Cardiac Rehabilitation in Clinical Practice:

Cardiac Rehabilitation in Clinical Practice:
How to Manage Your Patients Safely and Effectively
Saturday, 19 May 2012
8:30am- 12:30pm
The University of Canberra
Building 6, Level C, Room 4
ESSA Member- $50.00
Student - $30.00
Non-Member - $90.00
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Refreshments provided
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OVERVIEW: Presented by leading clinicians in the field of cardiothoracic medicine and cardiac
rehabilitation, this half-day seminar is designed to equip you with the tools needed to appropriately
rehabilitate high risk patients and those following common cardiac procedures. Topics will include the
- Common Cardiac Conditions (physiology and pathology): signs and symptoms at rest and during
- Diagnostic Investigations (exercise and non-exercise): what, how, interpretation, sensitivity and
specificity, predictive value of testing
- Invasive Cardiac Procedures: CABG, angioplasty, coronary stents
- Cardiac Rehabilitation: when, what, program phases, outcome measures and evaluation, potential
medical complications, medications, self-management plans, referral into community care
- Exercise Prescription: contraindications, phases of cardiac rehabilitation and long-term programming,
FITT principles of cardiovascular and resistance training (how to monitor intensity, how to determine
resistive workload, hemodynamic monitoring), precautions and special considerations (sternotomy,
pacemakers, co-morbidities)
- Assessing the Moderate to High Risk Patient in Clinical Practice: risk stratification and screening,
cardiovascular testing in the clinic- what tests are safe?, normal vs. abnormal responses to exercise in
your patient, basic monitoring strategies in clinical practice (heart rate, blood pressure, RPE, angina
scales), strategies to assist with adherence and motivation
Dr. Assad Jadeer
Advanced Cardiology Trainee, The Canberra Hospital
Tarryn Clarke
Accredited Exercise Physiologist, The Canberra Hospital
Tarryn Clarke is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in the Exercise Physiology Department at The
Canberra Hospital. Her primary area of clinical practice is chronic disease management within the
Exercise Physiology Department and Chronic Disease Management Unit where she is responsible for
patient clinical care, including exercise assessment, prescription and lifestyle management. During the
past year, Tarryn has played a key role as Allied Health Co-ordinator in the Heart Failure Rehabilitation
Program within the ACT and surrounding region. Tarryn has also been involved in a number of chronic
disease forums and panels, including the µ)XWXUHRI&KURQLF'LVHDVH&DUHLQWKH$&7± ACT Chronic
experience in numerous clinical fields, including pain management, workers compensation and Pilates for
chronic conditions. Tarryn also has research experience in the area of type 2 diabetes, completing an
Margaret Flaherty
Clinical Nurse Consultant (Cardiac Rehabilitation), The Canberra Hospital
Margaret is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Cardiology Department at The Canberra Hospital with over
twenty eight years experience in the area of cardiothoracic nursing and clinical care. She completed her
Cardiothoracic Certificate at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney and Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing
Practice at the University of Canberra. A Canberran since 1987, Margaret has been in charge of the
Coronary Care Unit and worked in the unit as a Senior Nurse for thirteen years, and has worked in the
Cardiology Department Research Unit conducting studies in statin therapy. Margaret was presented as a
National Heart Foundation ACT Ambassador in 2006 and is the current Vice President and ACT/NSW
Representative of the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association. With a special
interest in heart failure and primary/secondary prevention, Margaret is passionate about patient education
and empowerment for effective, long-term self-management.