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Independence Day
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The New and Latest Project from
Bruce Haynes
5 Time Dove Award Winner Bruce Haynes Or
It's been seven years since I've recorded and this is my seventh solo project.
I was four years old when I started singing with my family. Dad would preach,
the family would sing, and then we would
load the equipment into the trunk of the Electra 225 Buick and it was off to
another revival. Music was my life. I married the love of my life when I turned
eighteen. Two daughters later some friends
and I started a group called Jubilation. We recorded four albums and later
changed our name to White River. In 1992 I went solo and traveled two
hundred days a year. God blessed with many
souls and many awards. I began having health problems and over a period of
years I had eighteen kidney stones. I became addicted to painkillers. This
addiction took over my life and it began to steal, kill and destroy. Guilt and
shame were my constant companions.
many times a day I would ask for forgiveness, but freedom stayed one step
ahead of me. February 20, 2003 my Savior spoke very clearly to me and He
said," You'll never be free until you forgive yourself!" He told me to look into
the mirror and say,
" Bruce I forgive you." I have been free for over five years.....I Finally Forgave
Myself. My prayer is that these songs will help you forgive yourself.
Singer. Songwriter. Minister
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Chuck Day
Christian Country at its Best
Songwriter of the Decade & was
inducted into the ICGMA
Hall of Fame in 2000
18. Remembering Sacrifices” 4th. Of July”
20. Rita Broyle”Southern Gospel Tasty Recipes
23. Increase Bookings “Tips”
25. Music Charts “ Top 12”
Rod Stokes started singing at the age of 19, growing up
in church and around music his whole life, he never
knew that God would lead him in this
direction. No doubt His dedication to the Lord outshines
his talent on any given day. After a few years of singing
in several local churches with his sister Amy, Rod
surrendered to the call of ministry, and to the Call God
had placed upon his life. Through much prayer Rod
decided that he wanted to start a band and share the
gospel to a more wide spread area. God has
surely done just that for the group known as Rod and
Staff, with members Amy Stokes, Adam Robinson,
Phillip McNeill, and Bo Barton. The recording
of their first album, self entitled Rod and Staff, took
place in Nashville, TN. Their first nationally released
single "I Keep Runnin’" written by Rod and
Phillip has launched their career to an awesome start
and keeps things in fast forward as they keep touching
lives all over. Thank you so much for stopping by and
we hope to see you at one of our upcoming services.
Maybe New Faces, but No Strangers
To Gospel Music
The sound of Rod & Staff are Phenomenal
Set back and watch this Group soar for the Lord
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The Man
of Christian Country
AT it's Best
Christian Country Legend
Chuck Day
Known for writing songs that are remarkable, and unforgettable
He has written/co-written 9 Number 1 Songs in the Christian genre.
He has had songs recorded by such names as, Gold City, Clay
Cross, Michael English, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, The Hoppers,
Rebecca St. James, Barry Wayne, Bob Carlisle, and many others.
Midnight Cry is the most notable song that Chuck has written
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The Legend of Christian Country
Chuck Day
Chuck made his first recording project when he was just 12 years old.
Before he was 18 he had recorded 4 albums with his family group, The
Day Family, at the legendary Happy Goodman Family Studios. Since
then he has worked in several music genres. He traveled with several
of the top Southern Gospel music groups as well as several Country
bands including Freddy Fender, Marty Haggard and others. For several
years Chuck traveled with his brother Greg and Greg's wife, Heather,
as the Christian Country group, The Days. The Days were regulars on
The Trinity Broadcasting Network's, Praise the Lord program for 4
years. Chuck is one of todays top singer/songwriters and is a pioneer in
the Christian Country/Country Gospel industry. He has written/cowritten 9 Number 1 Songs in the Christian genre. He has had songs
recorded by such names as, Gold City, Clay Cross, Michael English,
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, The Hoppers, Rebecca St. James, Barry
Wayne, Bob Carlisle, and many others. Midnight Cry is the most
notable song that Chuck has written. Chuck penned this song in 1986
with his brother, Greg. Since then it has been awarded Song of the Year
by The Singing News Fan Awards at the National Quartet Convention.
It was also named Christian Music Song of the Decade, and in 2000
was named one of the Top 20 Christian Music Songs of the Century.
