How to register 960 DVR DDNS Server

How to register 960 DVR DDNS Server
Mobile Software
Iphone / Android = Guarding Expert
Ipad = Guarding Expert HD
DVR network setting
If your Internet Service Provider is streamyx or unifi , then you can put as your
Preferred DNS Server and as your Alternate DNS Server. It will help you to update
your IP Address.
如果你是用streamtx/unifi 的话,Preferred DNS Server 是 ,
Alternate DNS Server 是 , 它会帮我们update IP Address.
How to apply DDNS (Hostname) 怎样申请DDNS (Hostname)
1. Tick Enable DDNS
2. DDNS Type choose HiDDNS
3. Server Address type in
4. Domain also is your Hostname, type in the hostname that you want to apply, and then save it.
5. This type of DVR no need to apply DDNS from website. It can directly apply from DVR,
make sure you have plugin your network cable before you apply.
Domain也就是hostname,这一款的DVR不需要去website注册 hostname,
Computer view from Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network (LAN) 的意思是同一个network,如果你的手机和电脑都是连接去与
DVR同一个的Network,那么你观看你的DVR时是输入DVR的IP 观看。如上图显示
Computer view from Outside/Anywhere (WAN)
When view your CCTV from outside , just keyin
如果我们是从外面观看CCTV,我们需要输入 如上图显示