“Discover How To Make Your Fortune From Trading Global Financial Markets”

“Discover How To Make Your Fortune From
Trading Global Financial Markets”
"Discover the secrets of making £100 to
£2000+ per day Tax Free, Trading World
Financial Markets. Profit from Up, Down
and even sideways market. Let me show
you how you can copy me and do the same
within less than 30 days from now, starting
from scratch and regardless of your
background – Test it Risk FREE"
Read on to discover how others have made this a reality and how you can do the same Read on to discover: • How you too can turn small financial bets into thousands of pounds of tax free profits from the comfort of your home by following a Step by Step system developed by an ex‐city trader and successful independent trader. • How anyone with or without business experience can understand the simple secrets to making money from financial trading. • How you can test trading strategies without risking a penny. • How you can make money trading on UK, European or US listed companies regardless if the stock market is crashing, booming or even trading sideways. • Learn successful simple trading strategies that will take no more than 30 minutes (maximum) of your time per day that make more money than most people earn in a week. • Learn the secrets of how precision‐timed trades in leading UK, European, US Stocks, Asian Stocks, commodities and indices such as the FTSE100, Dow Jones, German Dax and S&P500 can make you very wealthy. In the 5 minutes that it takes to read this website, you will learn about a whole new world of Financial Spread Trading, Digital Options, Property Futures and market speculation and how I and others have made a fortune trading from home and how you can copy us today. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve already had a go at financial trading or investing in the stock market then I am certain I can help you make more money regardless of market conditions. If after reading this, you think that this isn't for you, then that’s fine and I thank you for your interest. Unlike many websites/emails you no doubt see, I am not going to insult your intelligence and I will back up all of my claims with hard evidence. Before I go any further let me tell you a bit about myself and how this opportunity came around. The reason I want to do this is simply so that you can understand how I got involved in this opportunity and to prove to you that I am very sincere and genuine. It’s definitely not to boast about who I am or what I’ve achieved. I'm a very down to earth guy and if I really wanted to boast I could tell you and show you a lot more than you’ll read about in the following pages. My name is Vince Stanzione. You may have heard of me already as I am the author of the top selling book, "How to Stop Existing and Start Living" (ISBN 0‐953077‐0‐0) which I wrote after I made my first fortune at the age of 27. I have also worked for various top financial institutions in stock broking and foreign exchange dealing. I am currently involved in various companies both in the UK & US. If you want to check, you’ll find that my book and businesses have been featured in various national newspapers, websites and magazines including The Observer, Guardian, Independent On Sunday, Mail On Sunday, The Times, Shares Magazine, Investors Chronicle, Bloomberg, Sky News, What Investments, Self Made Millionaire, Wall Street Journal, New York Times to name a few. (Happy to email you a link to access more press cuttings) I have also been a guest on the BBC2 Esther chat show hosted by Esther Rantzen OBE. This episode was entitled, "How to make a Million", where I shared my money making secrets together with other self made millionaires. I am also the spread betting expert for Growth Company Investor where I have a monthly column. Many years ago I used to work in the city in one of those busy dealing rooms that you see on television and my job was to buy or sell shares and futures relating to indices or currencies. Now, the banks I worked for would trade millions of pounds, money you or I simply don’t have, also we would never want to take these massive risks on. I had always wanted to be able to do what I did for my employer but on my own account in a smaller way, however, until recently the “little guy” just could not get a foot in the door. You see, many days I would make over 1 million pounds profit for my bank, now my thinking was that if only I could trade a tiny amount and make myself £1,000 a day then I would be delighted. Some years passed, after leaving the city, I started running my own business successfully and I never really thought about the money‐markets again until one day, quite by chance, I saw an article in the Financial Times. Since then I have been able to make money on financial markets just like I used to when I worked for a large bank, but with smaller stakes and with much less risk. Best of all, the profits go directly into my own personal account. So what exactly do I do?