Recently Chuck received an award for Midnight Cry being one of the
most recorded songs in the history of all of Christian music. Chuck
records for NewStep Records and tours throughout the United States
and the world. His songs can be heard on Christian and Country radio
stations in the U.S. and around the world. Chuck holds both a
Doctorate of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity. He is an
Ordained Minister and was named a Kentucky Colonel in 2000 by
Governor Paul Patton of Kentucky. Chuck received 2 RIAA Certified
Gold Video Awards for 2 of the Bill Gaither Homecoming Videos. Chuck
has received awards from the ICGMA (International Country Gospel
Music Association) such as Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the
Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Decade and was
inducted into the ICGMA Hall of Fame in 2000. Chuck proudly endorses
Kyser Capos and Strings plays Composite Acoustics Fine Carbon
Guitars and uses Cedar Creek Custom Cases.
The SSL console Chuck Day recorded the music tracks for his new
record Titled “Eleven”on at The Tracking Room in Nashville
Cedar Creek Custom Cases Tooled Guitar Case!
Chuck taking
A walk carrying his
Guitar on the streets
Chuck proudly endorses
Kyser Capos and Strings
plays Composite Acoustics
Fine Carbon Guitars and
uses Cedar Creek Custom
More About
Chuck Day
This is Chuck Days new Cedar Creek Customs Guitar Case!
Amazing cases! See them all at
There is no
doubt Chuck Day is Patriotic,and you Can tell by this custom made
Acoustic Guitar Case. Be sure if you haven't already pick up his new
album or download his music. Chuck Day's music can be found on,
Chuck Day Loves His Country, and He will stand up and say so!
Chuck is proud to announce that his latest album as been released.
Among the eleven songs on the album are two duets, featuring
country music great Linda Davis, and inspirational
county artist James Payne.
This Album is receiving great
Response and reviews.
Be sure to order yours
Back Page News
You can view Chuck Days Video on search under
Videos, or the video wall. Song Titled: Back Page News which talks
about a soldier who was Killed In war, who made the Back Page News.
This song will Absolutely send chill bumps down your spine and make you
think of the ones who have died in war in earlier times, and during crisis
Times like now. We must not forget about our Country, Freedom, and
And most of all our of Liberty to say we are free, and proud to be an American
The song titled: Back Page News came off of the new released album
“Eleven”. If you haven't heard this album , or any of the songs that is
Off of this collection, your in for a treat when you do. The most crystal
Clear voice in Christian Country Music Today. Chuck Days incredible
And unique sound that is unlike any other sound in today's Christian,
And Southern Gospel music. You will be blessed by his music, you can also
find His music on as well.
Visit The Official Website of Chuck Day
Be sure to book your next big event with Chuck Day
Network with Chuck Day
Great Features,
And articles.
Rod & Staff
is an
New Group
Who is recei
ving Great R
From fans a
ll around. The
The Amundruds
An Outstanding
6653 Texas Hwy 154 S
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
903-439-4597 Cell
[email protected]
Psalm 100 & The Joyful Noise
It R
Psalm 100 's desire is to make gospel music concerts available to
any church - any size. Many small churches cannot bring in a
nationally advertised group, but still have a need for Christian
concerts for their members enjoyment and uplifting. Psalm 100 & Band
feels this is a part of their ministry - to go out into the highways and
byways bringing encouragement in the message of Gods love, grace
and forgiveness.
Psalm 100 was honored recently at the Southern Gospel Music
Association of Texas (SGMA of Texas) with the Youth Male Vocalist
of the Year - presented to Caleb Frazier vocalist and drummer for
Psalm 100.
At the International Country Gospel Music Association (ICGMA) Convention,
Psalm 100 was presented with the Gold Cross Award for "Band Of The Year."
Thanks to our peers and fans and to God be the Glory for honoring Psalm 100
with your support and recognition. Finding favor with God is the ultimate but
finding favor with man encourages us to make that joyful noise.
If you would like to financially support the Psalm 100 ministry, you will find
information on the contact [email protected]
To the # 40 on the Christian Country Charts
Psalm 100 & The Joyful Noise Band is a ministry and believes
that music is one of the few things in life that can cross all boundaries.
For 30 years, "Making a Joyful noise unto the Lord," and presenting
the Gospel in song and testimony to the concert attendee is the
number one priority of Psalm 100. Also, having a sensitivity to the
needs of the Church, gives this group the ability to minister in all
denominations as they show respect to the members and their mode
of worship. Christ is the focal point of the Psalm 100 ministry with the
message that, in Christ, there is hope for the hopeless, forgiveness
for the unforgiven, peace after the storm and salvation for the lost.
