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The 2014 Strategic Partner Program
Sun Life Financial’s Strategic Partner Program
(SPP) is an exclusive club, offering unique benefits
and enhanced service to recognize our leading
independent insurance advisors. As a member,
you have access to benefits that can help
streamline your administration and get your
new business issued promptly.
3 Benefit period
3 Eligibility
3 Qualification criteria
Benefit descriptions
Reward and recognition
uidelines for use of the business
development allowance
14 Executive underwriting account
dvisor attending physician
statement (APS) ordering criteria
Benefit period
The Strategic Partner Program is a calendar year program. Members are added or removed at the beginning of the
year and benefits are provided for the entire year.
Advisors can qualify anytime throughout the year for the Partner benefits. These benefits are available in the month
after qualification for the remainder of the year. For example, if an advisor qualifies in June 2014, Partner benefits are
provided until December 31, 2014. A qualification audit will be conducted at the end of 2014 to determine the level
an advisor qualifies for in 2015 based on a full year of production in 2014.
Production from one year cannot be credited toward benefits for the next year. Qualification is based on the final
first year commission (FYC) number for the year. Year-end appeals are only considered in unusual circumstances.
Strategic Partner Program benefits are available to all advisors who do business with Sun Life Financial.
MGA principals and National Accounts firms are required to provide approval for the advisors or specialists in
their firm to participate in the program.
Business is calculated on an individual basis only. Split cases and combined business situations will be reviewed
on a case-by-case basis.
Qualification criteria
The qualification structure
Our tiered design allows you to access three levels of benefits. The structure recognizes the overall and strategic
business you bring to Sun Life Financial.
Partner status
You can enjoy all of the exclusive benefits and services associated with the first level of membership.
SELECT status
You are part of a select group and are entitled to all of the partner benefits as well as additional rewards
and recognition. For example as a Select member, you’re invited to the Practice Development (PD) Summit*
and your Marketing Associate is invited to the Marketing Associate (MA) Forum.* You also receive a
business development allowance* and can access the executive underwriting account.
Premier status
You’ve reached the top level and we want to recognize you as one of the best. As a Premier Strategic
Partner, you receive all Partner and Select benefits, as well as a larger business development allowance
and a higher reimbursement for professional development with The Covenant Group.
*Insurance Specialists for IIROC firms need to speak to their Firm Managers about Practice Development Summits, Marketing Associate Support
Programs, and Business Development Allowances and how these benefits will apply.
The NEW credit system
Placing your business with Sun Life Financial has never been more strategic – for both you and your clients.
Our complete product shelf provides your clients with more choice and flexibility from a strong and stable
company they know and trust.
We determine membership by the amount of credits earned on the sale of life and living benefit products.
LIFE credits
Health Credits
1 credit (Earned per $ of FYC sold)
1 credit (Earned per $ of FYC sold)
Sun Lifetime Alternative
Sun Par Protector
Sun Critical Illness Insurance
Sun Par Accumulator
Sun Limited Pay Life
Personal health insurance
Sun Long Term Care Insurance
Health Coverage Choice
Sun Retirement Health Assist
Tota l credits
Base qualification criteria
Qualifiers must place a minimum of five insurance cases throughout 2014 and meet the required credits
in order to qualify for the Strategic Partner Program in 2015.
50,000 total credits
90,000 total credits
150,000 total credits
* If an advisor qualifies during 2014, the Partner level benefits are provided immediately for the remainder of the year.
MAC qualification criteria
Total credits
MAC size
1 qualifier
2 qualifiers
3 qualifiers
4 qualifiers
2 members
3 members
4 members
MAC size
1 qualifier
2 qualifiers
3 qualifiers
4 qualifiers
2 members
3 members
4 members
MAC size
1 qualifier
2 qualifiers
3 qualifiers
4 qualifiers
2 members
3 members
4 members
Three-year qualification criteria
Three-year qualifications for the 2015 Strategic Partner Program are based on the total credits you earned during
2012, 2013 and 2014. To qualify for any of the given levels, you must meet the minimum requirements identified
in the chart below.
Total credits (TC)
during ‘12, ‘13, ‘14
Case count in 2014
Minimum Total Credits in 2014
5 minimum
Total credits (TC)
during ‘12, ‘13, ‘14
Case count in 2014
Minimum Total Credits in 2014
5 minimum
Total credits (TC)
during ‘12, ‘13, ‘14
Case count in 2014
Minimum Total Credits in 2014
5 minimum
2014 benefit descriptions
Dedicated toll-free
support line
Priority application
All applications received from Strategic Partners are immediately flagged for front-of-the-line
service throughout the entire new business process.