Well, it’s all pretty elementary really. By placing relatively small trades on whether a market, share, commodity or currency is going up, down or even sideways, I am able to make large returns from the luxury of my home in my spare‐time. On this site you will find statements which give you an idea of what is possible. In most cases working, if that’s the right word, no more than 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Many days I do not spend more than 10 minutes at this. I am also able to trade from overseas, in fact anywhere in the world that has a. This business gives you total freedom. So all I do is what large banks and financial institutions do, but on a very small scale. I require no license to do this, no specialist equipment and you can trade from your home, office, the back of a yacht or the top of a mountain. The other great advantage is that because of the way I trade and the system I will disclose to you, there is no income or capital gains tax, as your profit is classed as betting and is only subject to betting tax which is now paid by financial bookmakers, so what you earn is yours. Thanks to cheap internet access and cheap computing power (a £500 computer does more than my 1 million pound trading computer did in the 80’s). The doors to this once elite club are now wide open and theirs nothing to stop you doing the same as the fat cats have been doing for years. Why am I telling you this?
Firstly, by telling you this it doesn’t affect me in any way, if it did then I would not be telling you, there are already thousands of people all around the world doing the same thing, so a few more will not make a difference. Secondly, many people that have tried to get into this business have failed due to no sound training and poor advice. It upsets me to see people lose their hard earned money to greedy bookmakers, stockbrokers, software vendors, seminar sharks and brokers and I want to give “the little guy” a helping hand. If you read a bit about my background you will see that I started from nothing and came from the school of hard knocks. While everyone that works hard is entitled to make money and become a millionaire or multi‐
millionaire if they wish to do so, I feel that at some point you have to play fair. When financial bookmakers, brokers and data vendors can spend millions on political donations, sponsorship (with no commercial benefit), excessive parties, private boxes at every major sporting event, offices with the finest Italian marble, yachts at the Monaco Grand Prix at US$1 million per day hire, while they screw every penny out of small traders and private investors then something sounds a little unfair. Nobody to date has written an honest guide on financial spread trading and how private traders can copy the special techniques that professionals have been making millions with for years. And lastly, I am of course going to make some extra "fun" money from selling my course. In the past I have told a few friends and family about what I do in a vague way, similar to what I am telling you, but I have never explained to anyone the full nuts and bolts. A few of my friends thinking that this was money for nothing went out and tried it on their own, you guessed it, they lost large amounts of money. After being pestered for about a year I finally decided to put what I knew about financial markets in writing and I produced a workbook to help these rookie traders out. I’ve spent a good three years writing this course and I am now selling this information on. I cannot guarantee how long I will be selling this information for, so if you are interested then please do not delay. As I have already stated, I have many other business interests and my own trading is more important. The other point is that I have rattled a few cages in the financial community so if you decide that you would like to go forward with this business then act now and do not look a gift horse in the mouth for too long. Now, before I go any further I am going to be 100% honest with you and tell you the following before I ask you to even consider trading financial markets:‐ 1. All financial traders including myself and you, if you decide to go ahead, lose money on trades, in fact as many as 6 out of 10 trades result in a loss or no real gain but no real loss, but it’s the 4 trades that make a profit that carry you through. (It must be refreshing to hear someone tell you that they actually get it wrong!) 2. Financial Spread Trading is not for the unemployed, those on low incomes, who can’t afford to pay their electricity bill or afford to eat. You need at least £250 stake money that you can afford to lose. No crying, writing to the BBC Watchdog or complaining to the FSA, that you have been mislead, it will not wash. 3. I am giving you the best financial training you will ever find but you need to have the discipline to follow the simple trading system rules (just like being on a diet) otherwise you will lose money. I am not selling "hot tip's," that's for idiots and lottery players, I am giving you a real system to follow that makes consistent profits regardless of market conditions. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but give him a rod and teach him to fish and he will eat for life. If you want to learn to fish then I am your man, if you want quick easy fish then forget it and stop reading now, you should not apply! So now I’ve told you the negatives let me tell you some of the positives:
1. You can trade any financial market. You do not need to be stuck to a screen all day. You simply phone or use the internet to place your trades and leave them. Most bookmakers are open 24 hours a day and I will teach you how to have trades in place that open and close automatically. This means that you can trade in the evening without affecting your other business commitments. Also, by following my system you will never get any nasty surprises, you will know exactly your maximum risk say £50 in total, and you will not be asked for a penny more. The powerful part is that your losses are limited but your profits are unlimited, so that a £50 risk could make £500+ profit. Trade from anywhere with an XDA or mobile phone 1. There's no real paperwork or expensive equipment required. You need a phone and a computer with internet access. You can now also do everything off a mobile phone. 2. It doesn't matter whether a market is in a good time (a bull market) or a bad time (a bear market.) It's hard to believe but some of my best trades have been (short trades) which means I make money when the market goes down. Also by not just trading the stock market you can profit as I do from the massive opportunities in commodities and currencies such as Gold, Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Corn, Platinum, £/$ and Euro/$ to name a few from Up and Down movements. With new opportunities in many emerging markets such as China and Eastern European countries, it's important you learn to trade commodities and currencies and my workbook and system covers these markets. What you'll learn from Making Money From Financial Spread
My workbook is not based on out of date text‐book theories, it is over 200 pages of real concise information that will help anyone with or without previous experience understand how I make money from trading, presented in an A4 durable folder. Whether you are starting from scratch or you have been trading for over 25 years, I am certain you will benefit from my 23 years of trading experience and research. Many have tried to imitate my work but they are nothing but poor copycats trying to make a quick buck selling systems that I threw out over 5 years ago. The workbook I offer is right up to date with all the new changes and I also provide a free update service via the internet so you can print out and add new pages as and when. My workbook is also independent and not sponsored or endorsed by a financial bookmaker. SPECIAL NOTE: NEW 2009 EDITION of Trendspotter included on the members website giving excellent Buy/Sell signals on all major financial markets, currencies and commodities Just a few of the subjects covered:
How to trade indices such as the FTSE100, FTSE250, Dow, Dax, Nikki 225 and NASDAQ and profit from up, down or sideways movements. Trade from as little as £10 total risk. Know when to buy and when to sell. I will also teach you how to get in and out of trades like a professional. How to trade currencies such as the Euro, Yen, Pound and Swiss Franc. How to trade commodities such as Oil, Gas, Gold, Platinum, Copper, Coffee and Sugar to name a few and profit from UP and Down moves. How to trade on Interest Rates such as Bonds, Long Gilt, Eurodollar and Euro Swiss. How to trade individual UK shares, European and US shares both to go up or down and avoid paying tax. How to trade virtual property by using Property Futures. Bet on house prices to rise or fall. How to make money from digital options and trade markets to go sideways. The 3 steps that take 10 minutes a day either in the evening or first thing in the morning which will GUARANTEE that you are trading the right shares and markets. Why the crowd is always 90% of the time wrong and how to profit from it. The one insider report that you must check every week (available free on the internet) that tells you what is really happening in the stock market. Making Money with Trading Strategies. Here I reveal my EXACT rules for buying and selling that are so clear and simple I can teach a 12 year old and they would beat 90% of Fund Managers. The real facts about technical trading and reading charts correctly. 