What are the five things you can’t live without?
God – Bible – Singing – coffee - sleep
What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
Don’t take yourself to seriously - laugh
What is you favorite song to belt out in the car/or while taking a shower?
“In The Still Of The Night” ----and really hope no one is listening
Whats your favorite color?
Red! Red! And Red!
What group or artist is your biggest influence?
Chris Freeman. She is so energetic, fun loving and loves God with all her heart & it shows
Where do you call home?
Do you write your own songs?
Some of them. I write a lot but not all are sing-able! LOL
Whats your favorite food?
Well of course, Fried Chick and Steak
Do you play an instrument?if so what do you play?
I play a few chords on the piano…just enough to play for myself and write a lead sheet or melody for a new song.
Don’t think anyone would hire me for their lead musician!
What has been your greatest moment in your career or ministry?
There’s been several – and of course witnessing and feeling the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the first time has to be number one.
But after singing for over 50 years, having a song I wrote and recorded reach #30 in the CVM charts has truly been awesome.
Who has been your mentor in gospel music?
Pretty much had to mentor lots of young people who have been a part of my group over the years. Never had the opportunity to
have a mentor of my own! Boo-hoo!
What do you like most about your career or ministry?
Knowing people have been blessed or have received Christ into their life - by the ministry of my testimony and music.
How did you get started?
In Church. Started singing with my Mother at the ripe old age of 4. She taught me to sing harmony so I could sing specials with her
in church. She took me to every Singing Convention within walking / driving distance. Guess you could say that she was my
mentor! Was singing in a trio with my 2 sisters while in our teens. Sang with several trios over the years and then in 1980 formed
my own group “Psalm 100 and The Joyful Noise Band.” Since that time we have always had a live band…Piano, Bass, Drums,
Rhythm guitar.
What has been your most embarrassing moment in gospel music?
I’m sure there are quite a few – but the one that comes to mind right now is; We were singing at a County Fair – on a flat-bed
trailer. It was Texas Hot and the June bugs were having the time of their life and loved those lights. I was singing “Ain’t No Grave
Gonna Hold My Body Down”, when one of those critters took a bomber dive and went down the front of my blouse. I guess
everyone thought I was having a Pentecostal spell and got into the spirit with me – except I wasn’t in it.
Or this one from my teen age drummer; We were doing a Homecoming service in Dallas and lunch was being served in their
private park just behind the church. Several had filled their plates and was ready to eat only to discover someone forgot to bring
the eating utensils. Well, our little teenager made a trip to the bus and got plastic utensils and announced “WE can eat, WE have
silverware!” Needless to say – we did not eat until everyone else did…and the Pastor never let that boy live it down.
What group or artist is your biggest influence: The Quists are our biggest
influence to get into the music industry. They encouraged us when we were
just starting out to continue our ministry. Some of our other influences are
other family bands like the Crabb Family and The Isaacs.
Where do you call home? Home is Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada.
We live on a grain farm there.
Do you write your own songs? Yes, we do write our own songs. On our
latest studio album "That's Love" we wrote 4 out of the 10 songs. They are
"That's Love", "Time", "Roller Coaster" and "When I Think About Jesus."
Daryl, Gary and Glen Amundrud are the songwriters in the group. Recently we
have been getting songs pitched to us by great songwriters. Our latest radio
single "Standin' On the Rock" now at # 15 on the charts was written by
Barbara Lister Williams (daughter of the great celebrated songwriter Mosie
Whats your favorite food? Our favorite food kind of differs from one group
member to another but we all enjoy chicken, mashed potatoes and peas.
mmm...that's good!
Do you play an instrument?if so what do you play? There are 7 members
of The Amundruds. Here is what everyone does: GLEN (Acoustic Guitar,
Sound Tech), LINDA (BGV's), GARY (Drums, Lead Guitar, BGV's), DARYL
(Piano/Keyboards, Lead Vocals), LORILYN (Bass Guitar, BGV's), SHERI
(Mandolin, BGV's) MELISSA FEHR (Vocals)
The group is made up of siblings Gary, Daryl, Lorilyn, and Sheri, joined by
their parents, Glen and Linda. Also, joining the Amundruds is multitalented
singer/songwriter, Melissa Fehr. They all share a common desire to touch
lives and reach the lost. Their unique ability to communicate through song has
made them a favourite in Gospel music today with their appearances at Trinity
Music City USA, Nashville's Gibson Cafe and Canada's Gospel Music
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Making an Impact in Gospel Music
What has been your greatest moment in your career or ministry?
