Chapter 12 Male Reproductive Medicine Chapter 12 Assignments  

Chapter 12
Male Reproductive Medicine
Chapter 12 Assignments
Read Chapter 12, “Male Reproductive Medicine” in the text “Medical Language: Immerse Yourself. 2.
Complete ONLY the textbook exercises below for credit of 5 points toward your grade. (The other
exercises do NOT need to be completed). Chapter exercises will be checked on the due dates on the class Schedule. Homework turned in after the due
date will receive 50% credit.
Textbook Exercises – Complete ONLY the following:
Vocabulary Review
Labeling, p 608 Building Medical Words Building Medical Words Abbreviations Combining Forms, p 609 Combining Forms and Suffix, p 610 Related Combining Forms, p 626 Combining Forms, p 627 Prefix, p 627 Combining Form and Suffix, p 628 Multiple Combining Forms and Suffix, p 629 Definition, p 629
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Each of these exercises must be completed to 90% or greater to get credit for the activities.
repeat online activities as many times as necessary in order to obtain 90%. You may
You are allowed to consult your textbook and medical dictionary for homework assignments.
Each chapter must be completed by the due date for full credit (5 points for required activities and 2
points for extra credit).
“Save and Exit” must be clicked before leaving each activity to be added to the Gradebook. View your grades
in the Gradebook on the MyMedicalTerminologyLab Course Home page. Required online activities at: MyMedicalTerminologyLab:
“Word Surgery”
See directions in Chapter 1 Assignments / Word List
“Spelling Challenge”
Optional (extra credit)
“Popping Words”
Chapter 12 Study Guide:
Review all previous word lists and study guides as we move ahead through the remaining course.
You may find questions on a test from a previous chapter. You will need to know all of these terms
from memory. The midterm and final exam are “closed book” exams.
Learn the combining forms, prefixes, suffixes and any additional medical terms from the Word List below.
Recognize, pronounce, build, and correctly spell medical terms related to the above system.
Chapter 12 Word List Combining Forms Combining Form ablat/o‐ adolesc/o‐ andr/o‐ aspir/o‐ balan/o‐ Medical Meaning take away; destroy the beginning of being an adult male to breathe in; to suck in glans penis Combining Form
motil/o‐ olig/o‐ orchi/o‐ orch/o‐ pareun/o‐
Medical Meaning movement scanty; few testis testis sexual intercourse bi/o‐ bulb/o‐ cancer/o‐ cis/o‐ clinic/o‐ coit/o‐ crypt/o‐ defici/o‐ didym/o‐ digit/o‐ ejaculat/o‐ erect/o‐ fer/o‐ fertil/o‐ genit/o‐ gen/o‐ gon/o‐ gynec/o‐ immun/o‐ incis/o‐ inguin/o‐ interstiti/o‐ laborat/o‐ malign/o‐ mast/o‐ mit/o‐ morph/o‐ life; living organisms; living tissue
like a bulb cancer to cut medicine sexual intercourse hidden lacking; inadequate testes (twin structures) digit (finger or toe) to expel suddenly to stand up to bear able to conceive a child genitalia arising from; produced by seed (ovum or spermatozoon) female; woman immune response to cut into groin spaces within tissue workplace; testing place intentionally causing harm; cancer breast; mastoid process threadlike structure shape pen/o‐
perine/o‐ phim/o‐ priap/o‐ product/o‐ prostat/o‐ puber/o‐ rect/o‐ resect/o‐ scient/o‐ scrot/o‐ semin/i‐ semin/o‐ son/o‐ spermat/o‐ sperm/o‐ testicul/o‐ test/o‐ troph/o‐ tub/o‐ urethr/o‐ urin/o‐ ur/o‐ varic/o‐ vas/o‐ venere/o‐ vir/o‐
