How to make $400 to $1000 per month with

How to make $400 to $1000 per month with
one page niche sites?
When I started blogging for the first time the amount of cash that I could make
was $102 after 17 months of blogging. The problem was not the number of
pageviews I had over 5k of them everyday but the problem was that the
audience that I gathered were not the buying audience at all. The niche was
Accidentally one day I blogged on getting free premium accounts of a torrent
download site called Zbigz. It became a hit. I wrote other posts with the same
kind of titles and they all became the illicit wives of Google. Google couldn’t
resist them. From february 2012 each post has brought 300 to 400 unique
visitors per day everyday untill now i.e October 2012. The Panda struck, then
the Penguins fell from the sky, atlast Google nuked us with the EMD update
but my post traffic stats remained unchanged.
I had accidentally discovered the formula of making profitable niche sites. Read
Usually people build blogs based on the assumption that what they are
blogging about will bring them money. They see some traffic stats on Google
keywords tool and they have a mini orgasm. They start with all pomp and show
but then when the money doesn’t come in or the traffic the excitement fizzles.
Don’t worry, I have been there. Instead of going through this route why no first
find where the money is and then go for the big catch??
You can do this by three ways:
1. Copy paste how others are making money:
Now after my first blog failed I started a second blog called seekdefo and it too
would have failed making any kind of money online because I was repeating
the same mistakes that I had made earlier. I thought that blogging is a
profitable niche and jumped into it. Little did I realise that bloggers were also
affililate marketers selling products like hosting, membership to ad networks
etc. Do you know that why a good number of bloggers fail despite writing
great content. The reason is that their content doesn’t have money keywords.
I will illustrate the fact:
I checked my earlier website worth on SEMrush and found that I had
successfully made a website (after 17 months of blogging) that was valued at
$1. See here
My new blog too was valued on the same lines i.e $0. I thought
that it was because that I was new but boy some income reports set my mind
right. See them here:
These guys were also new but they were making a killing.
The next thing that I did was use SEMrush to find the money keywords.
Some of them that were giving them a high cpc and attracting sales are:
Hostgator coupon code 2012. Now hostgator coupon code, discount code or
coupon are high ticket keywords with so high competition that you can’t rank
for them. But, Hostgator coupon code 2012 is something you can rank for or i
can rank for if I write a single guest post targeting that keyword and also make
sales. The other keywords are “Adsense alternatives”, “infolinks review” etc.
A money keyword is anything that is profitable and has less competition.
It’s very simple to get an idea of the kind of blogs or sites which pour money
like Niagara, thanks to Flippa itself! How? Well, you can use the Flippa
Advanced Search and track the listings which have been sold which is the best
way to value your website.
1. Filter The Flippa Listings
First, enter the keywords (the niche of your website for sale) and filter the
Flippa listing to match the profile of your website (make sure that you selected
“Won Listings” under “AUCTION STATUS”).
If you look below I am presenting the sites which I got under costumes.
Here we get the sites under costumes which are bringing in $400 to $1000 per
month. All that we need to do now is go to a service like SEMrush and find the
keywords for which the site is ranking and build sites according to those
keywords. SEMrush allows you to find the exact keywords for which the site is
The next method is something I saw over Onlineincomestartup and which I am
sharing below. Its a more accurate method of finding profitable niches.
The first step is to find where the money is. You can do this by looking at the
best selling products. There are a couple of places you can go, to find where
the money is being made right now. Below are the two sources I recommend.
- Amazon
- Alexa Top Site Categories
Now that we found a goldmine where the money is flowing right now, let’s
move to step 2, which is product research. Let’s see how we do the product
research using Amazon Best Sellers and Alexa Top Site Categories.
