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No. 14 13 May 2015
From the Principal
Next week our school will celebrate our Bilby Day, in memory
of Luke Curnow, a student of EJ who passed this life way too
early but whose passion for saving the bilby has had a major
impact on our school.
This year we will
Mr Kevin
Bradley, the CEO of the
Foundation to our
school who will be joined by the coFounder of the bilby Foundation Mr Frank
Manthey, a very dear friend of the school.
Student Absence
3637 1166
Diary Dates
Thur May 14
Fri May 15
Mon May 18
The Student Council representatives will be selling Bilby merchandise for the next
week outside the Hall before school and during breaks.
Tues May 19
All students are reminded to be presented in full school tartan uniform and to be
at school nice and early to place their gold coin donation in our Bilby’s pouch.
There will be an Assembly from 1.30pm. Our Junior Choir will perform and our
parents are welcome.
Wed May 20
Year 5 Camp
Our annual camping program will begin at Mapleton next week with the Year 5s
enjoying the challenges of ropes courses, giant swing, flying fox, team-building
activities and being away from home. We know they will learn lots and make
wonderful memories. (Should be nice and “cool” up in the mountains too).
Memorable Mother’s Day
I hope all our Mums out there really enjoyed
last Sunday. Our school P&C Sub-Committees
certainly went “all out” this year with
spectacular gifts for purchase from the
Mother’s Day stall held here at school. Thank
you so much to all who assisted with this, it
was really appreciated by the students.
The Mother’s Day luncheon, organised by
another group of helpful parents was also a
huge success with beautiful weather, a great
location and an outstanding guest speaker in
Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO. The mums and
grandmothers present had a wonderful outing.
Celebrating the various roles of mothers and
grandmothers as illustrated through her own
family was a highlight of Dame Quentin’s
speech and we were privileged to be in her company.
Thank you to our P&C Association and its various sub committees, you are not only
providing funds for our students but also doing so with imagination, creativity and
flair. I am sure we are all looking forward to the next social function.
20-22 May
Fri May 22
Mon May 25
Tues May 26
Wed May 27
Fri May 29
Mon June 1
9.00am Prep B excursion
7.40am Senior Choir
8.30am Snr Assembly
7.20am Senior Concert
9.00am Prep CR excursion
7.20am ICAS Digital
7.20am Chess
7.40am Vocal Ensemble
Bilby Day
7.30am String Ensemble
7.40am Junior Choir
9.00am Prep G excursion
1.30pm Assembly
Year 5 Camp
7.40am Senior Choir
9.30am Gala Day
7.20am Senior Concert
6.00pm OSHC Meeting
7.20am Chess
7.40am Vocal Ensemble
6.00pm Prep Sub
Committee Mtg
7.30am String Ensemble
7.40am Junior Choir
1.30pm Junior Assembly
7.40am Senior Choir
8.30am Snr Assembly
9.30am Gala Day
7.20am Senior Concert
7.00pm P&C Meeting
ICAS Digital Studies
19 May - 7.20am in
the Library
From the Principal cont.
Outdoor Construction Update
This week the students were very excited with the preparations for and arrival of the cement truck to pour footings and forms for
the outdoor areas between A and B Block. With Year Ones studying changing properties in Science it was a very ‘teachable
moment’ to watch the concrete being poured and then setting into position.
Lots of potential machine operators were also on site at the oval this week as the first preparations of the Giants Causeway
commenced with backhoes working on the edge of the oval.
The Tuckshop area is travelling very well with trees removed, the floor poured and plumbing work included. The builders have
been very considerate with Naplan testing this week and I would like to extend our appreciation to Jules the Foreman and his
team for considering our Year 3 and Year 5 students.
Public Safety during Construction
All parents are asked to abide by safety rules and published regulations around our school at this time. If any of your student’s
gear has gone into the construction site eg. handballs, please DO NOT ENTER the site or go through the barriers to retrieve the
item, even if work is not in progress.
The children are aware of what can be done in situations such as this. They have been spoken to by their teachers via morning
notices and have also been spoken to on assemblies. If something is lost inform the teacher on playground duty or in class
and/or the Schools Officer who will inform the principal or the foreman and the gear will be retrieved and returned.
Departure at the End of the School Day
Again the issue of children playing in the school grounds and on school equipment was raised at our School Workplace Health
and Safety meeting. I have written in previous Newsletters regarding this and I have spoken to the children at assembly and
teachers have spoken to them as well. There are also signs placed to inform parents that this is an EQ requirement in the
interests of all children’s’ safety.