penis perineum closed tight persistent erection produce prostate gland growing up rectum to cut out and remove science; knowledge a bag; scrotum spermatozoon; sperm spermatozoon; sperm sound spermatozoon; sperm spermatozoon; sperm testis; testicle testis; testicle development tube urethra urine; urinary system urine; urinary system varix; varicose vein blood vessel; vas deferens sexual intercourse virus Medical Meaning toward; in the direction of pertaining to state of pertaining to pertaining to a process; being or having hernia cell testes (twin structures) surgical excision state of condition of being a process that which produces a record or picture process of recording condition; state; thing pertaining to pertaining to action; condition Suffix
‐ism ‐ist ‐itis ‐ity ‐ive ‐logy ‐oma ‐opsy ‐ory ‐osis ‐ous ‐pexy ‐rrhea ‐scope ‐stomy ‐trophy ‐ty ‐ule ‐zoon Medical Meaning process; disease from a specific cause one who specializes in inflammation of; infection of state; condition pertaining to the study of tumor; mass process of viewing having the function of condition; abnormal condition; process pertaining to process of surgically fixing in place flow; discharge instrument used to examine surgically created opening process of development quality or state small thing animal; living thing Medical Meaning away from; without against around painful; difficult; abnormal upon; above above; more than normal
in‐ post‐ re‐ trans‐ ultra‐ Medical Meaning in; within; not after; behind again and again; backward; unable to across; through beyond; higher Suffixes Suffix ‐ad ‐al ‐ancy ‐ar ‐ary ‐ation ‐cele ‐cyte ‐didymis ‐ectomy ‐ence ‐ency ‐esis ‐gen ‐gram ‐graphy ‐ia ‐ic ‐ile ‐ion Prefixes Prefix a‐ anti‐ circum‐ dys‐ epi‐ hyper‐ Additional Medical Terms (know the highlighted terms) Term acid phosphatase benign canal chancre chlamydia chordee coitus condylomata acuminata corpora cavernosa corpus spongiosum ductus dysfunction epididymis flagellum follicle gamete glans penis herpes hormone impotence lues lumen lutenizing hormone meiosis mitosis penis perineum premature prepuce prostate gland prosthesis scrotum semen smegma sperm spermatozoon syphilis testicle testis (pl. testes) testosterone trichomoniasis ultrasound vas deferens vesicle Medical Meaning test for enzyme found from prostate cancer that has metastasized to the body of no danger to health, especially relating to a tumorous growth; not malignant a tubular anatomical passage or channel a lesion that ulcerates, forms a crust, then heals most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection; causing conjunctivitis in cattle and sheep, and trachoma, nonspecific urethritis, and proctitis in humans downward curvature of the penis during an erection the physical union of a male and a female during sexual intercourse (genital warts) human papillomavirus (HPV), with itching and irregular lesions on genitals and cervical dysplasia which can lead to cervical cancer in women two of three columns of erectile tissue in the penis, located along the upper surface one of three columns of erectile tissue in the penis, centered along the underside duct, (Latin for “to lead) impaired or abnormal functioning (as of an organ of the body) a long, coiled tube (over 20 feet in length) attached to the outer wall of each testis a threadlike appendage, especially a whiplike extension of certain cells or organisms that functions as an organ of locomotion a small bodily cavity or sac a mature sexual reproductive cell, as a sperm or egg, that unites with another cell to form a new organism a conical vascular body forming the extremity of the penis herpes simplex virus, type 2 with vesicular lesions (blisters) on skin of genitalia in men and women a substance produced by one tissue and conveyed by the bloodstream to another to effect physiological activity, such as growth or metabolism. (also erectile dysfunction), inability to achieve or sustain an erection of the penis syphilis the inner open