9 March 2009 How to Version UP for KX-NT400

9th March 2009
How to Version UP for KX-NT400
1. Check the Current Version of NT400
1-1. Option  Firmware Version
Check this value.
(Application Version)
(A) Current Application Version: 00.020 - 00.022
Sorry, Cannot Version Up by following way.
(B) Current Application Version: 00.023 - 00.025
Go on next steps.
2. Version UP
2-1. Connect the LAN port to Link Up. (Not PC port)
2-2. Turn on power. (If you use A/C adaptor)
2-3. Touch the Setup button.
2-4. Touch the IP Address
2-5. Set the IP configurations.
Must set correctly:
1. VoIP IP Address
2. Application IP Addlress
3. Subnet Mask
No conflicts IP address on the
same network!
Touch OK button, then Close.  reboot automatically
* Wait for about 5sec after showing the message
“Now initializing network settings”, then click the Setup button.
2-6. Touch the Next Page Button, then select “Firmware Version Up”
2-7. Set Passw
ord for version up
Password : 387255
DO NOT set by dial key. (use either software or USB keyboard.)
2-8. Insert SD card
A) Prepare for a SD card (more than 32MB)
B) Make directories in the SD card.
C) Save the file for version up (ex. PNT400) into the directory
ex. /private/meigroup/pcc/pbxpt/nt400/PNT400
Select the file for version
Touch Next page 3 times.
2-8. Start Version up
It takes 10 to 15 min.
Do not touch on the LCD till the version up complete.
NT400 will reboot (may be twice) automatically when the version up completes.
After that if the NT400 does not show anything on the LCD, turn OFF and then
ON manually.
2-9. Finish
Confirm the version information.
If it success, these 3
information will change.
* If the version keeps old value, try version up again please.