There have been some highlights in our music ministry: Winning Country
Gospel album of the Year in 2008 for the Saskatchewan country music
awards. Multiple nominations in the GMA Covenant Awards and singing at
major Gospel music festivals like the National Quartet Convention and
Canada's Gospel Music Celebration. Blending great Gospel music with
Christian family values, the Amundruds continue to share the love of Jesus
wherever they go. Amid our daily struggles and trials, it is reassuring to be
reminded of the hope we have in Jesus.
Interview with The Amundruds
What are the five things you can’t live without? 1. Jesus. He is the reason
that we sing. 2. Family. Singing together brings us closer together as a family.
3. Music. It is our passion to minister in song and give all the glory to God. 4.
Friends. We appreciate our friends praying for us when we are on the road. It
sure makes a difference. Lastly Radio: We do want to thank radio and DJ's for
playing our music. Without you guys our music wouldn't be heard.
Glen and Linda accepted the Lord shortly after they were married. Their faith has
been challenged from time to time. They were unable to have children, but they
fasted and prayed. God answered prayer after eight years of longing, trusting and
waiting for a miracle. They were blessed with two sons, Gary and Daryl, and two
daughters, Lorilyn & Sheri. They all love the Lord and serve Him.
The Amundruds' goal is to be a light and a blessing to those they meet. This family
group from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan ministers to audiences through their
thought-provoking lyrics, innovative musical arrangements and life-changing
testimonies giving all the glory to God.
What do you like most about your career or ministry? We enjoy packing up the
bus and hitting on the road to sing. Our desire is to be a blessing to those we
come in contact with. Also to encourage the Christians and to tell the Lost about
Jesus' love for them.
How did you get started? We have always sang together as a family but didn't
start traveling until 2004. Our parents bought us instruments and we started
playing them. We began singing in church when we were quite young.
What has been your most embarrassing moment in gospel music? Our most
embarrassing moment was when our lead vocalist Daryl got locked in the bus.
The concert was about to start and we were wondering where Daryl went to.
He was banging on the door for someone to let him out. It finally clicked in that
maybe he was in the bus. We unlocked the door and let him out and the concert
started a little late but went without a hitch. Praise the Lord!! The Hubbard Family
is a full-time gospel music ministry. Over the last ten years,
the Hubbard Family has presented the gospel to thousands
of people in churches, festivals, and concert houses.
The Hubbard Family is unique because it is an authentic
family of five and an authentic five piece band. Audiences
enjoy the dynamic vocals and instrumental skills that each
family member brings to the band, but the heart of the
Hubbard Family is in the lyrics of the songs- lyrics about
the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The Hubbard family
would love to bring their music, as well as their passionate
testimony of the difference the Lord can make in a family,
to your church.
Jeremy Ledgewood
I write my own music from my heart and soul. I have seen the destruction, pain, and suffering life
without GOD can wreck upon a family. Standing tall as a Christian musician, I deliver the message
GOD has given me, through my music, to help spread the word that there is hope, there is love, and
there is life without pain once you know the truths of God's word. My music touches young and old
alike, taking listeners through a spiritual journey of understanding, trust, love, happiness,and
General Information &
[email protected]
Booking & Management
JH Management
Jai Hutcherson
[email protected]
Ron Brewer Ministries
Visit Ron's Profile at
Blessing people through his music is something Ron has been doing for years. His
commitment to serve the Lord, reach lost souls, bring hope and encouragement and
share a smile grows stronger each day. Ron is talented, humorous and spiritual.
The warmth and love he betrays captives his audiences the moment he walks on the
stage. Ron is very professional, as his perception is, God gave his best and he
should give his best at all times. Ron travels full-time throughout the United States
and appears in auditoriums, churches, revivals, camp-meetings and various other
venues and sings at the National Quartet Convention and Branson Gospel Music
Convention. Ron has also appeared on many syndicated Television and radio
programs, and has been nominated for the 2009 Diamond Award, Soloist of the Year,
2009 Top Five Favorite Male Vocalist- Southern Gospel Music FanFair and the
2008 Diamond Award Top Five, Soloist of the Year. With "I'll Make It Someday,"
"Footsteps On The Clouds," and "Won To the Highest Power," charting, Ron gives all
credit to the lord for these accomplishments.
In 2002, Ron accepted the call into the full-time solo ministry. Ron is blessed to have
his wife Trish travel with him and also accompany him on the keyboard with various
arrangements of his style.