space or cavity of a tubular organ, as of a blood vessel a hormone that stimulates the interstitial cells to begin to secrete testosterone a type of cell division in which a nucleus divides into four daughter nuclei, each containing half the chromosome number of the parent nucleus the entire process of cell division including division of the nucleus and the cytoplasm, resulting in two new nuclei, each of which has exactly the same chromosome and DNA content as the original cell the male organ of copulation and of urinary excretion the area on the outside of the body between the anus and the scrotum happening, arriving, existing, or performed before the proper, usual, or intended time foreskin a round gland at the base of the bladder in males an artificial device used to replace a missing body part, such as a limb or a heart valve a soft pouch of skin behind the penis and in front of the legs (Latin for “bag”) a viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands a white, cheesy discharge of skin cells and oil that collects between the glans penis and the foreskin or around the clitoris and labia minora the male impregnating fluid a motile male gamete of an animal usually with rounded or elongate head and a long posterior flagellum a chronic infectious bacterial disease from sexual intercourse, or from mother to child in utero, with three stages characterized by ulcerous skin eruptions, and systemic infection that leads to general paresis (also lues) used interchangeable with “testis” (also testicle) the gonads or sex glands in the male the most abundant and biologically active of all the male sex hormones a sexually transmitted disease with vaginitis and persistent discharge that may also invade the male urethra and bladder vibrations of the same physical nature as sound but with frequencies above the range of human hearing (also ductus deferens) a long duct that receives spermatozoa from the epididymis a membranous and usually fluid‐filled pouch Abbreviations (know the highlighted abbreviations) Abbreviation AIDS BPH CDCP DRE ED FSH GC GU HIV HoLAP HPV HSV Medical Meaning acquired immunodeficiency syndrome benign prostatic hypertrophy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (previously Centers for Disease Control‐
CDC) digital rectal examination erectile dysfunction follicle‐stimulating hormone gonococcus (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) genitourinary human immunodeficiency virus holmium laser ablation of the prostate human papillomavirus herpes simplex virus Abbreviation LH PAP PSA PVP RPR STD TRUS TSE TUMT TUNA TURP VD VDRL Medical Meaning luteinizing hormone prostatic acid phosphatase prostate‐specific antigen photoselective vaporization of the prostate rapid plasma regain (test for syphilis) sexually transmitted disease transrectal ultrasound testicular self‐examination transurethral microwave therapy transurethral needle ablation transurethral resection of the prostate venereal disease Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (test for syphilis) CHAPTER 12 Pronunciation Checklist Read each word and its pronunciation. Practice pronouncing each word. Pronunciation help can be found at: or ❏ acid phosphatase (AS‐id FAWS‐fah‐tays) ❏ erection (ee‐REK‐shun) ❏ acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (ah‐KWY‐erd IM‐myoo‐noh‐
❏ external genitalia (eks‐TER‐nal JEN‐ih‐TAY‐lee‐ah) dee‐FISH‐en‐see SIN‐drohm) ❏ adolescence (AD‐oh‐LES‐sens) ❏ androgen drug (AN‐droh‐jen DRUHG) ❏ antibiotic drug (AN‐tee‐by‐AWT‐ik) (AN‐tih‐by‐AWT‐ik DRUHG) ❏ antiviral drug (AN‐tee‐VY‐ral DRUHG) (AN‐tih‐VY‐ral) ❏ aspermia (aa‐SPER‐mee‐ah) ❏ aspiration biopsy (AS‐pih‐RAY‐shun BY‐awp‐see) ❏ balanitis (BAL‐ah‐NY‐tis) ❏ benign prostatic hypertrophy (bee‐NINE praws‐TAT‐ik hy‐PER‐troh‐
