How To Cite A Website in MLA Format Format:

How To Cite A Website in MLA Format
To cite a general website:
o Name of website. Editor(s) of website. Date of electronic publication. Associated institution.
Date of access <URL>.
To cite a specific article from a website:
o Author(s) of internet article. "Name of internet article." Name of website. Editor(s) of website.
Date of electronic publication. Associated institution. Date of access <URL>.
A general website example:
o BBC on the Internet. 2005. British Broadcasting Company. 12 Apr. 2005
An example of a website with an article:
o Smith, Fred. "New Football Recruits." Northwestern Football. Ed. Alex Shokey. 2004.
Northwestern University. 6 Jun. 2004 <>.
Research An Artist
Melissa Zink:
Alison Saar:
Jenni Ward:
Chris Beards:
Susan Grabel:
Helen Klebesadel:
J. W. Gruber:
*Victoria Norton:
*Patty Miller:
*Laura Pokorny:
* Sayaka Ganz:
*Beverly Gilroy:
*Mariann Leahy:
David Fischel:
Cathy Gazda:
*Claudia Cooke:
Zenna Macgregor:
Nancy Robb Dunst:
Sharron V. Porter:
Paul Gazda:
*Lea Gracer:
*Shirley Eichten Albrecht:
Kara L. C. Jones:
Dee Durkee:
Lily Nava:
*Skip Fox:
*Jessica Sierra:
Barbara Vickers:
Fran McNamara:
D. Ann Crossland:
*Maleita Wise:
* Joanie Wolter:
Various artists in Eugene, OR:
Beth Cavener Stichter:
Peter Holland interview:
OR Google one of these artists:
• Beate Kuhn
• Rimas VisGirda
• Khaled Ben Slimane
• Gene Pearson
• Heo Jin Kyu
• Allan Rosenbaum
• Yon Shik Bae
• David Furman
• Kathy Butterly
• Itsue ITO
• Janis Mars Wunderlich
• Milton Moon
• Johnny Rolf and Jan De Rooden
• Sally Resnik Rockriver
• Karen Swyler
• Lynn Duryea
• Peder Rasmussen
• Richard Notkin
• John Baymore
• Susanne Altzweig
• Fong Choo
• Monika Debus
• Halima Cassell
• Emil Heger
• Antonia Schulze
• Fritz Rossmann
• Furutani Kazuya
• Bryan Hiveley
• Bill Abright
• Tarik Ibrahim
• Peter Beard
• Waleed Qaisi
• Gundi Dietz
• Sa'ad Shakir
• Susana Beibe
• Melody Ellis & Matt Wilt
Careers In Clay, Mixed Media and Fine Arts
Career–clay artist:
Claystation:­‐artists-­‐directory-­‐3/ Click on “Potters” or “Sculptors”
Clay Center job openings:
Clay Art Center, NY:
Careers in clay animation:
Creative Clay Cultural Arts Center:
Clay festivals for potters:
for this website, scroll down to the list of galleries in Eugene, OR:
Art Jobs:
Mixed media art Jobs:
Multimedia art Jobs:
Art Schools
• Find an art school:
• The Art Institutes – Create Tomorrow
In the world of media arts and animation, if you can imagine it, you can create it. Media arts and animation is
used in various industries including architecture, television, advertising, education, and forensics.
At an Art Institutes school, you’ll start with fundamentals like design and drawing which, along with studies in
areas like color theory, digital video editing, and computer applications, will help you build a solid foundation
of the skills you’ll need. From there, you’ll build an ability to express your ideas in pictures and words, gaining
a strong working knowledge of storyboarding, scriptwriting, scenic layout, 2D and 3D animation, digital video
editing, and more.
• Multimedia artists–schools and careers
• Academy of Art University
Local Artist and Art Events
The Clay Zone in Olympia, WA:
The Tree House Art Center:
Fletcher Gober Pottery:
Richard Roth:
Lord and McCord Art Works:
Darla Anderson:
Michael Metz:
Ken Knodell:
The Betts: