myBlinn Login Screen Enter your User Name and Password, then

myBlinn Login Screen
Enter your User Name and Password, then click the Login button.
Click on the ‘My Records’ tab.
To view your registration status, click on the text ‘Registration Status’. This will display information to you about registration. You will also be able to see the
date/times you are eligible to register for classes.
This is the Registration Status screen. You may view your registration eligibility. To go back to the previous screen click ‘Back to My Records Tab’ found in the
top left hand corner of your screen.
To register for classes click on ‘Add or Drop Classes’.
Choose the Fall 2011 semester and click the Submit button.
This is the screen in which you will enter the CRN numbers for the courses in which you wish to register.
To search for classes, click on the ‘Class Search’ button.
This is the screen you may use to search for available courses. Enter your search criteria and scroll to the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘Class Search’ button
to execute your search.
Results from your course search.
In order to add one of the classes to your schedule, click in the box on the far left of the screen. A check mark will appear in the box. Click on the ‘Register’
button at the bottom of the screen. The course will be added to your schedule.
Results of adding the course to your schedule after clicking the ‘Register’ button from the Course Search. You may receive a registration error. You must choose
an alternative course to register for.
Click the ‘Submit Changes’ button to SAVE your schedule.
Once you have completed your registration session, return to the ‘My Records’. Click on ‘View your Course Schedule’ to verify and print your schedule.