Getting your website noticed

Getting your website noticed
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Congratulations, your website is now live on the internet for all to see. Now is the time to make sure that your website is
visible to search engines as soon as possible. I have indexed your website with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask but you can
help to increase the flow of visitor traffic to your website by creating what is known as ‘backlinks’.
Backlinks are links to your website from other external websites. Over time these will help to raise the profile of your
website and will make it easier for users to find your site.
These websites allow you to profile your business and create backlinks to your site.
Business Forums
Joining and regularly participating in business forums can be beneficial to your business and is not primarily
used just for creating backlinks to your website.
Networking (for images)
News & Directory Listings
Google Local Business Centre ( **IMPORTANT**
A clients guide to email marketing