8A –I’ll Decide
Friday, May 29, 2015
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Marion Wright
Have you noticed how many decisions you have to make just to order a sandwich these
days? Drives me crazy. I think we have an epidemic today of no one wanting to be
responsible or dare I say accountable so they pass off all decision making. OK, maybe it’s not
so important when ordering a sandwich, but how often are you involved in making a decision
at work? How often do you strategically avoid being in a position to make a decision? What if
it’s the wrong decision?
In the work we do at Eagle Point Inc. our experience is that Professional Development Plans
are becoming more important. Companies realize that their key people need to be at the top
of their soft skills if they want to reach their career targets. The more common areas of
challenge that keep coming up are: Decision Making, Time Management and Goal Setting.
In this session from Respect The Process we will review the steps in creating a Professional
Development Plan and look at ways in which we can all do better with Decision Making, Time
Management and Goals Setting.
Marion Wright of Eagle Point Inc. is a management consultant specializing in organizational
development and training and particularly enjoys working with companies to ensure that the
key areas of responsibility within the company align and support the corporate objectives. As
a trainer, Marion develops and delivers participatory workshops.
Marion Wright
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