Step 2: Product Research -
Once we find where the money is, we further research the product categories
to narrow down our research. We do this by drilling down deep in Amazon
Best Seller categories and on Alexa top site categories, until we find a keyword
which will picture the general category where the product falls under. In our
above example, we drlled down to find the general category keyword called
Step 3: Find A High Traffic High Earner Website -
Once we find the category where the product falls under, we go to a service
called SEM Rush to find a high earner top traffic website in that category. SEM
Rush is a powerful service with lots of great features to help us with our
keyword research. Inside SEM Rush you’ll be able to see the related keywords
report and organic results of websites competing in Google for the keyword,
and that’s the exact info that we are looking for. Websites getting lots of
natural searches from Google for the category.
Also check if the website you find has an affiliate program. If it’s the case then
you have found a gold mine as you don’t need to go elsewhere to find products
to promote. Here in this example we selected spirit halloween, as lots of
people are searching for the website to go and directly purchase from it, the
website has an affiliate program with which we can profit from and most of all
we have narrowed down our keyword research to find a website that targets a
very specific market. People interested in buying various types of costumes.
Step 4: Site Keywords In Top 200 Positions -
Then we use SEM Rush to Reverse research the website by clicking the
“Organic Research” button and then clicking the “Positions Top 200″ button.
This will reveal the keywords in the top 200 results in Google that’s bringing
traffic to the site. We won’t find any luck if simply focus on finding the
keywords for which the site is already ranked in page 1 of Google. Our ultimate
goal is to find hot keyword/keywords which we can rank our site on #1 for. The
keywords for which the site is ranking in the top 200 results will help us with
Once we get the results, we export the keywords to our computer by clicking
the export buttons at the top right hand corner just above the results.
Step 5: Filter The Keywords To Reveal The Gold -
Open the saved file, then select the “Number of Results” column, right click the
arrow at the top (on Numbers in mac) and sort the contents in ascending
Then go to the “Keyword” column and select all the keywords with less than
10,000,00 number of results, then copy those keywords.
The next thing you want to do is, open up Market Samurai, click “KEYWORD
RESEARCH” and paste the keywords in the “Add Keywords” box and click Add
Then move on to keyword analysis and click “Keyword Analysis” to reach the
Inside “KEYWORD RESEARCH” area, select Golden Rules and then click
“Analyze Keywords”. What this will do is, filter out the keywords and reveal the
absolute best keywords which you can confidently try out and can easily rank
your website on top for.
But I am not a fan of Halloween or any of the evil costumes related to
halloween. So, I will be choosing only good costumes which can be sold all year
round. We are using the site, just to pick the golden
keywords which we can use for our costume site. Ok, now that we found
our golden keywords, the next step is to find one keyword which you’ll be
using to register your exact website domain.
But that’s not the only way to do it. You can proceed in two different
directions. You can either focus on one specific product keyword which can be
used to register your keyword specific domain, like we are doing here, OR….
You can go pick multiple product keywords and create a master blog where we
target each keyword in each blog posts. This way we’ll be able to get lots of
traffic from people searching all the different keywords.
For newbies I suggest going with the one keyword one domain route. Also
make sure that the keyword has lots of income potential. Otherwise the
second route is the best. Now let’s go to the next step.
Step 6: Check SEO Competition For Keywords To Find One Keyword For Your
Website Domain Now what you do is analyze the remaining keywords from the list so as to find
the one keyword which is easy to rank for in Google.
We do it by first checking the competition in Google using the “SEO
Competition” function in Market Samurai. You can do this by clicking each
keyword and then clicking the SEO competition button in Market Samurai. Find
out which are the keywords which shows lots of green and less yellow and red
colour inside SEO competition area. Here is an example. The above keyword is
“rorschach mask”. See how a website that’s not even one year old (Yes, the
exact match domain that’s on #1 position for this keyword is less than one year
old. That’s why Market Samurai just shows a dash in the domain age column.
The domain age column is the one pointed by arrow) is ranking on #1 position
? Yes it’s absolutely possible. You can also see that most of the other sites are
authority sites like ebay, amazon, youtube etc. Still a website with no authority
and an exact keyword match is on top. I selected the keyword for the example,
just to show you what’s possible. Don’t be afraid if there are amazon, youtube
and other big sites competing. as long as they are inner pages and your is an
exact match keyword primary domain, you are good to go.
