SMX IQ Test or How to Apply to SMX and NOT FUCK-UP

How to Apply to SMX and NOT FUCK-UP
• Go to This Web Page:
The OOG Application Will Look Like:
Generate a Full Account API FIRST
Click Here to Generate a Ver. 2 Full
Account API
You Will Go to the Eve Online Support Page
Login using your account
Account User Name and
Click Here to Get to Next Screen
Generate the Ver 2 APIAll Boxes Checked
Name Your API Key
MUST have ALL selected even if
you only have one character on
this account
Mask Number should be this
Do not be a dumb ass and mess with
anything else
Click Here to Generate
The API Screen
Copy User ID and Verification Code to Application Form
User ID
Verification Code
Fill Out the Form and Press Butan!!
From API Page
Why Should We
Consider Your
Sorry Ass?
Press This Butan When Form is Fill Out
About the Application Process
• Only SMX corporate recruiters have access to your
API and application form
• It usually takes 1 to 3 days for our recruitment
officers to perform a background check
• Please wait in the SMX public channel, SMX, while
we process your application.
• Extra information maybe requested depending
upon character experiences and previous
corporation/alliance histories