Ron has shared the stage with many of the great artist, The Hyssongs, The Roark's,
The Dove Brothers Quartet, Freemans, Aaron and Amanda Crabb, Trevor Thomas,
The Profitts, Eternal Vision, Paul's Journey, Big MO, Mike Upright, Emmaus Road
Quartet, Fresh Anointing, Gerald Crabb, Dixie Melody Boys, The Nelons,
Blackwood's, Pfeiffer's, Eric Hinson, Rod Burton, Brain Free and Assurance,
Young Harmony, and so many others.
With a twist of Southern Gospel and Christian Country, Ron is sure to bless
audiences of all ages with his heartwarming vocals, humor and testimony.
By Michael
Well with memorial day just celebrated, and past I think about
the men and women who suffered, and gave their life, for the freedom,
and liberty we have now. I saw on television documentary war stories
of different battles where men lay dead, burned bodies, and oceans
beaches turned to blood from dead bodies that lay in the water, what
horrifying scenes. I will stop there to gory to go on. Then you see all
the military cemeteries all the crosses, a symbol of sacrifices. From
the American revolution war to the present, the war on terrorism how
sad for the hardship, of the injured, disabled, and those who died at
an early age sacrificing for freedom. Let me say to the men and women
who serve in the military today defending our country thank you so
much and God bless you. July the 4th we will be celebrating,
Independence Day, here In the United States, commonly known as
the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4, 1776 .
Thank God for the people who has sacrificed for liberty and freedom.
Excerpts from the Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths
to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed
by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government
becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter
or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation
on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them
shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence,
indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be
changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience
hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are
suffer able than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which
they are accustomed.-- Just wanted to add that to show where we have
come from, Yes America has experienced freedom, and liberty, but now
it is quickly being taken away.
Thank God for Freedom,but
aren't you glad you can say
Your FREE from Sin
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The name Jesus barely can be spoken in public without someone being
offended . It is heartbreaking to know, that you can be arrested for praying
in public, yes it has happened ,America values and morals are
Deteriorating. Some people follow Mohammad or say the name of Buddha,
or speak of some other false god, but that doesn’t seem offensive, no one
arrested for that ,that I heard, oh well get the point ! I don’t mean to sound
gloom, and doom I’m just concerned, it just declares the word of God to be
true, and being fulfilled KJV - Mat 24:12 -And because iniquity shall
abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Like I said I’m concerned, but
not worried remember what Jesus said KJV - John 16:33 - These things I
have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye
shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world. I guess what I am saying for all the sacrifices it
was not in vain .You think about sacrifice, it started in the beginning
there had to be a sacrifice for something to be better. And there was the
ultimate sacrifice Jesus dieing for the world KJV - Jhn 3:16 - For God so
loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Wow did that
make things better ! What a change it made in me. When you are
celebrating the 4th of July this year reminisce what you are celebrating, its
not all about fireworks, having friends over, eating hamburgers, and hot
dogs of course there’s nothing wrong with that we just sometimes forget
what we are celebrating for. Sacrifice some time tell someone about
Jesus,and what we are celebrating for.
God Bless
Have A Great 4th. Of July and remember
The sacrifices that were made on that day
Southern Gospel Singer
's to Cook!
Rita Broyles
What are the five things you can’t live without?
God, Singing, Bible, Family, Faith
What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
1) Put God First 2) Put God First 3) Put God First
What is you favorite song to belt out in the car/or while taking a shower?
Amazing Grace
Whats your favorite color?
What group or artist is your biggest influence
I appreciate so many different talented artists and styles, I can't say there's only one influence.
Where do you call home?
At this time---Albemarle, NC
Do you write your own songs?
God has gifted me lately in doing so.
Whats your favorite food?
Home Cooking!! I love Home Made Biscuits!!
Do you play an instrument?if so what do you play
Rythem Guitar-----a little piano, bass, and drums
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What has been your greatest moment in your career or ministry?
God has blessed me with my new CD this past week and it's 10 original songs that
He has allowed me to write----it's called "A Gift From God" and it truly is something that I
prayed for God to let me do and it has my heart! God does answer prayer!!
Who has been your mentor in gospel music?
God is truly my mentor because I trust in Him for everything in this ministry and my life!
Nothing happens without Him! I'm serving Him so God should get the Glory!!!
What do you like most about your career or ministry?
When I see people's hearts touched and lives changed and receive Jesus!