Step 7: Register Exact Match Domain, Build Site, Promote Products & Make
Money -
Once you make sure that the competition isn’t too tough, the final test is to
search for domains that are most identical to your keyword. This is so that you
can register the domain containing the keyword, it can either be the exact
keyword or the keyword with hyphens between each words. You can check the
availability of domains by clicking the “DOMAINS” feature in Market Samurai.
Entering your keyword in the “Seed Keywords” box and clicking the “Find
Domains” button. Once the domains are found, simply click the “Check” button
to see if the domains are available. If the domains are available you’ll notice
the whole domain tab changing to Green color like you see in the image above.
Now laser target that keyword and start building your site while promoting the
hot selling products relevant to the keyword to make lots of money.
But what about the EMD update?
Yes I too was worried about that and I researched how the EMD update ids
going to screw us and then I read an article at searchengineland title “
Deconstructing Google EMD”: Here’s what they say
We randomly picked one of the analyzed users and found this website:
At first appearance, this site looks professional and has some reputable
insurance company logos. Of course, we see the keyword phrases [business
liability insurance] and [liability insurance] throughout the homepage. Perhaps,
it isn’t overly done.
However, the FAQs page returns 38 matches for [business liability insurance]
and 47 matches for [liability insurance]. Wow! The Guides page returns a total
of 100 matches for [business liability insurance].
SO if your site is overly sprinkled with keywords only then EMD hits you
otherwise you are pretty much safe!!!
That’s it, we started our research from the money and ended up making
money. This is the Reverse Affiliate System – A system that’s predictable and
can be replicated again and again for endless profits. This doesn’t end there.
Finally We Go Back to Step 1: The money stage. Now you can again repeat the
cycle with the rest of the keywords and also with the keywords your site is
ranking in the top 200 position for. The cycle continues, making you more
money and all of that following the money in the reverse direction using the
reverse affiliate system.
Now what?
You can use this system to build more and more quality sites even one page
sites to make a killing.
If you are building only one site then there’s no need of automation in those
sites but if you are building a large number of sites then you need some tool or
software along with that. In the above case of Rorschach masks I went further
to determine where the backlinks are coming from and found that the owner
has done some guest posts. You can do the same for your blog too. But it need
not be limited to that alone.
I went back to the above example of Rorschmasks and compared the results
with my Zbigz post that I had mentioned earlier. You can see them here:
The difference is that in the earlier case of zbigz there was no money but in the
case of Rorschach masks there is money as we started with money. I went to
the site and saw that he built backlinks to his site via guest posting on several
sites like geekalerts. He sells a single mask at $35 and from experience people
who take the effort of spelling zbigz and rorscach right are also highly
interested in the product. He must receive anything between 600 to 800
visitors everyday.
If at least 3 people buy his masks then he would make $105 per day and above
$3000 per month. What if he gets 10 orders per day?
And there are Google AdSense ads on his site too.
How to build multiple sites with this method?
Now if you want to build only one site with this method then do not read
further but if you are planning on building 20 sites or 100 sites like me then it
would be better if we do some link diversity with paid tools.
Yes I know about the penguin update and this method still works. The problem
with link building is that people set an automated pattern. We just avoid that.
Magic submitter is a great tool I found that goes along with creating sites for
this very purpose. It spins articles, it automatically creates forum accounts
verifies it and sets up your website, it submits videos and press releases.
What you need to do is write unique articles for sites like Hubpages, squidoo as
Google will never de index them and use the two links they provide one to
your site’s home page and another one should be a deep link with anchor text
to one related content on your site. Then write one article and spin it with the
help and submit it to article directories with high pagerank which will then of
magic submitter to increase the individual page ranks of the articles on
Hubpages and the other sites mentioned.
