.
Students will Learn: Students will learn to make an ingenious tool to facilitate braiding
around memory wire. Pattern planning and creative finishing techniques.
Students’ prerequisites: Students must have experience making beaded braids on a
Skill level: Intermediate
Student Supplies: Scissors, bead mat, tape measure.
Class Kit: Teardrop crystals, Toho seed beads, C-Lon cord, memory wire, big-eye
needle, beading needle, metal end beads. Kits supplies will be offered in a variety of
color choices. Marudai equipment will be provided for student use during class.
Class Price including Kit: 180