fee) ❏ biopsy (BY‐awp‐see) ❏ bulbourethral gland (BUL‐boh‐yoo‐REE‐thral GLAND) ❏ cancerous (KAN‐ser‐us) ❏ chancre (SHANG‐ker) ❏ chlamydia (klah‐MID‐ee‐ah) ❏ chordee (kor‐DEE) ❏ circumcision (SER‐kum‐SIH‐shun) ❏ clinical laboratory scientist (KLIN‐ih‐kal LAB‐oh‐rah‐TOH‐ree SY‐en‐
tist) ❏ condylomata acuminata (CON‐dih‐LOH‐mah‐tah ah‐KOO‐mih‐NAH‐
tah) ❏ corpora cavernosa (KOR‐por‐ah KAV‐er‐NOH‐sah) ❏ corpus spongiosum (KOR‐puhs SPUN‐jee‐OH‐sum) ❏ cryptorchism (krip‐TOHR‐kiz‐em) ❏ ductus deferens (DUK‐tus DEF‐er‐enz) ❏ dyspareunia (DIS‐pah‐ROO‐nee‐ah) ❏ ejaculation (ee‐JAK‐yoo‐LAY‐shu) ❏ ejaculatory duct (ee‐JAK‐yoo‐lah‐TOH‐ee DUKT) ❏ epididymides (EP‐ih‐dih‐DIM‐ih‐deez) ❏ epididymis (EP‐ih‐DID‐ih‐mis) ❏ epididymitis (EP‐ih‐DID‐ih‐MY‐tis) ❏ erectile dysfunction (ee‐REK‐tile dis‐FUNK‐shun) ❏ flagellum (flah‐JEL‐um) ❏ follicle‐stimulating hormone (FAWL‐ih‐kl STIM‐yoo‐LAY‐ting HOR‐
mohn) ❏ gamete (GAM‐eet) ❏ genitalia (JEN‐ih‐TAY‐lee‐ah) ❏ genital (JEN‐ih‐tal) ❏ genital herpes (JEN‐ih‐tal HER‐peez) ❏ genitourinary system (JEN‐ih‐toh‐YOO‐rih‐NAIR‐ee SIS‐tem) ❏ glans penis (GLANZ PEE‐nis) ❏ gonad (GOH‐nad) ❏ gonorrhea (GAWN‐oh‐REE‐ah) ❏ gynecomastia (GY‐neh‐koh‐MAS‐tee‐ah) ❏ hormone (HOR‐mohn) ❏ human immunodeficiency virus (HYOO‐man IM‐myoo‐noh‐dee‐
FISH‐en‐see VY‐rus) ❏ impotence (IM‐poh‐tens) ❏ incisional biopsy (in‐SIH‐shun‐al BY‐awp‐see) ❏ infertility (IN‐fer‐TIL‐ih‐tee) ❏ inguinal canal (ING‐gwih‐nal kah‐NAL) ❏ internal genitalia (in‐TER‐nal JEN‐ih‐TAY‐lee‐ah) ❏ interstitial cell (IN‐ter‐STISH‐al SELL) ❏ lumen (LOO‐men) ❏ luteinizing hormone (LOO‐tee‐ih‐NY‐zing HOR‐mohn) ❏ malignancy (mah‐LIG‐nan‐see) ❏ meiosis (my‐OH‐sis) ❏ mitosis (my‐TOH‐sis) ❏ oligospermia (OH‐lih‐goh‐SPER‐mee‐ah) ❏ orchiectomy (OR‐kee‐EK‐toh‐mee) ❏ orchiopexy (OR‐kee‐oh‐PEK‐see) ❏ orchitis (or‐KY‐tis) ❏ pelvic cavity (PEL‐vik KAV‐ih‐tee) ❏ penile (PEE‐nile) ❏ penile implant (PEE‐nile IM‐plant) ❏ penile prosthesis (PEE‐nile praws‐THEE‐sis) ❏ penis (PEE‐nis) ❏ perineal (PAIR‐ih‐NEE‐al) ❏ perineum (PAIR‐ih‐NEE‐um) ❏ phimosis (fih‐MOH‐sis) ❏ postcoital (post‐KOH‐ih‐tal) ❏ premature (pree‐mah‐CHUR) ❏ prepuce (PREE‐poos) ❏ priapism (PRY‐ah‐pizm) ❏ prostate gland (PRAWS‐tayt GLAND) ❏ prostatectomy (PRAWS‐tah‐TEK‐toh‐mee) ❏ prostate‐specific antigen (PRAWS‐tayt speh‐SIF‐ik AN‐tih‐jen) ❏ prostatic fluid (praws‐TAT‐ik FLOO‐id) ❏ prostatitis (PRAWS‐tah‐TY‐tis) ❏ puberty (PYOO‐ber‐tee) ❏ pubic (PYOO‐bik) ❏ reproductive medicine (REE‐proh‐DUK‐tiv MED‐ih‐sin) ❏ reproductive system (REE‐proh‐DUK‐tiv SIS‐tem) ❏ resectoscope (ree‐SEK‐toh‐skohp) ❏ scrotal (SKROH‐tal) ❏ scrotum (SKROH‐tum) ❏ semen (SEE‐men) ❏ seminal fluid (SEM‐in‐nal FLOO‐id) ❏ seminal vesicle (SEM‐ih‐nal VES‐ih‐kl) ❏ seminiferous tubule (SEM‐ih‐NIF‐er‐us TOO‐byool) ❏ seminoma (SEM‐ih‐NOH‐mah) ❏ sperm (SPERM) ❏ sperm morphology (SPERM mor‐FAWL‐oh‐jee) ❏ sperm motility (SPERM moh‐TIL‐ih‐tee) ❏ spermatic cord (sper‐MAT‐ik KORD) ❏ spermatocyte (SPER‐mah‐toh‐SITE) ❏ spermatogenesis (SPER‐mah‐toh‐JEN‐eh‐sis) ❏ spermatozoa (SPER‐mah‐toh‐ZOH‐ah) ❏ spermatozoon (SPER‐mah‐toh‐ZOH‐on) ❏ syphilis (SIF‐ih‐lis) ❏ testes (TES‐teez) ❏ testicle (TES‐tih‐kl) ❏ testicular (tes‐TIK‐yoo‐lar) ❏ testis (TES‐tis) ❏ testosterone (tes‐TAWS‐teh‐rohn) ❏ transrectal ultrasonography (trans‐REK‐tal UL‐trah‐soh‐NAWG‐rah‐
fee) ❏ varicocele (VAIR‐ih‐koh‐SEEL) ❏ vas deferens (VAS DEF‐er‐enz) ❏ vasectomy (vah‐SEK‐toh‐mee) ❏ vasovasostomy (VAY‐soh‐vah‐SAWS‐toh‐mee) ❏ venereal disease (veh‐NEER‐ee‐al dih‐ZEEZ) ❏ transurethral resection (TRANS‐yoo‐REE‐thral ree‐SEK‐shun) ❏ tubule (TOO‐byool) ❏ ultrasonography (UL‐trah‐soh‐NAWG‐rah‐fee) ❏ ultrasound (UL‐trah‐sound) ❏ urogenital (YOO‐roh‐JEN‐ih‐tal)