90% of all technical trading formations and indicators do not work, it has been proved in numerous studies yet many still teach and follow these loser's strategies. I'll show you the 10% that work and how to follow them in an easy and straight forward format. How to use options and hedging techniques to protect your long term‐share portfolio. You can now also hedge the value of your home so you can lock in its current value if you think house prices are due to fall. A full list of all the financial bookmakers (totally independent) as I do not receive any payments or sponsorship, I tell you as it is. I also explain how to squeeze the best out of your broker and how to use special orders so they do the hard work for you and you do not need to be stuck to a screen. The secrets to my trading style, what I look for and how I trade. Where to get free financial information from the internet which is not aimed at the public. See what the professional traders are buying and selling. The golden Rules of Financial Spread Trading. Taken from my 23 years of trading, my clients trading history and over 100 years of research and testing, I will reveal the exact rules that the winning traders follow and what the losing traders do. The secrets I learned from the world's best traders including Richard Dennis (went from US$200 to over 400 million), Curtis Faith (of the turtles trading fame), Ed Sykota ($5,000 account started in 1972 has earned over 250,000% return), Jesse Livermore (made $5 million in 1929 crash), Charles Dow (as in Dow Jones) and Dick Donchian. (His foundation still gives away millions that he amassed from trading in the 60's.) Glossary of terms and explanation of the various products that are available. And much more information that the bookmakers and brokers would rather you did not know. Although I discuss technical issues in this workbook it has been written in a very simple and easy to understand format. I use many of my own recent trades as examples and have used charts and diagrams to explain my theories. I will show you the exact strategies that I use to make my buying and selling decisions. I can teach anyone how to read a chart and make accurate trades. My workbook is totally jargon free and has been written in a very straight forward style. There’s certainly nothing difficult about it. You don’t have to have a degree in economics. You don’t have to have any previous knowledge, anyone can do this. As I said at the outset, I am a down to earth and fairly simple person and in financial trading it is the simple strategies that work best. All those academic and text book trading guru formulas are great on paper but do not work in the real world. Making money from financial trading DVD
As well as the workbook you will also receive 2 free DVD’s. These DVD’s were filmed by a professional film crew to the highest quality. During the two 1/2 hours you will learn more about the way I trade, how I read charts and how I select shares. Again, I explain everything in a down to earth easy style and thanks to the power of Television you will be able to see it with your own eyes. You'll even see my live trading account. I also have a trading quiz that you can take and test your new skills. The DVD’s have been professionally produced to playback on your computer or home DVD player and thanks to the power of DVD, you can repeat, pause and watch and learn at your own pace. I have also arranged for you to receive a free CD‐ROM with charting software and 5 years of back data to test and learn my techniques. Note: you are under no obligation to buy any software or subscribe to any internet service. Free access to my member’s only site
Unlike other companies that take your money and forget about you, I have set up an internet site so that you can access updates, free charts, prices for every major stockmarket, commodities, currencies, news UK, US and European share prices. We have also recently added various audio, trading video clips and business news television feeds. Unlimited access to Trend Spotter tm trading signals
As part of my website you also get access to trading signals using the Trend Spotter tm end of day system. You can log in once a day and obtain accurate readings on many markets including FTSE, Dow Jones, S&P500, Gold, Crude Oil, £/$, $/Euro, $/Yen and many others. This allows you to verify your trading ideas and check against the system before making trades. For example, if you were considering going long (buying) Crude Oil and the Trend Spotter tm system shows 100% buy, this would back up your understanding and make sure you are making the correct trade. Signals are re‐generated every day after the close so you don't need to worry about checking every 5 minutes. You can access the system with the password which will be given to you, from any PC with internet access. Guide To placing Fixed Odds Trading
As a special extra, I will also include a brand new Ebook which I have written on Making Money with Fixed Odds betting. Fixed odds allow you to trade and profit from UP, Down and even sideways markets. You can trade and profit from bets lasting as short as 1 minute and up to 180 days. I have also arranged for you’re to get a free virtual player account so you can practice trade. This virtual account also gives you access to online professional Netdania charting and technical studies. And as a special bonus, once you open a trading account you will be given a £20 credit to your trading account. (Only one credit per household and offer could be withdrawn at any time.) What my students had to say
