Solution Summary Top Reasons Customers Pick Check Point

Competitive Factsheet
How to Compete Against DLP Competitors
Solution Summary
Top Reasons Customers Pick Check Point
Ease of Deployment
Check Point makes
data loss prevention work
n MultiSpect™
provides unrivaled DLP accuracy
n UserCheck™
educates and empowers users
n Centralized
Check Point
n Integrated Software Blade
or appliance option
n Day-1 Prevention with
out-of-the-box policies
n Open scripting language
for tailored flexibility
management enables unified control
inspects traffic
flow for all
to prevent
data loss
educates on data
use policies and
empowers users
to remediate
Data policies are
easily defined,
and consistently
enforced across
the entire
DLP Vendors
n Most
vendors do not
have integrated DLP and
lack data customization
Moving from Detection
to Prevention
Check Point
n Prevents incidents
in-line without
extra hardware
n Day-1 prevention
with pre-defined data
types and polices
DLP Vendors
n Most
DLP vendors
rely on 3rd party
proxy hardware for
blocking incidents
Enterprise DLP vendors
n MultiSpect:
Identify multiple customizable
parameters to correlate with specific
security events
n Proactive: Proactively blocks intentional and
unintentional data loss
n UserCheck:
n Rules-based
policies: Easily
define security policies to meet
specific needs
n Unified management: Centralized
manage­ment across entire security
environment provides visibility
and control
Alerts and empowers users
to remediate in real-time
n Open scripting language: Create
customized data types
Standalone DLP vendors
options: Including inline/
tap, integrated/standalone, and appliance/
n Based on Software Blade architecture:
Delivers unmatched extensibility without
adding capital expense
n Deployment
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April 12, 2010
Check Point
n Unified management
with built-in change
n SmartEvent unified
event analysis for
360° visibility
DLP Vendors
n Most
vendors have
separate DLP
management and lack
correlation capabilities
User Self Remediation
Check Point
n UserCheck™—Alerts
and empowers users to
self remediate in real-time
n Educates users about
company policies on
safe data handling
DLP Vendors
n Most
vendors lack selfremediation technology
and don’t educate users
about data loss prevention
How to Compete Against...
Key Differentiators
Unified Management
Enterprise Network
Security vendors
Customer deployments are mostly in detection mode
Implementations are complex and require long, expensive
professional services for up to 18 months
Generate overwhelming amount of alerts creating
administrative burden
Rely on ICAP proxies for blocking which requires additional
hardware and costs
Code Green DLP appliances only work in detection mode
and rely on 3rd party proxies for blocking
In order to get comprehensive DLP, you have to buy 7
separate appliances from Fidelis
Both Code Green and Fidelis are small start-ups and don’t
provide global support
Juniper does not have a DLP solution
Cisco does not have DLP and partners with RSA
Fortinet has basic DLP features but supports only 34 file
types vs. 600+ file types with Check Point DLP
[Confidential]—For Check Point users and approved third parties
Competitive Factsheet
How to Compete Against DLP Competitors
Enterprise DLP Vendors CLAIM: We have
the best DLP solution in the market
Standalone DLP vendors CLAIM: We are the
easiest, most cost-effective solution to depoly
Network Security Vendors CLAIM: We provide
integrated DLP functionality
REALITY: Most Enterprise DLP vendor
implementations run in detection mode and
require expensive professional services
REALITY: Standalone DLP vendor’s solution are
complex and dependent on other technology
REALITY: Network Security vendors have none—
to limited—offerings
Check Point moves DLP from detection to prevention and is
easy to deploy
Check Point DLP provides easy deployment for
Day-1 prevention
Check Point is the only Enterprise firewall vendor
providing feature-rich, organic DLP
Check Point DLP prevents incidents in-line without
the need for yet-another appliance
Is easy to deploy and setup—without the need for
expensive professional services
Deployed as stand-alone appliance or integrated
Software Blade on existing Check Point gateway,
Open Servers or virtual environments
Is simple to activate and manage. Self-learning
feature removes the burden from users and IT staff
Check Point is a leading pure play security vendor with
rich heritage in protecting information
Check Point UserCheck self-remediation feature
reduces administrative cost
Award-winning support organization with global reach
and 24x7 coverage
Supports a broad range of data types, pre-defined
forms and templates. Plus, built-in open scripting
language for customizing data types
Enterprise DLP Vendors have complex installation
and deployment
Standalone DLP vendors need additional hardware for
incident prevention
Check Point brings award-winning management and
unified event analysis and correlation to DLP
Check Point UserCheck technology has the benefit
of educating employees about company policies for
data loss prevention
Network Security vendors do not have a proper story for
DLP yet
Juniper has no DLP solution and advises the use
of content filtering in their UTM solutions to provide
DLP functionality
Cisco’s DLP is a kludge—includes IronPort content
security appliances and RSA in proxy mode
Need separate hardware and add-on modules to get
to a complete solution
Code Green needs an ICAP proxy for prevention—
translating to increased costs and additional hardware
Cisco needs two different appliances for email and
web DLP, with a separate appliance for management
Have poor accuracy and a high rate of false
positives. As a result, they are deployed in passive,
detect-only mode
To get a complete solution from Fidelis, users need to
purchase several different pre-configured appliances
Fortinet has very basic DLP features like regular
expression and keyword searches
Standalone DLP vendors are security start-ups without
broad security mindshare, marketshare or solutions
Fortinet DLP only supports 34 file types versus 600+
file types in Check Point DLP
Cannot support global customers directly. For
example, Fidelis uses IBM for support outside the US
Deployments are service-based projects—requiring
up to 18 months to implement
Need for extensive professional services for tuning
resulting in higher costs
to Ask
April 12, 2010
To what extent is data loss a concern
for your organization?
■■ How much time and effort does it take
to get DLP quickly implemented?
■■ How much money are you paying for
professional services to deploy and
setup DLP?
To what extent do you see compliance
concerns impacting your business processes?
■■ How are you managing and tracking changes
to your DLP security policy?
■■ How do you prevent users from accidentally
sending out sensitive information?
Check Point
Makes Data Loss
Prevention Work
unrivaled DLP
educates and
unified control
[Confidential]—For Check Point users and approved third parties