These sites for submitting unique articles should be as follows
When spinning articles the spun article must be readable and you must submit
it to different places like,,, etc. Just search it on Google. All of these sites are high pr and
they are linking not to your site but to hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel articles
which are original.
I will repeat the points again:
It automatically spins and submits articles to over 500 sites automatically
which in turn raises the value of my web 2.0 properties.
The software automatically verifies all my accounts so that I need to waste my
time bothering about creating accounts or solving captchas. I just do my
favorite job that is writing articles.
It c Sautomatically pings and bookmarks and even spins the links.
These are the comments that I found on Warrior forum on Magic submitter.
“You can use this software for your clients to give them high pr pages with the
least effort.”
“You can use this software to create niche sites in any field anything and the
job of getting backlinks will be done by it. But remember the technique of first
creating original web 2.0 sites and then using them to leverage your site. I have
been using the same technique and my niche sites will go from pr 0 to pr3 at
least when Google rolls out the Page ranks in November.”
“And the best part of the deal is that its trial version is available at $4.95. If it
doesn’t satisfy what you are looking for then just abandon it.”
“There are a lot of important features in there. Once you learn everything and
start to get the hang of it, you can easily be building a lot of backlinks. They let
you submit articles to article directories, social bookmarks, blogs depending on
category among the many other things.”
1. Magic Submitter signs up for new accounts for you like forum
accounts,blog accounts, article directory accounts. Anything that
uses a form can be accessed with ms.
2. “Instantly” spins your content so every submitted piece is unique
to the search engines. I say 80% to 90%. Example: Submitted
piece is unique would be spun as “submitted article is original”
3. Places your content on over 35 top article directories
4. Submits text, images and video content to WordPress directories
5. Posts to over 27 blogs and microblogs
6. Creates profiles on over 150 forums with links pointing back to
7. Submits each new page of content to 26 social bookmarking sites
8. Submits all RSS feeds, yours and the sites that contain your links,
to RSS aggregators
9. Submits to press release sites
10.Magic Submitter can solve the captcha codes for you. This feature
was added at request.
You have the ability to add your own sites to Magic Submitter so that
you can post content to your own network
You get the vendors Skype and he will help you personally if you are really
stuck. He actually logged into my VPS and fixed something for me and I've
heard from others that he does Teamviewer sessions if needed. I honestly
don't think the guy sleeps and it's sold via clickbank so refunds shouldn't be an
issue at all.
Penguin update to Google is important because it looks for 3 main things:
1. Diverse anchor text
2. Unique content
3. Diverse content like images, videos
There’s a training that goes into detail on how to use Magic Submitter’s new
features to make sure your content is 100% Penguin proof, all on autopilot.
And another review “The Magic Submitter is excellent! It takes a little while to
figure out, especially if you haven't used anything like this before, but if you
play around with it, its pretty easy to learn.
So far I have the campaign set up and running over a period of 7 days. I like
how you can stack up your backlinks and build backlinks to your backlinks! very
impressive! “
What the magic submitter doesn’t do?
Now there are a few things that ms cannot do like
The video submission feature is lousy and it can only submit to youtube which I
don’t think is good enough.
Secondly MS is slow at work. The campaigns take time to complete.
The software is not perfect in that it sometimes fails to do the email
Next I used Hostgator baby plan which can host multiple domains at no extra
charge for these sites. There is just the cost of registering domains and I
would suggest going for a domain since it builds trust. Use the coupon code
SEEKDEFO94 to start hosting at 1 cent and the coupon code SEEKDEFO25 to
get 25% off.
Paid Tools I used : (I would appreciate if you use my Affiliate links below to
SEM Rush – You can register for FREE and test out the power of this amazing
keyword research tool.
Market Samurai -You can get a free trial by clicking the link
Magic Submitter- The free trial starts at $4.95 and you can ask for a refund
within 60 days. After 30 days it will charge you $67 per month.
The content here is copyrighted and cannot be produced anywhere else
without the explicit permission of the author
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