Certified statements from previous students obtained under section 14.1 of the Advertising Standards Authority code. Every comment that follows has been obtained in accordance with the ASA 14.1 code which states that advertisers should hold signed and dated proof, including a contact address. We have also made them available for inspection to a leading firm of London Solicitors. Every statement has been signed and posted to our office, in the cases of faxes or emails, we only published them after they had been signed in original ink. Here are just a few of the hundreds of letters, faxes and emails that I have received from buyers of my workbook: "This course has played a fundamental part in my ability to make consistent profits trading US & UK markets. It also provides a great ongoing reference tool. Time and money well invested!" George Harrison "I've used the workbook and video extensively. My profits since beginning trading in June are currently in excess of £65,000. Trading mainly indices, best trade closed on Dow 9/7 for total profit £25,635" Mr John Turner (trading statements on file) "After receiving the workbook I started off trading with £100 and using the techniques taught by Vince at one stage it grew to £2109!!!. This includes the successful and unsuccessful trades. When I started the course, I knew nothing about the stockmarket. I will always be grateful to Vince for making the course available." Mrs Sandhya Biggin "The summer period beginning late May to early August was extremely profitable I earned up to £30,000 from indices trades on the Dow, FTSE and S&P, Thanks Vince" Mr M Mears "I found the workbook easy to follow and very clearly written. Being a technical author, clarity in educational material is a high priority" Mrs Debbie Allen "The trading system is impeccable and the judgment acquired is beyond price. Within eight days I had made £7,900, quite incredible" Dr M Kremer (trading statements on file) "I am just saying thank you for your course and video which has enabled me to become a successful trader. I have had a great year, my target was £250,000 and I am up £230,000 to the 11/7 when I closed 90% of my trades and went to New Zealand. I have only started back trading today and feel more relaxed and more confident than ever before. Thanks again" Chris Muldoon "A practical, useful and easy to understand workbook backed up by visual aids (video). A constant source of reference." Steve Watts "Great insight into an otherwise exclusive world, still not sure why you would want to share this with the ordinary folk but thanks anyway, I'm glad you did" Mr Graham Souter "The best home study course on the topic available. Worth every penny!" Mr Ian Panton "Excellent content, informative and inspiring. My experience of my virtual account has been very encouraging up £7,000. Vince, I receive a lot of material promoting me riches most of which ends up where it deserves! Warm regards." Mr Roger Fierstone "The workbook is very easy to comprehend and the video is clear, well recorded and complements the workbook" Mr A Showman "Vince, you are one of the few genuine & honest people within this industry, keep me informed of any new services." Mr Stephen Felton "From the initial letter the logic, openness and honesty of Vince's approach and business model was very appealing to me. I found this product very enlightening and easy to follow as it not only clarified many myths about the market but provided me with a simple and easy framework to follow for trading success." Mr Ian Kiley Nothing makes me happier than people making money from trading. I have met many of my students over the last few years. My success and my student's success shows what can be achieved with amounts over £50,000, £100,000 and £250,000+ being made by students within 12 to 24 months of starting. What gives me the biggest thrill is that most of these traders had no experience before they purchased my course and they did not have city backgrounds, I have students from all walks of life. I am also pleased to see that while this is still a male orientated business, my female students are also doing exceptionally well. I have students from all nationalities and we are happy to ship the course to anywhere in the world. (Read the copy of the Independent on Sunday, Observer or Daily Mail article for more about my students.) Worldwide access
My workbook has a full list of financial bookmakers and brokers that will deal in a number of countries including UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Canada. We have students and traders from all over the world and brokers that deal in Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese and other languages. So how much is it for a complete trading
package and 23 years of trading
By now you should have realised I have been totally honest and down to earth. I have shown you copies of my statements and you can see the actual national press articles that have been written about me and my students. Now you can get started for just £97 and only pay the balance
when you have made your first £1,000 profit
I have put together this complete package and have been selling it for £347.00. However, for the first time ever, I am going to offer you a way to get started, at a lower cost. Pay me just £97 now for
