You have received your letter of acceptance and don’t know

South Plains College
1401 S. College Ave.
Levelland, TX 79336
You have received your letter of acceptance and don’t know
what your next step is. These steps will guide you, and in no time, you’ll be ready for class!
Have you attended any other college or university?
Have your high school send your official transcript directly to
us. If you submit your transcript before the date of graduation is
posted, you will have to submit another official transcript once the
date of graduation is posted. If you have taken dual credit courses
from another college, you must submit an official college
transcript as well. GED students should have their transcripts sent
directly from the Texas Education Agency.
The Admissions and Records Office must receive an official
transcript directly from each and every institution previously
attended. If you are currently enrolled, you must submit another
official transcript once grades are posted.
Are you exempt from placement testing?
You must take the TSI Assessment in reading, writing, and
math before you will be allowed to register. Please make sure the
Admissions and Records Office has received your scores before
you meet with your advisor or attend orientation. Your scores will
determine which courses you should be placed in to ensure that
you have a successful educational experience. Click here to
schedule a test date.
Most high schools include TAKS, SAT, and ACT scores on
their transcripts and most colleges and universities include the
student’s TSI status on transcripts. Check with your school to see
if your scores will be on your transcript. If they are not, please
provide official test scores before you attend orientation, meet
with your advisor, or self-register.
Don’t Know.
Click here to find out.
Financial Aid
Apply early! It can take up to six weeks to obtain
your financial aid. Students are encouraged to apply online at For more information, visit the Financial Aid
website or contact the Financial Aid Office at (806) 894-9611, ext.
3800 or [email protected]
Application deadline is March 1. For more
information, visit the Scholarships website or contact the Scholarship
Office at (806) 894-9611, ext. 2219 or
[email protected]
Apply early! Complete and return the Application for
Housing with a $100 reservation deposit. For more information, visit
the Housing website or contact the Student Services Office at (806)
894-9611, ext. 2379 or [email protected]
Are you a recent high school graduate or first-time
college student?
All full-time students with less than 15 credit hours are
encouraged to attend orientation.
New Student Orientation is designed to make your transition to
college successful! During orientation, you will learn college success
strategies and meet with an advisor to register for classes.
New Student Orientation
(806) 894-9611, ext. 2115 or 2113
[email protected]
All students who do not attend Orientation are
encouraged to contact their program advisor for
assistance with course selection.
To find your advisor, use the Username and Password found in your
acceptance letter to log in to MySPC. If you forgot your Username
and/or Password, click on Forgot Username/ Password. Once you
have successfully logged in, click on the “Students” tap on top and
select “Advisor Information” on the left. Your advisor will:
 Help you develop a success plan.
 Refer you to campus resources such as tutoring and financial aid.
 Work with you to create a balanced class schedule.
If your major is listed incorrectly, please contact Christina Conner,
Retention Specialist, at (806) 894-9611, ext. 2961.
If your Admission File is complete and you know what courses you need to take, you
are ready to self-register! Just follow the easy steps below.
1. Log in to MySPC at
2. Once you have successfully logged in, click on “CampusConnect” and acknowledge the payment deadline
Message Notification.
3. Mouse over “Registration Options” and select “Add/Drop Courses.”
4. Highlight semester, campus, and department and click on “Display Schedule & Available Courses.”
5. Scroll down to view courses and click on the “Add” button adjacent to the course you wish to add. The
course will be added to your schedule on the top portion of the screen. If you decide to drop the course
during the online registration period, you may do so by selecting the “Drop” button next to the course.
6. When you have added all of your courses, mouse over “Account Options” and select “Review/Pay Account,”
select term, and click “Display Balance” to print your class schedule and to pay your bill. PLEASE NOTE: Your
schedule will be deleted if payment is not received by the payment deadline.
Make sure to pay for your classes before the
semester deadline or your schedule will be dropped.
To pay online by credit card, e-check, or FACTS (Contract):
1. Log in to MySPC at
2. Once you have successfully logged in, click on “CampusConnect”
and acknowledge Message Notification.
3. Mouse over “Account Options” and select “Review/Pay Account,”
select semester you want to pay, and click on “Display Balance.”
To pay by mail:
1. Write the student’s social security number, driver’s license
number, and phone number on the check.
2. Mail to: South Plains College, Business Office, 1401 S. College
Avenue, Levelland, TX 79336
Be Prepared! Get your books before classes start.
To order online:
1. Go to
2. Click on Bookstore and select campus.
3. Click on Textbooks and “Click Here to Find Your Course
4. Click on the semester, department,
course, and section.
5. Click on “Find Books.”
6. Select from the available options
and then click on the “Add
Selections to Cart” button at the bottom.
It is mandatory!
All students on the South Plains College Campuses are required to
obtain and carry a Texan ID Card. You will need it to:
Receive financial aid disbursements
Purchase food through your meal plan
Check out books from the library
Attend athletic events
Receive student discounts from participating merchants
For information on how to obtain your Texan Card, call (806) 8949611, ext. 2378, 2409, or 2408 or visit the Texan Card Office.