A life that works:

A life that works: How to survive and
thrive personally and professionally by becoming emotionally
healthy, managing your stress and improving your wellbeing.
presented by
of From Stress To Success,
one of the UK’s leading providers of training
on corporate and individual Emotional Health,
Wellbeing, Stress and Resilience
Friday 22nd June 2012
9.30 - 3.30
Future Inn Cardiff
Hemingway Road Cardiff CF10 4AU
Course Content
9.30 - 10.00 - registration and tea/coffee
10.00 - Phase 1
No assumptions - don’t ask, don’t tell
What does a life that works look like?
What is emotional health?
Understanding wellbeing
The myths about stress
Why failing some of the time is better than succeeding all
of the time
• First aid for stress/anxiety/anger
(10.40 - mini-break: regain focus)
10.45 - Phase 2
• Your emotional needs and why they are the key to your
• How well are your emotional needs being met?
• Guidance systems re-set!
(11.15 - refreshments: tea, coffee, etc)
11.35 - Phase 3
• How good are you at managing stress?
• The 4 basic competencies that make managing stress easy
• How C.R.A.P. is your life - it’s probably worse than you think!
(13.00 - lunch: provided)
13.45 - Phase 4
A guide to getting a good night’s sleep
The posture-mood relationship
Tension headaches no more!
Trigger point release for knotty shoulders
The relaxation response - a habit for life
Bringing it all together
(15.30 - go away and be happy)
Our courses do NOT involve:
• Role-play
• Group Hugs
• Holding hands and chanting at each other
• Endless group discussions
• Delegates having to pour out their emotions or talk about stressful experiences from the past
What you WILL get is:
An established and experienced expert in Emotional Health presenting the course (not
a generic trainer)
A stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining training session
Access to the most effective stress-reduction and wellbeing-enhancing strategies
currently available
The opportunity to learn and practice easy, yet incredibly effective practical techniques
for improving wellbeing and helping you to relax
Insights into what makes people tick, this helps you to get the best not just from yourself, but out of the people in your life also (at work and at home)
Organisations that have run in-house versions of this course include:
Dwr Cymru: 100%*
Aviva: 100%*
Wales Audit Office: 100%*
S4C: 100%*
Museum of Wales: 100%*
Vale of Glam. Council: 100%*
Data Unit Wales: 100%*
Welsh Language Board: 100%*
GTCW: 100%*
Careers Wales Cardiff: 100%*
Morgan Cole Solicitors: 100%*
Inexus Utilities: 100%*
Cardiff and Vale UHB: 100%*
Cardiff Students’ Union: 100%*
Velindre NHS Trust: 100%*
Vista Retail Support: 100%*
Trinity St Davids College: 100%*
Pembrokeshire College: 100%*
Linc Housing: 100%*
Newydd Housing: 100%*
Comm. Housing Cymru: 100%*
Field Studies Council: 100%*
* percentage of delegates who would recommend that others in their
organisation attend this course
Available to the first 20 delegates only (usual rate £199 + VAT). Price includes
lunch, refreshments and course materials. To reserve places or for more information please contact:
Melanie on 029 2051 2372 or e-mail [email protected]
The Company
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at a recent Conference
From Stress To Success was established in 2000 by Jonathan Bockelmann-Evans and provides a
unique service: the opportunity for an organisation to enjoy all the benefits associated with
having employees who are as emotionally healthy as possible.
Using the latest findings from the fields of neurobiology, psychology and human behaviour,
in conjunction with clear thinking, common sense and evidence-based practice, From Stress To
Success can help individuals within an organisation to free themselves from the anxiety, insecurity
and negativity associated with difficult events in the past leading to unprecedented levels of
emotional health and wellbeing in the present and a sense of optimism for the future.
For organisations who recognise the benefits of committing to ensuring they have an emotionally mature and well
adjusted talent resource, this can mean a transformation in workplace culture; increases in productivity and
creativity, improved communications, reductions in sickness/absence and disputes and, importantly, enhanced
service-user experiences and/or increased profits.
Our Services
Your organisation can benefit from 4 distinct services:
Emotional Health and Wellbeing Training Courses - focused, fun, insightful and effective, the quality of these training
courses has helped define our outstanding reputation in this area
Workplace Mediation for resolving disputes and conflict 85% success rate. Confidential and non-judgmental,
resolutions are normally achieved in one day
Emotional Health Clinics run within the organisation - day-long clinics for staff to sign up to and have a brief but
effective hour with our Emotional Health Consultant
Psychotherapy - for those who may need a more individual approach away from the workplace - a few sessions is all
it usually takes
ʻOrganisations wondering whether to run this training should not hesitate - this is easily the
most popular, well received and universally relevant course weʼve run. As you know, we
are booking further sessions for the New Year and I suspect that the course will form part
of the ongoing development programme.ʼ
Christine Henderson, Training and Development Manager,
Morgan Cole Solicitors
ʻAfter your first training session, the HR department was overwhelmed with requests to
attend your next session. Feedback such as ʻthe best training session the Museum has
organisedʼ, and ʻthe best course Iʼve ever attendedʼ were received by the department. Staff
have sought me out confidentially to tell me that they are using the techniques you taught
them and, more importantly, that they are benefitting from doing so. The post-attendance
evaluation forms were the best I have seen - every attendee rated the course as
Kaye Blanch, Head of HR,
National Museum of Wales
ʻThank you for the training session you provided for our managers. It was an excellent
introduction to the importance of emotional health and wellbeing and the feedback from
our managers has been extremely positive.’
Victoria Luke, HR Operations Manager,
Veolia Water Outsourcing Ltd (Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water)
ʻI wish to thank you for the excellent sessions you ran for all our staff - the feedback from
all was entirely positive. This is praise indeed when you recognise that a lot of our staff are
used to undertaking group work and presentations themselves so some can be difficult to
please. The Evaluation documentation was a pleasure to read and comments included:
ʻSuperb trainingʼ, ʻExcellent speakerʼ (this was repeated time and time again), and ʻGood
mixture of theory and practice. Jon was articulate, knowledgeable and entertainingʼ. I have
rarely been in a situation where I can say that this training will be replicated most definitely
in the future but this is indeed the case.’
David Spray, HR Manager,
Careers Wales Cardiff and Vale
Who we work for