the full package and only when you have made at least £1,000 clear profit, send me the other £250. I am SO confident that this system works that I am prepared to wait until you have proved to yourself that it works. Sound fair? I have never offered to do this before. To take this offer go to the order form and in coupon code type: PART and then click apply and the part pay offer will appear. If you prefer to pay the whole fee now of £347 I will include a copy of my best selling book “How To Stop Existing & Start Living” How to Stop Existing & Start Living - Best selling book
Though you don't need experience to make money from financial trading to trade successfully, I think you should know a bit about psychology and how to maintain the mindset of a peak performer because it can be the difference between achieving ordinary results in your life, and extraordinary results. For a start, in financial spread trading, patience and discipline are key factors to success. In fact, they are crucial. I wrote this 340 page book after I had made over one million pounds. So when it comes to succeeding, I do know what I am talking about. Not like many authors who I suspect solely make their money by telling others how to make money. Well, their advice doesn't wash with me! In my opinion, the only advice worth taking is from someone who has actually achieved the kind of results that you're looking for. As a special bonus I am offering you a copy of this book with your package at no extra cost. This usually sells for £29.77 in all major bookshops. Free Getting Started 1 to 1 consultation (worth over £500)
And as an extra bonus for paying the fee in one payment and to ensure that you get off to a great start with your trading I am offering a limited number of private 1 to 1 private consultations. After you have studied the course and when you're ready to start trading with real money, contact me and I will double check you first trades and offer you tweaks and suggestion to make sure that you're on the fast track to success. I can only offer this to a limited number of new students. www.thespreadtrader.co.uk
If someone had offered me this material when I first started out I would have paid 10 times this amount. In fact, if it had been around then, I would have saved myself over £50,000. Just to put this into prospective, one small bet, say £5 a point daily, betting on the Dow Jones X 70 points (which is absolutely nothing these days, as we have 100 and 200 point days on a regular basis) makes you my package fee back. http://www.thefinancialtrader.net/sales2009/images/chart6.jpgee fullscreen
Click link above to see full screen (In the last 20 years NO other so called "guru" has ever shown me any cheque, statements, or screen
grabs showing REAL trades with REAL profits. The only ones I have seen are from MY students!)
Vince Stanzione wins £109,731.19 in less than a week!
After a good week Vince Stanzione picks up £109,731.19 from IG Index Dealing Director Stacey Ash. At the same time Vince Stanzione gives £10,973.11 to the Childline Charity. www.childline.org.uk Just to be clear, this is the complete package not just a book. You will receive the 200 page workbook, two DVD’s with over 2½ hours of step by step training, a copy of How To Stop Existing & Start Living, access to the members site including access to Trend Spotter tm, updates, daily market reports, free CD‐ROM charting software with 5 years of back data, Making A Fortune From Fixed Odds Ebook, access to professional Foreign Exchange charts and data and much more…. You even get a free £20 Fixed Odds bet and access to a virtual trading system so you can practice my strategies without real money. But most importantly you will be getting the best and most up to date information and learning from the person with the most experience in financial spread trading, fixed odds and who actually trades and walks the talk. My 12 month 100% Money Back Guarantee
I know that my package and system works, if I didn't believe in it I would not put my name to it or sell it. While many offer 30 day money back guarantees I am happy to give a whole 12 months guarantee. Order the package, study it and apply my trading strategies and rules at your leisure, you can do this with real or virtual money, remember, I am giving you time so you do not need to rush into it. If after 12 months you can honestly say that this has not worked for you after following my trading rules then return the package together with your trading notes to me and I will personally guarantee to send you a full refund of the £97 or £347 that you paid. I hope you agree I can't be fairer than that. Here's How to Test it - Totally Risk-Free
You can actually test this business out for yourself without ever parting with a penny. In fact, it's just about the only business in the world where you can do this. By working with my personal trading workbook, you can actually practice trade for a few weeks, even months if you want. It's a great deal of fun finding out how much money you could be making and it will give you a great deal of confidence when you come to trade for real. You'll get a feel for the business and experience a good understanding of what to look out for without any risk whatsoever. If you are on the internet I have also arranged for you to have a free £10,000 practice account so you can make real trades, at market prices but with no money. Now it's up to you!