Seeing lost souls come to Jesus is the final answer!
How did you get started?
I've been singing since the age of 11. In trying to put a live gospel group together years
ago I found not all hearts are committed to the Lord so I began as a solo artist and let
God do the rest. I prayed lots about becoming part of a group cause I love harmony,
but so far God has not lead me that direction.
What has been your most embarrassing moment in gospel music?
One that comes to mind is starting a very fast song over 3 times and still getting the
words tangled up cause it was one of those songs with a ton of words in it and no
breathing room! You fellow artists know what I mean! It ended up being an ice breaker
with the people and we had a time in the Lord after that! We're all human and we all
make mistakes--it's how you handle
them that counts! I've learned to laugh at myself!
Home Made Biscuits
2 cups self rising flour (approx)
2/3 cup Crisco (approx.)---no other shortening
2 cups buttermilk (approx.)---no substitutions
Put flour in large bowl and cut in Crisco with fork or pastry blender till blended. Add milk a little
at a time and stir with fork till it becomes soft dough. Use enough milk for soft dough but not too
wet or not too dry. Do not over mix! Turn dough out on lightly floured surface and add a little
flour if needed to start folding and kneading it till smooth. Do not over knead or you will have a
tough bread! When finished, you can use dough roller to roll to desired thickness or just press
out with your hands. Then cut with biscuit cutter and re-roll leftover pieces and keep cutting till
all dough is used. You can pinch off the dough and roll biscuits in your hands---that's the way I
learned years ago. Place biscuits on greased baking sheet and bake at 450 till browned.
These measurements are estimated! Most of us Southern cooks don't measure!! Also, you won't find
any sugar in these biscuits---this is the old southern way!!! Enjoy!!!
Cover 'em with gravy, slather 'em with butter, dunk 'em in syrup, fill 'em with ham, or just eat 'em
plain---Home Made Biscuits----that's what I like about the South!!!
s' M
y N
's m
yG a
The kitchen is a happy place for me! Cooking special dinners
and inviting family and friends over is a fun way to fellowship! Food is a perfect
way to bring people together. My Mama had me standing in a
chair at the stove helping her cook when I was very young. It became a passion
of mine and still is today!!! Next to singing, it's my favorite
thing to do! So, why don't you just break out the pots and pans and
get your creative juices flowing. After all, cooking creates sharing,
sharing creates love, and love creates memories!!
To Purchase here famous
Cook books please visit here website:
Tips On Advertising & Promotion
Importance Of Advertising
If you are looking for advertisement idea’s and promotional tools check out it’s a unique Christian Music Website Community of
Social Media Networking. It has many features to use and, most of all it’s a
very affordable platform. Sgmdigital also offers a Free Artist Account upon
first initial sign up.
Sometimes one may have a personal website using it to promote their music
business, bookings, sales, etc,and wonder why their website is not being
visited often, one of the causes is if you are just starting in the music
business, and you are not very well known, and your website is not being
visited, in most cases it will only be visited by the people you tell, or
accidentally visited that’s not to say your music is not good or anything
that’s just the way it is. You must use a popular website or other
advertisements agents the internet is the most popular way to advertise
Today. When selecting an advertising website you want to choose one
that is a heavy traffic website with advertising page exposure, meaning
a measure of the opportunity for readers to see a particular advertisement,
or the number of people who see an advertisement.
If you will do some research you may find that well known artist use
advertisement other than their own because more advertisement they
use the better it increases their chances to make more sales, bookings,
and etc we all want to succeed in business any business person will tell
to be successful you must use advertisement. So you want to be heard,
sell your music, get more bookings, and so on advertise, advertise,
and advertise.
Tips On Increasing Bookings
1- Place banner with contact information on a popular high traffic
website such as
2- Have booking package available for visiting pastors/music
directors at events, and functions at sales table
3- Reschedule where you last performed for future date right then..
4- If possible try to keep all engagements people are expecting you ,
and made plans for that scheduled date. Don't cancel notoriously
5- Stay in contact where visited or performed give schedule,
and availability if called on
6- except love offerings if possible don’t set a price for an
Tips On Music Sales
1- Offer limited time specials (note) people will rush to buy sells
ending soon.
2- Use promotion codes for discounts”create promo codes on”
3- Offer a special of the week / month buy one at full price get the
second half price.
4- Offer buy album at full price get a single free
5- Offer buy album $10.ea. Get all three albums for $ 25.ea.
(price is an example)
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