Our school is also in the situation where we have a very large Out of School Hours Care group who need access to the playground
equipment and the oval after school.
Playtime occurs during school time. Parents are asked to collect children and move promptly from the school grounds. I thank
you in anticipation
Josephine Bottrell (Principal)
From the Deputy Principals
Learning and Wellbeing at Eagle Junction
Finally this week we will look at the fourth domain of our Eagle Junction
Learning and Wellbeing framework.
Productive partnerships expand the knowledge, skills and resources available
in the school.
At Eagle Junction State School we build partnerships by:
 informing parents and other carers in the school through a variety of means including regular communication including
school and class newsletters, parent teacher interviews and phone calls relating to attendance, participation and
achievement from teaching staff
 utilising parent and community support to ensure many curricula, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities can be
offered to students
 implementation of the Parent Network to provide enhance communication and provide support to classroom teachers,
parents and students on a day to day basis and at times when emotional or practical support may be needed by the
 Working with the City Cluster of schools and the Queensland Academies to provide students with a range of opportunities
to meet their learning needs
 Providing information and development sessions that support these partnerships such as reading at home, cybersafety,
building resilience
By the time you read this NAPLAN will be almost over for another year. It is important to remember that NAPLAN serves a
number of purposes from the broadest level – providing Federal and State Governments with some information about the
outcomes of the Education Budget to the individual school – providing useful data about our teaching and learning programs,
which when combined with other school based data is very useful, to the individual student and their family – providing us with
four independent snapshots over a seven year period of a child’s education and can be used, when combined with the other
information we gather, to ensure that an appropriate rate of progress is being made.
There are a few downsides but these are being addressed through changes to both the administration and the content of the
tests. Sometimes the media misrepresents the tests and their importance and students become anxious. Sometimes it is seen as
a competition to encourage envy or shame. This is an opportunity for us to work together to help our students develop resilience,
not just about NAPLAN but all the other challenges life will surely throw at them. We can be proud of our students as they take
these tests in their stride and do the very best they can.
ICAS Reminder
The first series of ICAS assessments will commence next week. If your child has registered to participate in one or more of these
tests, can you please ensure they arrive at school no later than 7.20am on the testing day. The venue for testing is the Eagle
Junction State School Library.
All students who have nominated for the Digital Technologies assessment are required to meet with our Acting Deputy Principal
Ms Bailey in the Library on Thursday 14 May at 10.30am to complete the answer sheet component in readiness for the testing on
Tuesday morning.
ICAS Subject
Eagle Junction SS Sitting Date
Digital Technologies
Tuesday 19 May
Wednesday 3 June
Monday 15 June
Tuesday 16 June
Tuesday 28 July
Tuesday 11 August
Chess News
Recently two Eagle Junction State School students competed in the
Somerville House Autumn Chess Tournament. Playing in the Open
Division, Kanak Relekar joined a team with students from Stretton State
College, St Kevin’s and Indooroopilly State School and this composite
team went on to win the entire tournament. Kanak helped achieve this
victory by winning 5.5 of his 7 games.
Also in the Beginner Division, Year One student Fletcher Denton won 3
of his 6 games. This was a great result for Fletcher as the Beginner Division also contained dozens of
older Year Two and Year Three students.
Congratulations to Fletcher and Kanak for their great results.
Buffy Lavery and Julia Bailey
Kanak Relekar with his medal
From HOC & Master Teacher
In line with our focus on reading, it is important to consider what good readers
do to gain an understanding of the text they are reading. It is also important that
our students understand what good readers do and how active they are before,
during and after reading.
Good readers use comprehension strategies to facilitate the construction of
meaning, Pressley, 2002. Research shows that the comprehension strategies
good readers use include:
Previewing – activating background knowledge, predicting, setting a purpose
Questioning – generating questions to guide reading
Making connections – relating reading to self, text and others
Visualising – creating mental images while reading
Clarifying – vocabulary / ideas
Monitoring – asking ‘Does this make sense?’ and clarifying by adapting strategic processes to accommodate the
Summarising – synthesising important ideas
Questioning occurs when students pose questions before, during and after reading a text. Questioning plays a vital role in the
process of self-monitoring – to be aware of student’s own thinking as they read.
Encourage your child to ask questions before, during and after reading a text. Some prompts to use with your child:
I wonder why, where, when, how, if, who,….?