If you are able to commit some effort and some risk capital to this venture, then I urge you to give it a try. At least give yourself a chance by studying my trading workbook and paper trade for awhile. Because unless you do this, you're never going to know just what this business could do for you. Of course, I understand fully that making money by trading on financial markets is not everyone's cup of tea... that's fair enough. But if it is, I can tell you that the potential is truly massive! Indeed, I genuinely think that you could really make amazing returns over the next few months. I would love to add your name to my list of successful students. Furthermore, you may also find that you have a real hidden talent for this type of venture and you could easily earn far more than £100,000 in the next year, but as I said, unless you look into it seriously, how are you ever going to really know? So why not at least give yourself a chance. Order my personal trading workbook TODAY. In fact, you may as well do it right now. All you need to do is click on the link and you will be taken to our secure order form at www.thespreadtrader.co.uk Remember, I am offering you a 12 month 100% money back guarantee on the full price of the package. And that's it! In a few days you'll have the most powerful financial trading workbook in your hands, and you'll be standing at the gateway to a brand new way of adding a lucrative extra income into your life. A final few words of warning
Some of you may be in a hurry to start, you maybe thinking, "Why do I need his manual, I'll just phone up the bookmakers, it can't be that hard?" please think again. Many people that have tried to take short cuts, rush into trading, take newspaper tips or read internet chat‐room rubbish have ended up losing thousands of pounds to save £347. If you want to be a clever fool then go ahead, after all it is these idiots that keep the bookmakers in business, and pay for the Monaco yachts and London palatial Italian marble offices. You wouldn’t drive a car without first taking driving lessons, practising and taking a test! Then why do you think you could succeed in Financial Spread Trading without learning the business? Also, be aware that no‐one else publishes the information that I give on Financial Spread Trading, no‐one else in the world knows as much as I do about this subject and has the experience and skill in explaining complicated subjects such as digital options in simple English. You will not find it in any bookshop. Many have tried to copy my work but with little success. Each package is registered and licensed to your name, it's not mass produced. And a final word, if you want to be successful in anything, find out what other successful people are doing and learn from them. Many people claim they make money from trading but if you ask to see any recent statements or cheques, see what they say! Unlike others, I have shown you proof and when you order my package you will see my trading account with your own eyes on your television set. Now it's up to you. Remember, you can operate this type of venture as much or as little as you want. You can run it from the comfort of your home armed with nothing more than a telephone and internet. From a home in the country, an apartment in the city or even from a beautiful villa in the sun. That's the real beauty of this business, it gives you real freedom. The kind of freedom you just can't experience with any other enterprise… no office, no employees, no income tax/capital gains tax (on financial spread trading), no waiting to be paid and no hassle! If you read this information and you have a specific question about financial spread trading, you can email me at [email protected] and I promise to reply as soon as possible. Kind regards and wishing you health, wealth and happiness. Yours sincerely, Vince Stanzione P.S. The last few months have been great for financial betting and with markets becoming more volatile, you're coming in at the best time ever. Remember, we can make massive amounts from volatile markets! P.P.S. I currently see massive trading opportunities in Shares, Currencies and commodities such Euro/$, Oil, Gold, Corn, $/Yen and $/£ to name a few. I cover these markets in my workbook so you will also be able to profit from them. To take the £97 part pay offer go to the order form and in coupon code type: PART and then click apply and the part pay offer will appear. © 2008 ‐ 2009 V Stanzione, 494 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2EA. All rights rights reserved