Access to Directors of
Advanced Planning
At Sun Life Financial, we’ve developed insurance products and concepts that help solve
the financial needs of clients in the affluent and business markets. Identifying the needs
and designing solutions in these complex markets often requires the services of skilled tax
and legal professionals. That’s why our Strategic Partners have access to Sun Life Financial’s
directors of advanced planning (DAP). DAPs provide priority service and ongoing support
on all aspects of the insurance solution being considered. From technical questions and
opportunity analysis to case development and consultation, our knowledgeable experts
are ready to help.
Direct access to a team
of underwriters
Strategic Partners will be assigned to a team of underwriters for direct advice and
consultation on non-routine questions. You’ll receive a written decision on each case and
a member of the underwriting team will call you directly to discuss non-standard decisions
on cases where we’re not able to issue the policy as applied for. This provides rationale for
you to assist in positioning the discussion with your client.
With our exclusive toll-free support line, Strategic Partners have a single entry point providing
them with a superior customer service experience.
You can count on:
• Superior customer service – Interactions are managed by a large team of experienced
customer care specialists.
• Identification and prioritization – Calls are identified and flagged for priority handling.
• Directory service – Quick access to dedicated contacts for escalations with the new
directory option.
Special underwriting unit
case manager
In addition to front-of-the-line service, this role was created to provide dedicated case
management for new business submitted by our Strategic Partners. The case manager
works closely with dedicated underwriters to provide priority service and help move
the applications through the process quickly.
Senior in-force
support specialist
A dedicated senior in-force support specialist has been assigned to each Strategic Partner for
quick and easy servicing of their in-force business. This person will work with the Strategic
Partner and Marketing Associate on any requests in their areas of expertise after the clients’
policies have been issued.
Dedicated claims contact
When your clients are in the position of having to make an insurance claim, helping them
navigate through this emotional process quickly and easily is important. To aid in this, we
assign a dedicated claims contact to each of our Strategic Partners to assist you with your
clients’ death, critical illness and long-term care claims.
Dedicated contact
for payout annuities
Strategic Partners are assigned a key contact in the payout annuities area. These key contacts
will provide large case quoting services, guidance on running self-service quotes, and overall
assistance during the end-to-end new business process.
Customer relations
direct line
Customer relations will provide Strategic Partners with assistance for challenges not resolved
through normal service channels, or for direction on where to go for support.
Dedicated sales support
A dedicated sales support team member has been assigned to each Strategic Partner for
immediate assistance or if you can’t reach your Regional Sales Director. This personal contact
will assist Strategic Partners and Marketing Associates with a variety of requests regarding
marketing allowance, current standings or help contacting one of our dedicated service team
Exclusive web access
for tele-interviewing
As a Strategic Partner you receive exclusive web access from Hooper Holmes.* This allows
you to check the status of any tele-interviews ordered by Sun Life Financial on your behalf,
without having to call the advisor service centre.
*Sun Life Financial has an exclusive partnership with Hooper Holmes Canada, a company with extensive
tele-interviewing experience. Their Sun Life Financial tele-interviewing facilities are staffed with skilled,
experienced and knowledgeable professionals, enabling them to provide fast and responsive service in English,
French and a number of other languages covering a range of Canadians.
Initiate your own APS
Strategic Partners may order the Attending Physician Statement (APS) themselves. We provide
the guidelines to enable you to start the process earlier so your business can be issued several
days sooner.
Priority in-force
illustration processing
Reduced waiting times: Standard waiting times for in-force illustrations are three to five days.
Strategic Partners will only wait 24 hours or less to have in-force illustrations processed.
Policy wallet program
For Strategic Partners, the threshold for including a policy wallet will be expanded to allow
improved presentation to clients. The current level of a minimum premium of $5,000
will be extended to include all policies with a face amount of $1 million. Leather portfolios
will be provided for policies with $50,000 of premium, rather than the current threshold
of $100,000.
Select Level
Select qualifiers are also entitled to all of the Partner level benefits of the Strategic Partner Program in addition to the following:
Practice Development
This is a key benefit of the Strategic Partner Program.
Strategic Partners who qualify for Select or Premier will automatically receive an invitation
to participate in this unique, high-calibre event. The three-day, two-night meeting at an
intimate resort venue includes advisor presentations, industry experts and open discussions
on relevant practice development topics.