I wonder what is going to happen next?
What is the author trying to tell/teach me?
Do I already know something about this text/topic?
Happy reading!
Fleur Provost (Head of Curriculum) and Michael Coad (Master Teacher)
Sports Report
Cross Country
On Tuesday 5 May Eagle Junction students
competed at the City District Cross Country
Championships. All students ran well with EJ
picking up many top 20 finishes.
Congratulations to Makenna Williams (10
Years) and Caitlin Brittain (11 Years) who
finished in the top eight which sees them progress to the next level of
competition. Well done also to Ryan Heaton (9 Years) and Carter
Corless (9 Years) who also finished in the top eight of their age group
(9 Years do not progress to the next level).
All students who competed are reminded to return their Cross
Country singlets.
Gala Days
Year 5 & 6 students will be participating in Interschool Sport during Term 2 with training already commenced. Students are
expected to attend training sessions. If you are unable to attend please inform the supervising teacher. The uniform shop has
long socks available for those students playing Soccer or Rugby League.
Venues for Gala Days are as follows:
Pine Rivers Netball Association, Francis Rd, Lawnton
Boys Soccer:
Brisbane Boys Grammar Playing Fields – Northgate
Girls Soccer:
Virginia United Soccer Club - Northgate
Rugby League: Bishop Park
Tag League:
Shaw Park
Newcomb Ball
Students in Years 3 and 4 have been participating in Newcomb Ball activities at lunch
time with the assistance of the Sport Captains. Each week a new round robin comes
out so students have the opportunity to play against all year level members. All
students are encouraged to check the draw and come down in their time slot.
Athletics Carnival
Athletics Carnivals are scheduled for the end of the term. Students are participating
in Athletics activities in the lead up to the carnival during their PE lessons. Students
(Years 3-6) will compete in all events on the designated Athletics Carnival dates with
the exception of High Jump. Trials for High Jump will be held during PE lessons.
Tuesday 16 June – Athletics (Years 3-6) Day 1 Bowden Park
Tuesday 23 June – Athletics (Years 3-6) Day 2 Bowden Park
Thursday 25 June – Athletics (Prep – 2) Eagle Junction School Oval
Mark Summers (Physical Education Teacher)
Our Librarians
Mrs Kim Allen works in the Library on Mondays & Tuesdays and Miss Marcia Lomman on Wednesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays.
We have some wonderful new resources ready to be covered and appreciate any time you may be able
to spare. Why not get a good park before pickup and join us in the Library for a cuppa while you cover?
Any time you can spare is appreciated. Please see our Library aide Mrs Jean Forsyth if you are able to help.
Music Notes
Junior Choir Notes
Term 2 will be a very busy term for the Junior Choir. Performances this
term include:
Bilby Day - Wednesday 20th May
Queensland Youth Music Awards (QYMA) - Monday 1st June
6.30pm at the Gap State High School
Year 2 only:
Monday 18 May
Monday 25 May
Year 3 only:
Thursday 21 May
Thursday 28 May
Whole Choir:
Monday 1 June
EXTRA Rehearsals for QYMA
10.45 to 11.15am
10.45 to 11.15am
12.30 to 1.15pm
12.30 to 1.15pm
1.00 to 1.30pm
Order online - Munch Monitor – Information
on the Eagle Junction SS website in
Thank you to all our Volunteers who generously give up their time to
help and support the Eagles Nest. Whether you bake, wash, or help on
our roster days we greatly appreciate you!
To help celebrate Volunteers Week we will be supplying morning tea to
our Volunteers. If you are not on roster but are passing by this week,
please drop in for a cuppa and some morning tea.
Could we please ask the students to give a big Thank You to our
The Eagles Nest will be selling
treats on Bilby Day.
The treats will range from
50c to $2.00.
Parent Network
Mother’s Day Stall
A huge thank you to all our wonderful
volunteers for organising another
successful Mother’s Day Stall this year!
delighted with so many happy
customers on the day.
Whilst there were no donations
required from our parents this year,
there were still many people involved
in the day to ensure it was successful!
From preparing the flyer, to purchasing all the amazing gifts, to ensuring all the gifts were wrapped ready for the big day. Thanks
also to those who helped out on the day with serving the children both at the stall and the prep classrooms!
Thanks to your efforts, we raised approximately $2,200. Thank you for your continued support of our school!
[email protected] -
Murray is an EJ Dad
*Lawn Mowing & Maintenance, * Hedging, * Landscaping * shrub & tree trimming
*Garden bed - barking, gravels, pebbles, mulching, * Green waste removal
Scots Presbyterian Church
29 Bellevue Tce Clayfield
Class: Every Mon and Thurs 3-6pm
Tel: 3273 5580
Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the
And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a
library, the doors to learning are always open.
— Laura Bush
This year the school is calling on Eagle Junction State School families to support our school library through
tax-deductive voluntary donations.
Education Queensland funds our school with a budget based on $125 per student to organise and manage
all aspects of school life (excluding wages). With 830 students, this totals just over $100,000 so the Parents
and Citizen’s Association works with the school executive to fund additional necessary resources.
Education Queensland does not fund the maintenance nor the improvement of school library resources and
while some families regularly contribute via Annual Library Fund Voluntary Donations, more funds are
needed to make our library a “top-notch” learning centre.
Tax-deductible contributions will be used to purchase resources such as books, computers (hardware and
software) and consumables. These resources will assist our staff and parent volunteers to operate a library
that inspires, informs and enthuses our children.
If every family donated $100, think how our children would benefit?
And if this is your child’s final year at Eagle Junction State School, please consider leaving a legacy gift or a
contribution of $1,000 or more. This will give your child the option of being recognised for their family’s
substantial contribution and your donation could be dedicated to a particular resource.
Tax Deductible Library Fund Voluntary Donations can be made by:
Online / Credit Card ( via )
Electronic Funds Transfer ( EFT )
Please complete the attached payment form and return it to your child’s teacher before 26 June 2015.
(For taxation purposes, a receipt will be issued via your youngest child)
Thanking you, in advance, for your much-needed support.
Josephine Bottrell
Meg Graham
P&C President
For further enquiries please contact the Voluntary Donations Coordinator
Melissa Kerwin l m 0423 438 990 l e [email protected]
Parent/Guardian Name/s (for Receipt): __________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________Contact Number: ________________
Child’s Name: ___________________________________________________ Class: _____________
Child’s Name: ___________________________________________________ Class: _____________
Child’s Name ___________________________________________________ Class: _____________
I / We wish for the following amount to be donated to the Library Fund
Payment Options (please tick option and return to Class Teacher with payment before 26 June 2015)
Online / Credit Card:
1. Login to using your email and password
2. Go to “School Shop” when asked, ‘What do you want to do today?’
3. Step 1 – Select Student ( select any student )
4. Step 2 – Select Category ( select "Tax Deductible Library Donations" )
5. Make your purchase and add to your cart
6. View your cart, check your order and select “Checkout & Pay”
7. Payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard. It’s that simple!
1. Go to
2. Click on ‘Login’ then ‘Register’ ( Enter Username: eaglejss / Enter Password: munch4011 )
3. Enter your own username ( email address ) and password. Click ‘Create Your Account’.
An important email will be sent to you
4. Find the email and click the link to activate your account.
Check your Junk Mail folder in case the email has been treated as “spam”
5. Enter your own Username ( email address ) and Password then click ‘Activate My Account’
6. Follow the guided steps to complete the setup
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):
Account Name: Eagle Junction State School P&C Assoc l Bank: Westpac
BSB: 034-060 l Account: 202347 l Surname for Receipt (as reference)
( payable to Eagle Junction State School P&C Association )
( cash payments in a sealed marked envelope to your child’s Class Teacher )
“Contributed by the _____________________________________________________ family in 2015”
( please insert Family Name to be recognised )
For further enquiries please contact the Voluntary Donations Coordinator
Melissa Kerwin l m 0423 438 990 l e [email protected]
Weekly Newsletter
Newsletter items are required to be received at the school office by 12noon on the Friday prior to the Wednesday
newsletter. Items received after that time will be placed in the next newsletter. We thank you for your co-operation
in this matter.
Queensland Academy of Science,
Mathematics & Technology
78 Bywong Street, Toowong
Star Party – 22 May
All Welcome – Free
Star Party (aka astronomy viewing night)
The Brisbane Astronomy Society will be
attending and bringing along a selection of their
telescopes to view the night sky.
The P&C will be running a sausage sizzle and
drink stall. The event is open to the public.
Please bring a torch covered with red
cellophane if possible and binoculars.
2015 St Agatha’s Ball
Moda Restaurant, Portside - 18th of July at 7pm
For all details and to purchase tickets go to our website,