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Our heartfelt thanks
Thank you to all our donors and sponsors for supporting the fight against cardiovascular disease. The following is a list of those
who contributed $500 or more from May 1 to Aug 31, 2010. To view this list online, visit heartandstroke.mb.ca.
Esther Bast
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Milton Penner
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Gerry Price
Frank Shiffman
Kurt Soost
and those wishing to remain anonymous.
A.B.W. Investments Ltd.
Aqueduct Foundation - Brooks Family
Charitable Fund
Arctic Beverages (1980) Ltd.
Barik Medical Inc.
Canadian Footwear Ltd.
Canadian German Society
Crane Steel Structures Ltd.
Creighton Volunteer Fire Dept.
E. H. Price Ltd.
Elmwood Eagles
Find First Aid Inc.
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Investors Group Charitable Giving Program
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Charitable Donations
Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.
McCaine Electric Ltd.
Midway Foods Ltd.
Miniota/Arrow River Donors Choice
Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd.
NAV Canada
New Flyer
Oak River Donors Choice
Ranger Insurance
Reston & District United Appeal
Starbuck/Dacotah All Charities Inc./
Donor’s Choice
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
The Pollard Family Foundation
The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance
United Steelworkers Local 6166
Westoba Credit Union
John Wesley Smyth Memorial Fund*
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Deferred Gifts
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Estate of Sophie Gillis
Estate of Ronald Griffin
Estate of Samuel Griffith
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Estate of Eva Harris
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Estate of Alice Schneider
35th Annual Black Sparrow Golf
Gimli Golf Tournament
Live Red Shimmy Show
Manitoba Public Insurance CIT Department
Jeans Day
NHL Ball Hockey Tournament
Oakbank Motor Hotel
Price Waterhouse Coopers Golf
Province of Manitoba All Charities Golf
Randy Shippam Invitational
Red Top 50th Anniversary
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Thank you to all Live Red event organizers
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of Manitoba
FALL 2010
The cost of apathy:
Manitoba taxpayers to pay $4.7 billion for unhealhy living
Obesity, physical inactivity and
smoking will cost Manitoba taxpayers
$4.7 billion in increased health care
expenditures and lost productivity by
2026, if we do nothing to stop it.
Making the Case for Primary
Prevention: An Economic Analysis
of Risk Factors in Manitoba, funded
by the Heart and Stroke Foundation
of Manitoba (HSFM), the Alliance for
the Prevention of Chronic Disease,
CancerCare Manitoba and Health
in Common was released at a press
conference on September 14.
The report is the first of its kind in
Manitoba to provide solid economic
data on the long-term cost of smoking,
obesity, and physical inactivity – risk
factors which lead to chronic diseases
like heart disease and stroke, cancer,
diabetes, kidney and lung diseases.
“A $4.7 billion dollar economic
burden is significant to
Manitobans. It may mean
less money for roads and
infrastructure, higher taxes for
working citizens, or fewer dollars
for post-secondary institutions,”
said Dr. Elizabeth Ready, HSFM
board member and co-chair of the
steering committee that commissioned
the report.
R HSFM Board Member Michelle Nelson seen speaking at the news conference
September 14, where the story was covered by several Manitoba media outlets.
aimed at reducing risk factors
for chronic diseases” said Mark
McDonald, chair for the Alliance for
the Prevention of Chronic Disease. “If
we do nothing, in 15 years our health
care system may not be sustainable.”
“This is more than a
health care issue - it is
an economic priority.”
“This report is a wake-up call to all
Manitobans that there is an urgent
need for more money to be invested
into primary prevention programs
Risk factor prevalence in the
province is high. Fifty-five per cent of
Manitobans are overweight or obese,
45 per cent are inactive, and 27 per
cent smoke.
“While the numbers may seem
overwhelming – the direction is clear.
By working together, within and
across sectors, we have the ability to
positively impact people’s lives and
subsequently reduce the strain on
the health care system,” said Cathy
Steven, steering committee member
and executive director of Health in
The report illustrates that a 1
to 2 per cent reduction in those
risk factors per year could save
the Manitoba economy up to
$3.5 billion in direct health care
costs (ie. hospital stay, physician
services, drugs, etc.) and indirect
costs (ie. lost productivity due to
short and long-term disability and
premature death) and reduce deadly
chronic diseases like heart disease,
stroke and cancer by as much as 50
per cent.
“This is more than a health care issue
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– it is an economic priority,” said Dr.
Donna Turner, committee member
and Epidemiologist/Provincial Director
at CancerCare Manitoba. “The cost
of doing nothing far exceeds the cost
of implementing primary prevention
programs within the province. It
just makes better sense to address
chronic illness before it starts by
spending money on keeping people
healthy rather than paying the cost of
providing health care.”
Report findings suggest that just a 1
per cent reduction in risk factors per
year, starting in 2011, using a sample
investment of $529 million would result
in nearly $1.8 billion saved on direct
and indirect costs, a better than 3-to-1
return on investment.
“This is a call to action for all of us to
make prevention a top priority,” said
Ready. “We need to work together
because not one entity can achieve
this type of social change on its own.
If governments, the private sector,
non-profits, and others partner and
collaborate, we can reduce the risk
factors that threaten our health care
system and the Manitoba economy.”
Ready said the report numbers can be
used to aid decision makers as they
garner further financial and strategic
support into primary prevention
research and initiatives. It can also
function as a benchmark tool for
setting goals and measuring progress
in reducing risk factors across the
“It won’t happen overnight, but we
know population-wide change is
possible. Aggressive measures are
urgently needed to address obesity,
physical inactivity and further reduce
smoking in our province and now, with
this report, we have the information we
need to initiate measurable change,”
said Michelle Nelson, steering
committee co-chair and HSFM
board member.
To view or download the complete
report, visit www.heartandstroke.
November is CPR Month
It`s an exciting year for CPR Month as
HSFM initiates three major programs
aimed at making Manitoba a heartsafe province.
jointly by BP and Cowen Foundation.
HSFM wishes to thank all corporate
and individual donors who have
purchased AEDs.
CPR Corporate Challenge
Currently, only about 7 per cent
of Manitobans of working-age are
trained in CPR. In order to improve
this low number, HSFM is launching
its first CPR Corporate Challenge.
HSFM wants to make AEDs as
commonplace as fire extinguishers.
An AED, when used in conjunction
with CPR in the first three minutes of
cardiac arrest can increase a victim’s
survival rate by up to 75 per cent or
more. Start a heart, save a life.
Organizations across the province are
invited to take part in this brand new
event that encourages CPR training
among working Manitobans.The
program is limited to the first 50 teams
to register.
AED Challenge
HSFM is holding the 4th annual AED
Challenge. Last year, 40 additional
AEDs were placed by HSFM in public
facilities across Manitoba bringing
the total registered to nearly 500,
compared to only 80 in November,
2008. Of those placed this year, ten
were donated by Boston Pizza (BP)
and another eight were donated
The ‘Tree for Life’ program
For the second year, HSFM is holding
the ‘Tree for Life’ program. This year,
500 students in grades 9 to 12 will
receive a Heart and Stroke Friends
and Family CPR Anytime Kit™ to
learn CPR in just 25 minutes. Each
participant will aim to train 10 other
friends and family members in CPR
using the kit. The goal of the program
is to have 5000 more people trained
in CPR by end of November.
For more information on any of these
programs, contact Diana Bayles at
949.2033, or toll-free 1.888.473.4636.
A faithful friend lost but not forgotten
last 14 years, tirelessly raising funds
in support of the Foundation. The
trophy for the tournament was named
in honour of Dennis’ father, Eric
Stefanson, who also passed away
from a heart condition.
Under Dennis’ guidance, the
tournament raised over $200,000
for HSFM. For his ongoing volunteer
commitment, Dennis was twice
awarded the Foundation’s Big
Heart Award, in 2004 and 2007,
and was named one of HSFM’s “50
Champions” during the Foundation’s
50th Anniversary in 2007.
On June 7, 2010, the Foundation lost
a dear friend, Dennis Stefanson.
Dennis was actively involved in the
annual Gimli Heart and Stroke Golf
Tournament since it started in 1992,
and served as Committee Chair the
Dennis Stefanson embodied HSFM’s
mission and values and contributed
tremendously to the success of the
Foundation. He will be greatly missed.
HSFM staff and volunteers wish to
extend our deepest sympathy to the
Stefanson family.
Upcoming events
Visit heartandstroke.mb.ca for more
event information.
HepCat Studio Dance will be
held October 8 at the Exchange
Community Church in Winnipeg,
doors open at 8:00 p.m. For more
information, call 204.955.9489 or visit
New Resuscitation and Emergency
Cardiovascular Care guidelines
will be released October 18 and an
information webinar held October 19.
For more information, contact Diana
Bayles at [email protected]
mb.ca or [email protected]
Fit4 A Cause boot camps for women
will donate 10% of net proceeds from
all boot camp registrations received
until August 2011 to HSFM. For more
information, call 229.7526 or visit
Exciting new ways to fundraise
this Fall! HSFM will be launching
four new websites to promote our
Heart Month campaign, Live Red
and Live Red Youth programs,
and Big Bike. The new sites will
have Manitoba focused event
information and will make it easier to
fundraise online. Check them out at
livered.mb.ca, liveredyouth.mb.ca,
manitobabigbike.ca, available
October 15.
Annual General Meeting - Nov. 18
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of
Manitoba will be holding its AGM on
November 18. For more information,
call 949.2000.
A Real Tradition Christmas Tree
Sale will be happening this December
with a portion of tree sales going to
HSFM. For more info, call 949.2019.
To hold your own Live Red event,
contact Amber Pohl at 949.2019 or
[email protected]
Volunteer Corner
Speakers Bureau
HSFM is looking for volunteers to
assist with educational displays
at health fairs, conferences and
other community events to increase
awareness of heart disease and
stroke. Volunteers are needed
mainly on weekdays throughout the
year. Volunteers must be friendly,
outgoing and very comfortable
dealing with the general public. Full
training will be provided.
If you are interested in this
opportunity, contact Jennifer at
949.2041 or email at [email protected]
Heart Month Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to canvass
during Heart Month in February.
Register by October 31, 2010
and be entered to win a $150 gift
certificate to The Keg!
Simply register online at
or call 1.888.473.4636.
Your Will to fund life-saving research
Every ten minutes somebody in Canada suffers
a stroke. It is the third leading cause of death
in this country and the leading cause of adult
disability, costing the healthcare system an
estimated $2.7 billion every year.
Adenosine is a substance produced by the brain
during a stroke, which protects the brain from
ischemic stroke injury. Dr. Fiona Parkinson’s
research focuses on two ways in which
adenosine is formed and tests how effective
they are in reducing stroke injury. The goal of
her work is to identify factors that will promote
adenosine production in the wake of stroke,
leading to drug therapies that could help save
lives and reduce disability in stroke patients.
“We’re interested in adenosine, a natural
compound that protects the brain from ministrokes. We are looking at ways to enhance it’s
activity to get greater preservation of
brain function following major strokes.”
Dr. Fiona Parkinson,
Heart and Stroke Foundation of
Manitoba funded researcher
Live Red. Living red means making
healthy choices that help reduce your
risk of heart disease and stroke. Be
smoke-free, be physically active, make
healthy food choices, know and control
your blood pressure, and take time to
Plan Red. You can help the Heart and
Stroke Foundation of Manitoba in
eliminating heart disease and stroke
through a bequest in your Will.
For more information on Live Red Plan Red, contact the Donor Relations
Manager at 949.2032 or toll-free
To learn more visit heartandstroke.mb.ca.