In addition to the formal sessions, the agenda provides valuable networking opportunities in
a social setting. The objective is to provide great ideas in a relaxed setting to help Strategic
Partners grow their business.
Attendees at the Summit are Sun Life Financial guests and are expected to attend the full
event. All costs are covered by the Strategic Partner Program.* Sun Life Financial meeting
planners co-ordinate registration and assist in making travel arrangements.
The 2014 locations and dates will be announced early in the year.
*Insurance Specialists of IIROC firms will be charged a nominal fee to attend this event. This is in compliance with the
rules and regulations set out by IIROC industry compliance.
Marketing Associate (MA)
support program
The MA plays a key role in the success of most Strategic Partners. Our Marketing Associate
support program focuses on networking, sharing ideas and experiences, and building on
current skills and knowledge to help MAs become even more effective. Key elements of
our ongoing support program include:
• Marketing Associate forum – Regional events will provide MAs with information,
networking opportunities and other perks. There is no charge** and only one MA per
advisor may attend. Watch for information on the dates and locations of this year’s events.
• Marketing Associate webinars – This forum allows MAs an opportunity to keep up-to-date
with Sun Life Financial and industry developments, share ideas and processes, discuss hot
topics and network – all from the comfort of their desks.
**Marketing Associates of IIROC firms will be charged a nominal fee to attend this event. This is in compliance with the
rules and regulations set out by IIROC industry compliance.
Attending Physician
Statement incentive
The faster we receive an APS from a doctor, the faster a policy can be issued and compensation
paid to the advisor. In an effort to expedite the process, we’ll reward physicians when they
return an APS to Sun Life Financial within five business days. For Select qualifiers the
incentive will be offered in these two situations:
• Life insurance cases with yearly premiums of $20,000 or more
• Critical illness insurance cases with face amounts of $500,000 or more
Business development
Select qualifiers have access to a business development allowance that can be used in
support of marketing activities aimed at developing future business with Sun Life Financial.
See page 12 for guidelines applicable to using the business development allowance.
Select Level
Professional development
with The Covenant Group
Sun Life Financial has partnered with The Covenant Group to bring our Strategic Partners
this exciting benefit.
The Covenant Group is well regarded in the professional development field. They specialize
in coaching advisors and organizations in building their businesses, increasing their productivity
and growing their market share by improving their practice development capabilities.
Select qualifiers will receive a reimbursement when they enrol in The Covenant Group’s
Business Builder program or Advanced Practice Development program.
Members who complete the Business Builder or Advanced Practice Development programs
will also earn valuable CE credits.
Trustworthy Selling®
Trustworthy Selling is a comprehensive sales effectiveness program designed to help you
grow your business. Offering in-depth insight into consumer behaviour, buyer and seller
psychology, and top agent sales skills, Trustworthy Selling provides an unparalleled approach
to effective selling.
Strategic Partners, or advisors mentoring with a Strategic Partner, who enrol in the
Trustworthy Selling program, can choose to be reimbursed from their business
development allowance to help offset the cost of enrolment.
Express yourself
Strategic Partners can use this yearly benefit to help market themselves in their communities.
•Relationship brochure – This benefit can be used to help partners pay for hard-copy
relationship brochures that let people know who they are and what their areas of expertise
are. Sun Life Financial can provide a mock-up of the brochure and consult on the content,
or simply reimburse you if you choose to work with an external design firm.
• Company website – This benefit can also be used to help build or update a website
that promotes your business. Sun Life Financial can provide consultative services on the
creation of the website and we’ll help promote it to your key contacts.
•Social media training – Social media tools and technologies have become essential
platforms that trusted advisors are turning to as a way to build their reputation and
expand their networks. Get involved! You can use a portion of your your Express yourself
allowance to enrol yourself or your Marketing Associate in a social media training program.
Executive underwriting
Up to $1,000 is available through this account, allowing faster access to specialized testing
where an underwriting decision would have been postponed until more expensive tests were
completed. The underwriter and case manager will arrange for the testing to be completed
at the client’s convenience, in their own community. That means less hassle for clients,
no cost for Strategic Partners and the required evidence is collected quickly.
See page 14 for detailed information.
Please speak to your firm manager about how
business development allowances will be allocated.
Premier Level
Premier qualifiers are entitled to all of the Select and Partner level benefits of the Strategic Partner Program in addition
to the following:
Attending Physician
Statement (APS) incentive –
more cases qualify
For Premier level qualifiers the incentive will be offered in these two situations:
• Life insurance cases with yearly premiums of $15,000 or more
• Critical illness insurance cases with face amounts of $350,000 or more
Business development
In addition to the allowance offered at the Select level, Premier qualifiers will have access
to an additional amount of business development allowance.
