Unable to shut down my Acer laptop-converted

Have you just landed up to the situation
where you pressed the power button for
multiple times but nothing happened? Did it
just end over with you forcefully putting it to
standby mode? Since this is not the only
solution to get rid of the problem, you ought
to have the relevant solution that would avoid
any further issue to generate. Be patient and
check out the steps below after you restart
your Operating System.
1. Put an end to the fast setup feature: Switching off
the startup characteristic is the speedy way to such
errors. For the precise solution, hold the Windows key
plus I simultaneously to launch the Settings.
Locate the section of the system and check for the
power and sleep mode in the drop-down options. Grab
the additional switch configuration and choose for
modification of settings which are currently
unavailable. Uncheck the feature of turning-on and
walk for saving the changes. Are you relieved now? In
case the method turns out to be a failure even after
you held the button of shut down multiple times,
continue reading until you get a precise assistance.
2. Go to troubleshooter to fix the shutdown
issue: Choose the windows icon present on
the left in the lower corner of your menu bar.
Go to the control panel and choose the
troubleshooting link to pluck out the glitches.
Under your system and security check, fix out
the issues with updates. Now, troubleshoot as
an admin.
3. Reboot your system from Safe mode and
cancel the automatic restarting: Hold on the
F8 button before the logo of start appears.
When the boot menu indicates, go to safe
mode after releasing the key you have been
holding. Move to advanced settings to
uncheck automatic restart. Confirm the
selections with ok key and reboot it.
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