See page 12 for guidelines applicable to using the business development allowance.
Professional development
with The Covenant Group –
larger reimbursement
Premier qualifiers will receive an additional reimbursement over what is available to
Select qualifiers.
Direct access to
senior underwriters
Premier qualifiers receive the benefit of working with a dedicated senior underwriter. Premier
qualifiers will be provided a direct contact name and phone numbers for all their cases.
Please speak to your firm manager about how
business development allowances will be allocated.
Reward and recognition
Annual recognition
Each year when advisors qualify as Strategic Partners, they’ll receive a certificate of achievement for this
accomplishment. In addition, an advisor kit with contact and program information will be delivered by local
field management.
Hall of Fame member reward
In recognition of their significant contribution to Sun Life Financial, Hall of Fame members will automatically
receive Select membership in the Strategic Partner Program. To reach Premier, Hall of Fame members need:
75,000 total credits
This is only half of the normal credits required to qualify for Premier.
Consistent qualifier reward
We value advisors who consistently qualify for the Strategic Partner Program and want to recognize them
for their ongoing business. Advisors who qualify for three consecutive calendar years at Select or Premier
will receive an additional business development allowance. Please speak to your manager about how this
additional allowance will be allocated.
If an advisor qualifies during 2014,
the Partner level benefits are provided
immediately for the remainder of the year.
Guidelines for use of the business development allowance
The objective of these allowances is to support business development activities that have reasonable potential
to develop future business with Sun Life Financial and must include a business component.
The categories include:
Advisor/business promotion
Lead generation
Client appreciation
Advisor/broker training and development
Business development allowance: What’s included
Advisor/business promotion
Client appreciation
Advertising – newspapers, magazines, radio, TV,
websites, program ads, miscellaneous ads
Appreciation/special events for clients
(must be a formally promoted multi-client event)
Brochures and newsletters
Sponsorship/charitable support, where the advisor
is publicly recognized
Advisor-branded (or Sun Life-branded)
promotional items
Lead generation
Trade shows
Advisor/broker training and development
Expenses for educational seminars and related
events that promote Sun Life Financial
Cost for seminars or webinars presented
by the Strategic Partner
Direct marketing
Business development allowance: Important rules
Please provide the original receipt or proof of payment.
Invoices will not be accepted unless marked PAID with a date stamp.
Please complete a Strategic Partner Program Reimbursement Request form and send it, and original receipts to:
Strategic Partner Program Reimbursements:
c/o Sun Life Financial
225 King St W 3rd floor, 203D10
Toronto ON, M5V 3C5
Approved reimbursements are processed bi-weekly. Please note your reimbursement form must be submitted by
December 10 of the year the expenses are incurred. Expenses from a previous year cannot be carried forward.
Trustworthy Selling ®
In-depth insight into consumer behaviour, buyer and seller psychology and top agent sales skills
Can be reimbursed from the business development allowance to help offset the cost of enrolment
Business development allowance: What’s not included
Expenses for office supplies
Technology and software purchase or upgrades
Normal business expenses
Staff training
Cash sponsorships/donations with no public recognition
Entertainment expenses with no business connection
Travel costs
Requests not included in the descriptions above will be considered on an individual basis.
Executive underwriting account
As a Select or Premier member of the Strategic Partner Program, you earn access to a unique and valuable
benefit – the executive underwriting account (EUA).
Here’s how it works
Each year, we credit your executive underwriting account with $1,000 for special medical expenses.
Based on our routine evidence, if an underwriting decision must be postponed until more specialized tests
are completed, you can discuss with your underwriter if this test can be arranged through your EUA.
If the test is eligible for EUA coverage, your underwriter and case co-ordinator will attempt to arrange the
testing in the client’s community and at his or her convenience. In most cases, this will be facilitated through
special arrangements with a paramedical company. To ensure the process goes smoothly, you may need to
help co-ordinate between the client and the paramedical company.
The test results will be forwarded directly to your underwriter, who will promptly provide you with our decision.
The following conditions apply
The policy must have an annual premium of $10,000 or more to qualify for this benefit.
Cases previously submitted to other carriers and rated, postponed or declined are not eligible.
The executive underwriting account has no cash redemption value. We allot an amount to your
account at the beginning of each year, and that year’s allotment expires at the end of the calendar year.
You cannot carry-over an unused amount to the next year.
Only non-invasive medical tests that carry no health risk to the patient qualify for this program.
The underwriter will make the final decision as to whether the test is appropriate for this program.
While we will try to have tests completed as soon as possible and at a location convenient for the client,
arrangements will be determined by the availability of medical facilities in the client’s community.
Test results will not be provided to other carriers, unless we receive full reimbursement for test costs from
the company in advance.
We will be pleased to forward a copy of our test results to the client’s personal physician to assist in
managing the patient’s care. However, the test results will include notice that they cannot be released
to any third parties without our prior consent.
Advisor attending physician statement (APS) ordering criteria
Age/amount >$500k @ ages 0-15
Age/amount >$2m @ ages 16-65
Age/amount >$1m @ ages 0-15
Age/amount $100k+ @ ages 2-15
Age/amount $500k+ @ ages 16-50
Age/amount $250k+ @ ages 51-60
Age/amount $100k+ @ ages 61-70
Any medical consult in 1 month
Physical exam within 6 months
Adrenal disorder/mass
Alcohol abuse treatment/counselling
5 yr.
Anemia- b12/b6/pernicious/folic acid deficiency
Anemia- iron deficiency
Arterial blockage
Arterial disorder or surgery
Arthritis (not rheumatoid- severe/limiting activity)
Asthma (mild, occasional puffer)
Asthma (moderate-daily medication)
Attention deficit disorder
1 yr.
5 yr.
Back pain (severe/disabling)
Barrett’s esophagus
Bipolar disorder
Blood in urine/hematuria
2 yr.
Blood pressure elevated
Blood sugar elevated
Brain tumour
Breast cyst/lump
2 yr.
Cancer, other than skin
Cat scan/MRI/ultrasound head or internal organs
1 yr.
2 yr.
Cerebral palsy (mild; no mechanical aids)
Cerebral palsy (requiring aids)
Chest pain with ecg
2 yr.
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic obstructive lung disease
Clotting disorder/hemophilia
Concussion (full recovery)
Congenital heart disease
Congestive heart failure (acute/recovered)
Coronary angiogram/catheterization
Coronary artery disease
Coronary bypass/angioplasty
Crohn’s disease
5 yr.
Cystic fibrosis
Depression on medication
Diabetes treated by diet or oral medication
Diabetes treated with insulin
Disorder of ear/deafness
Disorder of eye (cataract/glaucoma)
2 yr.
Dizziness/syncope/vertigo (cause unknown)
2 yr.
Drug use treatment
5 yr.
ECG abnormal
2 yr.
ECG stress test for medical symptoms
5 yr.
5 yr.
Edema (swollen legs)
2 yr.
Encephalitis (full recovery)
2 yr.
Fractured skull
2 yr.
Gastrointestinal tract bleeding
Heart attack
Heart murmur with cardiologist follow-up
Heart murmur-benign
Hepatitis B (recovered)
Hepatitis B carrier
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis type unknown
Hodgkin’s disease
Hyperthyroid/Grave’s disease
5 yr.
Hypoglycemia (reactive/cause unknown)
2 yr.
Irregular heart beat
1 yr.
Kidney infection
1 yr.
Kidney stone
1 yr.
Kidney transplant recipient
Liver function tests abnormal
2 yr.
Melanoma removed
Meniere’s disease
2 yr.
Meningitis (full recovery)
2 yr.
Mitral valve prolapse
Mole (benign) removed
6 months
Multiple sclerosis (in remission)
Muscular dystrophy
Neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica
Optic neuritis, loss of vision (non-traumatic)
Pancreatitis/inflamed pancreas
Parkinson’s disease
5 yr.
2 yr.
Pituitary disorder/mass
Poliomyelitis (full recovery)
Polyps colon removed
2 yr.
Prostate enlarged
2 yr
Protein in urine/proteinuria
1 yr.
2 yr.
PSA elevated
Pulmonary embolism
2 yr.
Pulmonary fibrosis
Rapid heart beat/tachycardia
1 yr.
Rheumatoid arthritis (limited to hands & feet)
Rheumatoid arthritis (multiple or larger joints)
5 yr.
Skin cancer
2 yr.
Sleep apnea
Sleep study
1 yr.
2 yr.
Spleen disorder
Stomach ulcer
Stroke/transient ischemic attack
Thallium scan
Thyroid cyst/lump/goitre
2 yr.
Tuberculosis (treated/recovered)
2 yr.
Ulcerative colitis
5 yr.
Valvular heart surgery
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Contact your Sun Life Financial Regional Sales Director, or email [email protected].
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